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Jio to Ougon to Kinjirareta Mahou 3

A Magician's License

+ posted by Elkin as translation on Nov 30, 2009 17:03 | Go to Jio to Ougon to Kinjirareta Mahou

-> RTS Page for Jio to Ougon to Kinjirareta Mahou 3

Since some people want to do this, and it's a fairly easy series, I'll churn out a few chapters whenever I feel like it.

Feel free to use, but credit please :)



1 Don't be so upset, Roberia.

Title Jio and Ougon and Forbidden Magic

2 The terrain's just changed a little.

3 But! Those guys sure were weak.
4 Some "strongest magi-gang" they were.

Text Power enough to change the shape of a

mountain... Who on earth is this man?!

5 Sigh---

6 Boring. // Boring.
7 Isn't there something interesting--


8 Hm?


Text Chapter 3: A Magician's License

Text The gentle magic of sky-high,

blooming flowers---

Text (bold) Kirihata Ayumi
Title Jio and Ougon and Forbidden Magic
Text [ad]


1 You must obtain a license.
2 Absolutely must!

3 Yummy!

4 Auntie, this pie is really yummy!
5 Really, well then, that's great.
6 ...

SFX grab
7 Ah-

SFX gulp
8 Ah----!


1 Wiffen hu wuh poopoo huey.
(Listen to what people say)

2 Duncha act like a kid!
SFX wham
3 Puah

4 Jio, I'll make some more yummy pies,

so wait there, okay?
5 Thanks, Auntie!

SFX chew chew chew
SFX swallow

6 Anyways.

7 Ya need a license!
8 Is a license really that necessary?

9 It's essential!
10 Woah.


1 If you don't have it, you're not

recognised as a magician,
2 And you'll be arrested if you mess up


3 Arrested?
4 Why?

5 It's basically illegal t' use magic

without permission if you're not a magician.

6 ? // I don't really get it.
7 If that's the case, why aren't magi-

gangs arrested?

8 Th' way they arrest people is kinda

weak, so that's why.

Text I see...
9 There're organisations that crack

down on such groups, but then again // It's easy for

a town to become a battlefield and so on... There are

all sorts of reasons.

10 Right.


Box Well, // It's all be cleared up

thanks to him though.
Text So many sorts of difficulties--

1 We're going off-topic.
2 Anyways, everything's convenient once

you have a license, // And there ain't no harm in

getting one just in case.

3 How can I get a license?

4 There are two ways.
5 First is to become the disciple of a

high-ranked magician, then you can obtain the

permission for a license issue.
6 The second is to obtain approval from

the King, and be issued one directly from him.

7 Though I've listed two methods, the

second is kinda impossible, isn't it. // If it's you,

you could probably get approval right away, so you

should probably use the first method, huh.
8 I'll do the second.


1 Are ya even listenin' t' what I'm

2 Ai am leeshaning
(I am listening)

3 But the first option's not viable for


4 That's why, I'll do it the second

5 Besides, isn't it kind of fun doing

it the hard way?

6 ...
Box Aah...

Box Somehow, I understand what he's

getting at. // He has his own Master, doesn't he.
7 Jio, I've baked a pie.
8 Yaaay!
Box ...Or at least, HAD one...
[T/N: since you should be typesetting

with all caps, please bold this or something]


1 D'ya hafta go?

2 Yup.
3 I've made up my mind already.

4 ...
5 I see.

6 Well, what ken I do?
SFX slap
7 Ya're a boy, so once ya set yer mind

on sumthin', you just hafta go straight for it,


8 The weather's a tad tempermental.
9 So if you're headin' off, it's best

ta do it early.

10 Auntie.
11 Bajild.


1 Thanks a lot for everything.
2 Really, thanks.

3 You...

4 You idiot, that should be what we're

SFX whap
5 Woah.
5 (small) Again?

Text Ah-- dammit.
6 Come back again someday... and visit

us as your lively self.
7 I will.

8 Well then,
9 See you.


1 Found ya.




1 It's your magic, right?

2 That thing.

3 Aah, it's fine if you don't explain

yourself, it'll only add to your list of charges.
4 Whoops, before that, I've got to have

a reason for this, don't I.


1 Do you have a license?

2 Wait a sec!
3 Who the hell are you, suddenly

appearin' outta nowhere!

4 ... So I say, but even though he's

young, his get up...
5 My prediction was spot on.

6 I am


1 A member of the Ledainros Royal

2 I have the right to verify whether

someone possesses a license, and the right to arrest

those without one of them.

3 I'll ask one last time.
4 Do you have a license?

5 He doesn't!

6 Judging from his reaction just now,

// It's 100% certain he doesn't!


1 It's my personal choice of

jurisdiction, but I approve of resistance.

2 ?!

3 I'm saying I'll let you go if you win

in a fight against me.

4 Come---
5 Resist---

6 This person is

7 Strong!!


SFX creep

1 I mustn't,
2 Suppress it!


1 I won't make excuses or resist.
2 Please arrest me.

3 Jio!

4 It's all right, Bajild, Auntie.
5 I was planning to head over to the

capitol anyway.

6 Though I'm wondering, I didn't do

anything bad with magic...?
7 Then tell him!

8 He saved the people in this town from

a magi-gang! // Ya gotta be kiddin' me, yer arrestin'

this kid?!


1 What's illegal's illegal.
2 Sigh

SFX whistle

3 Get on, // I'm taking you with me.


1 Is it okay if you don't hand-cuff me

or something?
2 It'd be more interesting for me if

you escaped.

3 Jio...

4 Don't worry about me.
5 I'm off!


1 It's kinda obvious he's not bein'

takin' away, innit...

2 I'm worried, but...
3 That child'll def'nitely be all


4 I'm gonn' patiently wait for the day

when he comes by again to visit us as his lively


5 This is the first time I've ridden a

flying dragon!


1 Really.
2 How boring-- This is how it turned

out, huh.

3 Hey, what's this one's name?

4 Roberia.
5 Just like a beauty, right?

6 Say.
7 Yes?

8 If we weren't in the middle of town,

would you have fought me?

9 ...

10 ...I don't think I can go easy on you

, so I'll lose- that's why I won't do it.
SFX hehh


1 A ha ha ha, the hell's that, that

doesn't make sense at all.
2 Aww... // But what else is there to


3 You're interesting.

4 Wanna become my disciple?

5 No way.

Text Jio who has been taken away. What

will happen to him?
Box Continued in Issue 36
6 ...

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