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Bokke-san 6

Masked Hiro

+ posted by Elkin as translation on Feb 13, 2009 00:33 | Go to Bokke-san

-> RTS Page for Bokke-san 6

It's a miracle! A manga with decent English?! What's the world come to?

Disclaimer: this was done running on 4 hours sleep, in a 6 hour marathon (I did do other stuff in between). So expect mistakes.


Blue for areas that require assistance
Black Japanese text means uncertainty.


[Page 01]

[Side-text: There was a Bokke nearby who, like Hiro, was newly awakened!]

Text 1: ---I had always thought I was alone---

SFX: ...gooooo

Title: [Bokke-san]

Text 2: But there was someone else

Text 3: Moreover---

Text 4: He was in the same school

Text 5: And, like me

Bubble 1: It was something that happened recently.

Text 6: Was a troubled Bokke...!

Bubble 2: I became afraid of my own 'power'.

Text 7: ... Why is it...? Something...

Bubble 3: ...doku (...heartbeat)

Bubble 4: dokun (heartbeat)

[Page 02]

Text 1: It's the first time

SFX: dokun (heartbeat)

Text 2: I've felt like this...!
T/N: rearranged

Bubble 1: Youse serious?!

Bubble 2: pashari (ka-chick)

Bubble 3: We'z gonna be meeting up from now onwards?!

Bubble 4: pasha pasha (click click)

Bubble 5: So... We'z gonna get details about Bokke

Bubble 6: pashari (ka-chick)
Sub-bubble: From zis Abel person---?

Text 3: ... (girl's head) Hmmm... What is it?

Bubble 7: If you'd just quit
Sub-bubble: Constantly taking these annoying photos we'll take you there~~

Bubble 8: ...

Bubble 9: Ah-
Sub-bubble: Hiro, watch it! Your ears, your ears!!

Bubble 10: !!

Bubble 11: There are still people at school---

[Page 03]

SFX: pasha (thump)

Bubble 1: !

Bubble 2: Oh?!

Bubble 3: Zat'll hide it...

Bubble 4: Don't worries, I change it everyday... hehe.

Bubble 5: ---...I'm really sorry

Bubble 6: About just now, Hiro...

Bubble 7: Even though...

Bubble 8: We were friends...!

Bubble 9: dokun... (heartbeat...)

Text 1: -----Ah... I see. Now that I...-----

Bubble 10: ...
Sub-bubble: ...... Meke...

Box 1: Have made a friend

Bubble 11: Thanks for this...

[Title text:
The 6th Monster
Masked Hiro]

Text 2: Shared 'warmth'...!

Box 2: I'm really happy...!!!

[Author's name:
Nishi Yoshiyuru]

[Page 04]

Bubble 1: ...!! ...Zat's great...!!

Bubble 2: Rightz, now that we've decided on a great plan...

SFX: zaaaaaaaa (wind gusting)

Bubble 3: Let'z go to Abel-san place!

SFX: pyon pyon (bounce bounce)

Bubble 4: Wow...
Sub-bubble: This is the first time... I've heard someone say thanks to Hino...!!

Text 1: ... Cheh...

Text 2: By ze way, what kind of person iz Abel?

Text 3: ... A rocker...

Text 4: Rocker??

Text 5: I'm a little jealous--

Bubble 5: ---Wait, why do I feel that?!

SFX: don (bam)

Bubble 6: ?!
Bubble 7: Come on, let's hurry up and go already
Small text: That place'll close!!

Text 6: ----... A friend, huh... Great, isn't it... Hino...?

Bubble 8: ...

Text 7: --Matsuroba Library--

Bubble 9: Umm~~

Bubble 10: A...

Bubble 11: bel?

[Page 05]

Bubble 1: Kind masters and mistress

Bubble 2: Please keep quiet in the library

SFX: pisshi-- (sparkle--)

Book: 365 Days Cook Book

Bubble 3: ...??

Text 1: Hey hey~

Bubble 3: Kind mast... Come again??
Sub-bubble: Your character changed? This person is... a butler??
Small text: You're more lordly...

Small text: keropu (croak, but earlier translations kept 'kero', so... up to you)
Bubble 4: Uuum razzer zan a butler, he'z more like a host, isn't he~~

Bubble 5: ... Oohh...

SFX: piki---n (freeze)

Text 2 (song):
Lonely-- lonely---
The hard worker~~
Alone in his office for his whole life~~
T/N: I'm tempted to read it as 'working loli'. Either I'm reading that ro wrong or I can't deal with verbs today...

Bubble 6: Ahh!!
Sub-bubble: I get it, Hino!

Small-text: Judging from this reworded song
Bubble 7: This person's been getting warped throughout the whole week!!

Text 3: When we took off that time, he suffered from loneliness!!

Bubble 8: pyu-- (whoosh--)

Bubble 9: ...

Bubble 10: Bull's eye, right?!

SFX: bishi bishi (twitch twitch)

[Page 06]

SFX: pu

Black text: ??
T/N: Wow, maybe if someone cleans this I can read it.

Bubble 1: ...Yup, no go. Let's head back.

Bubble 2: L... Leave thiz to me...!

SFX: puu x 6

SFX: koto x 5 (clunk x 5)
T/N: I think he's playing around with the books

SFX: pasha pasha (click click)

Bubble 3: Ooh~~!! Thoze are-

Bubble 4: ...Vintage bootz! And from ze '70z, to boot.
T/N: sorry, bad pun. Couldn't help it.

Bubble 5: Zey'z seem well maintained too~~

Bubble 6: I shall forgive you in deference to that petite frog's discerning eye.

SFX: pan!! (flop!!)

Bubble 7: And?! What can I help you with?
Sub-bubble: English conversation??

Text 1: It's English :P

Bubble 8: guru guru (flail kick)

Bubble 9: You did it, Mekee~~ That's amazing~~~

SFX: bon x 4 (pat x 4)

Bubble 10: ... No, it just sorta happened...!

Bubble 11: Serious...?

[Page 07]

Bubble 1: ---Um

Bubble 2: !

Bubble 3: We... would...

Bubble 4: ...like

Bubble 5: To hear...

Bubble 6: About the Bokke...

Bubble 7: gyuu... (squeeze)

Bubble 8: ... Yes... Ze truth iz---

SFX: ...ooo

Bubble 9: We want to know...!*

Bubble 10: Recently
Sub-bubble: Matsuroba's... been strange...*
* Hino

Bubble 11: It'z definitely ze fault of the Bokke, right...?! ^

Bubble 12: Geez...! ^
Sub-bubble: I hate it. I juz don't understand at all. ^
^ Meke

SFX: ooooo

Bubble 13: ---Juz what are we---
Sub-bubble: Juz what are the Bokke?!

Bubble 14: All righ', all righ'.

Bubble 15: No need to translate...
Sub-bubble: Let me show you something good.

SFX: kasshi... (stride...)

Apron: Ma[blocked]ba Library

[Page 08]

Bubble 1: Here we go.
Sub-bubble 1: First off, this petite frog's real form
Sub-bubble 2: Is the Yorozute-kawasu

Scroll: Yorozute-kawasu

SFX: para (flip)

Bubble 2: The pervert of the Bokke world

Bubble 3: ... Perv...?!

Bubble 4: Oh my~~

Bubble 5: A Bokke which can enter any mirror or mimicking image.
Sub-bubble: Uses his power for his own ends.
T/N: not quite sure 'duplicated image' is the right word. The meaning is more 'virtual image', or an image that mimics something, e.g. a photo.

Bubble 5: Own...!!

Bubble 6: Nice one~~

Bubble 7: But, but

Bubble 8: Why is it that you know my true form when I haven't shown my 'power'...?

Bubble 9: Your hand.

Bubble 10: Ah.

Bubble 11: What? It's the same as Hino---
Sub-bubble: Huh?? It returned to normal.

Bubble 12: ... Control it properly...

SFX: Giii (creak)

Bubble 13: ...Eh?

Bubble 14: If we don't?

[Page 09]

SFX: don

Bubble 1: Then you'll never be able to turn back, just like this!!

Bubble 2: ...!!

Bubble 3: Ugh...!!
Sub-bubble: That's scary... Don't tell me... that's...?!

Bubble 4: Yes

Bubble 5: It's a Bokke...!! A guy who lose control over his 'power' and couldn't revert...!!

Text 1: ...!!

Text 2: Couldn't control his 'power'...?! And became a monster like this...?!

Text 3: ... No way...!!

Text 4: Like this...?! If I end up like this, I'd rather not use this so-called 'power'---

[Page 10]

Bubble 1: ----So I say, but here in Matsuroba

Bubble 2: You can't not use your 'power' and just cut yourself free with just that.

Bubble 3: Bokkes are one species of the '800,000 Gods', and the closest to youkai.

Bubble 4: They have a particularly troublesome characteristic

Bubble 5: And that is

Bubble 6: Their natural form is a 'human'...!!

Bubble 7: So having said that, 'whaaa're you trying to say?' you ask...
T/N: :/ he sure is long-winded

Bubble 8: Bokke can plough through the human trash

Bubble 9: If they feel like it, they can---

SFX: Zuzu... (Creep...)

[Page 11]

SFX: Zaraa...!! (Whoosh...!!)

Bubble 1: Make sudden attack on humans...!!

Apron: Marr[blocked]

Bubble 2: -------!!

Bubble 3: The most recent incidents

Bubble 4: Have made this clear, have they not?
T/N: Lit: 'have told you plenty about this', but it's a little too long to typeset :/

SFX: shin (point)

Bubble 5: Just think about what monsters will go on rampages from here on...?
T/N: liberal translation, because it sounds plain bad otherwise :/

Text 1: Those guys are going to start moving, won't they--...

Text 2: ---... Can't be...

SFX: gyu... (grip...)

Text 3: Then...!! No matter what we do, we'll get involved...?!

Text 4: But then that'll...!!

Bubble 6: But there's no need to worry, since it's Hino.
Sub-bubble: If it's someone like Nanpa, he'll finish them off---

[Page 12]

SFX: Pashan...!! (Shatter...!!)

Bubble 1: ?

Bubble 2: ...Wait.

Bubble 3: Why?

SFX: ooo

Bubble 4: suuu... (retract)

Bubble 5: biki (crackle)

SFX: oo

Bubble 6: Why'd you know about Nanpa?

Bubble 7: A week ago, he fought with Hiro.

Bubble 8: !

Bubble 9: He was together with a guy called Ring. Hiro defeated them.

Bubble 10: Bo- Bo-... Bokke...

Text 1: Walloped them, you say... Hiro, you bastard...

Apron: Marroba

Bubble 11: Youse were attacked as well, Zayu-chan?!

Bubble 12: giriri (grind)

Bubble 13: Tha--t's right, I got a head injury, you know.

Bubble 14: Eeeehh?!

Bubble 15: Hehe, yup.

Bubble 16: O-
Sub-bubble: Oh my god,,,!!

[Page 13]

SFX: pon... (step...)

Bubble 1: Wha d'you mean...?

Bubble 2: English

Bubble 3: !

Bubble 4: This accessory
Sub-bubble: Think of it as a graph showing 'Bokke levels'

Bubble 5: gyara (dangle?)

Bubble 6: Of course
Sub-bubble: You are the lowest class of Bokke

Bubble 7: rin (ring)

Bubble 8: ---In that case, I, too
Sub-bubble: Am just a low-class Bokke, not much different from you

Bubble 9: But Nanpa and Ring are

SFX: goo

Bubble 10: Top class, you know...!!

Bubble 11: ...Then, why
Sub-bubble: Are you even alive...?

SFX: oo

[Page 14]

Bubble 1: ... If...

Bubble 2: If zey'z such monsterz, zen why were zose two---?!

Text 1: .......

Bubble 3: I don't know either.

Bubble 4: Then, that Hanko might also be dangerous too---

Bubble 5: pipi

SFX: taa (flip)

Bubble 6: !

Bubble 7: Oh yeah, look at this.

Bubble 8: You see, I went to a place like this with Hiro.

Bubble 9: What's this??

Bubble 10: A lot happened there, see~~

Bubble 11: Underground, there was this structure that seemed rather old-fashioned.

Bubble 12: The Hakon Bokke we met near the end? That kind of feel.

Text 2: Gee-- It's all so broken-down

Bubble 13: Oi!!

Bubble 14: !

SFX: dota dota dota (step step step)

Bubble 15: Is someone there?!
Sub-bubble: That area is off-limits to readers!!

Bubble 16: ...!!

SFX: kara!! (scrape!!)

Bubble 17: Oh boy

Bubble 18: Let'z escape from here

[Page 15]

Bubble 1: ...
SFX: dota dota dota (step step step)

Bubble 2: Hah

SFX: sutaa (land)

Bubble 3: Hinooo

Bubble 4: Quickly, quickly

SFX: pun pun (wave wave)

Bubble 5: ---Leave the rest to me

SFX: dota x 3 (step x 3)

Bubble 6: I'll come up with some 'propriate way of handling this.

Text 1: ---Honestly

Bubble 7: ...And it should be that place, but I don't know much about it.

Text 2: They actually went there, huh...

Bubble 8: Just, well, it seems kind of 'the Bokke's concealed hideout'-ish. I'll investigate it too...

Bubble 9: 'Ka--y
Sub-bubble: Thanks, Abel

Text 3: They're really something, them..!!

Bubble 10: Hey, Hino.

Bubble 11: !

Text 4: --Can't help it

Bubble 12: You

Text 5: I'll teach him this.

Bubble 13: When you were fighting Nanpa and the others... What did you have on you?

Bubble 14: ...?

Bubble 15: ...!!

[Page 16]

SFX: bon...

Bubble 1: ---Remember to 'control' properly...

Text 1: ----If you don't you'll be done in

Text 2: By the 'South'...!!

Bubble 2: Well zen, zee you tomorrow!!

Bubble 3: Zee you

Bubble 4: It woz great being with you!!

Bubble 5: Me zoo

Bubble 6: ...!!
Sub-bubble: You're also 'zu'ing...!

Text 3: lalala~~
Text 4: I'm so happy I could die~~~

Bubble 7: Mmhmm, a strange guy indeed.

Bubble 8: Hey, Hiro---

Bubble 9: ...

[Page 17]

Text 1: ---... Back then... I really could've died...

Text 2: If, so that I can control the Bokke...
もし このお面が僕の「力」を…

Text 3: This mask strengthens my power
菩怪を制御するための きつかけをくれるとしても

Text 4: I might end up like that someday.

Text 5: Just... what should I---

Bubble 1: Great, isn't it? Hiro has learned a lot of things today---

Bubble 2: E-

Bubble 3: -quip!!!

SFX: kapon

Bubble 4: Trans-

Bubble 5: -form

Bubble 6: Nekogami has coooooome

SFX: to-ra (rush away)

SFX: bishii (slap)

Bubble 6: ...

[Page 18]

Text 1: ---... I see... That's right, isn't it... Sayu...

Bubble 1: Come

Bubble 2: Bring it on, you-

Bubble 3: You neko bastard

Bubble 4: ...

Bubble 5: Hero faker

Text 2: I have to protect at least you, right?

Bubble 6: ... Thanks...

Bubble 7: For the mask, Sayu...

Text 3: I'll try and do what I can...!!

SFX: kaaa... (blush...)

Bubble 8: ...!!
Sub-bubble: S...

Bubble 9: Spare me the courtesies, 'eeeey?!

SFX: pen (pat)

Bubble 10: Ah.

[Page 19]

SFX: ...goooo

Bubble 1: ...
Sub-bubble: Hehehe

Bubble 2: Hehehehe

Bubble 3: Hehe

SFX: ooo

Bubble 4: Hehehehe

Bubble 5: Hehehehehe

SFX: jyuu-- (whoosh--)

Bubble 6: Hehehehe
Sub-bubble: Where, o' where is he, I wonder...?

Bubble 7: The one who tore Ring apart

SFX: oooo

Bubble 8: The one with claws

Bubble 9: The one known as Nekogami

Bubble 10: Where are you, I wonder??

Side-text: This Bokke... Smoke? Steam? This is bad!! Claws don't seem effective here!!

...The 6th Monster

Translator's notes:

Bokkes and their names' meanings:

A quick Google search suggests that the Bokke aren't directly lifted off mythology, unlike in Nurarihyon. It may be based on existing youkai/ninjutsu forms, but I'm no expert in either field.

Nekogami: Slumbering Fox God (Pronunciation can also mean Cat God)
Shouldn't be 'Cat God', given the fox-like mask and the kanji 'fox'.

Yorozute-kawasu: 10000-handed Frog


Meke: he adds a lot of 'su's at the end of his sentences, so I tried to carry that over. Sorry if the English ends up looking pretty darn weird. I suppose you could say it's a Dracula accent *l* Without the 'v's or the formality.

Abel: speaks with a foreign accent, but it's hard to convey it in English. We don't even know if he's from the US or UK, so I can't spice up his language much.

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#1. by capi duffman ()
Posted on Feb 13, 2009
Keep up the good work!
#2. by Searinghawk ()
Posted on Feb 13, 2009
Glad to see a new translation for this series. Will you be doing this weekly Elkin?
#3. by M-Hario ()
Posted on Feb 13, 2009
Ohh really thanks for the translation. I really like this series, please go ahead.
#4. by Elkin ()
Posted on Feb 13, 2009
I'd love to be able to do this weekly, but more likely is I'll do translations when my schedule permits.
#5. by Koen (Celestial Belgian)
Posted on Feb 13, 2009
Elkin, thanks a lot. You are a hero...

When lingwe dropped this I feared this was going to be ignored and forgotten. Thanks a lot for picking up this serie and I hope your schedule will permit more in the future ;)

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