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Translations: Gintama 565 by kewl0210 , Bleach 651 by cnet128 , One Piece 806 by cnet128

AR∀GO 68

Outbreak of War

+ posted by Eru13 as translation on Jun 29, 2011 04:01 | Go to AR∀GO

-> RTS Page for AR∀GO 68

Reserved for Trinity BAKumA. Do not use without my permission.

Arago 68 Eng //colors are the horsemen

Big letters: Arago and co. head to the last battle, the road they've walked until now!! You must read volumes 1-5!!! //最後

Big letters: Now, to the place of dead---!!! //今、
Title: Chapter 68 Outbreak of War

Arago: What's up, it's to exaggerated... //なんだ

Coco: Sempai!! Dad!! //センパイ
Coco: Uh... Uh.... //う...
Arago: Don't cry Coco... //泣く
Arago: Aren't you a cop? //お前は
Arago: You have to protect everyone here!! //お前が
Arago: Don't you? //なっ
Coco: Yes!! //はい
Arago: Colo, I'm relying on you to protect Coco!! //コロ
Colo: Woof!! //he's barking ワウ
Arago: ¡¡Beggar, take care of Guriguri!! //ベガ
Beggar: Yeah!! //ヘイ

Arago: As i thought Seth... //やっぱ
Rio: Yeah... Looks like he isn't here. //うん
Rio: We've searched for him everywhere but... //ずいぶん
Joe: It'd be reassuring if he were here... //彼が
Oz: I saw Seth at dawn. //セス
Oz: We talked a bit... //少し
Oz: Won't you reconsider it? Demon-kun. //考え
Oz: Give up on Brionac, //ブリ
Oz: You don't really want to kill Arago, do you? //お前
Seth: "A fool sees not the same tree a wise man sees." //愚者
Oz: "No bird soars too high, if he soars with his own wings." //自己
Oz: W. Blake "Provebs of Hell". // W.
Oz: ...I don't dislike it, the irony does it's work. // 嫌い
Oz: Stop it. // やめて
Oz: Brionac isn't something you can control. // ブリ

Oz After that he went somewhere... //それ
Arago: Ha!! Just like him. //ハ
Oz: Optimistic guy... //のんき
Oz: Do you understand where you stand? //分かって
Oz: Sigh... // ハア
Arago: Well... //じゃ
Arago: Shall we go!? //行きます
Oz: One more step //ここ
Oz: and it'll be hell // そこ
Oz: There's no turning back... //あと
Oz: Are you rea--- 覚悟

p6 //battle

Oz: Looks like it was a foolish question!! //愚問
Oz: Don't bother with the small fry!! //雑魚
Oz: They're endless!! //キリ
Joe: From underground!? //地下
Oz: They're coming from the openings of the cauldrons cap!!//魔釜
Oz: They'll come infinitely until we close it completely!! //ピタリ

Oz: We must defeat Patchman and using Erinn's seal it again!! //パッチ
Arago: Where is him!? //奴は
Oz: I don't know!! But i have an estimation!! //さあな
Oz: In the center of "Dagda's Cauldron"!! Over ther is //ダグザ
Oz: Buckingham Palace!! //バッキン
Oz: Let's go... To Buckingham Palace!! //いざ

Coco Uh... //うっ
Rio It's all right, Coco-chan!! //大丈夫
Rio: Surely everyone will come back safe!! //きっと
Rio: You see, Arago, Joe-san and Oz too... //アラゴはね
Rio: Your important people too, they said they'll surely save everyone and come back!! //大切
Rio: Since he was a child, Arago //アラゴは子
Rio: Has never broken a promise //約束
Rio: That's why--- //だから

p10 //music notes

Red: Ah--- //ああ
Red: Boring... //つまん
Red: Hi--- Arago's twin <3 //こんにち
Ewan: Ha //ハア
Ewan: Ha //ハア he's breathing painfully

p12 //every  ハア in this page are Ewan's painful breaths
Red: Looks painful... //苦し
Red: I know!! It's cause the King's not here now... //そっか
Red: If you don't borrow King's power you'll die, won't you~~? //王様
Red: Hmmm... //フ-ン
Red: I thought you looked alike... but you don't. //似てる
Red: Since you died and revived once //一度
Red: How to say it... weak--- //なんて
Red: Like you'll break any second //すぐ
Red: If I break you, //あんた
Red: Brionac's Onii-chan and the King... //ブリ
Red: What face will they have? //どんな

Patchman: You shouldn't get into any mischief... //おいた
Patchman: Rabi-kun... //ラヴィ i think she might be Ruby XD
Red:!! //王

Red: I'm... //ご
Red: I'm sorry... //ごめん
Red: //王
Patchman: That's good... good girl. //よろしい

Patchman: I understand your impatience but... //逸る
Patchman: There's an order for things Rabi-kun //順番
Red: Cough //カハ
Patchman: Order is... important---//順序
Patchman: You decided..?決めた
Patchman: Who//誰から
Patchman: will //い
Patchman: go //く
Patchman: first //か
Patchman: By now... the first horseman //今頃
Patchman: should be meeting them... //彼ら

Oz: Fu... //ふう
Joe: ...
Joe: Trafalgar Square... turned into this... //トラ
Oz: It's not the time to become emotional!! //感傷

Oz: To get to Buckingham Palace we'll go along de riverbed from the Parliament!! //バッキン
Oz: There's a lot of Gogmagog on the streets... I want to save as much ammunition as possible. //通り 
Map //i've put the full japanese name so that it's easier to edit
Map: British Museum //大英博物館
Map: British Parliament //国会議事堂
Map: Thames River //テムズ川
Map: Buckingham Palace//バッキンガム宮殿
Arago: What happened? Oz. //どうした
Oz: No... //いや
(thinks): Something feels out of place... //違和感
(thinks): It's too quiet //静か
(thinks): There's no... //ゴグマゴグ
(thinks): Gogmagog..!? //いない
(says): Anywhere's fine!! Get cover!! //なんで
(says): Hide!!! //隠れろ

Arago: Oz!! //オズ
Oz: Shit!! //くっそ
Oz: They got me..!! //やられた
Oz: Sni... //スナイ
Oz: per..!! //パー
White: One down... //まず
Big letters: An assault that marks... the outbreak of war!! //開戦

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