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AR∀GO 77

The Four Seeds

+ posted by Eru13 as translation on Jul 25, 2011 20:09 | Go to AR∀GO

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Reserved for Trinity BAKumA. Do not use without my permission.

Arago 77 Eng
//lol, idk why i didn't post it complete the first time (maybe i didn't copied it full or something XD), now it's the full version XD

Pale: Yo... Are you having fun? //よお
Pale: In humanity's Farewell Party //人類
Big Letters(left): ---Overcoming danger... Volumes 1-6 now on sale!!! //死線
Title: Chapter 77: The four seeds //四つ
Pale: While coming here how many dead bodies did you see? //ここに
Pale: 1000? 10000?//千
Pale: How many of your comrades were among them? //その

Pale: To let you continue, //お前を
Pale: Did they become your shield and died? //盾と
Pale: You're really an annoying die hard rascal //本当
Pale: You spread death around you and only you survive. //周り
Pale: Eating your older brother's life wasn't enough? //兄貴
Pale: Silent, aren't you!?

Arago: What do you want me to say? //何て
Pale: Ah? //あ? maybe "huh" is more understandable in English?
Arago: You want me to say something don't you? //なんか
Arago: Words of regret? Or maybe words of rage? //後悔
Arago: Tell me. //言えよ
Arago: We've both made our resolutions. //お互い
Arago: We also have the things we carry in our backs... //背中
Arago: What we are gambling with aren't words, it's "life". //かける
Arago: We don't need saucy speech. We just have to say this... //ゴタク

Arago: Come get me!!! //かかって
Pale: C'est Cool!! //yeah, he says this, if you want it in english it's "it's cool"
Pale: That eyes, that killing intent, it had to be like this---!! //その目
Pale: Brionac's man---!!!//ブリュ

Pale: Let's go Hades!! //いくぞ
Pale: 100% from the beginning!! //最初

Arago: I will... //オレは
Arago: Continue. //先に
Pale: You won't!! //先は
Pale: This is a dead end!!! //どんづまり

p7-9 //No dialog

Joe: The Parliament's... ruins... //議事堂
Beggar: It's horrible... it's just like Trafalgar Square, no, it's worse... //ヒデェ
Joe: We couldn't find Seth-kun. //セス
Joe: Oz-kun too, as I thought... //オズ
Joe: by the Red Horseman... //赤騎士
SFX: *slide* //カラッ
Joe: !!
Oz: You're terrible, Joe-san--- //ヒデェな
Oz: Don't arbitrary kill me... //勝手

Joe: Oz! Ah, Oz!! //オズ
Joe: My God, your arm... even your leg...!! //なんて
Joe: But you've... you've survived well... //だが
Oz: I had the intention to die... I embedded Claíomh Solais' seed in my body... //死ぬ
Oz: A do-or-die spirited underhanded trick... //決死
Oz: It shouldn't have left a body but... sigh //死体
Oz: I survived... //生き残っち
Joe: As expected from another of the four treasures... //さすが
Joe: A healing ability like Arago's might have activated... //アラゴ
Joe: Either way, one or two miracles //なんに
Joe: are trivial matters now right? //朝飯前
SFX: Haha //ハハッ
Oz: Maybe. //かもな

Joe: You'll go to the palace, right? Lean on my shoulder. //行くん
Oz: As expected, you understand quickly... //さすが
Oz: ...
Oz: That girl probably... //あの娘
Oz: If she didn't meet Patchman... //パッチ
Joe: Let's beat Patchman!! //倒そう
Joe: We must beat him...!! //倒さなくて
Joe: We must get to Arago's side ASAP!! //一刻

Pale: This is Brionac's power... //これが
Pale: Looks like you have complete control over it... //完全
Pale: To beat me... in a single blow. //このオレ
Pale: It isn't a bad feeling... //悪く
Arago: ...
Pale: We could have retraced our steps as much as we liked //a double check of this phrase might be good いくら
Pale: However we... went to... the place we could reach... //なのに
Pale: Why was it... like this... //どうして
Pale: Only...sad... //ただ

Pale: What a face i'm doing... //なんて
Pale: I also did it trying to kill you... //オレも
Pale: It was already decided that one of us would die... //どちら
Pale: to be precise, that I would die. //。。。いや
Pale: The dead of the four horsemen... //四騎士
Pale: That was... the mission that the King gave us--- //それが
Pale: Will you die with me... 一緒
Pale: Hades? //ハデス
Pale: Selfish Scarlet, Taciturn Hugh, and Crazy Cloteaux //ワガママ
Pale: A 0(zero) points bunch... //0点
Pale: It was supposed to be 0(zero) even if you multiply it or add something, but... //掛けて
Pale: When I was with them... I could forget the sadness... //奴ら

Pale: Salut //English: Farewell
Pale: See you in hell. //地獄

Patchman: "People's lifes are more important than this planet"... //人の
Patchman: What a good phrase... //can someone check this? よく
Patchman: The horsemen seeds you raised inside you //君達
Patchman: Are more important, precious, and radiant. //重く

Patchman: And that radiance has polished Brionac further... //そして
Patchman: Now, thanks to you everything is prepared. //さぁ
SFX: Aha //アハッ
Patchman: Now is the time--- to assemble again. //今こそ
Patchman: Horsemen seeds //騎士
Patchman: Come to me. //我が
Arago: !!

Arago: Patchmaaaaaaan!!! //パッチ
Big Letters(down): At last his arch-enemy is before his eyes---!!! //ついに

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some checking to the two phrases i marked, i'm like 80% sure of them, but just in case it might be good

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