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Translations: Gintama 574 (2) , One Piece 814 by cnet128 , Bleach 660 by cnet128

AR∀GO 78

The Fight Inside the Stone

+ posted by Eru13 as translation on Jul 31, 2011 00:39 | Go to AR∀GO

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Reserved for Trinity BAKumA. Do not use without my permission.

Arago 78 Eng

//Every "ufu" or "aha" in patchman's dialogs are the little characters in the corner of those bubbles

Arago(thinks): The night I first met Patchman... also had this kind of rain. //パッチ
Arago(thinks): The road I traveled alone //一人
Arago(thinks): The road the two of us... traveled together with our comrades--- //二人
Arago(thinks): I started traveling that night. //あの
Big Letters(left): And now, The road that his comrades created by risking their lives leads to Patchman---!! //そして

Arago(thinks): The end of the road--- //道の
Big Letters(right): Boiling feelings //滾る
Big Letters(center): Change into power, now---!!! //力に
Title: The fight inside the stone //石の
Big Letters(down): Volumes 1-6, with continuing shocks now on sale!!! //コミックス
Arago(thinks): Beyond here //この
Arago(thinks): lie the two men I pursued and yearned for. //オレが追い求め
Arago(thinks): The two men that I--- //オレが最も
Arago(thinks): Hate the most, //最も
Arago(thinks): and love the most--- //男が

Patchman: Look, this is the end of human life //見た
Patchman: The landscape of the end. //終末
Patchman: Isn't it beautiful? ufufu //美しい
Patchman: This majestic appearance... //この
Patchman: Is appropiate to be called Pandemonium... //パンデモニウム
Patchman: You think so as well, don't you? //君も
Patchman: Hunt-kun--- aha //ハント

p5 //no dialog

Arago(thinks): I've finally come this far--- //やっとここ
Arago(thinks): Finally... //やっと。。。
Arago(thinks): Ewan---!!!! //ユアン these are Big Letters
Ewan: Ah... //あ。。。
Ewan: Aah... //あぁ。。。
Patchman: Have you made... a decision? ufu//決意

SFX: *sip* //ズズッ
Arago: Patchman //パッチ
Arago: I came to beat you!! //ぶん
Patchman: If you beat me Ewan will die... //私を
Patchman: I see, even so you say that you'll beat me... ufu //そうか
Patchman: That's your choice... //それが
Arago: I'll save Ewan too!! //ユアン
Arago: No matter how much I thought... I couldn't come with an answer. //どんな
Arago: That's why... I'll do my best!! //だから
Arago: What good is it giving up on the other possibility from the beginning!! //最初
Arago: I won't give up!! I won't abandon them!! Not a single thing---!! //オレ

Arago: I'll show you that I can beat you and save Ewan!!! //オレは
Patchman: How foolish... //愚か
Patchman: Humans must choose... //人は
Patchman: Choose only one thing //たった
Patchman: Even if that sacrifices the infinite possibilities the other thing had. //たとえ

Patchman: You'll obtain everything!? //全て
Patchman: Something that convenient isn't allowed!!! //そんな

Arago(thinks): One of Erinn's Treasures--- Lia Fáil!!! //エリン
Arago(thinks): What's going on!? My body!! //なんだ
Arago(thinks): Is being sucked up...!! //吸い込まれ
Patchman: Since there's no other way I'll prepare you an easier question. //仕方
Patchman: Don't disappoint me //私を
Patchman: more than you already have. //失望

Arago: Ugh... //う。。。
Arago: Uugh... //うう。。。
Arago: What happened... //何が
Arago: Where's Patchman? ...Ewan...? //パッチ
Arago: It's alive? No... a statue!? //生きてる
Patchman: It's one of the selection's losers... //選別
Patchman: Losers are trapped in this darkness forever. //敗者
Arago: Patchman!! //パッチ

Patchman: This is the interior of Lia Fáil //ここは
Patchman: Natural Selection's Room. //淘汰
Patchman: Lia Fáil is, as its name indicates, //リア・フアル
Patchman: a stone that selects the King. //王を
Patchman: In the past, a lot of creatures fought for the hegemony... //過去
Patchman: and attained the power and qualifications of a King. //王たる
Patchman: This stone has two entrances but only one exit. //この
Patchman: The winner will rob the loser from his power and as a complete King he will recieve the other's life. //勝者
Arago: Where are you hiding!! Come out!! //どこ

Arago(thinks): This power...!? //この
Arago: !!
Arago(thinks): A black shadow---!!! //黒い
Arago(thinks): Fusion!!! //融合

Arago(thinks): The power of flames!? //炎の

Arago: What... why!? //なんだ
SFX: *cough* //カハッ
Arago: The four horsemen are also inside the stone...!? //四騎士
Flashback: Our mission as the four horsemen is to die for the King's sake--- //オレ
Arago: It can't be... //まさか
Patchman: Hmm... //フム
Patchman: That's a fairly good state... //なかなか

Arago: Did you take in the four horsemen's seeds!! //四騎士
Patchman: I have made a "decision". ufu //私に
Patchman: "Decision" gives birth to strength and "Hesitation" gives birth to weakness. aha //〝決意〟
Patchman: You should throw away your hesitation. //君も
Patchman: It will be a battle to decide the King from here on. //これ
Patchman: The winner gets everything and the loser loses everything. //勝者
Arago(thinks): I became stonger...! //強く
Arago(thinks): A lot more that that day!! //あの
Arago(thinks): Even so--- //なの

Arago(thinks): What's going on--- //どう
Arago(thinks): It's like I can't compete with him---!!! //まるで these are Big Letters
Big Letters(right): Everything was for this moment's sake...!! An ovewhelming tyranny that tramples even that feelings...!!! //全て

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