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Kandachime 32

You Don't Understand

+ posted by Eru13 as translation on Aug 16, 2011 03:13 | Go to Kandachime

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Reserved for Final-scan. Don't use without my permission
Kandachime 32 //I made a little mistake with the disclaimer thing last chap, it's Azuraga not Asuraga
Title: Chapter 32: You don't understand

Chidori: Eeeeeh
Chidori: Takuma has a good sense in contrast to his appearance!
Ichi: It's a refreshing appearance just like new leaves that flutter in the summer breeze
Takuma: Th...Thank you
Takuma: But I only chose them from what was available...
Ichi: Not at all
Takuma: How's it Mumyou?
Takuma: Is there something that... bothers you?

Mumyou: ......
Mumyou: Takuma, you don't like it?
Takuma: Eh?
Takuma: No...
Takuma: I, I think it looks good... on you
Mumyou: Then I like it
Ichi: This is from us...
Takuma: Th...! Thank you! (bubble corner thing: With this you can go outside easily...!)
Ichi: Well, it'll take some time for her to get used to them
Mumyou: ......
SFX: *stagger* //フラフラ
SFX: *tap tap* //スタッスタッ
Takuma: Are you alright Mumyou?
Mumyou: Yeah
Mumyou: I'm alright!

Takuma: Well... shall we go?
Ichi: Are you
Ichi: going with Katsuragi-sama again?
Takuma: Eh...Yes, But it's not only with him
Takuma: I promised to go in the Welcome Party...
Takuma's not in a bubble dialog: Let's go Mumyou
Mumyou's not in a bubble dialog: Understood
Ichi: Is that so?
Chidori: Hmmmmm?
Chidori: You've gotten along really well with the Futatsukami
Chidori: Takuma
Hagane: I don't know what you'll do but
Hagane: Please don't catch a cold and become a bother for Ichi and Chidori!
Hagane: Also, Zushi-san, I think you trust the Futatsukami too much
Takuma: Er...errm
Hagane: We don't even know if we can believe in them...
Takuma: Th...They aren't bad guys...
Takuma: I think so

Hagane: That's why I'm saying you're too naive!!
Takuma: So...sorry...?
Ichi: ------
Ichi: If you're that worried why don't you go with him, Hagane-sama?
Takuma (& Hagane?): Eh?
Hagane: I, I'm just
Hagane: saying that he has to act a little more carefully
Hagane: It's not like I'm worried... // Note: OMG, Hagane is a super type-A tsundere XDDD
Takuma: N,no
Takuma: It's ok if she doesn't come with me!
Takuma: Really
Takuma: I'm fine by myself!
SFX: *crack* //カチン
Chidori: E---h, In other words it's inconvinient if Hagane goes with you
Takuma: I, It's not like th...
Hagane: I'll go

Takuma: Eh?
Hagane: I'll go with you!
Box: Futatsukami Tokaido Squad Office

Takuma: Ha...
Takuma: Hahaha...
Katsuragi: Takumacchi... Come here a sec
SFX: *grab* //ぐいっ
Katsuragi: Why's Otowa-chan here!? (corner dialog: *mumble*)
Takuma: As, As I thought it was... bad?
Katsuragi: Think of our circurmstances!!
Takuma: S...Sorry (corner dialog: Although I refused)

Katsuragi: ...So, how much have you told her?
Takuma: Almost everything
Katsuragi: For real!?
Katsuragi: You shouldn't tell...
Takuma: Ah...but it's ok, Otowa-san is actually...
Takuma: My swordsmanship master
Takuma: And a Kandachime user
Mizuha: Hm?
SFX: *pof*(?) //ぽふッ
Mizuha: Onii-chan
Mizuha: Let's go?
Takuma: E? what...
Mizuha: There's a butterfly over there
Mizuha: Come
Takuma: Ah-... Ah we'll go later
Takuma: Now's a little...
Mizuha: Flowers...
SFX: *sniff* //じわ
Takuma: Uwah, This is bad...

Aurora: Mademoisselle was waiting impatiently for this day.....
SFX: *reach* //そっ
Aurora: She was looking forward to it so much that last night she didn't rest much
Mizuha: ...Die
SFX: Ugh ugh //ウッウッ
Mizuha: Idiot
SFX: *sob sob* //グスグス
Aurora: Since Zushi-sama was visiting us she made a plan to please you and waited...
Mizuha: I hate you
Mizuha: Die
Takuma: Th...Then...
SFX: *sob sob* //グスグス
Mizuha: A pond...
SFX: *pull* //ぐいぐい
Takuma(thinks): I'm weak---...
Side dialog: Just now I was saying something really important
Katsuragi(thinks): He not only told her everything but brought her her---
Side dialog: *dissapointment expression*
Katsuragi(thinks): Even though they told me not to get involved with the Otowa Household
Katsuragi(thinks): The high-ups will scold me again
Side dialog: This is bad
Katsuragi(thinks): Well, now that she's come there's nothing to do...
Hagane: You're not surprised

Hagane: Even you've heard that I'm a Kandachime user
Katsuragi: hm...well
Katsuragi: Otowa household is famous for having a deep connection with Kandachime since ancient times
Katsuragi: When I first heard your name I was really surprised
Hagane: ...You knew and you kept quiet?
Katsuragi: I didn't intend to hide it
Katsuragi: That time there were other people around
Katsuragi: ---So
Katsuragi: Again, let's get along, ok? Otowa-chan
Hagane: D...Don't misunderstand
Hagane: I don't intend to cooperate with Futatsukami

Hagane: Can you please
Hagane: stop having to do with Zushi-san?
Katsuragi: ...Eh?
Hagane: I don't think Futatsukami is trustworthy
Katsuragi: E----h, that's sad
Katsuragi: Don't say that Otowa-chan...
Hagane: Don't mess around!!
Katsuragi: ...You know
Katsuragi: How you think is your own decision but
Katsuragi: But how Takumacchi thinks is also his own decision

Hagane: ...Zu, Zushi-san believes in other people easily
Katsuragi: Haha
Katsuragi: You've said it
Katsuragi: But you know, even though, really
Katsuragi: The one who'll decide is Takumacchi right?
Hagane: I have a responsability as the one who takes care of Zushi-san...!
Katsuragi(thinks): Hm?
Katsuragi: ---Is that
Katsuragi: Because Takumacchi is freeloading in your house?
Hagane: That's right
Katsuragi: Only that?
Hagane: T,That's right! What else can there be!?
Katsuragi: Hmmmmmm... Hey Otowa-chan
Katsuragi: You don't have to worry that much
Katsuragi: I won't take Takumacchi away

Hagane: Wh...Wh
Hagane: What are you saying!?
Hagane: W,When did I...such thing...
Katsuragi(thinks): Rather than that
SFX: *Tch* //チッ
Katsuragi(thinks): Damn Takumacchi... Even though you have a harmless face
Katsuragi(thinks): He doesn't even understand?
Mizuha: Onii-chan
Mizuha: Fell
Hagane: Eh!?
Katsuragi: Ta...

Katsuragi: Takumacchi!?
Katsuragi: W...What happened for you to get that wet!?
SFX: *muddy* //どろ
Takuma: I fell... in the pond...
Side dialog: Ha...haha...
Hagane: Eeh
Hagane: What are you doing!?
Katsuragi: A pond, you... how klutzy are you!?
Takuma: No...Well
Katsuragi: Anyways, you have to change clothes
Katsuragi: Come here!
SFX: *muddy* //どろ
Takuma: Sorry...
Katsuragi: Otowa-chan, Mizuha, Wait a sec!
SFX: *stare* //じ
Hagane: ...?

Mizuha: Go home.
Mizuha: Onii-chan will live with Mizuha
Mizuha: You're not needed
Hagane: Eh...?
Hagane: Suddenly...what
Aurora: From now on we'll take care of Zushi Takuma-sama
Aurora: We'll take care of his life necessities without delay so don't worry
Aurora: If you understood please leave
Aurora: You're not needed anymore

Hagane: D...
Hagane: Don't say things at your convinience!!
Hagane: We're looking after Zushi-san in my house!!
SFX: *turn in surprise* //ぱっ
Aurora: It's ok, Mademoiselle
Aurora: You're an unreasonable person
Hagane: You're the unreasonable ones!?
Mizuha: ...Then
Mizuha: If you die

Aurora: Oui, mademoiselle
Aurora: tout de suite
Hagane: !!!
Hagane(thinks): That is!?
Hagane(thinks): Chidori!!

Hagane(thinks): That's an Azuraga
Katsuragi: Uwah!? What are you doing!?
Takuma: Otowa-san!?
Katsuragi: Mizuha!! Stop it!
Hagane(thinks): If I jump inside...

Katsuragi: Takumacchi
SFX: *pull* //ぐい
Katsuragi: Stop them
Takuma: Wah
Mizuha & Hagane: !!?
SFX: *bonk* //ドゴッ

Aurora: ...I almost cutted you
Chidori: Takuma, Do you want to die---?
Takuma: H...Hey
Takuma: H...Heavy
Takuma: Go down quick
Chidori: Whaaat, You're rude!!
Side dialog: It's life's weight //might be good to double check this
SFX: some hitting sfx //バコン
SFX: some hitting sfx //ゴン
Katsuragi: Haha, Sorry sorry
Katsuragi?: Serves you right
Side dialog: Confusion
SFX: *stare* //じ
SFX: *run* //タタ

SFX: *lean* //スッ

Azuraga: Tagi-sama
Azuraga: Your drink...
Tagi: You took it from the right side right?
SFX: *tremble* //ゼク
Tagi: I can't use my right arm
SFX: *wooble* //ゆら
Tagi: You're harassing me right?

Tagi: Are you looking down on me?
Tagi: I see
Tagi: You're ridiculing me
Azuraga: I...I'm no...
Tagi: This injury is my fault?
Tagi: No it isn't
Tagi: It's your fault

Tagi: You didn't protect me right?
Tagi: If you turned into a human you could have protected me
Tagi: It's your fault!!
Azuraga: I'm...
Azuraga: I'm sorry
Azuraga: I'm sorry
Sekandara or Haidera: Is that perhaps bullying?
Sekandara or Haidera: I wonder? Perhaps it's love?
SFX: *flinch* //ピクッ
Haidera: It's a very painful love right?
Sekandara: He probably can't say it right
Sekandara or Haidera: giggle giggle
Sekandara or Haidera: Is it because he's lonely?
Sekandara or Haidera: Is it because he's sad?
Sekandara or Haidera: Ahahahaha

Sekandara or Haidera?: ...Do you want to break us?
Tagi?: That's right
Tagi?: Come down I'll break you
Sekandara or Haidera: Kyahahaha
Sekandara or Haidera: He'll break us
Munakata: Stop it
Haidera: Ah<3
Sekandera: Soushi-sama //Soushi is a name (looks like he is Munakata Soushi)
Munakata: Haidera, Sekandara, come
Sekandara and Haidera: Ye---ah
Tagi: Give me your swords
Tagi: I'll break them

p26 // all of the ??? from now on are unknown members from futatsukami
Munakata: Put away your sword
Tagi: Tch
Tagi: Come back
SFX: *whoosh* //ヒュウ
???: What, you're getting scolded Tagi? Kuku
???: Looks like you're being affectionate with your new toy

???: Good grief, this is tiresome
???: Why are we meeting?
Munakata: I think you've already heard but
Munakata: A single Kandachime user is going to cooperate with Tokaido's Squad
Munakata: This is that user, Zushi Takuma
???: Isn't he just a kid?
???: It doesn't look like we can use him
Munakata: And this is---

Munakata: Zushi Takuma's Kandachime, Mumyou
???: Hoho
???: It's splendid
???: This is a Kandachime?
???: It's more than that kid deserves
???: So Munakata-san
???: What should we do?
Munakata: We'll leave Zushi Takuma to Katsuragi Shuusuke from Tokaido's Squad
Munakata: Koushu's command is only that

???: Katsuragi? He won't listen
???: It's the noisy kid from Alejandro's place
???: Huh!?
???: So we have nothing to do with it?
???: You're bad at making conjectures right?
???: Huh!?
???: He only said he'll leave it to Katsuragi... Everyone else doesn't have any orders
???: In other words, we can do as we like
???: ...Is that so!?
???: How's it!? Hey, Munakata-san
Munakata: ...This is all

SFX: *breaths* //ハッハッ
Takuma(thinks): I'll try to run with a higher pace tomorrow...
Takuma: Hm?
Takuma: It's for me...?
Letter: // this one was pretty hard to understand, this is the best translation i could think of.
果合の事 = Letter of Challenge
一剣を持って勝敗を決せんと存ずる = I want us to carry our swords and have a match.
場所 扇山紅葉野 = Place: Ougiyama Momijino
時間 六月九日卯の下刻 = Time: June 9th 6:20 A.M. //the literal translation would be "The last third of the period of two hours between 5am and 7pm" since that's too long i calculated it XD
右他言無用の事 = Don't tell anyone
平成二十 = Heisei 20 //maybe a number bigger that 20, you can't see that part in the raw
Takuma: !!

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Posted on Aug 17, 2011
Thanks for the release ^^

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