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Translations: One Piece 908 by cnet128 , Gintama 687 (2)

AR∀GO 81


+ posted by Eru13 as translation on Aug 26, 2011 03:03 | Go to AR∀GO

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Reserved for Trinity BAKumA. Do not use without my permission.
Arago 81 Eng
//Again, patchman's weird sounds are the corner thingies in his bubbles (i put them between parenthesis this time)

Seth(thinks): Why do righteous people shed tears
Seth(thinks): And unrighteous people laugh?
Seth(thinks): Who created this world?
Seth(thinks): An unrighteous God created an unrighteous world.
Seth(thinks): If it was a righteous God, a righteous world
Seth(thinks): I dreamed of a world where righteous people could ordinarily laugh...
Seth(thinks): But, that is---
Seth(thinks): Impossible with my dirty power...
Seth(thinks): Only a God's weapon can, People, the world... God--- //i know this sounds kinda weird but there's no verb in the japanese sentence and i don't want to just create one

Seth(thinks): I didn't give up, I don't have any regrets either
Seth(thinks): I only thought that...
Seth(thinks): I can believe in you, I can entrust it to you
Seth(thinks): If it's you---

Seth(thinks): You'll change the world, even if it's just a little---

Arago(thinks): Seth...
Arago(thinks): Seth!!
Patchman: Ha (music note)
Arago(thinks): This debt
Arago(thinks): Is too much---...
Title: Chapter 81: Humans
Arago(thinks): Idiot!!!!!
Big Letters: Carrying with his friend's feelings on his back, Arago fights against destiny once more---!!

Patchman: Being honest, You've surpassed my predictions (ufu)
Patchman: I didn't think Orc would throw himself away for your sake...
Patchman: God and Devil's seeds
Patchman: Are inside your body... (gubufu)
Patchman: You're completely
Patchman: Completely not human!!
Patchman: Right!? Hunt-kun!!!

Patchman(attack): Javelin!!!
Arago(thinks): Seth... what kind of feelings did you have to entrust me this...
Arago(thinks): It was probably vexing... To have to entrust it to me...
Arago(thinks): Sorry, I'm sorry Seth...
Arago(thinks): Just because I was a coward...
Arago(thinks): That's why
Arago(thinks): Your power...your resolution
Arago(thinks): Lend them to me!!
Arago: Blow away---

Arago(attack): Leviathan
Arago: Let's do this together Seth!!!
Patchman: Splendid!! You're drawing out Orc's power a lot more!!
Patchman: You're rising to the same stage I'm in!!

Joe: Arago!!!
Beggar: Master!!!
Arago: Everyone!!?
Patchman: Ufu
Patchman: You came...
Arago: Old man!! Oz!!
Arago: Beggar!!!

Beggar: Old man Joe, Laddie Oz...//can also be "young man/buddy/fella"
Beggar: I'll leave Master Arago...
Beggar: To you!!!
Joe: Beggar-kun!!!
Beggar: I never thought I'd do this...
Beggar: It's not like me
Beggar: Guri-cha...

Arago: I'm your opponent!!!

Joe: Uugh... Beggar-kun...
Oz: Damn it, that Skull rascal...
Oz: Showing his manliness... //even though he's a skull XD
Oz: don't worry...
Oz: Leave everything to me!!
Joe: Inserting Claíomh Solais' Seed into Ewan's body, is that even possible!?
Oz: I'm aware of the dangers, but there's no other way to let Ewan live without Patchman's power!!
Joe: If it adapts well, just like Arago's Brionac
Joe: Claíomh Solais will become Ewan's heart's replacement!!
Oz: He's there!!

Joe: Come to us, Ewan!!
Joe: Ewan!!
Oz: Ok, let's hurry!!
Oz: Let's embed the Seed into Ewan through this gap!!
Oz: Amazing...
Oz: Arago has... Demon-kun's powers...
Oz: It's embarrasing but, I thought that Demon-kun jumped into Lia Faíl
Oz: To steal Arago's Brionac.
Oz: But I was wrong... He even yielded his principles
Oz: No, he didn't yield, he even sacrificed himself
Oz: To entrust it to Arago...!!

Joe(attack): Holy Grove
Joe: Let's do it!! This is a critical moment!!
Joe: Everyone's feelings are one!!
Oz: Yeah!!

Patchman: You've obtained Orc's powers
Patchman: And become---
Patchman: A lot better, Haven't you!!
Patchman: I also, everytime I recombined human parts, together with my power
Patchman: Increased my "Malice"!!
Patchman: The face of someone who betrays the human next to them to save himself
Patchman: The ugly desire for life---
Patchman: Filthy
Patchman: Deceit
Patchman: The temporized thin skin's other side...
Patchman: Human depths
Patchman: Self-interest, great achievements, cruelty, tenacity...
Patchman: I know them
Patchman: Yeah, look at me!!

Patchman: I have seen and connected!!
Patchman: People's souls, feelings, Bodies!! Compose me!!
Patchman: I'm a human!! I'm the proof of evilness!!
Patchman: People are completely ugly, filthy!!
Patchman: Accept it, human's true nature is evil!!
Arago: Shut up!!
Arago: There's no way that's true!!
Patchman: It won't hide!! It's overflowing
Patchman: It won't perish!! It will continue existing as long as human are human!!

Arago: Don't make light of...
Arago: Humans!!!!
Big Letters: A fist, with his feelings in it, bursts open!!!

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