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Meteor-san Strike desu! 1

A Lie is the beginning of aliens!?

+ posted by Eru13 as translation on Sep 16, 2011 17:35 | Go to Meteor-san Strike desu!

-> RTS Page for Meteor-san Strike desu! 1

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Meteor-san Strike Desu! 1
//Notes for this chap
//sd= side dialog, cd= corner dialog, Dad= Hiro's dad

B&W cover
Alien: This is Hagoromochou's Specialty "UFO Soba"
Left arrow: This is a croquette, it's been sinked a bit to let the sunny-side egg be on top of it.
Right arrow: A half cooked sunny-side egg is on top.
Text next to the map: You can eat it at "Great Silver River Retreat", It's in the shopping district, 5 minutes away walking from the station. //Just translated the kanjis, if I find the name later in the manga i'll put it
Box: Some words from the shop manager: I want the aliens that have come to Earth to eat this (lol) //yeah, the (lol) is part of the translation

B&W back cover
Text: I've been scolded by my friends that the amount of blue school swimsuits isn't enough so I borrowed this space replenish that.
Swimsuit: Omega

Chapter 1: A Lie is the beginning of aliens!?
Chapter 2: "Breasts" All of my feelings, Reach!!
Chapter 3: Kiss me right now!
Chapter 4: There's a paper thin difference between Heroes and Perverts

Box: This is only between us, when I was a kid...
Yuzu: Kyah
Yuzu: Heeeey, Hiro, I'll kill you!!
Hiro: The Hero Kobayashi has punished the violent monster Yuzura!!
Box(down): Kobayashi Hiro (6 years old) Calls himself: Hero Special Skill: Flipping Skirts
Box(left): A hero!!

Box: Eh!? So what you say...
Mom's sd: Today's dinner is curry
Boy's sd: Yeah
Box: ...I get it, I'll tell you
Hiro: !?
Box: When I was a kid

Narration: I was taken by a UFO and meet with aliens!
Alien: *two scribbles* In ten years *scribble*
Alien: *two scribbles* The Earth is destroyed *scribble*

Box: ---Or so was my lie

Title: Chapter 1: A Lie is the beginning of aliens!?

Box: Ten years later
Hiro: That dream...again
Hiro: Oh crap
Hiro: I'm off old man, I don't need breakfast!
Dad: Wait a sec!!
Dad: You can skip breakfast if you want
Dad: But at least say hi to your mom before you go
Hiro: Whoops, My bad

Dad: By the way son
Hiro: What... (cd: you told me to do it)
Dad: I want to ask some young people for opinions about something
Dad: Dadan!! The newest goods of this town's mascot "Gray-chan"!! (cd: what do you think?)
Box: City hall's Tourist Division Chief
Cup(right): You
Cup(left): Believe in UFO?
Cup(right): You
Cup(left): Believe in UFO?
Hiro: I'm off!!
Dad's sd: Mom, I can't communicate with our son

Top text: In this town, there's a mountain that looks like a UFO
Box: Moreover it seems that it was a famous UFO watching spot for some people
Box: That's why everyone believed the lie I told when I was six
Box: Just like that the town became a UFO watching area
Sign(the middle one): Welcome to the UFO Town, Hagoromochou
Box: It rapidly became a serious thing and I had to add more lies to my lies
Reporter: Do you remember your conversations with the aliens!?
Hiro: The Earth will be destroyed in 10 years
Reporter: Wh!!
Hiro: But, rest assured, the aliens

Hiro: Chose me to be "The hero that will protect the Earth"
Box: As one would expect my lie was exposed
Article Title: UFO Hero Appears
Article big letters: Why did this boy lied?
Box: From that moment on, I went through harsh times
Boy's sd: Heeey Hero
Boy's sd: If you feel frustrated call the aliens
Box: Well, You reap what you sow...

Hiro's sd: Fuuu, I got in time
Hiro(thinks): Th,That is!?
Hiro(thinks): My dear Angel Kobato Kana-chan
Hiro: G,g,Good morning Kobato-chan
Kana: Ufu*music note* Good morning, Kobayashi-kun
Hiro's sd: I'm in eden
Yuzu: Hey! Your face is creepy

Yuzu: Yo! Hiro
Yuzu: Won't you greet me
Hiro: Hey Yuzu, you were here, sorry, I couldn't see you
Hiro: Good Morning Yuzu-san
Yuzu: Good grief, You could have said that from the beginning
Kana: You two don't change a bit

Hiro: Tch, this woman with super strength
Yuzu: Huh?
Hiro: No, Nothing...
Kana: ufufu
Akai: Hey! "UFO boy" big news!!
Hiro: Akai-kun, next time you say that I'll kill you
Akai: Ah, Sorry sorry
Akai: Leaving that aside, It seems that a Beautiful Transfer Student Girl is coming to our class
Hiro: Eh, Really!?
Hiro: well, I'm not really interested
Yuzu: Nothing but lies...

Teacher: Be delighted boys, I'll introduce you a cute transfer student today
Teacher: Enter please

Meteor: I'm Yamada Meteor!!

Boy's sd: Cute
Hiro(thinks): Well, she's a little cute, let's ignore her breasts for now, but her face isn't a match for Kobato-chan's
Hiro(thinks): ...Or rather, what a weird name...
Meteor: I'm...
Meteor: A member of the Administration Bureau of the Space Union, an Adilian, in short, what Earthlings call--- //Ok, for now I'll asume the planet meteor is from is called Adil (Adiiru in katakana) suggestions are accepted until an official one is found

Meteor: An alien

Hiro(thinks): It's like, just now, she said something weird!!
Meteor: Kobayashi Hiro!!
Meteor: Now is the time to fulfill your promise from 10 years ago
Hiro(thinks): No No, This is the first time we meet
Meteor: Be delighted, you were

Meteor: Chosen to be the Hero that will protect Earth!!

Text between panels: Wh,What is this guy saying!?
Student: I see, it's like that
Student: As expected from Hero, he's popular with aliens
Student: Great, Hero Kobayashi
Student: Well done Transfer student, Nice self-introduction
side dialog: Ahahahahahaha
Hiro(thinks): Shiiiit!!
Teacher's sd: Heeeey, Come back.
Yuzu: There's no helping it, that idiot...
Kana: Kobayashi-kun...

Hiro(thinks): Wh,What's up with her, She probably saw me on the TV and came here to make fun of me
Hiro(thinks): ...Even if that's so, do you normally say that in your self-introduction!?
Hiro: Does she have a grudge against me? (cd: Hmmmm)
Meteor: I have nothing like that

Hiro: Wh,Who are you!
Hiro: Are you having fun teasing me?
Meteor: I see, after your first contact with an alien for a while you are confused... (cd: It's not impossible)
Hiro(thinks): No, Listen to what I'm telling you for a bit
Meteor: There's no helping it
Meteor: Meteor Capsule!! //TN: It's a Poké-ball!! XD

Meteor: I'll make you remember

Hiro(thinks): W,Wait a sec!
Hiro(thinks): In the blink of an eye I'm in space... Then!!
Hiro(thinks): She's really an alien??
Hiro(thinks): It stopped
Meteor: Look at that

Meteor: It's a Meteorite Monster, a Zgadkan!! //katakana "Zugadokan", any ideas??
Meteor: This thing is aiming at Earth
Meteor: Well, you can think of it as a living meteorite, but mutual understanding is impossible...
Meteor: And if it's this big it will certainly---

Meteor: Destroy Earth in less than 24 hours
Meteor: Are you scared? But, the only one that can protect Earth is you
Hiro: Huh!? That's impossible!!
Meteor: ...Rest assured, we'll destroy it
Hiro: Then destroy it right now, cheapstake!!
Meteor: You see, you Earthlings are continually at war and destroying the environment
Meteor: In the end, you'll end up eating up your mother planet
Meteor: As a result, is there a merit
Meteor: In saving such a foolish race?

Meteor: ...However, there are split opinions between us
Meteor: so...
Meteor: We'll do a test, if you pass it we'll save you
Meteor: The one that'll take that test is you
Meteor: In short, the thing being tested

Meteor: Is love
Meteor: Your love will save the Earth
Hiro(thinks): What kind of catch copy is that!!
Meteor: Fufufu, It's the thing that Earthlings nowadays lack the most
Meteor: But, Kobayashi Hiro, If it's you then it's possible

Meteor: Because Heroes protect the Earth
Meteor: Then, I'll give you the first problem!!
Meteor: Listen care---

Hiro: Everyone, there's trouble!
Hiro: She was really an alien!!
Guy: Yeah yeah, and Earth will be destroyed
Guy: Hey, someone call the TV
Hiro(thinks): ...
Hiro: No, this time it's for real

Akai: That has completely become your trademark gag
Akai: As expected form the town revitalizer Hero-sama
Hiro: Ugyaaaah!!
Meteor: To think that he ran before taking the challenge...
Meteor: And you call yourself a Hero?
Meteor: Kobayashi Hiro

Hiro: Why doesn't anyone believe me...
Hiro: ...No, well, I reap what I sow but...
Hiro(thinks): But...a meteorite monster? Earth's destruction? I'm the only one that can stop it?
Hiro(thinks): Then I'm really a Hero...
Hiro: But that was a lie!!

Kana: That's Kobayashi-kun right
Yuzu: ...His house is next to mine
Yuzu: When that guy is troubled he climbs to the ceiling
Yuzu: Since auntie died
Yuzu: Well, It's probably some useless problem
Yuzu: Hmm, Kobato?
Kana: Kobayashi-kun!!
Hiro: Kobato-chan?

Kana: I believe in you
Kana: Because, Your eyes weren't lying
Yuzu: Hey Kobato, That's embarassing
Kana: But
Hiro: Kobato-chan
Hiro: Hm
Hiro(thinks): Wait a sec, if I don't pass the test, let alone Earth, even Kobato-chan...

Hiro(thinks): I have to make that lie become real---
Hiro's sd: I will do it
Yuzu: He's a real idiot...

SFX: *Ker-chak* //door opening
Meteor: Hmm you came... I thought you had run away
Hiro: I'm still scared...but...
Hiro: Even I have things I want to protect!
Hiro: If there's no one else who can do it then I'll show you I can protect Earth!!

Meteor: That's the spirit!!
Meteor: Pass this Love test
Meteor: And show me you can protect those people!!
Meteor: Then, I'll anounce the problem
Meteor: First problem

Meteor: Look at the panties that Kobato Kana is wearing today
Hiro: Eh, Panties, erm?
Meteor: Yes, her underwear
Hiro: Wait a sec! What's with that joke of a problem
Meteor: "A joke" you say?

Meteor: You fool!!
Meteor: This is a splendid problem made based on a certain alien courtship behavior
Meteor: In that planet, when the breeding season comes, only the one who has seen the panties can mate
Meteor: In short it's love!
Hiro: ...
Meteor: By the way, there's only one hour left before the time limit!!
Hiro: Hey, suddenly...that means that
Hiro: In one hour the meteorite monster will collide with Earth!?

Hiro(thinks): To save the Earth I have to look at Kobato-chan's panties
Hiro(thinks): Dammit, I don't have time to make stupid plans...
Hiro(thinks): I'll definitely be hated but I have to do that...
Hiro(thinks): There's no helping it, I have to flip it (skirt) //yeah, with the parenthesis and everything
Hiro(thinks): If I do it as if it was a kid's prank she'll may forgive me

Kana: Ah, Kobayashi-kun
Yuzu: Hey, Don't run in the corridors
Hiro(thinks): Target Found!!
Hiro(thinks): I need to make the first move! This is to protect the Earth, forgive me!! Kobato-chan
Hiro's sd: My hand is burning red
Big text in the same panel: Uwooooooooh
Kana: ?
Kana: ?
Kana: ?

Yuzu: In spite of being old enough, you surely aren't trying to flip her skirt
Hiro's sd: Wh,why was it exposed...
Hiro: Shut up, Can a guy who can't even flip a skirt protect the Earth!
Hiro: You slapped me...
Yuzu: Idiot!!
Yuzu: I don't understand!! Are you being decieved by that transfer student!?
Hiro: ...

Meteor: What happened Kobayashi Hiro
Meteor: Don't worry, I'm speaking directly to your brain
Meteor: However, is it ok?
Meteor: If you keep worrying, Earth's destruction will draw near...
Meteor: Didn't you have things you want to protect!?
Hiro: That's right, I'm...

Hiro: Hero Kobayashi!!
Hiro's sd: Special Move Hero Typhoon
Yuzu: Hiro, I'll kill you later!!
Hiro: Sorry, Your precious sacrifice won't be in vain
Hiro(thinks): However, Black? You've matured, Yuzu...
Hiro: Now
Yuzu's sd: Run away
Kana: Hey, Calm down Kobayashi-kun
Hiro: Prepare yourself!!

Yuzu: Stupid Hiro!
Yuzu: Can't you see Kobato doesn't like it!!

Kana: Kobayashi-kun?
Yuzu: Hiro...
Meteor: What are you doing Kobayashi Hiro
Meteor: There's less than one minute

Hiro: I'm a big idiot...
Hiro: This is not what a hero would do
Yuzu: So it's fine if it's me
Hiro: ...
Hiro: I beg you, Kobato-chan

Hiro: Show me the panties you're wearing today!!

Hiro: I'm fully aware you don't want to but, if you don't show them it'll be dangerous
Kana: Even if you tell me that
Hiro: I beg you!!...
Hiro: Believe in me
SFX: *Thump*

Yuzu: There's no way she'll show them you big idiot!!
Yuzu: Now, Let's go Kobato!
Kana: Y,Yeah

p52 //no dialog

Yuzu: Hey Kobato, there's no meaning if you show him your panties
Kana: Ahaha, sorry...
Hiro: That lame character is the one my dad made...
Hiro: Of all things you're wearing that!!
Kana's sd: Lame...
Hiro's sd: Ah
Yuzu: You've seen someone's panties and you complain...
Yuzu: Die a million times you idiot!!
Meteor: Hmph

Meteor: As I thought you were a Hero
Meteor: Kobayashi Hiro
Meteor: Test target Kobayashi Hiro has passed the first problem
Meteor: From here I'll switch to execution mode and release until the third seal

Meteor: Me
Meteor: Te
Meteor: Or

Meteor: Kick
Box: Thus, the Earth was protected

Hiro(thinks): Sigh, I went through a lot today, It looks like I protected the Earth but...
Hiro(thinks): I'm a 100% sure that Kobato-chan hates me
Hiro: It's all that woman's and...
Hira: Old man's fault!! (being angry at someone who would normally be angry at you)

Dad: Hm, what is? (cd: I mean, Welcome back)
Meteor: I'm intruding here
Hiro: Me,Me,Meteor, Why are you here...
Dad: What are you saying Hiro, You're taking tests to protect Earth, right?
Dad: It's natural that you live together with you examiner Meteor-chan
Hiro: Li,Live Together!? Dad, Don't be accepting that so easily!!
Meteor: Hmph, It's helpful that he's an easily suggestible dad
Dad's sd: Hahaha
Hiro: ...Y,You!? ---I mean, aren't the tests over!?

Meteor: You fool
Meteor: The tests have just begun
News: Furthermore this meteoric swarm can be clearly seen
News: Approaching to Earth since this night
Hiro: Spare me please---!!
Box: Don't loose Hero, do your best hero, Until the day true peace comes to Earth!!
Circular box: End of First chapter

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#1. by The1 ()
Posted on Sep 16, 2011
Good choice, Seems like someone still got taste. Still I feel sad that the alien weren't one of his love interest...she got such a hawt body :o~~~~~~
#2. by Eru13 ()
Posted on Sep 16, 2011
@The1 Hmm, i wonder about that, you shouldn't say that after just one chapter, she might be
#3. by PROzess ()
Posted on Sep 16, 2011
He's not talking about the first chapter I take it
#4. by The1 ()
Posted on Sep 16, 2011
Eru13; Oh sorry, I'm basing my comments on the first 2 volumes ;) Hawt girl is hawt no matter how nakid boob beaming she does :3~~~~
#5. by PROzess ()
Posted on Sep 16, 2011
The boob beam was awesome^^
#6. by Eru13 ()
Posted on Sep 16, 2011
Sure it was, gotta love Omega too

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