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Meteor-san Strike desu! 2

"Breasts" All of my feelings, Reach!!

+ posted by Eru13 as translation on Sep 18, 2011 01:04 | Go to Meteor-san Strike desu!

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Meteor-san Strike Desu! 2
//sd=side dialog, cd= corner dialog

Title: Chapter 2: "Breasts" All of my feelings, Reach!!

Box: Summary of last chapter
Summary: The Earth is targetted by mysterious meteorite monsters
Summary: To prevent that, Kobayashi Hiro has to take the "Love tests" the aliens prepared
Summary: But, an unthinkable problem was presented, "Look at the panties of the girl you love"
Summary: In the limits of distress Hiro saw her panties with love's power (kneeling)
Summary: But the meteorite monsters are still coming...
Summary: Don't lose Hero, do your best Hero!
Hiro(kneeling): Show me the panties you're wearing please!!
Hiro: No, spare me please!!
Hiro: Peace is good
Hiro's sd: Nohohon
Hiro(thinks): Now, if I could just see her smiling
Hiro(thinks): Saving Earth would have been worthy

Hiro(thinks): Kobato-chan
Yuzu: Hmm? Kobato, you haven't touched your lunch, what happened?
Kana: E...erm
Kana: I'm on a diet...
Kana: Do you want to eat some? Yuzu-chan
Yuzu: Eh...well if you won't eat then I'll eat some but...
Hiro(thinks): Damn Yuzu, what an enviable thing... (cd: show some restraint)

Yuzu's sd: Gray-chan...
Yuzu: However, It's like uselessly complicated
Yuzu: You can become a bride anytime
Kana: I,I,It's not like that...
Hiro(thinks): Bride?
Hiro(thinks): A bride...
Kana's sd: Dear, you forgot this
Hiro's sd: Whoa, no good, no good
Yuzu: Delicious

Yuzu: What's this thing inside the omelette?
Kana: Aaah, that's caviar
Yuzu: Huuuh? In what world there's caviar in a High-school girl's lunch
Yuzu: I have only eaten that in weddings!!
Kana: But there was some left from yesterday's dinner so I thought it'd be a waste
Hiro(thinks): Hmph... Yuzu, She's different from a commoner like you
Hiro(thinks): Because Kobato-chan is a rich lady!!
Text below Kana's image: (comment) Hiro's image of a rich person
Akai: Heeey, Hero

Hiro: Hey, what's up, I was in the best part right now
Akai: Just come here, participate too
Paper: //the "正" are the votes, don't clean that
2-D's Breast Championship
D85 Satou //my guess, there's a lot of names written like this
H92 Alien
H92 Kobato
C82.5 Gotou //again my guess
A70 Yuzu
Hiro: 2-D's Breast Championship?
Hiro: Hohoh
Hiro's sd: Even the cup
Akai: As one would think, It's a big breast showdown between the alien and Kobato-chan
Hiro: ---Even Yuzu has votes? (cd: She doesn't even have breasts)
Akai: For little breast lovers Yuzu-chan's the choice
Akai: So, Who will you vote for?

Hiro: That's a pointless question
Hiro: Bigger breasts are the "royal road", One vote for Kobato-chan!!
Yuzu: That bunch of idiots...
Hiro's sd: Everyone, do you like breasts?
Everyone's sd: Yeeeeah
Hiro: And, Meteor's breasts in the future will definitely
Hiro: han---
Meteor: What's up with my breasts?

Hiro's sd: No, nothing
Everyone's sd: ooh
Meteor: The instructions for the next problem have come
Meteor: Let's go up

Hiro(thinks): Goodbye, brief peace
Guy: Hey Alien, How do you feel
Meteor: I'm in perfect form
Girl: Meteor-san, how long are you going to be on Earth?
Meteor: I intend to be here some time
Box: Everyone's taking her self-introduction as a joke but...
Meteor: I'm an alien
Box: But, she's really...

Box: an alien
Hiro(thinks): Rather, Up is the space!!
Meteor: Look, That's this time's

Meteor: Zgadkan

Hiro(thinks): Another big one came---!!
Meteor: This one will collide with Earth in one week
Box: Image Figure
Meteor: So, I'll announce the problem at once!
Hiro: W,Wait a sec, I'm not mentally prepared!!
Meteor: What are you saying, Kobayashi Hiro
Meteor: If you pass the Love Tests we've prepared for you
Meteor: We'll destroy the Meteorite Monsters, right?
Hiro: You say Love tests but

Hiro: It'll be something like "Look at the panties of the person you love", right?
Meteor: If you pass the problems, your love with Kobato Kana will deepen, isn't it killing two birds with one stone?
Hiro: I'll be hated even more, idiot!!
Meteor's sd: ?
Hiro: No, You have to understand that!!
Meteor: Second Problem
Meteor: In less than one week make Kobato Kana

Meteor: Say that you handmade lunch is "delicious"

Hiro: ...For real?
Meteor: Yeah
Meteor: In Gourmet Planet, when the courtship season comes, they do this ritual
Meteor: In short, it's love
Hiro(thinks): What kind of planet is that! But, well, It's a lot more decent than the last one
Hiro: All right!!
Hiro: Leave Earth's peace in my hands!!
Meteor: Yeah, that's the attitude, Kobayashi Hiro

Box: Next day's afternoon
Hiro: E
Hiro: Errr, I made a lunch for Kobato-chan
Hiro: Could you eat it please?
Yuzu: Rejected
Yuzu: I mean, Why?
Hiro: That's...As an apology for last time
Hiro(thinks): I'm not asking you Yuzu
Yuzu: To begin with, Kobato-chan is on a diet so it's impossible (cd: Sorry for you)
Kana: Yu,Yuzu-chan, that's a secret
Hiro: F...For now look at the contents...

Hiro: Look, Doesn't it look delicious?
Yuzu: Are you stupid!!
Yuzu: At least bring something edible
Kana: A,Are you alright? Kobayashi-kun
Yuzu: He's ok, He isn't the type that will be defeated by something like this
Meteor: Well done, Saegusa Yuzu!!

Meteor: That is
Meteor: Love's whip
Yuzu: I don't understand, Let's go Kobato
Kana: Eh
Kana: Y,Yeah

Kana: Sorry, Kobayashi-kun
Yuzu: Good grief, What's that idiot thinking...And why is that woman with him
Kana: ...
Kana: But

Kana: He took the trouble to make it
Kana: I did something bad to Kobayashi-kun
Yuzu: Good grief, how much of a good girl are you?
Yuzu: What's wrong with a woman being on a diet?
Yuzu: Or you don't want to lose weight?
Kana: Ugh
Kana: Well I want to lose weight but...

Yuzu: Then leave Hiro to me!!
Kana: Yeah...
Hiro(thinks): I was one step away, that Yuzu... but that's troublesome...to think that my cooking skills were this bad
Hiro(thinks): As things are, even if she eats it she won't say "delicious"
Hiro: Akai
Akai: Yo

Akai: That's the list of Kobato-chan's favorite dishes, make those
Ice Cream
Mackerel cooked with miso
Taiyaki //not sure about this, the shoulder doesn't let me see the last part, i can only read iyaki
Hiro: Oh, As expected from the "Informant Asai"!
Hiro: ...Eh? but why on Earth...
Akai: It's nothing, I will also be troubled if Kobato-chan continues her diet
Hiro: ...
Meteor: In short, it's love
Meteor: For Kobayashi Hiro
Hiro: No, That's not it

Hiro(thinks): All right! For now I have to practice making Kobato-chan's favorite dishes
Hiro: It's done! Try eating it!!
Meteor and Dad: Thanks for the food

Dad(thinks): This Omelette's ingredients, Kimchi, yogurt, orange and this stickiness...
Dad(thinks): Natto!? The combination of all that makes it...
Meteor: It's horrible, try again!!
Hiro: Is my food some vegetable juice!!
Hiro(thinks): That's weird, I put all of Kobato-chan's favorites...
Hiro(thinks): How can I make something delicious
Dad: ...However, It's like you can't fight your own blood, your mom's cooking was also terrible
Hiro: Eh, Mom's was!?

Dad: But only you lunches...
Dad: She said "I'll make them" and didn't listen to me
Kid: Uwah, what's with that lunch, it looks horrible
Hiro: S,shut up
Kid: Teacher, Kobayashi-kun's lunch is weird
Hiro: Now that you say it it had burnt omelettes and my friends made fun of me
Hiro: But

Hiro: Oddly, it was delicious...
Dad: That's a good hint, isn't it?
Dad's sd: Fufu, I said something good
Meteor: In short, It's love
Hiro's sd: In spite of being my old man
Hiro: I understand, I'll try doing it while I look at mom
Meteor and dad's sd: Yeah yeah

Text: Yes, there's 6 days left... I won't give up!!
Box: 5 days left
Box: 3 days
Text next to the arrow: Bloomers
Box: 2 days
Box: And
Box: The last day...

Hiro(thinks): This is bad, the last day has...
Hiro(thinks): For now I think that my lunches have become better
Yuzu: Hey, more than being thinner, aren't you worn out?
Kana: It's not like that
Hiro(thinks): Kuh, as I thought, she's still on a diet
Hiro(thinks): I have to get her to eat it
Hiro(thinks): If not, I'm worried Kobato-chan's body

Hiro: Kobato-chan
Hiro: I made you a lunch, please eat it!!
Girl's sd: Kobayashi's doing it again
Girl's sd: This makes a whole week
Yuzu: You really don't understand
Kana: Yuzu-chan, I...
Yuzu: You be quiet Kobato! To begin with, don't you understand she's troubled by this!?
Hiro(thinks): Kuh, Yuzu's always interfering, but today I won't draw back
Hiro(thinks): If it's turn to this...

Hiro(thinks): I'll have to kneel!!
Yuzu: You're not thinking of kneeling again, are you?
Yuzu: It's embarrasing so don't do it
Yuzu: Do you think that she'll do what you want if you kneel?
Kana: I'm really sorry, Kobayashi-kun
Hiro(thinks): Kuh, I've got no plans left...
Akai: Hey, today's the limit for the poll
Guy's sd: Eh, For real?...

Hiro(thinks): I get it, I get it now
Hiro(thinks): The reason Kobato-chan is on a diet...
Hiro(thinks): But...
Hiro(thinks): I can't think of something to do about that...

Meteor: There's 10 minutes left, Kobayashi Hiro
Hiro(thinks): Meteor
Meteor: Don't give up
Meteor: No matter the adversities or the walls that stand in your way
Meteor: Hero Kobayashi will

Meteor: definitely overcome them!!
Hiro(thinks): That's right, if this continues we'll definitely die...
Hiro(thinks): Don't give up until the end, think, think, think...

Hiro: Kobato-chan, Your breasts have all of our dreams!
Hiro: So be proud of them!!
Hiro: Yuzu acts so majestic even though she has this little breasts!!!

Hiro: Eh
Hiro: Did I miss the place to touch?
Yuzu: Are you an idiot!!

Yuzu: I don't understand this pervert, die 100 times!!
Hiro: No, I thought that Kobato-chan started a diet because she was worried about her breasts...
Yuzu: You idiot, you don't need to touch them!!
Hiro: ...It's ok, I don't even know if there's something there
Yuzu: Hmm? He's still breathing!
Kana: Hey, Yuzu-chan, if you continue Kobayashi-kun will really die
Yuzu: Kobato, are you really on a diet because you're worried about your breasts like this guy said?
Kana: Eh

Yuzu's sd: That's an enviable trouble...

Hiro: That's actually a good thing
Yuzu: You be quiet!!
Hiro's sd: Y,yeah
Yuzu(thinks): Eh, Then why didn't she tell me? I'm her best friend
Yuzu(thinks): Huh
Yuzu(thinks): It can't be that she was taking consideration because I have little breasts...
YUzu's sd: Sigh
Yuzu: Listen, Kobato
Yuzu: Even I have a complex with my breasts
Yuzu: But, Even if they are big or small, they're your breasts so you can't help it
Yuzu: So, accept that

Yuzu: And live sticking out your chest //pridefully
Guy's sd: Oooooooh
Kana: That's right... It's just like you said, I was worrying by such a little thing
Kana: .......Yeah

Kana: I'll also, just like Yuzu-chan,
Kana: Try living sticking out my chest
Hiro: Eh, Then
Kana: Yeah
Kana: If you're ok with it, I'll eat Kobayashi-kun's lunch
Yuzu: Eeh, His lunch is definitely horrible...
Hiro: Fufufu, Yuzu, save your complaints for

Hiro: When you see this lunch!!
Kana's sd: It's Gray-chan
Kana: Waah <3 It looks delicious
Hiro: Hehe, I worked very hard

Hiro(thinks): The Earth is over---
Box: 3 minutes before the Meteorite Monster collides...
Hiro: Kobato-chan

Hiro and Yuzu(think): She ate it!?

Kana: It's delicious, Kobayashi-kun
Guy's sd: oooooooh
Meteor: Well done, Kobayashi Hiro!!
Meteor: By giving their cooking people make their bonds stronger, in short that's---

Meteor: Love!!

Meteor: Test target Kobayashi Hiro has passed the second problem
Meteor: From here I'll switch to execution mode and release until the third seal
Box: Let me explain, when Kobayashi Hiro passes a "Love Test"
Box: Meteor is able to gain the power to destroy the Meteorite Monsters
Meteor: Meteor...

Meteor: Beaaaaaam!!

Hiro: Peace is the best
Hiro(thinks): But, I'm not the one that protected Earth this time

Hiro: It's all thanks to you, Kobato-chan
Akai: Hey, Hero
Akai: The results of the breast contest are out
Hiro: Good grief, Won't you guys stop doing that?
Akai: The results are amazing!!
Hiro's sd: There's no helping it!!
Hiro: Wh!!

2-D's Breast Championship
D85 Satou
H92 Alien
H92 Kobato
C82.5 Gotou
A70 Yuzu
Hiro: First place are Kobato-chan, Meteor and...
Hiro: Yuzu!??
Hiro: Kobato-chan is a given, well I understand Meteor, but Yuzu, that's not possible
Akai: Fufufu, Kobayashi-kun, she has little breasts but her figure when she stuck up her chest was a shot to our hearts
Yuzu: Hmmm, I have to thank you for that
Kana: Maybe I should diet again
Meteor: Why? Breasts are weapons, you should be proud //TN: Literally, weapons XD
Box: End of 2nd chapter

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