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Meteor-san Strike desu! 3

Kiss me right now...maybe!

+ posted by Eru13 as translation on Sep 26, 2011 04:32 | Go to Meteor-san Strike desu!

-> RTS Page for Meteor-san Strike desu! 3

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Meteor-san Strike Desu! 3
//sd: side dialog, cd: corner dialog

Meteor: Wake up
Meteor: Wake up, Kobayashi Hiro
Hiro: Wh,wh,what's this...
Hiro: Space!?
Meteor: That's right, and look at that!

Meteor: The third problem
Meteor: Within the next 7 days
Title: Chapter 3: Kiss me right now...maybe!
Meteor: Kiss your loved one!!

Hiro: A dream...
Meteor: It's not a dream

Meteor: If you don't kiss your loved one within the next 7 days
Meteor: Earth will be destroyed by a meteorite monster!
Box: Let us explain here, Earth is being targeted by mysterious meteorite monsters!
Box: But, if he passes the "Love Tests" Earth will be saved---
Box: That was the promise that the alien, Yamada Meteor did
Hiro: That means
Hiro: I must kiss Kobato-chan in the next week!!
Meteor: Yeah, it's an easy victory
Hiro: It's completely impossible! We're not even dating!!
Meteor: Then hurry up and confess
Hiro's sd: That's impossible

Hiro: Earth is over!!
Dad: ...
Dad: Meteor-chan, what happened to my son, is it again something about the tests to save Earth?
Box: His dad was brainwashed by Meteor
Cup: Macrocosmos
Meteor: It's that this morning a problem that says that "He must kiss his loved one within the next 7 days" was presented
Dad(thinks): Wh
Dad(thinks): What!!
Dad: Mom, did you hear that? Our son will finally kiss someone!
Dad: Oh, I see! You want to see that too! Then I'll make sure to record it in this HD video camera!!
Hiro: ...

Hiro: Don't you dare to come!!
Dad: You don't understand your dad's love
Hiro: What love! I don't have even a fragment of that for you!!
Hiro's sd: Good grief, what's wrong with the old man
Meteor's sd: You're loved, Kobayashi Hiro

Hiro(thinks): In the next week I have to kiss...
Hiro(thinks): Kobato-chan
Hiro(thinks): Shit, how should I do it
Meteor: What happened? As you're doing this Earth's destruction draws near
Hiro: I,I know
Hiro: emm, Do you have a moment?

Hiro: Emm, you see... (cd: *shyness*)
Meteor: Hey! Won't you say it straight!!
Yuzu: ...
Hiro: I,I have a favor to ask you...
Yuzu: I don't want to
Hiro(thinks): Guooo, she won't listen to a word I say
Hiro(thinks): Or rather, As always, I'm not asking you, Yuzu!!
Hiro: I have a favor to ask Kobato-chan...
Kana: Wh,What is it, Kobayashi-kun?
Yuzu: Tch
Yuzu: Tch
Hiro: Emm...Would you...
Hiro: ki
Hiro: Ki

Hiro: Fondle some kimchi with me?
Hiro(thinks): Daaaah, I really can't say it, it's embarrasing!!
Yuzu: What's the meaning of that!!
Hiro(thinks): But, it's my first time!
Hiro(thinks): To begin with, it's weird, to suddenly kiss...
Akai: Heeey, Hiro
Akai: Is it true that you live together with Yamada-san!! (cd: There's a lot of eye-witness)
Class' sd: Eeeeh

Kana: ...Is it true, Yuzu-chan?
Yuzu: I wonder
Hiro(thinks): This is bad, why of all times you say it right now... I have to decieve them
Hiro: Eh, That is...
Meteor: That's right
Hiro(thinks): Eh
Meteor: I'm making some "Love tests" to protect the Earth from meteorite monsters---
Hiro: Wah, Next class is on the pool! Let's go Meteor!!

Hiro: It's summer!
Hiro: It's the pool!!
Hiro: It's white school swimsuits!!!
Hiro(thinks): ---Hmm, white school swimsuits!?
Yuzu: What happened to your swimsuit?
Kana's? sd: They look cute like dumplings
Kana: Ah, Yuzu-chan, my grandpa...
Boy's sd: Oooh
Yuzu: That old man...
Meteor: Hmm, Earthlings have clothes with a lot of exposure

Akai's sd: Hohoh, This isn't that bad
Hiro: Take off your clothes!!
Meteor: Hm? But there's no one nude
Hiro: The upper part!
Akai's sd: *whistles* You're good, couple comedians //any good translation for meoto manzai?
Yuzu's sd: *Anger*
Kana's sd: Ahahaha

Hiro(thinks): Hmm, But how can I kiss Kobato-chan...
Hiro(thinks): Should I strike underwater and perform CPR... Hmm, that's not realistic
Hiro's sd: Stare
Kana: ...
Hiro's sd: Stare
Kana: Emm, Kobayashi-kun, do you have something you want to tell me?
Hiro: Eh!?
Hiro: no, nothing
Hiro(thinks): It's not nothing!
Yuzu: Hey, Hiro!!

Yuzu: You're making a pass at Kobato again!
Kana: Y,You're wrong Yuzu-chan
Yuzu: Kobato, be quiet!
Hiro(thinks): You again!!
Yuzu: You're trying to do something again, right?
Yuzu: Like seeing her panties or touching her breasts
Hiro: I told you it's nothing
Meteor: Why do you lie, Kobayashi Hiro
Hiro: Hey, Meteor
Meteor: You should ask Kobato Kana quickly
Yuzu: Wh
Hiro: Are you stupid, why are you increasing my problems!
Meteor: Fool, A hero is someone who overcomes those problems!
Yuzu's sd: *Anger*

Yuzu: I challenge you, Hiro!!
Yuzu: If you lose you'll stop making wierd passes at Kobato!
Yuzu: But if you win, you can do anything!
Kana: Eh, Eeeeh
Hiro: Re,really
Hiro: Alright, I accept that---
Yuzu: But
Yuzu: It will be a swimming match

Yuzu: Rest assured Kobato, This guy is
Yuzu: a complete beginner at swimming
Hiro's sd: That's unfair
Meteor: We accept that challenge!!
Hiro: Hey Meteor!
Meteor: But, you'll have to wait one week
Meteor: I'll make him not only able to swim, but able to beat you, Saegusa Yuzu
Yuzu: Interesting, then we'll do it in one week
Meteor: Yeah, no objections
Big letters: In one week a Swimming match!!
Hiro's sd: Don't start things on your own...

Meteor: This is special training! Swim as much as you want!!
Hiro: I told you I can't swim!!
Hiro: Moreover, sneaking to the school's pool in the late night... Isn't that a crime?
Meteor: This is to save the Earth, don't worry about little things!
Hiro: Well, that's right but

Hiro(thinks): Sigh, Even only the kiss was impossible, and now swimming...
Hiro(thinks): The Earth is in real danger this time...
Meteor: Hmph, You seem insecure, but, rest assured, I have a secret plan
Hiro: Eh
Meteor: Where did that go?
Box: Let us explain here, Meteor's cleavage is connected to a 4th dimensional space where a lot of tools are stored
Meteor: Meteor Monster Capsule!!
Hiro: Are you some sort of Cat-shaped Robot!! //obvious refference XD
Hiro(thinks): I have a bad feeling

Hiro: Gyaaaaah, As I thought!!
Meteor: A Hero's true power manifests when they are in a desperate situation!!

Box: 2 hours later
Meteor: This is weird, when cornered a Hero would normally overcome that...
Hiro: Are you an idiot! (cd: I'll die!!)
Meteor: Is there some reason?
Meteor: ...You can't breath when you're in the water, right?
Hiro: Well emm... I panic...
Meteor: I see
Meteor: Then it's time for secret plan #2!
Hiro: I beg you, let me do a normal training...

Yuzu: Why did I challenge him?
Yuzu: Was it only for Kobato's sake?
Yuzu: ...No, it's not only that, when that alien is with Hiro
Yuzu: I just... get irritated...
Yuzu: He's being dominated
Yuzu: That idiot Hiro!

Yuzu: Ah, it's irritating! what's with that guy!!
Yuzu: He's a liar, he's a good for nothing, he's not good studying or in sports
Yuzu: Well, he was a bit cool in the old times
Yuzu: But he always did unreasonable things (cd: Like flipping skirts...)
Yuzu: Because of that alien...
Yuzu: He's returning to how he was?

Akai: Well, this day has finally come, Hiro vs Yuzu 200m Freestyle!
Akai: And if Hiro wins this match, Kobato-chan will have to do anything that he asks (cd: That's enviable Ero Hero!)
Akai: But, if he loses he won't be able to do any more perverted things ---I mean, that's obvious Idiot Hiro---!!
Akai: By the way, The live commentaries for today will be done by me, Akai Hironobu and
Kana: His assitant, Kobato Kana
Akai: ---We'll bring them for you together
Hiro: ...
Yuzu: Hiro, I think you understand but

Yuzu: I won't go easy on you
Hiro: Hmm, That's my line
Meteor: Kobayashi Hiro
Hiro(thinks): Meteor...
Meteor: I think you already know but
Meteor: The time left until the Meteorite monster collides with Earth...
Meteor: Is only one hour
Meteor: That means
Hiro(thinks): I know that too
Hiro(thinks): For Earth's sake I definitely have to win this match and with a natural flow---
Akai: Reaaaady

Akai: Start!
Hiro(thinks): Kiss Kobato-chan---!!
Akai: Ooh, She's fast, as expected from Saegusa Yuzu with her oustanding reflexes
Akai: Or maybe it's that her lack of breasts reduces the resistance of water!!
Yuzu(thinks): I'll kill him later!!
Akai: And in the other side Kobayashi Hiro
Akai: wh
Akai: What's that!!

Akai: He's swimming! I mean, they're swimming side by side!!
Akai: Who said that Hiro was a beginner!!
Kana: Yuzu-chan, Kobayashi-kun, Do your best!!
Akai: ...And, does she understand the meaning of this match?
Yuzu(thinks): Eh, no way. He couldn't swim even a bit...
Hiro(thinks): hmph, Looks like you're surprised Yuzu! If you give a man 3 days he can do anything

Hiro(thinks): Compared to Meteor's special training--- (Racing against space sharks or escaping swimming from a black hole) Beating Yuzu is a piece of cake!
Hiro(thinks): And I have "Secret plan #2" too!!
Akai: Hmm
Akai: Look closely, from the start of the race Contestant Kobayashi
Akai: Hasn't breath once
Hiro(thinks): Hmph, that's right

Meteor: Secret plan #2
Hiro: No, spare me please
Meteor: Meteor...
Hiro: No, really, spare me!
Meteor: Adaptation Beam!!
Hiro: Uwah
Meteor: Someone who has recieved this beam can breath underwater for 6 days
Hiro: There's no way that's
Box: 3 minutes later

Hiro's sd: It's real
Akai: Whoa, Hiro's lead is as big as the time he hasn't lost breathing
Akai: And there's 100m left, we've entered the second half of the race!!
Yuzu(thinks): No way, I'll lose to someone like Hiro!?
Yuzu(thinks): I won't accept it, I won't accept it
Yuzu(thinks): Ah, I see...

Yuzu(thinks): I didn't want to accept it...
Yuzu(thinks): Since Hiro stopped playing Hero
Hiro: There's nothing impossible for a Hero
Hiro: Eh, There are some impossible things for humans?
Yuzu(thinks): Started saying that...
Yuzu(thinks): I didn't want that so at every opportunity
Yuzu's sd: Ora ora
Yuzu(thinks): I tried to make him a hero again by making him do special training and pretend, but
Hiro: Hey, Impossible things are impossible
Yuzu: What are you saying, you're pitiable!

Yuzu: In the old days, you even said "There's nothing impossible for a hero"
Yuzu: Because of that you're not popular, you know?
Silhouette's characters: He was here
Yuzu: ...
Yuzu(thinks): I repeated that for a while but, in the end, I couldn't make you a hero again
Hiro's sd: Uwoooooh
Yuzu(thinks): I noticed that that alien made Hiro a hero again... That was vexing so I didn't want to accept it
Hiro(thinks): Fufufu, I've made a big gap between us, If I continue like this I'll win
Hiro: Hm

Hiro(thinks): I can't...
Hiro(thinks): I can't breathe...
Meteor: Someone who has recieved the adaptation beam can breath underwater for 6 days
Hiro(thinks): Aaaaah!! (cd: It's been exactly 6 days)
Akai: Hmm? What happened to contestant Kobayashi?
Hiro: Save me
Akai: Maybe he's drowning!?

Meteor: Fu
Meteor: A Hero's true power manifests when they are in a desperate situation
Meteor(thinks): This is my real secret plan
Meteor(thinks): Overcome this, Kobayashi Hiro!!
Yuzu(thinks): ...Trouble?
Yuzu(thinks): That means we still don't know the outcome...!?
Yuzu(thinks): The I won't
Yuzu(thinks): Accept it yet!!

Hiro(thinks): This is bad, at this rate
Hiro(thinks): I'll lose the match---
Hiro(thinks): The Earth will...
Hiro(thinks): Shit, If I could just breath!
Hiro(thinks): Just breath, breath...hm!?

Hiro(thinks): I might as well stop my breath, that way it'll be the same as before!
Hiro(thinks): No, but, there's 100m left!!
Hiro(thinks): It's impossible for an ordinary man!?
Kana's sd: It's ok if it's Kobayashi-kun
Hiro's sd: *Shine*

Hiro(thinks): But, There's nothing impossible for a hero!!

p39 //no dialog

Akai: Kobayashi Hiro has won!!

Yuzu: You can do it, don't you
Yuzu: I've gotten a bit of a better opinion of you
Yuzu: Hiro!!

Hiro(thinks): Hmm? Why is everyone...
Hiro(thinks): That's right, I won, I have to wake up and ask Kobato-chan to kiss...
Classmate: Isn't this bad?
Classmate: Someone do cpr!
Classmate: *a bunch of scribbles*
Hiro(thinks): Ack, Yuzu is crying
Hiro(thinks): Kobato-chan too...
Hiro(thinks): Kuh, I want to wake up but
Hiro(thinks): My conscious...ness is...
Hiro(thinks): ...already...
Hiro(thinks): ...At this rate the Earth will!!

Meteor: Splendid, Kobayashi Hiro!
Meteor: That Love will protect
Meteor: your life and the Earth!!
Meteor: Whoops
Meteor: In Earth you take off your upper clothes

Box: Let us explain here
Meteor: Test target Kobayashi Hiro has passed the third problem ---(We'll abbreviate the rest)
Meteor: Meteor

Meteor: Crawl!!
Box: The alien Meteor uses the "Love Power" generated from the tests
Box: And her speed while swimming in crawl style is...

Box: Equal to the speed of light!!
Kana: He woke up

Hiro: Kobato-chan
Hiro: ---What happened to Earth!?
Hiro: I mean the kiss... what happened to the kiss!?
Kana: Eh, Kiss... You mean the CPR?
Hiro: CPR
Hiro: W,With Kobato-chan?
Kana: E,Erm It wasn't me

Hiro: Yuzu

Dad: It was me!!
Hiro: Old man...
Dad: Well, It was a close call
Dad: You see, last time I told you I'd go record a kiss scene
Hiro: That's a lie...
Yuzu: Mister, they'll get you someday
Hiro: That's a lie...
Dad: It's not a lie, look at this!

Hospital's sd: It's a lie
Hiro's sd: Shocked
Kana: Ah, That's right
Kana: I have to fulfill my promise since Kobayashi-kun won
Hiro(thinks): Huh, That's right, this was still left!!

Kana: Here, Kimchi
Hiro: Eh, Why Kimchi...
Yuzu's sd: Ah
Kana's sd: Smile
Kana's sd: Fondle
Kana: Eh, Kobayashi-kun said that he wanted to fondle some Kimchi together
Kana: I love Kimchi too
Box: Don't lose Hero, do your best hero, Until the day true peace comes to Earth!
Hiro: Aaaaaaaah!!
Hiro's sd: Fondle
Box: Chapter 3 End

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