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Meteor-san Strike desu! 4

There's a paper thin difference between Heroes and Perverts

+ posted by Eru13 as translation on Oct 10, 2011 01:00 | Go to Meteor-san Strike desu!

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Meteor-san Strike Desu! 4
//sd: side dialog, cd: corner dialog
//there's still the omake left

Box: First Planetary Relief Test Interim Report
Meteor: ...That's the end of my report
Meteor: I think that Kobayashi Hiro is a geniune Hero
Alien: ...

Alien: I see... He's certainly barely passed the tests but
Alien: the higher ups have doubts about if he has a Hero's aptitudes
Meteor: ...
Alien: Is he really a hero
Alien: That can protect the Earth from the evolving meteorite monsters?
Alien: It has been decided that he'll be examinated again

Title: Chapter 4: There's a paper thin difference between Heroes and Perverts

Meteor: What are you doing, Kobayashi Hiro?
Heart: Heart
Hiro: Meteor, It's nothing, leave me alone!!
Hiro(thinks): Kobato might think that I'm a pervert because of your tests
Hiro(thinks): At least I have to use a fun morning chat to recover a favorable impression!
Kana: Hey, what are you doing?
Hiro: Shut up, you cow tit girl!!

Kana: Sorry (cd: uh)
Yuzu: You're the worst
Hiro(thinks): Aaagh!! Kobato-chan!?
Hiro: No, It's not like that, Kobato-chan, erm.... I thought you were Meteor!
Kana: ...
Yuzu: Huh, excuses? That's not manly
Meteor: Hahaha, forgive him, Kobayashi Hiro was waiting for you to come to go to school together
Hiro: Hey, You!!
Hiro(thinks): That makes me look like a stalker, though it's the truth
Hiro's sd: Favorable impression...

Kana: Hmm, then let's go
Hiro(thinks): This girl's an angel
Kana: If you like we can come to school together from now on, I mean, you're Yuzu-chan's neighbor
Hiro: Eh, really!?
Yuzu: Geh, I super dislike that
Meteor: That's a shame
Meteor: There's no helping it, It looks like we'll have to come to school alone together
Hiro(thinks): You're saying things that are easily misunderstood again
Yuzu: Hmm, Isn't that great for you
Kana: Ahaha

Hiro(thinks): What's with that crowd?
Akai: An amazing transfer student came
Hiro: Akai
Akai: Tanaka Omega
Akai: A 10 year old super genius girl that skipped grades up 'til 2nd year of high school
Hiro(thinks): What's that!?

Guy's sd: Omega-chan
Hiro(thinks): And, everyone's getting too excited for a kid (cd: Damn lolicons)
Kana: Cu~~~te!!
Kana: This girl's smaller than me, she's cu~~~te
Guy's sd: Yay yay
Yuzu: Hey hey
Hiro: ...
Meteor: Kobayashi Hiro, I have something to tell you, come to the rooftop
Hiro(thinks): Geh, a test!?

Arrow: In despair
Hiro: Hey, stop putting on airs and say it quick! A monster will come, right!!
Meteor: Rest assured, this time there's no meteorite monster
Meteor: But, In a sense, it's something more troublesome
Hiro: Eh?
SFX: *clank*

Hiro: The transfer student from before!?
Meteor: I'll introduce her, she's a member of the Administration Bureau of the Space Union dispatched by the higher ups...
Omega: ...
Meteor: An Android
Hiro(thinks): What!! (cd: That's why she had that name)
Kana's sd: Hmm, Omega-chan
Yuzu's sd: She's not here

Meteor: It seems the higher ups have doubts about your aptitudes as a hero
Meteor: So they want to do another hero examination using her
Hiro's sd: Hmmm
Hiro(thinks): It's too sudden and I don't understand but if they tell me that certainly...
Hiro(thinks): ...but, that means
Hiro(thinks): The problems are always like that so...
Meteor: Now, the way of examination

Meteor: In 8 hours she'll self-destruct
Meteor: swallowing up the school
Meteor: You have to press the switch and stop that
Hiro: Hey, why do you have to swallow up the school in an explosion!!
Meteor: Because you can only call yourself a hero after you have something to protect
Hiro: ...That's unreasonable

Meteor: Don't misunderstand Kobayashi Hiro
Meteor: We're not your allies
Meteor: We're only judging if earthlings are harmful for the universe
Meteor: And that switch is---

Meteor: Her nipples
Hiro: Are you an idiot--- how's that a hero examination!! (cd: It's your usual erotic problem)
Meteor: That's right! you can't only push them
Hiro: Eh?

Meteor: Push them like a hero!!
Hiro(thinks): No, I really don't understand the meaning of that!!
Hiro: ...But, I have to do it, if not everyone's lives are...
Hiro(thinks): Rather, why am I getting excited? she's only 10 years old
Hiro: Here?
Omega: ...No
Hiro: It's here right?
Hiro(thinks): Yeah, I have no choice but to do it to protect everyone...
Omega: Ah <3

Omega: ...be more gentle
Hiro: It's not like that Kobato-chan! I'm not a lolic---
Hiro: Rather, she's not here
Meteor: ...
Silhouette: She was here
Box: Time left until the explosion 07:55:49
Hiro(thinks): But, this should be a piece of cake compared to the usual problems
Hiro(thinks): Even if she's an android, she's an elementary school girl
Hiro(thinks): If we're alone I can forcibly...
Hiro(thinks): She's there!!

Kana's sd: That's the library
Guys' sd: Omega-chan
Hiro(thinks): What's with that popularity? Is it because she's a genius grade skipper beautiful transfer student!? Isn't she a petty idol...
Hiro(thinks): If I push her nipples in front of this much people (specially in front of Kobato-chan) I'll be marked not only as a pervert but as a Lolicon too!
Hiro(thinks): What should I do!!
Box: Corner

Hiro: Owowow...sorry
SFX: *click*
Hiro(thinks): That's it!! Simple things are the road to "Victory"
Hiro(thinks): Hey, for a while I've been only deluding...
Box: Time left until the explosion 07:40:32
Hiro(thinks): She,she's come...
Hiro(thinks): 3,2,1

Hiro: Owowow...sorry
Hiro: No, Yuzu-san, calm down and listen please, this is an accident! an accident!!
Yuzu: Hmmmmmmm
Yuzu: Then what's up with those fingers? You had all the intention to poke me!!
Hiro: It's not like I poked you because I wanted to!
Yuzu: Ah?
Hiro: It hurts, I told you it hurts
Hiro: It's, it's a lie! I poked you because a wanted to!!
Yuzu: Huh? You're the worst!!
Hiro: What do you want me to do---

School's sd: *Din don dan don* //school's chime
???: Cute!!
Box: Time left until the explosion 04:50:00
Kana: Hehe, I made it in the Home ec. class
Guys' sd: Cute--
Yuzu: Kobato, you really like this things
Hiro(thinks): Now I'll have to aim for a moment when she's alone...
Hiro(thinks): I mean...

Hiro: How much are you going to increase in numbers!!
students' sd: Cute--
Akai: According to the rumors
Akai: It seems there's even an Omega-chan fan club
Hiro: Damn lolicons
Kana: What!?
Kana: Omega-chan disappeared again
Yuzu: That's weird
Silhouette: She was here
Akai: Hey Hiro!
Hiro(thinks): It's my chance!!

Hiro: Found you
Hiro: I was worried when you suddenly disappeared

Omega: I don't like noisy places
Hiro(thinks): Alright, we're alone here
Hiro(thinks): But... even if she's a robot, to push a girl's nipples... No, this is to protect everyone's lives
Hiro: Prepare yourself!!

Hiro(thinks): I'll get killed!!

Omega: ...That was just a warning
Hiro: Eeeeeeek!!!
Omega: ...
Hiro(thinks): ---Or so I'll pretend

Hiro(thinks): She doesn't lower her guard...
Omega: ...Even if you push them right now
Omega: Your hero power hasn't reached the standard value of 10000
Omega: So the explosion won't stop
Hiro: Now that you say it Meteor said something like that
Meteor: Push her nipples like a Hero!!
Hiro: I mean, at this rate you'll die too, are you ok with that!?

Omega: ...I'm an android
Omega: To die for my mission's sake is something natural
Hiro: What's up with that...
Yuzu?: Hiro!!

Guy's sd: What's this hole...
Yuzu: Wh,wh,wh,wh...What are you doing!?

Yuzu: Wait Hiro!!
Hiro(thinks): Why did it become like this!! (cd: I'm doing it for your sake---)
Kendo guy: Fan Club Rule #13: Whoever brings harm to Omega-chan---
Box: People from the Omega Fan Club
Boxing guy: Should atone for that sin with their death!!
Hiro(thinks): Uheee!? What's up with this guys...
Hiro: For now it's my win if I escape
Hiro: Uwah!!

Kana: Kobayashi-kun
Box: Time left until the explosion 04:30:21
Yuzu: Ah, Kobato, Did you see Hiro?
Kana: Eh
Yuzu: That guy tried to assault Omega-chan
Yuzu: If I find him he'll pay for this
Kana: He went over there
Kana: ...
Yuzu: Uwooooo!!

Hiro: Thanks Kobato-chan, but...why?
Kana: People have a lot of circumstances
Kana: I believe that Kobayashi-kun isn't that kind of person
Hiro(thinks): Kobato-chan!!
Hiro(thinks): For this girl's sake I'll definitely press Omega's switch!!

Yuzu: Where did you go, Hiro----!!
Akai: That guy Hiro, he made this very amusing
Hiro: It's not amusing
Akai's sd: You were here...
Hiro: Leaving that aside, I have something to ask you, the informant and Jack of all trades
Akai: Hmm hmm... Huh? What'll you do with that
Box: Time left until the explosion 00:20:00
Lower right panel sds:
sd1: bye bye
sd2: See you
Last panel sd: What's that?

Kana: Yuzu-chan, isn't this a bit to much
Guys' sd: Kill Kobayashi
Guys' sd: Heaven's punishment
Yuzu: This much is ok, you never know what he'll do
Hiro: Hahahahaha That's right!!
Guys' sd: Be on alert
Yuzu: Th,this voice is!?

Hiro: The Hero Appears!!
Yuzu: He's a real idiot...
Kana's sd: He's cool
Omega: ...

Omega's sensor: Hero Power Error Error Error...
Hiro: Sealing the android's powers with the surrounding people, this is a perfect hero-like plan! (cd: My identity won't be revealed)
Hiro: However
Hiro(thinks): It's scary~~ but I don't have time...
Meteor: Hey, won't you jump fast
Hiro: Eh?
Hiro's sd: Eh, you're lying

Hiro: Uwawawawah!!!
Omega's sd: Error Error
Hiro: Hero Breast Poke!!

Hiro(thinks): I did it!!
Hiro: Uwawawah!!
Box: Good and bad kids shouldn't do this

Hiro: Owowow, That guy Akai... This is a defective product
Yuzu: I'm so shocked about you that I can't say anything...
Kana's sd: Eh, Omega-chan again...
Hiro's sd: Spare me please

Omega: ...
Meteor: Is the reason why Kobayashi Hiro's Hero Power showed an error so mysterious?
Meteor: He certainly wanted to protect everyone from the explosion like a Hero would do
Meteor: But, that moment he...

Meteor: Also wanted to save you
Hiro: She said that
Hiro: "Dying is also my mission so it's natural"
Hiro: That somehow...
Hiro: pisses me off...
Omega: ...
Meteor: He might have not noticed himself
Meteor: What do you think...

Meteor: About that Kobayashi Hiro?
Hiro(thinks): I'll die!!

Yuzu's sd: Never do it again
Arrow: Pants
Hiro: What did I...
Hiro: ...I pushed her nipples but...

Omega: Kobayashi Hiro
Omega: I'll approve you as a hero
Hiro: ---That means you won't explode!?
Yuzu: Hiro!!

Yuzu: You, Again with Omega-chan!!
Hiro's sd: Eeeek
Hiro: Hey, I'm a Hero!!
Yuzu: What are you saying you pervert!!
Box: Kobayashi Hiro was accepted as a hero (pervert?), however, next time the evolved meteorite monsters will come
Box: Don't lose Hero, do your best hero, Until the day true peace comes to Earth!!
Box: To be continued in volume 2

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