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Meteor-san Strike desu! 5

I think of "you" therefore I exist!

+ posted by Eru13 as translation on Dec 11, 2011 02:33 | Go to Meteor-san Strike desu!

-> RTS Page for Meteor-san Strike desu! 5

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Meteor-san Strike Desu! 5
//this includes the index and the character summaries
//sd: side dialog, cd: corner dialog

Chapter 5: I think of "you" therefore I exist! 005
Chapter 6: A maiden's secret 051
Chapter 7: Those who protect the peace 096
Chapter 8: If you read "Hero" in french it's "Ero"!! 145

Character Summaries
Title: Character Introduction //this is the bubble above Hiro's face
Kobayashi Hiro (2nd Year of High school)
He spent his days scorned as the "UFO" boy because of a "lie" he told 10 years ago. While he is in love with Kobato Kana he was selected as the "Hero that will protect the Earth", he's a 16 year-old with a lot of troubles.
Yamada Meteor (2nd Year of High school)
Age Unknown. She's an Adilian member of the Administration Bureau of the Space Union. With her super power she can destroy giant meteorite monsters with a single blow but she's really unfamiliar with common sense.
Saegusa Yuzu (2nd Year of High school)
Hiro's neighbor and childhood friend. She has great reflexes and she sometimes gets really violent but, she also has a "maiden" side? She's Kobato's best friend and the girl with the tiniest breasts in class.
Kobato Kana (2nd Year of High school)
Yuzu's best friend and some sort of class idol. She's calm and gentle but she's also a natural airhead. Her breasts being too big is the source of her worries. She has the biggest breasts in class.
Tanaka Omega (2nd Year of High school)
A 10 year old super genius girl that skipped grades until 2nd year of high school. She's a highly efficient android and a member of the Administration Bureau of the Space Union. She likes Kobato who gave her a ribbon.

Title: Chapter 5: I think of "you" therefore I exist!

Kana?: E---h!!
Kana: Omega-chan, you haven't gone to a festival?
Kana: Then, let's go to the Fireworks Festival this weekend!!
Omega: ...
Yuzu: Kobato, sometimes you are pushy...
An android member of the Administration Bureau of the Space Union who appeared last chapter
Kana's sd: I love festivals
Hiro: Kuh!

Hiro(thinks): Damn! She's still staying here? Moreover, a festival with Kobato-chan... I won't forgive her!!
Hiro's sd: I also want to go...
Akai: Hey Hiro!
Akai: It's time for the D meeting
Hiro: O, Ok
Box: The D meeting is---
Door: Smooth
Akai: Flat
Box: A no-women-allowed where not popular guys participate
Box: Sacred and important meeting

Akai: So Gentlemen, in the last meeting we decided that masturbation's secret word will be...
Akai: "Skyrocket", however
Voice: President!!
Box: President: Akai Hironobu
T: I think that to "grabby grabby your penis" is tough to cast aside //he says "Ochinchin monyu monyu" i guess the monyu monyu is some sort of onomatopeia for grab or something
Boy: Rejected, comrade T, that's too direct
Boy?: Kuh...
Hiro(thinks): Aah, this is a stupid meeting as always...
Akai: Today's topic is the material used when "Skyrocketting"!!
Akai: By the way, I use Videos of Housewives
Hiro(thinks): We didn't asked that!!

p5 //this was translated according to the raw i have, but i think that p5-6 go after p7-8, if the raw you use for typesetting is the same as mine then correct this please
Hiro: That's my pride and my belief!!
Hiro's sd: Huh
Hiro(thinks): Damn, I got too hot-headed...
Everyone's sd: *Applause*

Meteor: I see...
Meteor: That's your belief!

Kinoko: 2D is the best, 3D sucks!! (cd: But figures are acceptable)
Hiro(thinks): Kinoko, you're as otaku as ever...
Saitou: It's been a while since I did it alone
Hiro(thinks): Why the hell are you here Saitou!!
Akai: ---So, comrade Hiro, what about you?
Hiro: ...
Akai: Well, I know it's difficult to say but in your case it's "Kobato-chan", right?
Akai: Be honest, I'll lend you a treasure book of Kobato-chan look-alikes
Bubble: Patience

Hiro: You big idiot!!
Akai: ?? What are you doing, comrade!?
Hiro: Shut up! Who's your comrade!!
Hiro: I wouldn't use the girl I like as material... //for masturbation

Hiro: Whaaaaaaaat!!
Hiro: That's completely impossible!!
Hiro: That's a joke, right!? Meteor
Meteor: I hate jokes
Meteor: I'll say it again---

Meteor: The 4th problem
Meteor: In the next 7 days masturbate thinking about the girl you like!!
Big letters: Let us explain here, the Earth is being targetted by mysterious meteorite monsters!
Big letters: However, the alien, Yamada Meteor, promised that if he clears the "Love Tests" she'll destroy the meteorite monsters

Hiro: Masturbate! Do you even know what that means!? (cd: I mean where's the love in that)
Meteor: I don't really know
Hiro: You don't know!!?
Meteor: But
Meteor: I've heard that in planet masturbate, masturbating is a really sacred act
Hiro: This is the Earth!! (Rather, what's with that planet)
Meteor: For this reason, the thing that's needed to accept the culture of different planets is---
Meteor: LOVE!!
Hiro: ...
Box: He realized that anything he says is useless...

Hiro(thinks): My "weird fixation" or the Earth's destiny...
Hiro(thinks): I know that you can't even compare them... but
Hiro(thinks): ..........
Hiro(thinks): ...but

Hiro: Why are you still there---!!
Meteor: An examiner must observe the examinee
Meteor: I'll watch over you so don't mind me and try!
Hiro: How can I try, you idiot!!
Meteor: Why!? I don't understand the reason
Hiro: I beg you, leave me alone!!
Meteor: ...

Meteor: Well, it's true that I know if Kobayashi Hiro has cleared the test by the Love Waves, but...
Hiro: Love Waves?
Meteor: It's a power that springs forth when you clear a test, that is transmitted to me
Heart: Love
Mini Meteor: Meteor Kiiiiick!!
Meteor: And releases the power sealed within me so that I can use my moves
Meteor: As I thought, as an examiner I have the duty of supervising...
Hiro: Hey Meteor, your major premise is wrong
Meteor: What!?

Hiro: It's a sacred act
Hiro: Because you do it alone!!
Hiro(thinks): Here I go, "Paradise"!!

Hiro(thinks): A festival date with Kobato-chan, it's like a dream! (cd: Hurray for fantasies)
Kana's sd: Give me 2 please
Shopkeeper's sd: Here you go
Kana: Here, Kobayashi-kun (music note)
Kana: Kyah!

Kana's sd: Ow ow...
Hiro(thinks): What's this!!
Kana: I dropped them so...

Kana: May I eat Kobayashi-kun's chocobanana?
Hiro: You can't! Kobato-chan!!
Hiro: You're not that kind of girl!!
Door: Hey Hiro!

Dad: What are you doing? You're being noisy (cd: The neighbors are complaining)
Hiro: You know if you look, right? I'm studying! Studying!!
Dad: ...
Hiro's sd: Ah, busy studying
Dad: ...Hiro
Dad: Your book is upside down
Hiro: Gyaaaaaaaaasu!! //some sort of roar
Asterisk: Yuzu is his neighbor
Yuzu: Shut up!!

Big letters: And, in the blink of an eye, 6 days passed...
Hiro(thinks): sigh, no matter how many times I try to solve this problem it's impossible
Hiro(thinks): Moreover, out of the anguish I'm also sleep deprived...
Hiro(thinks): At any rate, if I don't do it today the Earth will...

Kana: What happened, Kobayashi-kun?
Kana: You're sighing
Hiro: Ko, Kobato-chan!?
Kana: ---Wow, those are some bags, are you ok!?
Hiro(thinks): I've fantasized so much that I can't meet her eye...
Hiro: I, I'm ok
Kana: I see... then it's ok
Kana: By the way, are you free this night?
Hiro: Eh!?

Kana: Do you want to go to the festival together?
Hiro(thinks): E-------h!!
Yuzu: Eeeeh, Kobato, don't invite that guy
Omega: ...
Kana: That again Yuzu-chan
Hiro(thinks): This situation... how much have I fantasized about it!!
Hiro(thinks): ...but...

Hiro: Sorry Kobato-chan, I have some important business today...
Hiro(thinks): I'm so stupid!!
Yuzu: Even though it's probably not something important
Omega: ...
Hiro: You idiot! Humanity's fate depends on it!!
Yuzu: Eeeh, if it's that much tell us what it is
Hiro: It's masturbating!!
Hiro(thinks): I can't say that (cd: Damn...)
Yuzu's sd: See, you can't say it

Kana: I see, that's a shame, but, don't overexert yourself
Kana: You seem sleep deprived so I'm worried...
Hiro(thinks): Wh, what a good girl... //this is the text between panels
Hiro(thinks): Well, maybe it's not that a big thing just as Yuzu said
Hiro(thinks): But, even if it's to protect the Earth
Hiro(thinks): Is it ok to defile Kobato-chan for my own desires!?
Hiro(thinks): No... I know that I have to do it but
Hiro(thinks): ...For me, Kobato-chan is...

Box: One year ago, Spring
Girl: See, that guy is~~~
Girl: Ah, the one who said that big lie about getting kidnapped by a UFO
Girl?: Then we can't trust him
Boy's? sd: Hey, he can listen to you
Box: Let us explain here, since Kobayashi Hiro lied about being abducted by a UFO
Box: He became famous in this town
Hiro(thinks): Kuh, I can't answer back to them since it's all true
Yuzu: Heeey Hiro

Hiro: Yuzu
Yuzu: Perfect timing, I'll introduce you, she's my friend, Kobato Kana
Yuzu: This is Kobayashi Hiro
Kana: I've heard about you... Nice to meet you, Kobayashi-kun
Hiro: N,Nice to meet you
Kana: Emm, It's a bit sudden but, Kobayashi-kun

Kana: Is it true that you were abducted by a UFO?
Hiro's 2nd panel sd: *Sigh*
Hiro: It's a lie
Hiro: Well, even if it was true nobody would believe me
Kana: I would

Kana: I mean, Kobayashi-kun's eyes aren't the eyes of a liar
Kana: Even if it was a lie I think there must have been some circumstances behind it
Yuzu: See, she's a great girl, right? I introduced her to you so be grateful
Kana: Th,That's not true
Kana: I mean...
Kana: I'm the same

Akai: Heeey
Akai: Yo
Hiro: What're you doing Akai!!
Akai: Look, the treasure book I mentioned with Kobato-chan's look-alike
Title: Shouko //that's the second word, can't read the first one
Sub-title: "Shouko from the mysterious beach"
Akai: You looked really worried recently
Akai: You said that last time in front of the others but you really want to see right?

Hiro(thinks): Ugh, You serious? She really looks like her, Eh!? That look... Uwaah waaah
Hiro(thinks): If I had this I could fantasize easily...
Voice: Be true to yourself Hero
Hiro: Uwaaaah
Hiro: Jeez... He's a stubborn Hero

Hiro(thinks): 4 hours before the time limit...
Meteor: This is an emergency Kobayashi Hiro!!
Hiro(thinks): Meteor!?

Meteor: I'm sorry but the evolved meteorite monster's speed is faster than expected
Meteor: Therefore, there's only 20 minutes left for the test!
Meteor: I wish you the best of lucks
Hiro: Wha, Wait a sec, hey!!
Hiro(thinks): 20 minutes left...

Hiro: Damn it all! Even if it's for the Earth
Hiro: I can't do something that concieted...

Hiro: Kobato-chan
Big letters: //this is also the same text shown on the cellphone's screen, I'll try to make the smilies look as close to the japanese ones as possible
Title: It's almost time to launch
^_^ Good evening, this is Kobato //original smiley (*^_^)/ sort of
It's a shame that we couldn't come together today T_T. //original smiley (/T_T)/ sort of
Let's come together next time ;) //original smiley (*-_^)v
Big letters: Let's come together... Let's come together... Let's cum together...
Hiro(thinks): Can we cum together!?

Kana: Ta~~~ma~~~ya~~~ (music note) //this is something really japanese, it's the name of a famous firework manufacturer from the Edo period, they shout the name in fireworks festivals, more info: http://www.tjf.or.jp/deai/contents/teacher/mini_en/html/hanabi.html

Hiro: What did I do...
Hiro: Idiot, idiot, idiot, I'm an idiot! "Let's come together", no matter how you think about it she was talking about the festival!!
Hiro: But, with this, the Earth is...

Meteor: It's not over yet Kobayashi Hiro!!
Hiro: What's up with that! Wh,wh,wh,what do you mean?
Meteor: It seems that the evolved meteorite monsters aren't destroyed by a single Meteor Beam
Meteor: To shoot more I need to recieve more Love Waves from you
Hiro: Shit, Who---!!

Meteor: This is a really powerful Love Wave... with this

Meteor: 16 rapid...
Meteor: Meteor Beams!!

p40-41 //no dialog

Meteor: The destruction of the meteorite monster has been confirmed
Hiro's sd: I'm burn out, my mind's blank...
Hiro: Am I really ok with this?
Meteor: What are you saying Kobayashi Hiro
Meteor: You even sacrificed your beliefs to protect your important things
Meteor: Don't forget, that is...

Meteor: LOVE
Hiro: Are you an idiot!!
Hiro: Well... I could protect the Earth...

Flying SFX: Ding Dong Ding Dong
Hiro: Wha, visitors!?
Hiro: W,Wait a sec!!
Flying SFX: Ding dong ding dong //the text below his knees
Kana: Good evening
Hiro: Wh,wh,why are you here!?
Yuzu: Kobato said "At least some souvenirs", be grateful (cd: Rather, you're too flustered)
Kana: I hope you like it...

Kana: Here, A chocobanana (music note)
Kana: I love them
Hiro: Hauuuu
Omega: ...Kobayashi Hiro is sexually aroused
Box: Like this, Earth's peace was protected, however the meteorite monsters are still coming
Box: Don't lose Hero, do your best hero, Until the day true peace comes to Earth!!
Round box: End of Chapter 5

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