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Meteor-san Strike desu! 6

A Maiden's Secret

+ posted by Eru13 as translation on Dec 19, 2011 21:40 | Go to Meteor-san Strike desu!

-> RTS Page for Meteor-san Strike desu! 6

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Meteor-san Strike Desu! 6
//sd: side dialog, cd: corner dialog
//every word/phrase in bold is something that must be somehow emphasized (like with bold and bigger text)

Akai: Now, gentlemen, here's the thing you've been waiting for
Akai: Today's lucky find is this girl that looks like Yuzu-chan!!
Magazine: Booby bunny (litle text on the corner: Yukimura)
Guy's sd: As expected from the ero-master
Hiro: ...
Yuzu: Hmmmmm
Yuzu: She's that similar
Yuzu: Why don't you show it to me too?
Akai: No no, It's not something as important as to have Yuzu-chan see it!
Hiro: What are you saying, Akai!!

Hiro: This isn't Yuzu at all!
Yuzu: Eh?
Akai's sd: You, the contents...
Yuzu(thinks): ...Hiro
Hiro: There's no way this girl with Big breasts is Yuzu!
Hiro: You write it as little breasts and read it as Yuzu!!
Yuzu: I'm an idiot for expecting something from you...
Guy's sd: He died...?

Title: Chapter 6: A maiden's secret

Hiro: Jeez, that Yuzu, she could have hold back a bit
Meteor: As expected from Saegusa Yuzu
Meteor: I feel a deep Love from those wounds
Hiro: Meteor
Hiro: ...Again with your nonsense...
Meteor: Then, I'll announce the problem
Hiro: !?

Hiro: E----h, That isn't the kind of flow, right?! It's too sudden!! Are you really giving me a problem!?
Meteor: Yea (cd: What's that flow you mentioned?)
Hiro: I don't want to, It's been just 3 days since the last one!
Meteor: Calm down, Kobayashi Hiro, Self-control is important for Heroes
Hiro: How can I calm down, even if it's to save Earth
Hiro: Why do I have to do perverted things everytime!!
Meteor: Those aren't perverted things
Meteor: They're Love tests
Hiro: ...

Box: Let us explain here, to protect the Earth from the meteorite monsters
Box: Kobayashi Hiro must clear the "Love Tests" that the alien, Meteor, gives him----however
Box: Those problems were all Sexual harassment-like things like flipping skirts or kissing
Hiro: Uuh, Kobato-chan will hate me, what should I do...
Meteor: If she hates you it's because you lack Love
Meteor: But, rest assured
Hiro: Eh?
Meteor: It's not exactly an Easy Problem but this problem is different to the others //lit. translation was "service problem" but i think easy sounds better in english
Meteor: In short

Meteor: It's a multiple choice problem!
Cards: //from right to left
Have Kobato Kana tell you "You're the worst"
In the next 3 days, have a date with 100 women
Confess to the girl you love
Expose your inclination
Meteor: You can clear any problem out of these ones!!
Hiro(thinks): Certainly, like this, if I choose a problem that doesn't make Kobato-chan hate me...
Hiro: Hey, have Kobato-kana tell you "You're the worst"? That's no joke!!
Cards: //I'll put what's visible of them from right to left
na tell you "You're the worst"
In the next 3 days, have a date with 100 women
Hiro: In the next 3 days, have a date with 100 women? Impossible!!

Hiro: Read Saegusa Yuzu's poem aloud for everyone?
Read Saegusa Yuzu's poem aloud for everyone
All stude Confess to the girl you love
Expose your inclinat
Hiro: Pu
Hiro: Puhyahyahya!! //a big laughter
Hiro: No way, there's no way that exists!
Hiro: If it exists I want to see it!!
Meteor: Hmm, then you'll solve that one
Hiro: Eh?
Big letters: --The next day--

Hiro: Hey, What are you doing all of a sudden!?
Yuzu: You've been following me all day and that's creepy
Hiro: Kuh
Hiro(thinks): I ended up choosing the poem's problem since there wasn't any other decent one but
Hiro(thinks): If I think calmly, there's no way this violent girl wrote a poem...
Hiro(thinks): Did I choose wrong!?
Yuzu: Why are you sighing
Hiro: I only despaired because you don't have even a fragment of feminity
Yuzu: Hmmm
Yuzu: You've got some guts
Meteor's sd: Splendid, that's love's whip
Omega's sd: ...A farce
Hiro: Kya~~~~~h!!

Girl's sd: Bye bye
Hiro(thinks): After all, I just got hurt and didn't even find out if she's writing a poem (cd: Tohoho...)
Kana: Kobayashi-kun
Kana: Do you want to go home together?
Hiro's sd: Eh
Hiro(thinks): E---h!?

Hiro(thinks): Hey, going home alone together... Isn't this something that could be called a dadadada date...
Hiro(thinks): F,For now let's talk about something fun... Emmmm Emmmm...emmm...
Kana: Kobayashi-kun
Hiro: Yesh!?
Kana: Is your body alright?
Hiro: Eh?

Hiro: This ain't nothing!
Hiro: See, just like this!!
Kana: Wow, Amazing
Hiro: Yuzu is always violent with me so I kinda have some resistance to it...
Box: Reliving those traumatic days
Hiro: Well, it's sure that she's not a girl (cd: She's an alien monster...)
Kana: ...But
Kana: Even if Yuzu-chan is usually like that

Kana: She's actually the cutest girl in the world
Hiro(thinks): No no no Kobato-chan, You're several million times cuter
Kana: I think that she's just too close that you've not noticed
Hiro: ...Is that so
Hiro(thinks): ...hm?
Hiro(thinks): But, If I believe those words there's a possibilty that Yuzu wrote a poem...

//no dialog

Hiro(thinks): Infiltration Success!!
Big letters: This is Hiro
Hiro(thinks): Bribing Anzu was worth it (cd: Though, it was a bit expensive...) //Anzu is Yuzu's little sister
Anzu: E---h, The key for Onee-chan's room?
Anzu: Hmm then, a parfait from Milky Way and an Anmitsu from Galaxy Retreat and...
Hiro(thinks): Well then, let's believe Kobato-chan's words and search
Hiro(thinks): Hey, how many years has it been since I last was in Yuzu's room... I'm a bit nervous...

Poster: Macho Tiger
Hiro(thinks): I take that back... I'm nervous for another reason
Hiro(thinks): I have to find it before she gets out of the bath or there's no guarantee for my life...
Hiro: Ooh!!
Hiro(thinks): Rather, this isn't it
Hiro(thinks): Hm?
Hiro(thinks): Locked drawer detected!
Arrow: Hair pin

Hiro(thinks): Is this it!?
Hiro(thinks): Let's see
Hiro(thinks): This contents---
Hiro(thinks): No good, she's out of the bath?
Hiro(thinks): I,I have to hide it!

Yuzu: A---h, a bath's really the best after training your muscles
Yuzu: Now, I'll change (cd: What should I wear today)

Hiro: ...
Hiro's sd: Grunt
Hiro: So you'll change?
Hiro: Then

Hiro: Put this on today princess!
Hiro: I warmed them up in my breast pocket!!
Hiro: Then I'll--- //he says I in a samurai/ninja-ish way
Arrow: Wooden sword
Yuzu: ...Wait
Yuzu: You pervert!! Rather, Why Toyotomi Hideyoshi? I don't get it--- //Toyotomi was a general from the sengoku era
Hiro: Da---h, As I thought, I needed to wear Zori!? //Zori=japanese sandals
Yuzu: That's not it!!
Hiro: Ah, It's summer right now, if it's not winter there's no need to warm them up
Yuzu: That's not the...

Yuzu: Problem!!
Yuzu: Idiot! Die 100 times!!
Hiro: G,Got the Poem~~~

SFX: Din don dan don
Radio: Hello everyone, this is the afternoon broadcast
Radio: To begin, today's first song
Yuzu: So, yesterday was the worst because of that big pervert
Kana: That's tough... But, maybe there was some reason...
Yuzu: No no, there's no way there is, You're naive Kobato!
Yuzu: A---h, I'll hit him a lot of times
Kana: Hahaha...

Radio: Our next request is... hey uwah!
Radio: What are you doing!?
Radio: Aaaaah, test test, the afternoon broadcast program will change right now
Radio: I want to recite you a poem
Yuzu: Hiro's voice...
Yuzu: ...What's he doing...
Hiro: Then, listen please

Radio: "A maiden's secret"
Yuzu(thinks): Wait a sec, that's my---!?

Radio: What does a kiss taste like?
Girl's sd: What's with this poem...
Radio: Lemon? Honey?
Yuzu's (little) sd: Kill me now
Yuzu's (big) sd: Uwoooooh
Radio: No, it probably tastes like the first love
Radio: But for me it will probably stay as a mystery forever, I mean, he is really thickheaded
Kana's sd: Yuzu-chan
Radio: And...
Yuzu: ...
Yuzu: I'll beat him to death!!!
Kana's sd: Kyah
Radio: That's why my short-tempered self shows
Kana: Wait Yuzu-chan
Radio: I really hate this me

Hiro: Hey, realize it, a maiden's secret
Hiro(thinks): What a good poem, to think that she had this girly side
Hiro's sd: Kuh, I can't see the screen because of the tears...
Hiro(thinks): Even if it wasn't a problem I would like everyone to listen to it...
Akai's sd: Why's that idiot crying?
Bald's sd: Dunno, maybe cause he's an idiot?
Heart: Heart
Radio: If you do I'll become really feminine

Radio: Hey, realize it, a maiden's secret
Yuzu: Where's Hiro?
Radio: I'll send you a honey-colored smile
Radio: When that happens will your heart skip a beat?
Hiro's sd: Uwoh, (circle)man smile!? //I guess this is a reference to something that looks similar to yuzu's smile, I didn't get it, if anyone does please tell me

Radio: Hiro----, I'll beat you to death!!
Radio: A pink flower blooms... Guhah, I'm still in the middle so don't bother--- gafu
Radio: You're reading my poem! Rather, you dared to reveal that I write poems!!
Radio: No, I didn't say who wrote it
Radio: If you didn't come they wouldn't have known...
Radio: Ah!
Clasmates' sd: Ahahahaha
Radio: Sh,Shut up!!
Omega: ...A farce
Yuzu: Cellphone photos... Your brain only works for pranks as always
Hiro: Stop
Hiro: The Earth's fate depends on...

Meteor: That's right
Meteor: If you don't clear the problem in the next 10 minutes
Meteor: The Earth will be destroyed!!
Hiro(thinks): Wha
Hiro(thinks): 10 minutes left!

Hiro: Listen Yuzu! I was really moved by this poem!!
Radio: Your feelings of "love" really got to me
Radio: So, let me read it to the end!
Yuzu: ...Eh
Yuzu: What does that...

Hiro: If I broadcast it they will surely reach to the guy you love!!
Yuzu: ...Idiot
Hiro: Eh?

Yuzu: Idiot!!
Hiro(thinks): You idiot, I'm the one who wants to cry, at this rate, the Earth will!
Hiro(thinks): No, don't give up yet, maybe there's still a way
Kana: You're awful Kobayashi-kun
Hiro: Eh?
Hiro(thinks): Kobato-chan!?
Kana: Do you know why Yuzu-chan cried?
Hiro: ?
Hiro: ?

Kana: You're the worst
Hiro(thinks): Kobato-chan... hates me...
Hiro(thinks): The Earth's fate... in 10 minutes...
Hiro: ...Kukukuh
Hiro: hahahaha!!

Hiro(thinks): I don't care
Hiro(thinks): If it's going to be destroyed then let that be!!
Meteor: You pass!!

Hiro: Eh?
Meteor: Did you forget?
Meteor: Between the possible problems
Meteor: There was one that said
Meteor: Have Kobato Kana tell you "You're the worst"
Hiro: Ah!!
Cards: //from left to right, up to down
Hug 1000 people
Yuzu's poem in front of everyone
*unreadable card*
Have Kobato Kana tell you "You're the worst"
*unreadable card*
In front of everyone your inclination
3 days 100 people

Meteor: However, Saegusa Yuzu's poem was splendid
Meteor: I was really moved
Meteor: Listen to it too, Zgadkan!!

p38 //I'll translate it line by line
"A maiden's secret"
Author: Saegusa Yuzu Sung by: Yamada Meteor

What does a kiss taste like?
Lemon? Honey?
No, it probably tastes like the first love

But for me it will probably stay as a mystery forever
I mean, he is really thickheaded

That's why my short-tempered
self shows
I really hate this me

Hey, realize it, a maiden's secret
If you do I'll become really feminine

Hey, realize it, a maiden's secret
I'll send you a honey-colored smile

When that happens will your heart skip a beat?
Pink flower, please bloom

That's my True Heart
It's a Lo-lo-lo Love Girl's Heart //I know this makes no sense, but the author wrote it like that in english, so let's let it be

Box: That days, Yuzu's poem was told in Meteor's extremely tone-deaf voice and it resouded throughout the universe
Box: The Meteor Song is dreadful!!
Hiro's sd: The evening sun is beautiful...

Hiro(thinks): Yuzu
Hiro(thinks): Kobato-chan
Hiro(flashback): Do you know why Yuzu-chan cried?
Hiro(flashback): You're the worst
Hiro(thinks): Why, I don't get it
Meteor: Why are you depressed, Kobayashi Hiro
Meteor: The reason why Kobato Kana, who normally doesn't get mad, said that is
Meteor: because there is Love!!
Hiro(thinks): Eh...

Hiro: There's no way that's true
Hiro: Do you think that if you keep saying love you can decieve me!?
Hiro: Ah, she definitely hates me now!
Hiro: It's all this weird problems fault!!
Meteor: Good grief
Meteor: It's going to be hard going
Meteor: The test's Second phase has begun
Meteor: To destroy the evolved meteorite monsters we need higher density "Love waves"
Hiro: Wai!!
Meteor: The problems will probably become more complex and difficult (cd: Like the one this time...)
Meteor: And the one who holds the key for that is...

Meteor: Kobato Kana!!
Hiro(thinks): Kobato-chan has it!?
Hiro(thinks): ...hm?
Hiro(thinks): Those clothes...
Hiro(thinks): No way!

Hiro(thinks): Yakuza!?
Hiro(thinks): Hey, What is he doing to Kobato-chan?
Hiro: Kobato-chan!!

Hiro(thinks): Eh
Hiro(thinks): Why...
Kana: Now, let's go Maeda-san
Maeda: Yes
Hiro(thinks): Kobato-chan
Round box: End of chapter 6

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