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Meteor-san Strike desu! 7

Those who protect the peace

+ posted by Eru13 as translation on Dec 27, 2011 20:30 | Go to Meteor-san Strike desu!

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Meteor-san Strike Desu! 7
//sd: side dialog, cd: corner dialog
//this has a lot of mah jong references, I only know a bit about it, and I tried to investigate as much as I could to make this TL good, but, explaining all things is a little tiresome (and most people would go tl;dr) so I didn't explain some things, bear with it please.

Title: Chapter 7: Those who protect the peace

Box: The story until now
Box: By angering Yuzu and having Kobato tell him "You're the worst"
Box: Hiro somehow cleared the problem and saved the Earth
Box: Immediately after Kobato was taken by some mysterious men in black
Hiro: Hey Yuzu! What's with that Yakuza-like guy
Hiro: It can't be, a kidnapping!?
Yuzu: It isn't that
Hiro: Then what is it!?
Yuzu: It doesn't have anything to do with you!
Hiro(thinks): What's that... I don't get it!!

Sign: Hakuhou Group //Maybe family since it's yakuza, both signs are the same
Yakuza: Riichi //being one tile away from winning in mah jong

SFX: *tap*

Yakuza: What!?
Yakuza: In no time a super dangerous tile!! (cd: and it's a dora) //dora: special tile
Yakuza: Even though it was our turf that started the bet, as expected from the miss... (cd: How courageous)
Yakuza: Her "Godly Eye" that's even said to read your mind is working today
Yakuza's sd: Right, aniki
Maeda: ...
Yakuza: No way, that she's really reading my mind is... (cd: impossible...)
Kana: Ron with that //declaring your win
Yakuza: Wha, cut it with your bluffs without even seeing---

SFX: *drop*
Kana: Tanpin San Shoku Dora 2 "Haneman"! //too long explanation, let's just say she owned them

Yakuza: As expected from the miss, 8 out of 10 games in the first half
Yakuza: At this rate the second half will also be our complete victory
Maeda: Hey, don't lower your guard, it's the guys that attacked the boss, they'll do whatever it takes...
Maeda: Sorry miss, If only we were stronger you wouldn't need to do...
Kana: It's ok, Maeda-san
Kana: If it's mah jong I'll definitely not lose

Kana(thinks): When I was little, for some family reasons, I was always alone
Kana(thinks): I think it was when I didn't like that because it was sad and that I lived by having other people ask me if I was ok---
Kana(thinks): Or maybe it was the result of leaving myself in the world of games---
Kana(thinks): Before I knew, by only seeing other people's eyes, facial expresions and gestures...
Kana(thinks): I could read their "minds"...

Yakuza: Her way of reading gestures was good enough to be called "Godly eye"
Yakuza: What do you think? As the "monster" of the Kokuryuu association, you think you can beat her?
Date: Even if she can read them, it doesn't matter...
Date: My heavenly luck excells everything!!
Yakuza: I'm counting on you
Yakuza: I have set my plan in motion (cd: Eeheehee)
Date: ...
Yakuza: By next week this turf will be ours
Car's sd: Eeheeheeheehee

Meteor: What, are you worried about something Kobayashi Hiro!?
Hiro: I'm jealous of you, you don't seem to have worries...
Meteor: Yea, I have none!!
Hiro: ...
Hiro: Hm?
Hiro: What are they doing...
Hiro: Wha!?

Title: Kobato Kana was A YAKUZA GIRL!!
Subtitle: Moreover, she's the group leader's grandchild
Below first image: She even plays mah jong with them!?
Below second image: A way of reading called "Godly eye"
Hiro: What's this... Eh!? Yakuza!? Playing mah jong!!?
Hiro: You're kidding me...
Guy: It seems that they're all over the school
Guy: For real... that's scary man
Hiro: Hey, you!!
Yuzu: What's this...

Yuzu: Who did...
Crowd: It's Kobato
Crowd: She's really playing mah jong with them?
Crowd: What if she's doing some more vicious things
Crowd: To be honest, she makes me want to draw away
Hiro: Kobato-chan

Yuzu: Kobato!
Hiro's sd: Wha
Hiro: Kuh!!
Akai: Hey, stop it!
Guy: That's right, she's a yakuza you know!
Guy: You'll be drawn into weird things!!

Hiro: Like that's going to happen!!
Hiro: That's obviously a lie!!
Hiro: You've been here with Kobato-chan for a while
Hiro: And you don't even get that!!
Akai: But you know...
Guy's sd: Right
Girl's sd: Right...
Hiro: Enough!!
Yuzu: ...Kobato already left
Yuzu: Hiro, can you come with me?

Hiro(thinks): This is really awkward...
Yuzu: Sorry for making you skip Homeroom
Hiro: No, that's ok...
Yuzu: That picture... It's all true
Hiro: E-----h!?
Yuzu: ...
Yuzu: You see, Kobato---

Yuzu: It seems that once before everything was exposed like this time and she was always alone
Yuzu: So she was keeping it a secret from everyone
Yuzu: And Kobato is playing Mah jong
Yuzu: to protect us
Hiro: Eh?
Yuzu: It seems that if this town becomes Kokuryuu's turf not only the Hakuhou group
Yuzu: But all of the people who live here will suffer---
Yuzu: She's playing to continue protecting this place
Hiro: ...
Yuzu: What should we do Hiro...

Yuzu: At this rate...
Yuzu: Kobato will be left all alone again...
Hiro(thinks): After that, Kobato-chan stopped coming to school...

Kana: I believe in you
Kana: I mean, Kobayashi-kun's eyes aren't the eyes of a liar
Kana: Even if it was a lie I think you must have some circumstances to tell them
Hiro(thinks): The one that didn't get it was I!
Meteor: What are you worrying about, Kobayashi Hiro!?
Meteor: Kobato Kana is going to play mah jong against the Kokuryuu Association to protect her turf tonight
Meteor: However, at this rate, she'll lose
Hiro: Wha, Meteor!? Why do you know that...
Meteor: So, a problem---
Hiro: Uwoh!? Wait a sec!! (cd: With this timing!?)
Big letters: Let us explain here, to protect the Earth from the meteorite monsters
Big letters: Hiro must clear the "Love tests" that the alien Meteor gives him!

Meteor: The 6th problem
Meteor: Go and save Kobato Kana like a hero quickly!!
Hiro: Y,Yeah, leave it to me!!
Meteor: Yea, that's the spirit!!

Yuzu: Are you really going to Kobato's house with that stupid outfit?

Hiro: Yuzu!?
Hiro: No, this is, Meteor said "like a hero"...
Hiro: Rather, why are you here? (cd: And you even know where I'll go...)
Yuzu: Obviously because I'll go too
Hiro: Eh?
Hiro: Stupid Yuzu! It's a Yakuza's house!?
Hiro: It's dangerous! Don't go!!
Yuzu: Just shut up
Yuzu: I'm only going to visit my best friend's house
Yuzu: Is that bad?
Hiro: With a wooden sword?
Yuzu: Shut up! To begin with, do you know where Kobato lives!?
Hiro: Uh, that is...

Sign: Hakuhou Group
Hiro: Geh! There's a lot of people (cd: Actually, wouldn't it be better if you went home...)
Arrows: After all they came together
Yuzu: ...
Yuzu: Hey
Yuzu: You're too close to me! Get away from me
Big letters: Glued to each other
Hiro: Huh? I can't help it, it's narrow here
Maeda: Hey, that couple over there! If you're going to flirt go do it somewhere else please

Yuzu: Huh? Who are a "lovey-dovey couple"!? (cd: There's no way I'd date this pervert)
Hiro's sd: Hey Yuzu
Maeda: You're the miss'...
Hiro(thinks): He's the man in black from that time...!
Hiro: Aren't you Kobato-chan's ally!?
Hiro: You make a girl bear the full brunt, and you dare call yourselves yakuza!? (cd: Be ashamed)
Yakuza: You're a kid who doesn't know anything... (cd: and you dare talk to aniki like that)

Hiro: Sowwy foth gedding cocky //He's so beaten up he can't say "Sorry for getting cocky" right
Maeda: Sorry you two, we can't have you bothering the miss today
Yakuza: Hmm, one more...

Omega: Helping Kobayashi Hiro and Saegusa Yuzu - Complete
Kana's sd: Uwah, it looks good on you

Yuzu: I don't quite get it but... it's our chance, Hiro
Yuzu: I'll handle this somehow
Yuzu: You go through that hole and find Kobato
Hiro: Huh? I can't leave you...
Yuzu: Idiot!!

Yuzu: Heroes save their important people, right?
Yuzu: Go now! Stupid Hiro!!
Yuzu: ...I'll leave my best friend to you
Hiro: Sorry Yuzu, your death won't be in vain!!
Yuzu: I'm not dead yet!!

Box: ---Final round---
Kana(thinks): It's weird...
Kana(thinks): I can't read him as always
Box: Hakuhou Group
Kobato Kana 13300
Kana(thinks): And...
Date: Ron

Kana(thinks): This person is... strong
Box: Kokuryuu Association
Date 47000
Date: 12000
Box: Hakuhou Group
Kobato Kana 1300
Yakuza: Oh my, there's no way out
Yakuza: Today your prided reading isn't clear it seems
Yakuza: Did something happen at school? (cd: Eeheehee)
Kana: ...
Kana(thinks): Kuh
Kana(thinks): Of all times I had to get this tiles now...

Kana(thinks): If only my reading started working now...
Kana(thinks): Why did it stop working?
Kana(thinks): To be hated by everyone was really hard but, it happened once before, I'm supposed to be able to endure it
Kana(thinks): ...Then why?
Kana(thinks): And I have a best friend that accepted everything that I am
Kana(thinks): ...Then why?
Kana(thinks): I shouldn't be afraid of being hated by anyone---!!

Hiro: Kobato-chan!!
Kana: Ko,Kobayashi-kun!?
Hiro's sd: Haa haa //pant

Hiro: Listen to me, Kobato-chan!
Hiro: No one will hate Kobato-chan because his dad is a yakuza!!
Hiro: Well, at the beginning we were all perplexed but we'll accept it!
Hiro: Because everyone in our class likes Kobato-chan!!
Hiro: At least I---

Hiro: Love
Hiro: Kobato-chan!!

Hiro(thinks): Hmm? Perhaps this became a confession!?
Hiro(thinks): Uwa--h, it was super embarrassing!!
Maeda: Wait! You exhibitionist!!
Box: *That's not what's embarrassing
Hiro: Eh?
Hiro(thinks): !?
Hiro: Gya----h! I forgot I was naked!!
Yakuza's sd: Wait there

Yakuza: Good grief, what a ruckus (cd: Is he your boyfriend?)
Yakuza: Well, let's restart the match---
Kana: Tsumo
Yakuza: Eh?
Kana: It's a tsumo
Kana: Kokushi Musou //Thirteen orphans, A yakuman, it's worth 32000

Meteor: Splendid! Kobayashi Hiro!!
Meteor: That's what a Hero is!
Meteor: That's real LOVE!!
Meteor: I'll answer to that LOVE
Meteor: by doing my best!
Kana: Ron 12000
Kana: Ron 16000
Yakuza(thinks): I,It can't be! That much of a difference was
Box: Kokuryuu Association
Date 1000
Box: Hakuhou Group
Kobato Kana 47300
Yakuza(thinks): This is exactly the opposite!
Yakuza(thinks): However...

Yakuza(thinks): As expected from a man called a "monster"
Yakuza(thinks): He has a tenpai for double yakuman!! //he's waiting for one tile for a super hand
Yakuza(thinks): If he gets this it's Kokuryuu's win!
Meteor: Uwooooooooooh!!
Kana: Ron

Meteor: Meteor Donjara!! //Donjara - a mah jong for kids, kinda like a mickey mouse dominoes or something like that
Kana: Only Pinfu //A really cheap hand, basically worthless but it's still a win

Yakuza(thinks): She destroyed a double Yakuman with such a worthless hand...
Date(thinks): So, I would have gone tsumo...
Date: You're strong
Kana: No...that's not...but
Kana: I wanted to protect...those that I love

Box: Like this, the Mah jong game in which the bet was the turf
Yakuza's sd: Wait
Hiro's sd: Gyah
Yuzu's sd: Idiot...
Box: Closed the curtain with Hakuhou's win
Big letters: ---Next day---
Hiro: Sigh, I was almost caught by the police yesterday...
Meteor: As expected from the Hero!
Hiro: You really don't get it right?
Hiro's sd: Hm

Hiro(thinks): Kobato-chan (music note)
Hiro: What's she doing in front of the classroom
Hiro: He~~~y---ph!
Meteor: What happened, Kobayashi Hiro?
Hiro: No, yesterday I showed up naked
Hiro(thinks): And... I confessed

Yuzu: Hey, Go in quick, Kobato
Kana: Yuzu-chan
Kana: ...But I
Yuzu: Just go in!
Kana: Ah
Kana: ...Good morning (cd: everyone)

Yuzu: Good morning Kobato
Crowd's sd: Good morning
Girl: Good morning
Otaku: Good mornings
Girl: Good morning
Crowd: Good morning
Crowd: We heard about everything from Yuzu
Crowd: Good morning
Akai: Sorry, Kobato-chan
Crowd: Good morning
Omega: ...Good morning
Meteor: Kobato Kana has probably had those kind of matches countless times
Meteor: To protect her family, the organization, and her friends
Meteor: That has been finally rewarded
Hiro(thinks): Congrats, Kobato-chan
Hiro: Good morning Kobato-chan

Kana: Good morning Kobayashi-kun
Box: Today, the peace was protected by several people
Box: However, the meteorite monsters are still coming
Box: Don't lose Hero, do your best hero, Until the day true peace comes to the Earth!!
Round box: End of chapter 7

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