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Bijo Juku 6

The maiden and the beast's night school

+ posted by Eru13 as translation on Jan 7, 2012 00:18 | Go to Bijo Juku

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Reserved for Lively Scans. Don't use without my permission.
Bijo Juku 6
//sd: side dialog, cd: corner dialog

Title: Class 6: The maiden and the beast's night school //I went with Class checking the kanji meanings for juku and kun since jukukun isn't a word

Sign: Outdoors School absentees will have supplementary lessons here. Proffesor in Charge of the Reference Room
Waka: ---It's for real
Waka: I'm the only one in the first year building
Title: Supplementary Lessons Print
Box: 1-C Umezawa Waka
Waka: Everyone else went to the outdoors school today
Waka: I'm not lucky
Waka: I'm bored and there's a lot of work to do
Arm: {
Bold: Good luck watching the school
Little text: I'm broken
Waka: And I've got a cast

Phone: Ah, Waka you're an idiot, you should've done the impossible to go
Phone: It might've been a chance to get yourself a good family boyfriend you know?
Waka: Ah no way, to get a boyfriend here is unthinkable
Waka: I enrolled here because of my parents advice but
Waka: a mere downtown girl can't hope to get along with them
Waka: I should have gone to a normal school like Kana
Phone: Yeah
Waka: I'm alone now so it's kinda comfortable <3

Waka: Eh
Waka: It's not like I'm scared...
Waka: Stop it, I'm alone
Arata: Shit
Arata: There's not even one porn mag
Arata: That's why rich people's schools are useless
Phone: Isn't Arata-kun of a full-fledged rich family?
Phone: Just cause you don't show up much to school...
Arata: Kinda
Arata: Even though I just came after a long time---

Arata: For some reason there's no first years here...
Arata: Well, it's great for hiding myself
Arata: How's the town?
Boy: They're searching madly for Arata-kun, they're holding a big grudge on that you beated them up last time
Arata: Hmph, they'll never think that I'm in school
Arata: Well, just going to settle things myself would be faster
Boy: Don't do that!! It'll just be harder to settle later
Boy: Stay there for a while
Arata: But being alone I'll have nothing to do

Arata: I'll just search for something interesting I guess
Waka(thinks): There's no way there's someone here...
Waka(thinks): Ah, it's all cause Kana said something scary
Waka(thinks): The clerk said that he'd contact me when it's time to leave
Clerk: "I'll lock here when you leave so study seriously"
Waka(thinks): I want to go home...

Waka(thinks): No way
Waka(thinks): Besides me there is...
Waka: Wh...
Waka: Who!!
Waka: Who's there---

Dog: Bubu
Waka(thinks): Wha
Waka: Whaaaaaaaa
Waka: A---h, I was about to wet myself...
Waka's sd: It's just a puppy
Waka: Eh? You're---
Waka: The cabaret-girl-like girl's puppy?
Waka's sd: He's called Bra right?
Dog's sd: I see
Dog's sd: I was left here
Waka: What? Maybe he came to search for his master!?
Waka: E---h... That's a problem
Waka: Mama is in o-u-t-d-o-o-r-s school!! Did you get it?
Waka: C-a-m-p

Waka: She'll return tomorrow
Waka: House
Waka: Ok?
Waka's sd: This is impossible
Waka: Hey...
Waka: Where are you going

Waka: Bra~~~
Waka: Where did he go?
Waka(thinks): He thinks he's hidden...
Waka: Found you<3

Waka: Noooooooooo
Phone: What happened Arata-kun
Phone: You found a porn mag?
Arata(thinks): No way, a pursuer?
Arata(thinks): But she looks delicious
Arata's sd: She just showed me her panties
Waka's sd: Haaa, he scared the hell out of me
Waka: So...Sorry
Waka: For yelling...

Waka: I didn't know someone else was taking supplementary lessons... (cd: moreover, such a cool guy)
Arata(thinks): Supplemetary lessons?
Waka: Since the clerks didn't say anything you suddenly skipped it?
Waka: The outdoors school
Arata(thinks): Outdoors school
Arata(thinks): I see, I see! That's why there's no one here
Waka: Emm...
Arata(thinks): That means I'll be alone for a while with this carefree girl...
Arata: Yeah, I suddenly felt sick so I cancelled
Arata: I'm Arata.
Arata's sd: Girls call me Akkun

Waka: I'm Umezaka Waka
Waka: I was in the reference room all this time
Arata: Really? Maybe I should go there too
Waka: Why don't you?
Waka: We're both on supplementary lessons
Waka's sd: Hmm
Waka's sd: I should've noticed earlier
Arata: I found it
Arata: An interesting person to play with
Arata: Don't call me for a while
Waka: Now that I think about it, where did Bra go...?

Sign: Outdoors School absentees will have supplementary lessons here. Proffesor in Charge of the Reference Room
Waka: OMG... I'm sorry for the mess //i tried using the omg to give part of the feeling her way of talking gives
Waka: I thought I was alone so I relaxed a bit to much...
Waka: I mean, to find a comrade just before the end of the day was unexpected!
Waka(thinks): As I thought... being alone with such a cool person, What should I say!?
Arata(thinks): She's definitely a virgin
Waka: Em... It's Ok now, sit wherever you like
Arata(thinks): This type isn't bad once in a while...
Arata(thinks): I'll train your erotic body in a moment so be prepared (cd: Kukuku)
Waka's sd: "Akkun, more...<3"
Arrow: Just like this
Arata(thinks): It suddenly became more interesting
Waka: Em...

Waka(thinks): This person's cool but a little weird
Waka(thinks): He said that he doesn't come to school often so he must have some issues...
Waka(thinks): I can't leave him alone
Arata: Have you finished your work?
Waka: The work?
Waka: I see... You cancelled last-minute so you didn't get the prints
Waka: Do you want to use mine?
Arata: ...
Arata's sd: Shit... girls that feign ignorance are a pain
Arata: You're kind
Waka: Eh
Waka: No way
Waka: We're both taking supplementary lessons so...

Arata: Helping each other is natural...
Waka: Rather
Waka: Hey...
Waka: He----y
Waka: Wha
Waka: Whawhawha
Waka: What're you doing!?
Arata: Jeez... it's a pain
Arata: You'd normally expect it to turn like this

Arata: Screaming is useless
Arata: We're alone here
Waka: No way
Waka: I didn't want to
Waka(thinks): No way

Dog: Bubu
Waka: Bra!!
Dog: Aon
Dog's sd: Found a good looking guy
Waka: ...It can't be, you're afraid of dogs?
Waka's sd: With that personality
Arata: There's no way that's true, I'll make you cry
Waka: Go ahead and try, oraoraoraah
Arata: Gya---h

Waka: What happened to all that power orah
Arata: You bitch, you won't get away with this
Guy: He's really here right?
Guy: Yeah, I stalled him...
Guy: It seems he's with a girl that's got nothing to do with this
Guy: Great, We'll crush Arata and get that girl
Waka: Enough, let's leave this guy Bra
Arata: You're going home!?
Arrow: Guy that wants to leave

Waka(thinks): What's with him
Waka(thinks): I was wrong for not doubting him!?
Waka(thinks): No!! He's the one who's wrong
Arata's sd: He---y, play some more with me before you go
Waka(thinks): It's ok to leave now right...
Waka(thinks): The clerk should call me anytime now...
Waka's sd: My cell's gone...
Arata: Ah
Arata: Ye~~~s, I'm already outside so you can close now <3
Waka: Heeeey
Waka: What did you tell the clerk!!
Arata: You'll understand when you see it
Broadcast: The first year building has been locked. The first year building has been locked.
Broadcast: The Hyper Security System that makes money be powerful will be activated //hmm since this one doesn't have kanji it an also mean "The hyper security system that makes the bell speak has been activated"

Arata: With this we're together until morning <3
Waka's sd: Noooooooooo
Dog's sd: Aoooooooon
Waka: You're the worst!! You're really the worst
Waka: Don't think that everyone will get in the mood just because you're a bit cool
Arata: Not just a bit, a lot, right?
Dog's sd: Uu---h
Waka: What happened Bra...

Arata: Be quiet
Waka(thinks): No way, this is dangerous
Waka(thinks): I lowered my guard
Guy: Only this room's left
Guy: Shit, no one told me we'd get trapped
Guy: If we find that bastard Arata I'll give him my thanks for last time
Waka(thinks): Eh
Waka(thinks): Ee-----h
Guy: Waah

Arata: That dog's not bad...
Guy's sd: Ruuuun
Guy's sd: A ghoooooost
Waka: What's going on, who're those guys!!
Arata: I just caused a bit of trouble
Arata: If it becomes and uproar in the town it'd be annoying
Waka: That's why you came to school!?
Arata: Well, I didn't expect them to get here or to get trapped with them...
Arata: One of my underlings probably betrayed me and showed them the place
Arata: He's got some guts
Arata: Let's move for now
Arata: If you don't want to become their pray stay close to me
Waka(thinks): Huh!?

Waka(thinks): Why did it turn out like this...
Waka(thinks): It's already scary being in school at night
Waka(thinks): I'm also trapped with some dangerous guys until morning
Waka(thinks): And the only person I can rely on is this dangerous guy...
Waka(thinks): I'm really not lucky...
Arata: You're out of fashion, cast girl

Waka: ...Your underling betrayed you
Waka: Does that mean your friend betrayed you?
Arata: Huh? Friend?
Arata: Are you stupid?
Arata: It's not like I trust anyone
Arata: No matter what happens to me no-one'd care
Waka: J...
Waka: Just because you can't trust anyone you think it's ok for you to be wrecked?
Waka: You're betrayed because you're like that, weren't you?
Arata: How should I know, stupid girl
Arata: If you keep complaining I'll leave you here

Arata: ...Hey
Arata: I'm not responsible for what happens
Waka(thinks): I should've left him alone
Waka's sd: Now that it's become like this I should hide until morning
Waka(remembers): "No matter what happens to me no-one'd care"
Waka(thinks): That's just
Waka(thinks): Just worrying won't get me anywhere...
Guy: What's up? You alone
Guy: That guy throwed you away?
Guy's sd: Oraoraa
Guy: Come out, Arata!!
Guy: The woman's here

Guy: Try saying "help meeee"
Guy: It's no use
Guy: He doesn't think anything about this woman
Guy: Let's try making her scream a bit
Guy's sd: Gyahaha
Waka(thinks): Why do I have to suffer this
Waka(thinks): Because of that guy...
Book: Well-informed person's Encyclopedia

Arata: Do you think you can put your hand on my supplementary lesson comrade?
Guy: H...
Guy: He came
Arata's sd: Oraaa
Arata: Run Waka
Arata: Hide somewhere!!
Arata's sd: Shit, they're weak
Guy: It's over for you

Guy: Is she a woman that important that you have to rescue her
Book: Proverb Dictionary
Waka: No
Book(cast): Edible Grass
Book(hand): World's interesting
Waka: I'm just his supplementary lesson comrade
Guy: Stop that Nee-chan
Guy: Being with this heinous pervert demon lord will be your demise
Arata: You shouldn't say it like that

Arata: Die!!
Guy's sd: Gyaaah
Guy's sd: Hiiiii //eek
Guy's sd: Save us
Waka: ...Hey, Don't move
Arata: Shut up, this aren't even scratches
Waka: ...Why did you come to save me?
Arata: Why didn't you run
Arata: I would've win that easily alone...
Waka: ...I see
Waka: Sorry

Arata: If you think you were wrong then at least make a lap pillow for me
Waka: Huh!?
Arata: I'm tired from saving you
Arata's sd: I was tired before all this too
Waka: ...Hey...
Waka: Don't squirm!!
Waka(thinks): Agh
Waka(thinks): He's just playing with me
Waka(thinks): But...
Arata: I'll sleep a bit
Arata's sd: Fuaaaah //yawn

Waka(thinks): Well
Waka(thinks): It's ok...
Waka(thinks): I can't leave him alone

Waka: Hm
Waka: Hm...
Waka: Hm...
Arata: Yo
Waka: (cd: Kyaaah) He--y what're you doing!?
Arata: After sleeping I got my energy back <3
Arata: What?
Waka: No way... they're already back from outdoors school!?

Principal: Outdoors school is cancelled
Principal: You're all on house arrest!!
Waka(thinks): What the hell...
Eve: Let me go, heeey
Eve: I love you Gou!!
Eve: I love you-----
Eve: Eh? Why're you here Bra?
Waka's sd: Good for you Bra
Arata: It seems the building's been unlocked
Arata: Let's take advantage of this confusion and escape
Arata's sd: We're in danger too
Waka(thinks): Ah...
Waka(thinks): To think that this is the first time I go home in the morning
Waka(thinks): My eyes are burning because of my guilty conscience!!!
Arata's sd: Fuaaa
Arata: I can't have enough of going home in the morning after a fight!!
Arata: Now <3 Shall we go somewhere to continue what we're doing before?

Waka: I can't go along your nonsensical behavior
Waka: Don't get close to me again you demon!!!
Waka(thinks): Like I'll let you play with me again
Arata: This girl's fun
Arata: Maybe I'll try going to school a bit more <3
Waka(thinks): Like I'll let you!!!

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