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Meteor-san Strike desu! 8

If you read "Hero" in french it's "Ero"!!

+ posted by Eru13 as translation on Jan 16, 2012 03:28 | Go to Meteor-san Strike desu!

-> RTS Page for Meteor-san Strike desu! 8

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Meteor-san Strike Desu! 8
//sd: side dialog, cd: corner dialog

Hiro: A----h!!
Hiro: Meteor you broke the bath's faucet again!
Meteor: Yea
Cup: Macrocosmos
Hiro: Not "Yea"! It's damn hot and I can't take a shower!!
Meteor: Yea
Dad: Calm down son
Dad: If you want to take a bath that much you can go here

Dad: Super UFO bath-house!!
Free Pass //Ticket
Grey: Free
Box: Hiro's dad is the City hall's Tourist Division Chief
Box: The "super UFO bath-house" is a big hot springs theme park
Box: That was created to further enliven the city which became famous because of the UFOs
Hiro: It can't be helped, I'll just do that...
Meteor: When it comes to bath-houses it's my time to shine
Hiro: No it isn't
Dad: Son
Dad: This time's test is somewhat different to the ones before...

Title: Chapter 8: If you read "Hero" in french it's "Ero"!!

Hiro: This place's really shady (cd: What's with that UFO?)
Meteor: Are you hesitant, Kobayashi Hiro?
Meteor: You won't be able to be a hero like that
All of the signs: Super UFO Bath-house
Hiro: If you hadn't broken the bath's faucet I wouldn't need to come to a place like this! (cd: How many have you broken now?)
Arrow: Faucet
Meteor: Why are you angry? If you're going to complain, do so to this weak faucet
Hiro: Don't mess around with me! Rather, don't bring it!!
Anzu: A~~~~h<3

Anzu: Meteor-onee-sama!!
Hiro(thinks): Who?
Anzu: It's been a while<3
Meteor: Yea, it's been a while, Saegusa Anzu
Hiro(thinks): It's only Anzu huh, when did this too become this close... (cd: She's still a big breast lover...
Anzu's sd: Hm, once more
Anzu: Ah! Hiro-nii, you were here
Anzu: I won't forget about the things you promised to treat me to
Hiro: ...Yeah
Hiro(thinks): She's really Yuzu's younger sister...
Yuzu: Geh, Hiro!

Yuzu: Why do we have to meet with you even on holidays...
Kana: Good evening, Kobayashi-kun
Hiro(thinks): That's my line...
Hiro(thinks): Hmm, Kobato-chan came too!! (cd: Omega too)
Hiro: Hehehehe,hey, what a coincidence
Kana: Yea
Yuzu: We got some free passes from uncle //hiro's dad
Hiro(thinks): Old man, great job!
Hiro: Y,yoyoyoyo your plain clothes suit you very well...
Kana: Th, thanks
Yuzu: I'm also wearing plain clothes...
Anzu: Hmmmmm

p7 //I'll translate the signs of each panel from right to left
Panel 1:
Panel 3:
Jupiter Bath
Saturn Bath
Panel 4: Space suit Sauna
Hiro: ...
Hiro: What's this!?
Box: (text above hiro's dad face: Memo) The "Super UFO Bath-house" is a "Macrocosmos Theme Park" that used 1/3 of the city's budget!
Hiro's sd: Wha, 1/3, are you serious...

Hiro(thinks): However, right now Kobato-chan is behind that wall
Hiro(thinks): I'm kind of excited...
Anzu: Uwah, Kobato-san's breast are really big
Kana: I, It's not that
Hiro(thinks): This voice, it can't be...

Anzu: Maybe they grew bigger?
Kana: E---h, No way...
Hiro(thinks): Grew "bigger"
Anzu: Then, I'll touch them to make sure
Kana: Hey, sto---
Kana: Hyaun<3
Yuzu: Hey! Anzu, stop it, Kobato doesn't like it!!
Meteor: Why don't you like it, breasts are a weapon, you should be proud

Hiro(thinks): If this follows the usual pattern then, won't a problem that says "Peep on the women's bath" come out!?
Hiro(thinks): No! It'll definitely come!!
Box: Let us explain here, to protect the Earth from the meteorite monsters
Box: Kobayashi Hiro must clear the "Love tests" that the alien Meteor gives him!
Box: However those problems were all Sexual harassment-like things like flipping skirts or kissing!!
Box: 5 minutes passed
Hiro's sd: Sorry Kobato-chan
Hiro's sd: It's for the Earth
Box: 10 minutes passed
Hiro's sd: Wha
Hiro's sd: It's ok to do even that!?
Box: 20 minutes passed
Akai: Hey Hiro!

Hiro: Akai!? (cd: You were here?)
Akai: Kobato-chan and the girls are here
Akai: Won't you come to peep on them?
Hiro: Huh? What are you saying, the problem hasn't even come...---!
Sign: Jupiter
Hiro: Th,There's no way I could go peep!!
Akai: Hiro, haven't you recently
Akai: become more passive?
Hiro's sd: Wha
Akai: I'll tell you something good

Akai: If you read "Hero" in french
Akai: It's Ero!!
Hiro: ...You're right, I might've become a bit passive lately...
Hiro: I've awaken, partner! (cd: Thank you)
Akai: Oh, That's what a "Hero" is like!!

Sign: Constellation Bath
Sign: Constellation Bath
Akai: This is the place (music note)
Hiro: The "Constellation Bath"? It's only a bath
Akai: Look above
Hiro: Above?

Hiro: I can hear women's voices...
Hiro: Are we going to climb up using this stars?
Akai: Correct
Akai: Because of that it's a famous "Peeping spot" its alias is "Hell's Milky Way"
Akai: It seems no one has succeeded yet
Akai: Rumors say that your dad was involved on the design of this...
Hiro: The old man... no way

Hiro: For now, Let's go!
Akai: Yeah!!
Hiro(thinks): It's a tough but somehow...

Hiro(thinks): What's this!?
Akai: Ah! I forgot to tell you, there are some traps here so be careful
Hiro: ...Say it beforehand!
Hiro(thinks): There's no mistake, this is the old man's taste... (cd: Come to think of it he liked rock climbing)
Dad: This time's test is somewhat different to the ones before...
Hiro(thinks): The test was this huh... That stupid old man
Hiro(thinks): Shit! I won't lose
Hiro(thinks): Wait for me, Kobato-chan!!
Hiro: Hm?

Maeda: Can you come with me for a bit
Hiro(thinks): Wha
Hiro(thinks): Kobato-chan's house's Yakuza!!

Yuzu: I never thought that
Yuzu: The rooftop's UFO was an open air bath
Kana: Right
Meteor: Yea
Yuzu: Hey, Meteor...
Meteor: Hm? What happened, Saegusa Yuzu?
Yuzu: ...Emm
Kana: ...Yuzu-chan?
Yuzu: S...since you came...
Yuzu: It's like Hiro became like he was before...
Yuzu: He's as perverted as always but...
Yuzu: A,Anyhow...

Yuzu: Thanks
Yuzu: ...I thought that I should say that at least once
Meteor: You don't need to thank me
Meteor: Kobayashi Hiro was Earth's Hero from the beginning
Meteor: But, if what you say is true then that's because of---
Meteor: His love towards you two
Yuzu: Wh,what are you saying so suddenly, I don't get it!!
Kana: Ah, That's right(music note)

Kana: Can I call Yamada-san
Kana: "Meteor-chan" from now on?
Meteor: Yea, I don't mind
Kana: Great, I've always wanted to talk with Meteor-chan
Girl's sd: Kyai kyai
Hiro(thinks): Why did the sunglasses Yakuza from Kobato-chan's house--- rather, If he finds out that I tried to peep on her...
Box: Death
Hiro's sd: My stomach hurts...
Maeda: Kobayashi-kun
Hiro: Yesh!?

Maeda: Thank you for saving the miss
Maeda: Last time
Maeda: It takes guts to say that while surrounded by a bunch hard-faced guys
Hiro: You make a girl bear the full brunt, and you dare call yourselves yakuza!?
Maeda: That's what a real man is like...
Hiro: N, No
Maeda: Thanks to that we snapped out of it and next time we'll really protect the miss
Maeda: But when she's at school---

Maeda: Please protect the miss
Hiro: Yes!

Hiro: Akai!?
Akai: Shit, I was this close to look at Kobato-chan nude!
Akai: Hiro, Why are you doing nothing!
Akai: You were all in for peeping on them!!
Akai: Hey, Are you listening, Hiro!!
Hiro: Akai, You idiot!!

Hiro: Akai, It's your fault!
Akai: A true "Ero" is to be able to escape in this kind of moments //Ero is written with the kanjis for hero
Hiro: You say!!
Hiro(thinks): Geh, a dead end!
Maeda: What will you choose,
Maeda: Being buried or sinking in the ocean?
Hiro(thinks): Either of them
Hiro(thinks): I'll die, right!!

Hiro: Omega!?
Maeda: Go away, young miss

Omega: Onii-chan, that mister
Omega: Is staring at my naked body...
Omega?: Why?
Crowd's sd: Eh, that Yakuza is a lolicon
Crowd's sd: He's a real brute
Akai: Phew, it seems he's gone
Hiro: Poor him...
Hiro(thinks): But, why did she come to help me? (cd:She's 10 so she can barely get in the men's bath...
Omega: ...
Meteor: Let me explain

Meteor: If Kobayashi Hiro's Heroic actions fulfill some fixed conditions
Meteor: Tanaka Omega is programmed to support him
Hiro: A hero is really ero?
Omega: ...
Akai: Alright Hiro, there's no time to waste!
Akai: Let's resume the challenge!!
Hiro: H,Hey, Wait!!
Omega: ...
Sign: Super UFO Bath-house

Anzu: Alright! Now that everyone's getting along---
Anzu: It's time for the heart-throbbing questions!!
Yuzu: What are you saying so suddenly, Anzu...
Anzu: Being frank
Anzu: How do you feel about Hiro-nii?

Hiro(thinks): Its no good... (cd: Rather, why am I still alive)
Hiro(thinks): If I don't find the basic trap pattern...

Hiro(thinks): ...
Hiro(thinks): The stars look specially beautiful today
Hiro(thinks): Come to think of it, I watched the constellations with the old man in the past
Dad's sd: Hiro, become that sparkling star
Hiro's sd: Got it, Dad
Hiro(thinks): The stars were beautiful too that day...
Hiro(thinks): Hm? Constellations...
Sign: Constellation
Hiro(thinks): And stars...
Hiro(thinks): No way!!

Sign: Constellation Bath
Hiro(thinks): This...
Hiro(thinks): Then this...
Hiro(thinks): and this...
Hiro(thinks): There's no mistaking it!!

Hiro(thinks): These are constellations!
Constellation names: //from left to right, top to bottom
Hiro(thinks): If I go according to the constellations painted down there
Hiro(thinks): The traps won't activate!!
Yakuza: Orah, Come down!!
Hiro(thinks): Geh! Kobato-chan's house's Yakuza...
Yakuza's sd: Don't move from there!
Hiro(thinks): If I fell down this time I'll die!!

Hiro: Eek!
Hiro: Akai!!
SFX: *ka-cha*

Hiro(thinks): Kuh, He's heavy, at this rate...
Akai: Hiro
Akai: ...Let
Akai: Let me go, at this rate, both of us...
Hiro: Idiot!!
Hiro: Why are you giving up! You came this far
Hiro: We'll definitely peep on them!!

Hiro: Ow!
Yakuza: Orah, don't think we'll go easy on you, pig!!
Akai: Kyaaah
Hiro: ...
Hiro: Akai, your death won't be in vain!!

Yuzu: "How do we feel about Hiro"
Yuzu: What are you saying so suddenly!
Anzu: Isn't it ok, you're in that age
Kana's sd: Eh eh
Meteor: Yea (cd: I see)
Meteor: For me, Kobayashi Hiro is a Hero!
Meteor: Nothing more, nothing less
Anzu: Eh, e~~~~h, that's kinda interesting (cd: As expected from Onee-sama)
Yuzu(thinks): Well, she'd say something like that
Anzu: Then, what about Kobato-san?
Kana: ...

Kana: I like him
Anzu: O---h<3 you like him as someone of the opposite sex?
Kana: That's a secret
Anzu: Then, next is Onee!! (cd: Go all out)

Yuzu: ...I...
Hiro's shout: Akai, your death won't be in vain
Hiro(thinks): Sagittarius
Hiro(thinks): Aquila...'s
Hiro(thinks): Hikoboshi //from the tanabata legend, it's Altair
Hiro(thinks): Next one is...
Hiro(thinks): Wha!
Hiro(thinks): It's far away!! (cd: I won't be able reach it)
Dad: Son...

Dad: This is your last test
Hiro: Old man!?
Dad: That star is Vega, jump with all your might from the Altair you're on right now--- //Vega is written Orihime in kanji and Altair is written Hikoboshi in kanji
Dad: Get hold of the love
Kana's sd: Let's get in together
Hiro(thinks): I'll bet all to this "love"!!

Technique: Summer Triangle Hero Jump!!
Macho Hiro's sd: Ataa!!
Hiro: Arrived!
Yuzu: Thanks for your hard work

Yuzu: Well, if you make that much noise people will normally notice...
Hiro(thinks): Who's that!?
Box: It's Yuzu
Hiro: Nun!
Hiro: Deneb!!
Hiro's sd: My eyes~~
Yuzu's sd: Idiot...
Signs: Super UFO Bath-house
Yuzu?: Come on, walk!!

Yuzu: We'll let you go with this ice creams and if you carry our bags
Yuzu: Be grateful for our kindness! (cd: You'd usually end up in the police station)
Hiro: ...
Hiro: Why is it only me, where's Akai...
Yuzu: You said something!?
Hiro: No, nothing!
Yuzu(thinks): Well, thanks to that I didn't have to answer Anzu's question
Yuzu's sd: Hey, you're falling behind
Hiro's sd: Ye-ah

Akai: Kukukukuh
Akai: Even if the Earth's fate isn't in danger being that "heroic"... as expected from him!
Akai: Things will become more interesting now!!
Box: To be continued in Volume 3

Big text: This is a story before the genius met the Hero--- //genius is written Kobato Kana and Hero is written Kobayashi Hiro
Kana(thinks): No matter who the opponent is
Kana(thinks): I can't lose this game!!
Big text: Because this is my only bond with him...
Kana: Father!
Kana: Where did father go---
Maeda: Rest assured miss, I'll definitely protect you
Kana: Mister Maeda

Big text: However, some years later...
Kana: Nooooooooo---!!
Kana: Why...who did this
Dad: I did

Dad: I came back to destroy
Dad: Everything you have
Kana: ...Father
Big text: The fated battle between father and daughter begins!!
Big Text: "Mah jong Angel Kobato ~Fallen angel arc~" The movie
Big text: Road show, Summer 2011!! (hopefully)
Hiro's sd: Hopefully?
Meteor's sd: Yea

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