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Bijo Juku 7

Vacations with the Devil

+ posted by Eru13 as translation on Feb 2, 2012 01:42 | Go to Bijo Juku

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Reserved for Lively Scans. Don't use without my permission.
Bijo Juku 7
//sd: side dialog, cd: corner dialog

Title: Class 7: Vacations with the Devil

//no dialog

Doctor: Well then Waka-chan
Doctor: I'll remove your cast
Waka: Ah
Waka: Yes...
Cast: Good luck watching the school
Doctor: Hmmm, your friends wrote a lot here
Doctor: Let's see...
Good luck, Waka (clover)
Call me!! It's a promise!!! Arata-sama 0903...
Doctor: Hmm!

Doctor: Oooooh~~~~ so the tomboyish Waka-chan has finally gotten herself a boyfriend!!
Nurse: Oh my--- She's become an adult
Waka: I... It's not like that!!
Nurse?: Oh, she's embarrased
Nurse?: You let him write that so you weren't much against the idea
Nurse's sd: It's nice being young
Waka(thinks): Let him, I mean... he wrote it while I was sleeping...
Arata's sd: kekeke
Doctor: Now that I think of it, you entered a school for rich boys
Doctor: So you're aiming to marry into a rich family
Waka: Hey doctor, even you are saying things like my parents
Waka: Those two are always saying unreasonable things like "Get a rich one and let us rest quick"...
Waka(thinks): A rich boy, you're kidding me
Waka(thinks): Much less, someone like him---

Doctor: Well, I'll start cutting it but... have you written this number?
Waka: It's ok!! Do it quick please
Nurse's sd: Oh, it's a shame
Waka: Aaaaah, I feel relieved
Old woman: Oh, Waka-chan, you're cured
Waka's sd: It's the granny from next door
Waka: I'm fine, thank you---
Old woman: Oh? Today's a day off from school?
Waka: No... Rather than a day off, some scandal happened and all the first years are suspended.
Old woman: What kind of school is that?
Old woman: Leaving that aside,
Old Woman: it seems that an amazing guest came to your house
Waka: Eh?
Waka(thinks): Geh

Waka(thinks): You're kidding me...
Waka(thinks): No way!!
Waka: I'm home...
Dad: You're late Waka
Arata: Hi Honey
Cup: Celebration
Mom: I can't believe you, don't leave a dreamy boyfriend like this waiting
Mom's sd: We recieved mountains of gifts
Fan: Festival
Waka: Gya-----h
Arata: Father, Mother
Arata: May I take your daughter to a date?
Mom: Oh my! It's an honor <3
Waka: You...You're being decieved!! He's the devil, there's no way he's my boyfriend
Dad: Go ahead, we have no curfrew
Waka: Eeh!

Waka: Hey...
Arata: Start the car
Waka: Heeeeeeeeey
Waka's sd: And you call yourselves my parents
Mom: Do your best!!
Flag: Go!! Marry to money
Dad: We're counting on you!!
Dad's sd: Really

car's sd: Where are you taking me Stop struggling
Car's sd: *broom* Gyah--
Car's sd: Ideee
Waka: ...
Waka: What's this place?
Arata's sd: You'll pay for it later
Arata: This is my family's hotel
Waka: Eh
Hotel guy: Welcome, Obocchama //Obocchama: young master
Arata: The usual room
Hotel guy: Understood, the honey moon suite right?
Waka(thinks): Huh!?

Waka: Stop looking down on me
Waka: I've got that you're a really rich boy but
Waka: If you think that I'm the kind of woman that will do anything you want if you show her how rich you are you're making a big mistake!!
Waka's sd: If you come here I'll kill you!!
Arata's imagination:{
Arata-kun you're amazing <3
Sleep with me!!
Box: All women are supposed to become like this at this point.
Arata: Why don't you like this
Arata: There's even welcome fruits!!
Waka: Well, maybe because I'm not feeling welcome
Waka: You worthless playboy!!

Arata: Do you understand the situation?
Arata: That bothersome dog from last time isn't here
Arata: This time we're alone
Waka: Kya...
Waka: Hey...
Waka: Do you have fun doing this!?
Arata: It's fun
Arata: I mean, it's all your fault for not calling me
Waka: I threw away your number

Arata's sd: Threw...
Waka: To begin with, if you want me to call you there's better ways to ask
Waka: I mean, we haven't even had a normal date
Arata: A...
Arata: A date?
Waka: Yeah, A healthy date!!!
Waka: I can't believe you rushed of that and took me to a place like this!!
Waka: I'm going home
Arata's sd: You cheeky virgin...
Arata: I got it!! We just have to go on one right?
Arata: A healthy date

Waka(thinks): Eh!?
Waka: Ah... But, now that I think of it I'm on home wear...
Waka's sd: I thought he'd back off
Arata: Stop making excuses and come with me!!
Waka: Eeeh-----
Box: 1F Hotel Boutique
Arata: Hey, choose
Waka: Choose... it's a swimsuit!!
Arata: Well it's obvious, this is a beach resort
Arata: For now, do you have a see-through of this one?
Waka: This one's good
Waka: I'll take this!!
Arata: Alright, then go change
Waka: Why are you coming with me

Box: ---So
Box: Healthy date, start.
Arata's sd: Tch, I feel heavy
Waka(thinks): Why did it turn like this...
Girl's sd: Kyah No
Waka(thinks): ..but...
Arata: So?
Arata: What are we going to do?
Waka(thinks): Well...emmm
Waka(thinks): You know...

Waka: What to do... you've really never had one?
Waka: A commoners date
Arata: This kind of thing is a waste of time (cd: I prefer to dive in a bed)
Waka: Well then, I'll teach you
Waka: You do this
Arata: Ngah
Arata: Cough cough
Arata: What are you doing---
Waka: Come and get me
Waka(thinks): I'd be lying if I said I'm not having fun

Waka(thinks): We took the trouble
Arata: Are you having fun doing this?
Arrow: 7:3
Waka: It's fun
Waka(thinks): It's the summer sea
Waka: Now a bit more to the right
Waka: Yeah, continue for about 2km
Arata: You're not lying right?
Waka: Let's go a bit more to the open sea
Arata: A healthy date is really so sports-oriented!?
Waka: Yeah
Waka: You can have a lot of fun without wasting money, right?
Waka(thinks): And
Arata: ...
Waka(thinks): I realized we're getting closer

Waka(thinks): Really naturally
Arata: Just a bit
Arata's sd: What is it this time
Waka(thinks): A date!! This is really a date (cd: You notice now?)
Waka's sd: Aaaaah-- my first date
Arata's sd: Hey you, that's an amazing way of kicking
Sign: Beach House Big Wave
Sign: We need part timers
Waka(thinks): Why am I getting conscious of it!!
Arata: Here

Arata: Well you'll get worn out
Arata's sd: If you keep swimming like that
Waka: Ah...Thanks
Arata: This is also the first time I get so worn out with a woman in a place other than the bed
Waka: Can you stop saying things like that in front of such a romantic evening sun...
Arata: You're not the romantic type
Waka: Shut up
Waka: I'm spellbound
Waka(thinks): I may think seriously
Waka(thinks): that I'm glad I came

Waka(thinks): But...
Waka(thinks): At this rate the sun will set
Waka(thinks): An when the night comes
Arata: Hey... where are you going
Waka: I'm going to start a part-time job
Arata: Huh!?
Waka: I'll repay you for this swimsuit!!
Waka: I don't want to be indebted to you
Arata's sd: How much are you going to piss me, you virgin
Waka: Excuse me----...

Eve: Welcome
Eve: A table for two?<3
Waka: Ah
Waka: You're Hanazono-san right?
Waka: I'm Umezawa Waka from 1-C but... (cd: You probably don't know me)
Eve: Tch... You're from school?
Eve: Don't go telling anyone that I was part-timing while on suspension
Waka: I wouldn't do that
Waka's sd: I mean, isn't this time's suspension partly your fault...
Waka: Leaving that aside, a while ago your dog helped me....
Arata: Hya~~~~~h
Arata: This dog again!!
Waka's sd: Bra was here
Eve: As expected from the hunk sensor

Waka: You came here to get a part-time job?
Eve: No way!! I was on a trip with my boyfriend and we got a bit short of money...
Go: Eve----, The yakisoba for table 5 is ready---
Eve: Go---<3
Eve: I'm going right now~~<3<3
Waka(thinks): I thought that Hanazono-san was a hardcore celebrity-hunter
Waka(thinks): She's got herself a commoner boyfriend...
Arata's sd: Hey, I'll give you money so go away, money
Waka's sd: I forgot...
Waka: Oh yeah, Hanazono-san, I want to work part-time here
Eve: Hmm, you're not a customer? Well it's ok, it'll be busy later with the fireworks customers...
Eve: Old man, I got someone to help
Owner: Oh, It helps a lot, the other part-timers are skipping Are you alone? Don't you have friends with free time?

Box: ---So
Go: You really have no skill
Go: Is this the first time you wash the dishes?
Arata: Yeah!!
Box: Guarding
Go: Your boyfriend is useless
Waka: He isn't my boyfriend
Book: (circle: Secret) Celebrity Data
Eve's sd: He's the only cool celebrity that avoided my filter
Eve: Well he must be, his family owns a worldwide hotel chain
Go: You still have it? The celebrity notebook
Eve: I'll eventually throw it away darling <3
Waka: ...
Eve: But well, that this super bocchama is doing this kind of part-time job
Eve: Means that he's really serious right?
Eve's sd: You have to tell me every detail of the technique you used

Waka: ...It was probably just on a whim
Eve: There's no loss in trying to get a hold on him, if you're ok with that
Waka: ...Hey Go-kun, I want to ask you something a bit rude
Go: Hm?
Waka: Is there a key for going out with
Waka: A girl that's a money-worshipper?
Go: To bear with it.
Go: Only bearing with it.
Go: And while bearing with it naturally changing her sense of values.
Waka(thinks): That's a bit impossible for me...
Sign: Beach House Big Wave

Arata: Ah, damn, this is a bother
Container: Fragi //incomplete word "fragile"
Waka: But working and dripping a sweat is kinda cool right?
Waka's sd: Trying to change his sense of values
Arata: What part of it
Arata: I'm going to become the great company president
Waka: Then why don't you return to the hotel?
Waka: Why are you doing all this...
Waka(remembers): "That means that he's really serious right?"
Waka(thinks): ---No way... that's impossible

Waka: Ah
Waka: Look look
Waka: They're beautiful!!

Waka(thinks): Really---

Arata: Waka...
Waka(remembers): "If you're ok with that"
Waka(thinks): If I just----
Waka: I...
Waka: I've got to go
Arata: Huh!?
Arata: Stop screwing with me--- This time was perfect, you invited me right!!
Waka: It's not that
Waka(thinks): What's wrong with me

Waka(thinks): I wanted to kiss him---!!!
Guy: Onee-chan, our order please //miss
Waka: Yeah
Eve: Newcomer, take this to table 7
Guy: You're cute
Guy: Do you have a boyfriend?
Waka: I don't have one. Your order please
Guy: You must at least have someone you like right?
Waka: I don't.
Arata's sd: To think that she's ignoring me
Arata: Thank you for waiting

Girl: Oh my Onii-san, you're cool <3
Girl: When does your turn end?
Waka: My ideal type?
Waka: A honest commoner
Arata: My part-timing has just ended.
Girl: Alright, we're lucky<3
Girl: Let's go away from this place
Waka: Hey... where are you going

Eve: Oh, they took him away
Waka(thinks): What's wrong with him...
Waka(thinks): So it doesn't matter as long as it's a woman!!
Voice: Thanks for today---
Owner: Here, your earnings
Owner: Here's your boyfriend's part too
Waka: Eeh
Waka: He went back in the middle of it!? That shitty playboy
Owner: It's ok, he's the bocchama from that hotel right?
Owner: I thought he was just a stupid lady-killer but... today changed my mind a bit

Owner: well
Owner: Let it pass this time
Waka(thinks): Well... today he made a compromise in his own way but...
Waka(remembers): "We just have to go on one right"
Waka(remembers): "A healthy date"
Eve: You should talk properly about it and reconciliate
Go: Bear with it
Go: If you get the trick it becomes something cute <3
Eve: What are you talking about?
Go: Don't mind it
Waka's sd: How good

Waka(thinks): Talk properly...
Waka's sd: So I should be the mature one?
Man: Yo Old man, a lot of costumers came today too
Owner: Yeah, well...
Man: And we're protecting the public order on this beach right?
Owner: Well yeah
Man: So we should get some money for patrolling
Owner: Spare me please, I paid last time
Man: What the hell
Waka(thinks): Geh
Waka(thinks): What a cliché and retro exortion scene!!
Waka(thinks): Wha...What should I do
Waka(thinks): For now----

Waka(thinks): I have to go for him!!
Waka: Arata
Waka: You're there right, open quick
Arata: What's up... you're noisy
Waka: There's trouble!! Some hoodlums went to the beach house
Waka: They're threatening the old man to get some money
Arata: So?
Waka: So...you
Waka: Go help him!!

Arata: Huh? Are you an idiot?
Arata: You just have to tell the police
Arata: How is that related with me?
Waka: Tha...
Waka: That's right but
Waka: In that moment you came to my mind!!
Waka: And it's related to you!
Waka: For now lend me your phone...
Girl: He----y, Arata-ku-----n
Girl: Did someone come?

Girl: The shower's ready <3
Girl: Who's that girl?
Arata: This girl... doesn't matter
Waka(thinks): From the beginning
Waka(thinks): He was that kind of guy
Waka: Sorry for bothering you
Arata: What are you going to do
Waka: Ah

Waka: This are today's earnings
Waka: Your part is also here
Waka: Is it still not related to you?

Waka(thinks): He's a shitty playboy
Waka(thinks): He's selfish and ungrateful
Waka(thinks): I hate him

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