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Bijo Juku 8

Love, money, man, and woman

+ posted by Eru13 as translation on Feb 11, 2012 21:56 | Go to Bijo Juku

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Reserved for Lively Scans. Don't use without my permission.
Bijo Juku 8
//sd: side dialog, cd: corner dialog

Title: Class 8: Love, money, man, and woman

Flashback(up left): "How is that related with me?"
Flashback(low right): "Is it still not related to you?"

Waka(thinks): I was an idiot for relying on that guy
Man: Ora orah, take out the money quick, old man
Man: We'll let you run your business on this beach from now on too
Waka(thinks): Wait a bit old man, I'm going to report this now...
Man: Try telling the police
Man: They'll notice that this is an unregistered business
Owner: S...Spare me from that please...
Waka(thinks): Old man!!!

Flashback: "This are today's earnings"
Flashback: "Your part is also here"
Flashback: "Is it still"
Flashback: "not related to you?"
Box: Currently depressed
Girl: Just who does she think she is
Girl: "His earnings", what is she telling to the son of the hotel king!?
Girl: Really
Girl: She should consider herself lucky for being able to talk to Arata-kun

Arata(thinks): That's right, this is how women would normally react!!
Arata(thinks): Why doesn't that cheeky virgin respect me!?
Arata(thinks): I don't care!! I don't care at all!!
Girl: Leaving that aside Arata-kun <3
Girl: What are we going to do?
Flashback: "Go help him!!"
Flashback: "In that moment you came to my mind!!"
Arata: Damn it
Arata: For now... let's get wild!!
Girls' sd: No~~~~ how lewd~~~ //hmm I'm not sure how to put this in a way that sounds like they're not against the idea at all

Man: Ooooh
Man: Are you making light of us, Old man?
Man: What's with this loose change!!
Man: Hey, bind him and let him hang
Man: Yeah
Waka(thinks): Awawa... I really have to call someone
Waka(thinks): Someone...
Waka: Haa
Waka: Excuse me, help me plea...
Eve?: Hmm<3
Waka: Eeh

Waka: Hanazono-san and Go-kun...
Waka: What are you doing here!?
Eve: Geh
Eve: You again!?
Eve: What are we doing...
Eve: This is the "romantic stay at the beach under the moonlight plan"
Waka(thinks): So, they're staying outdoors...
Waka: L...leaving that aside, the old man is in trouble!!
Waka: Come with me
Eve: Huh?
Dog's sd: *yawn* Take care
Man: How about this old man, it's getting wedged right
Man's sd: Aniki's binds are art
Man's sd: Nice rope!!
Waka: See!?
Eve: Isn't it that kind of play?
Go: Did you ask your boyfriend for help too?
Waka: I told you he's not my boyfriend
Waka: That lady-killer is busy with some women that picked him up!!
Waka: In the end, as long as the woman does as she's told, anyone's fine
Waka: It pisses me off...

Man: Hey what's up!? What was that thing that sounded like teeth grinding
Man: Is someone there!?
Waka's SFX: Ngu
Eve: You must like him a lot //ignore the cd, the whole bubble makes sense only like this
Go: This is bad... You two stay put
Go: Hello old man
Go: It's me
Owner's sd: Don't look at me
Owner: Go...
Owner: Go!!
Man: Do you have some business here, nii-chan
Go: Nope
Go: I just thought of calling someone by SHOUTING if this is a swindle

Man: D...Don't do unnecessary things kid!!
Man: Come here orah
Eve: Hey
Eve: Don't touch Go!!
Man: What are you doing, young lady?
Waka(thinks): Geh

Waka: Arata!?
Waka(thinks): No way
Waka(thinks): He came...

Arata: Don't misunderstand
Arata: I only came to hit some guys ok, you idiot!!
Go: Then, come help us quick!
Eve: That's right
Arata: Alright
Waka(thinks): Mi...Misunderstand, what's with that
Waka(thinks): ---But
Waka(thinks): He did choose me

Man: You understand what's going to happen to you right
Man's sd: Not even the boss had hit me
Man: Don't think you can leave this town alive
Man's sd: You idiots
Arata: They were only words... //hmm meaning that they talked a lot but were nothing special
Waka: Old man, are you ok?
Owner: Thanks, but...
Owner: You did something outrageous
Owner: With this, the whole office is now your enemy...
Waka: Office...
Eve: Weren't they just some independent small-time yakuza!?
Eve?: Wha...What should we do
Arata?: Let's leave this country immediately!!
Waka?: Hey.. Wait!!
Waka: We can run away, but what will happen to the old man!?

Arata: I don't care!! You should worry about yourself
Waka: But we were under his care
Waka: Are you just going to ignore him now that he's in trouble?
Eve's sd: Well then, we'll get going...
Go's sd: Eve
Waka: Are you really ok with that!?
Arata's sd: She said it
Arata: I got it
Arata: Until this thing is finished no-one'll go home
Eve: Huh!?
Eve's sd: Spare me please

Sign: Tokonatsu Group
Eve: ...This kind of real courage tests, shouldn't be done...
Box: Tropical Sweet been jelly
Waka: W...Well
Waka: They wouldn't do something rash against high-schoolers
Waka: Let's peacefully pay our debts!!
Sign: Extorting in High spirits
Man: What

All(think): We...We'll get killed!!
Waka: ...emm, we came to apologize for last night...
Boss: How are you going to apologize!?
Boss: Oh
Waka: That is
Waka: Emm...
Eve: ---We're really sorry
Eve: We got to fired up because it was a beach house we were indebted with
Waka(thinks): Hanazono-san...
Waka(thinks): I'm sorry, I thought that you were a cold-blooded money-mad person...
Go: How much did it cost you?
Arata: One night in the Sweet Room for free.

Eve: ...That's right
Eve: The-re-fore--- Da ba da----
Eve: Please forgive our youthful indiscretion---
Man's sd: Eh
Man's sd: What's this about!?
Eve: You also remember it, right?
Man: Tha...That's right
Eve: Sorry for getting too mischievous
Eve: So please overlook this---
Eve: Dabada Please---
Eve: Ove~~~~~~~~r
Eve: lo-------
Eve: ------ok this

Man: Bravo---
Man: This is a real show!!
Arata's sd: Ok, now
Eve: Thanks! Let's meet again!!
Man: ...
Man: Hey nee-chan, are you making fun of us
Eve: Eeek
Sign: Tokonatsu Group
Go: Sorry, the way of doing it was a bit racy but, we're serious!!
Man: Shut up, I'll dispose of that sketch!!
Go?: Ah
Man: Hm?
Man: What's this
Go: ...This are my siblings
Go: We're a poor family with lots of kids

Go: But... when I was escaping carrying my starving siblings
Go: That old man picked us up...
Man's sd: I'm bad with this kind of stories
Man's sd: *sneeze*
Man's sd: A great story
Man: Doufu //no idea what kind of SFX or word this is
Man: A...After that!?
Eve: Em...
Paper: Plan B scenario
Eve: Cry aloud here
Go: Cry aloud here.
Eve: So, don't shut down the beach house
Go: So, don't shut down the beach house
Man: Cut it out, you kids
Man's sd: It was your girlfriend whispering
Man: You took advantage of the boss being easily moved to tears
Man: We won't forgive you!!
Waka: No
Waka: I mean...
Arata: Stop your clattering

Arata: Should we start talking properly?
Arata: Boss
Boss: Wha...What's this
Man's sd: Boss, fight
Boss' sd: You won't fool me again
Boss: Hau
Boss: It's shining
Waka: No way...
Boss: Amazing, nii-san, just who are you?
Arata: That doesn't matter
Arata: Stop messing with that beach house
Arata: Let's go
Go: If you're going to take that out, do it from the beginning

Waka: I'm sorry, we can't give you that money
Boss: Eh?
Arata: Are you an idiot... what are you saying?
Waka: Don't you get it!?
Waka: Doing it like this is as dirty as this yakuza's way
Arata: This isn't something that will settle just with pretty words
Arata: That part of you is childish
Waka: You're the kid, it's not money you earned but you took it here!!
Waka: And...They'll start demanding for more

Waka: In the end, money won't solve anything
Waka: So, we have to take this back
Boss: W...Wait you damn brat!!
Boss: Where are you taking that money
Boss' sd: Someone, tackle her
Boss: Give it to me...
Waka: Gya...

Arata: You bastard
Waka(thinks): Arata...

Arata: I know that it's not money
Arata: But, there's nothing else I can
Arata: Do for you

Waka: For
Waka: Me...?
Arata: You only find faults in me
Arata: even though I fell in love with you
Arata: No matter what I do, you're not satisfied
Waka(thinks): ...fell in love
Waka(thinks): with me...
Arata's sd: There's no woman like that

Waka: I'm satisfied
Waka: Just now
Waka: I'm completely satisfied

Man: He...Hey
Man: To think you laid your hands on aniki, just who do you think you are?
Eve: Emm... He told us not to tell you but
Eve: That person is the son of the owner of this town's treasure, the world class hotel that rises behind us
Go: You're too haughty
Eve: If they get to know that you where extorting him, this puny office
Eve: will get crushed by the world's power
Arata: ...So?
Arata: If money doesn't work, what other trump card did we have
Arata's sd: Running away?
Waka: We have one
Waka: It's simple but it's the best way

Waka: We're really sorry
Waka: The cause of all this was your actions so we won't give you any money but we apologize for hitting you
Waka: Hey, you too!!
Arata: Sorry!!
Man: Eek
Boss: St...Stop it please

Boss: Hey, you lot, start picking up the money!!
Boss: Give it all back
Men: Yeah
Arata: Amazing, bowing your head really works
Waka: Right!? Even if you have money, you must lower your hips
Eve: To think there was a bigger idiot couple than us... //bakappuru
Go: Wouldn't it be better to become their friends?
Go: They'll be dangerous if we don't watch over them
Eve: Go... you worry too much...
Big Characters: ---Somehow or other
Big Characters: The problem was settled.
Owner: You really saved me

Waka: Old man, you have to move on from being an unregistered business
Owner: No----
Arata: Rather, this is part of my land
Arata: Well, I'll let you use it for free
Owner: Wow, as expected from Waka-chan's boyfriend!!
Waka: I told you he's not my...
Waka: Are you ok with being my boyfriend?
Arata: Only if you're ready for that
Waka: I'm ready

Arata: ...Damn it
Arata: If I hadn't let them use it I would take you to the Sweet room's bed

Waka?: Well, it's alright, they helped us
Eve's sd: An unexpected nuisance...
Waka: I'm very satisfied being here

Waka(thinks): A perfect summer memory
Waka(thinks): If it were summer vacations there wouldn't have been any problems but...

Sign: Principal
Principal: You went on a trip while on suspension!?
Principal's sd: It leaked out you idiots
Principal: How much guts do you have (cd: You're perfectly tanned)
Principal: I definitely won't forgive you this time
Principal: Suspending you for more time will just backfire...
Principal: What kind of punishment should I give you...
Eve: Then, Principal
Eve: How about having those two cool guys serving you for a while?
Arata: Hey!!

Principal: Sounds good<3
Principal's sd: You'll begin today after school
Arata/Go: !!
Arata/Go: For rea---l
Waka: Hanazono-san...
Eve: This is the Hanazono-style substitution jutsu!!
Waka: ...How do you intend to support them?
Arata's sd: Damn it, why me...
Go's sd: I'm the scapegoat again
Eve: The most important thing is love

Big characters: That's right
Big characters: Consideration and skinship
Waka: Sorry <3
Arata's sd: It can't be helped
Big characters: And clever ways of getting together <3
Eve: I'll serve you later <3
Big characters: This is the Bijo Juku style long-lasting love jutsu.
Bijo Juku Volume 2

//no dialog

Thanks for buying this volume!!
The next serialization "I<3HS" is about a brat group's school days filled with love and trouble (hopefully ::smile from the original text::)!! I hope you read it <3<3
Yokoyama Mayumi

Dog: The omake is a weird one shot from a while ago~ hahaha~

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