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Steins;Gate - Boukan no Rebellion 11


+ posted by Eru13 as translation on Feb 25, 2012 20:51 | Go to Steins;Gate - Boukan no Rebellion

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Reserved for Trinity BAKuma. Don't use without my permission.
Steins;Gate Boukan no Rebellion 11
//sd: side dialog, cd: corner dialog

Title: Chapter 11: Pride //Stolz

Okabe: How's it, Daru?

Daru: ...About the inside being unreasonably hot
Daru: it's on a sauna's level...
Suzuha: So?
Suzuha: Can you repair it?
Daru: I'm not positive about it but
Daru: There's something I noticed after checking it
Daru: This time machine
Daru: Might be similar to our "Phone Microwave"

Okabe: Then it's possible to repair it!?
Daru: I said I'm not positive
Daru: I have to check it a bit more
Daru: Hmm, Amane-shi, the door won't open
Suzuha: Ah, this has a fingerprint lock //can I actually call a door that opens with the user's fingerprint like that?
Daru: hmmm
Daru: You're right, It opened
Suzuha: What? It's not supposed to open with a fingerprint other than mine
Daru: Isn't that also broken?
Okabe: ...Anyway
Okabe: We don't have much time
Okabe: I can only leave this to you
Daru: Eh, time? How much?
Okabe: ...2 days

Okabe: Do something about it in the next 2 days, Daru
Daru: Huh? That's absurd
Daru: To begin with, why 2 days?
Okabe: That is...
Suzuha: You see, in 2 days
Suzuha: We'll have the best weather conditions to create the ring singularity necessary for the activation of the time machine
Suzuha: If we let this chance go, we won't have another one in one year
Okabe: Th...That's right, that's the reason!
Okabe: You'll do it right, Daru?
Daru: Don't be absurd...
Okabe: Then, I'll give you the priviledge of having a date with Feyris
Daru: Wh...What!?
Daru: Let me do it!
Suzuha: This doesn't have Feyris consent, right

Suzuha: Hey, Hashida Itaru
Daru: What's up?
Suzuha: Makise Kurisu was already a famous scientist in this epoch, right?
Daru: Ah, She published her theories in science magazines and is said to be a young genius
Suzuha: I found it a bit mysterious
Suzuha: How did that person got into the future gadget lab?
Daru: Ah
Daru: A while ago, Makise-shi went to a special lecture from our university
Daru: As the lecturer, the subject was---
Daru: Time machines
Kurisu: Emm, thank you for coming to listen to such an inexperienced person as me

Kurisu: They told me to talk about "Time machines"
Kurisu: Truth to be told, it's outside my area of expertise but I'll give my best in this lecture
Okabe: Hohoh //"hmm" if you don't want to use that
Okabe: Time machines huh...
Kurisu: I'll start by conluding that time machines
Kurisu: Are something absurd, I'll continue to explain the reasons---
Okabe?: What?
Okabe: Objection!
Kurisu: Fue...!?

Okabe: It's over hasty to decide that time machines can't be made!
Daru: Okarin... You've done it
Kurisu: ...Ermm
Kurisu: Well
Kurisu: Yeah
Kurisu: It's ok

Kurisu: Doing it as a discussion will make this lecture lively!
Okabe: Hmph
Daru: After that it was all about pulling down the other
Suzuha: ...That's just like Okabe Rintarou
Daru: ...Amane-shi
Suzuha: Hm, is something wrong, Hashida Itaru?
Daru: Is it that...this time machine

Daru: Can only go to the past?
Daru: It seems that you can only input data for time travels to the past
Daru: ...Like this, you can't go to the future
Suzuha: Hashida Itaru, you're really amazing
Suzuha: Ahaha, no no, really!
Suzuha: To think you understood that so quickly
Suzuha: At this rate you'll be able to repair it in the blink of an eye!

Suzuha: Even if I go to 1975... we'll be able to meet again, Hashida Itaru
Suzuha: 35 years would have passed for me
Suzuha: It may be a little long but
Daru: Amane-shi, you...
Suzuha: Keep it a secret from the others ok?

//no dialog

Suzuha: Hey, Makise Kurisu---
Kurisu: Don't you have to sleep?
Kurisu: You were searching for your father with Okabe all night, right?
Suzuha: I'm alright
Suzuha: You?
Kurisu: I have to finish the Time leap machine
Kurisu: If we don't have this Mayuri can't be saved right?

Suzuha: You heard about the attack?
Kurisu: Okabe told me
Suzuha: I see
Suzuha: He trusts you... a lot
Kurisu: By the way, you looked like you wanted to say something
Suzuha: There's something I want to ask you
Kurisu: What?
Suzuha: Are you interested in SERN?
Kurisu: -----!

Kurisu: In the future I'm called the time machine's mother...that means
Kurisu: That I'm a member of SERN that got near Okabe and Co. to get their time machine research---
Kurisu: That's what you're thinking right?
Suzuha: After coming to this epoch and watching you... I thought that you're not that kind of person
Suzuha: However, in the future it's like that, that's a fact

Kurisu: SERN's the best scientific organization in the world
Kurisu: As I scientist, I looked up to them
Kurisu: But now I know about SERN's other face
Kurisu: Okabe and Co. ... They hacked SERN partly as a game
Okabe: The proof of SERN's time machine research came out fuhahahaha
Okabe: Great job, Super Hacka Daru

Daru: It's not Super Hacka it's Super Hacker
Kurisu: ...I can't forgive them!
Kurisu: SERN's the best scientific organization in the world you know?
Kurisu: That they're doing secret experiments without announcing their results...
Kurisu: They're making fun of the whole scientific community!
Okabe: Assitant, read this please, you're the only one that can read english
Kurisu: ...10th Jellyman Report
Kurisu: Z program 4, experiment date January 28th 2005 13:05

Kurisu: Experiment Result Error
Kurisu: Human is dead, mismatch //I love this phrase
Kurisu: It is thought that he couldn't resist the infinite compression caused by the inmense gravity and the effects caused by passing through the singularity inside the Kerr black hole
Kurisu: The man's body was found in the form of soft jelly---
Daru: ...For real?
Kurisu: This are...time machine's
Kurisu(thinks): Human experiments---!?
Kurisu: Those reports added up to 14
Kurisu: That isn't the science I want...
Kurisu: I don't have any intention to go to the place of people who are a disgrace for all the scientists

Kurisu: Saying that I don't have any interest in the time machine would be a lie
Kurisu: But, I don't intend to use it myself
Suzuha: Why?
Kurisu: Because I think that would be denying the "me" that's living here right now
Kurisu: I'm the result of what a lot of "me"s chose
Kurisu: That's why I won't deny the past
Suzuha(thinks): But you

Suzuha(thinks): In that moment
Suzuha(thinks): I thought
Suzuha(thinks): that your smile was
Suzuha(thinks): the smile of someone who denied her past and said "Please kill me"
Suzuha: Makise Kurisu, you see, I
Suzuha: 24 years in the future
Suzuha: I tried to kill you
Kurisu: !

Suzuha: If you die, the future won't turn into a dystopia
Suzuha: And we're alone right now
Suzuha: ...just kidding
Suzuha: You died in an "accident" in 2034
Suzuha: Until then, you can't be killed, because the world converges there
Kurisu: Eh, I'll die in 24 years?
Kurisu: I feel like you said something amazing really casually
Suzuha: By the way, the day of my mission, I met your eye and failed to snipe you...
Kurisu: The person who ordered you to kill me was the resistance leader... Okabe?
Suzuha: No, Okabe Rintarou isn't alive in that epoch

Suzuha: He'll be killed by SERN 15 years from now
Kurisu: No way...
Suzuha: In the future, all lab members met with misfortune
Kurisu: I won't ever get into SERN

Kurisu: Neither Mayuri nor Okabe will die
Kurisu: The distorted world SERN desires will never be
Kurisu: By our choices the future can be changed
Kurisu: If this year is our chance to do that
Kurisu: to create the future as it should be
Kurisu: I'll do what I can as a scientist

Suzuha(thinks): I tried to change the world by changing the past...however
Suzuha(thinks): Makise Kurisu continues choosing in her present
Suzuha(thinks): Carrying her noble resarcher soul
Suzuha(thinks): To go to a certain future

Suzuha(thinks): The direction she wants to go isn't different to mine---
Kurisu: At any rate, I'm surprised
Suzuha: About what
Kurisu: About Okabe
Kurisu: He's got an 8th grader's disease...and is always saying stupid things
Kurisu: To think that he holds the key to change the world...

Suzuha: Do you like Okabe Rintarou?
Kurisu: Eh...
Kurisu: Eh
Kurisu: Eh? //love her face here XD
Kurisu: Whawhawha what are you saying, there's no way that I like him
Suzuha: There's Shiina Mayuri too
Kurisu: Ma...Mayuri is his childhood friend and not his girlfriend, he said so

Kurisu: ...but that's unrelated!
Kurisu: It's totally unrelated to me!
Suzuha(thinks): Makise Kurisu---
Suzuha: I...I got it so don't point the soldering iron to me
Suzuha(thinks): Might be... someone really cute and easy to understand //I agree
Kurisu: Maybe the reason why we met eyes in that moment 24 years in the future was
Kurisu: because you came and told me about the sniper here!
Kurisu: You shouldn't go and tell your enemy your most important secrets
Kurisu: Chic prophet
Suzuha: Wha
Suzuha: What!

Suzuha(thinks): Her existence is one shadow less inside me
Suzuha(thinks): It's not like the bonds have disappeared completely
Suzuha(thinks): However
Suzuha(thinks): I won't---
Suzuha(thinks): Be able to kill her... I just thought that

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