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Meteor-san Strike desu! 9

Suzuki Southern-Cross Arrived!!!

+ posted by Eru13 as translation on Apr 6, 2012 19:49 | Go to Meteor-san Strike desu!

-> RTS Page for Meteor-san Strike desu! 9

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Meteor-san Strike Desu! 9
//sd: side dialog, cd: corner dialog

Black & White cover
Suzuki: Meteor-senpai! I wasn't called for the group photo---!
Box: Sorry! I forgot to draw you... Takuji
//Omega's sign has the special thanks part

Chapter 9: Suzuki Southern-Cross Arrived!!! --- 005
Chapter 10: Rise, Hero!! --- 051
Chapter 11: Confession --- 096
Final Chapter: Meteor-san Strike Desu! --- 143
//as with last volume, translating the summary was a pain, so I didn't do it XD

Character Summaries:
//they're exactly the same as with last volume so you can go with those

Hiro(thinks): This is bad! There's no time!!
Hiro(thinks): There's 8 hours 25 minutes before classes end
Hiro(thinks): Before that...

Hiro(thinks): I have to see 100 panties!!
Chapter 9: Suzuki Southern-Cross Arrived!!!

Hiro: Special Move, Hero Typhoon!!
Girl: Hey---- Kobayashi!!
Girl's sd: I'll kill you
Hiro(thinks): Sorry... This is also to protect the Earth!!

Meteor: The 7th Problem
Meteor: Before classes end
Meteor: See 100 panties!!
Hiro(thinks): 100 Panties!?
Hiro: Another problem with panties!
Hiro: ---Rather, isn't this one harder than before!?
Meteor: The Super Zgadkan are coming...

Box: Let us explain! The Super Zgadkan are super bigger than the normal Zgadkan
Box: Super Strong!!
Arrow: Normal Size
Meteor: Therefore, a great quantity of "Love Waves" are needed to destroy them
Meteor: And to draw out a great quantity of "Love Waves"...
Hiro: The problem gets harder...
Meteor: Right, and this time there's an alien that'll will try to hinder you, Kobayashi Hiro
Meteor: You need to be prepared
Hiro: Eh!? Really!! (cd: The problem alone is tough)

Hiro(thinks): She just said "You'll understand later" and never told me anything but...
Hiro(thinks): Just who... maybe Omega!?
Hiro(thinks): No, it doesn't matter who comes!
Hiro(thinks): I'll just have to do what I can* for now!! (cd: *Flipping skirts)
Hiro: Special Move, Hero...

Suzuki: Southern cross gale wave!!!
Girl's sd: Hey are you alright Kobayashi...
Hiro's sd: Guoooh
Suzuki: Go away scoundrel! It's outrageous that you aimed for this maidens' underwear!!
Girl's sd: Eh
Hiro: Wha!?
Hiro(thinks): You rascal, where are you!?
Suzuki: Hahahaha! Where are you looking at!!

Hiro: Wha! He jumped!?

Suzuki: Suzuki Southern-cross Arrives!!! //yeah, his name is southern cross
Suzuki: Being with a wicked heart, in the name of the Southern Cross I'll defeat you!!
Girl's SFX: *ba-dump*
Suzuki: Hmph
Hiro(thinks): E----h!? It's weird to go "Ba-dump" now right! (cd: And he did this after breaking the glass!!)
Hiro(thinks): Huh! No way!!
Meteor: That's right

Meteor: This man will try to hinder Kobayashi Hiro's test
Hiro(thinks): Just as I thought!!
Suzuki: It's been a while, Meteor-senpai
Meteor: Yeah
Asterisk: She's talking through telepathy
Suzuki: Now
Suzuki: I'm sorry for the earthlings but this is my mission!
Suzuki: I'll stop you from fulfilling your ambitions!

Hiro(thinks): He's fast!!
Suzuki: Southern Cross Gale Palm!!!
Hiro: Guha!!
Suzuki: There's no rival for my fists!
Hiro(thinks): Ju,Just what is he... (cd: He...He's strong...)
Akai's sd: Hmmm

Big characters:{
After that...
Suzuki Southern-cross was always blocking Kobayashi Hiro's way!!
Suzuki's sd: Where are you looking at
Suzuki: Hmph
Suzuki: Hmph
Girls' sd: Kya~h
Suzuki: Hmph
Girls' sd: Southern-cross-sama
Hiro: Shit~~~ Damn that Southern-cross! At this rate I won't be able to see 100 panties...
Hiro: Moreover his popularity is increasing while mine's decreasing...
Akai: It seems you're having a hard time, Hero

Hiro: Akai
Akai: Yo
Hiro: ...Sorry but I'm in a hurry now, see you
Akai: How cold
Akai: Would you say the same thing after seeing this?
Hiro: ?
Hiro: This is!?

p14 //I'll go row by row from left to right, top to bottom
*My top 100 panties (No particular order)
Capture degree of difficulty AA from now on marked with (read note a substitute this with something)//ok, in here it says that they're marked with this kanji 攻 in a circle, for typesetting i guess it'd be better to use a circle or a star
1st row:{
2-C Kurosawa Yoriko
(check note) Low leg //this specific circle has a different kanji "珍" that means rare, i guess you should specify this somehow
1-A Saitou Shiori
2-A Honda Ryouko
2-D Saegusa Yuzu
2nd Row:{
2-A Kido Yayoi
3-A Toumoto Hikaru
(capture degree symbol) A
Kendo Master
2-A Fujimoto Kaede
2-D Kobato Kana
(capture degree symbol) AA
There's Yakuza
3rd Row:{
2-D Fujii Rika
She kinda looks like me...
3-D Kuze Minako
One of the 3 glasses beauties
3-B Kinoshita Sakurako
A loli with black panties
3-C Kawaguchi Sayo
4th Row:{
2-B Endou Harue
She's clumsy and falls a lot so it was easy
She's also the class rep
3-B Hayashi Shinako
1-A Fujimori Hiyori
1-D Ichimura Kaori //This one's kinda blocked by Hiro's finger, you might want to simulate that

1st Row:{
2-D Oono Maki
Certainly my choice
2-D Tanabe Yoshiko
(capture degree symbol) A
Arrow: Ladies
Not matching her face, cute panties
3-B Ishibashi Mika
1-D Fuyutsuki Renge
2nd Row:{
1-B Honjou Haruna
3-C Jinjuuji Kyouko
Oh, a T-back
1-D Abe Rin
2-A Nikaidou Ryouko
Tanaka said he'd give 1000 yen to see them (lol)
3rd Row:{
//can't see the first one
3-D Matsumoto Tama
2-D Oguchi Reiko
Has supernatural powers
2-D Niiyama Fuyumi
Arrow: She's wearing really erotic panties
4th Row:{
Rika //can't see last name nor class
3-D Goshogawara Hitomi
No comment...
1-C Ichinose Mai
1-A Saotome Ren
(capture degree symbol) AA
It seems she's a ninja
Male underwear!?
Hiro: ...
Hiro: A panties list!?

Hiro: And there's 100 here...
Hiro's sd: There's 4 pages
Hiro: You why... I mean, how did you get this?
Akai: I saw you and couldn't let that pass, if you have this you won't see one twice right?
Akai: I'm called an information dealer for something
Hiro: Akai...
Akai's sd: How I got that is a trade secret
Hiro(thinks): You talk about seeing them twice but as long as he's hindering me there's no meaning but...
3-D Kuze Minako
One of the 3 glasses beauties
A loli with black panties
Hiro(thinks): ..........however
Hiro(thinks): I'm on fire!!
Hiro(thinks): Now that it's turn to this I'll show him that I wasn't called "Hiro the flipper*" for nothing (cd: *His nickname during elementary school)
SFX: Ding dong dang dong

Hiro: Special Move, Hero Typhoon!!
Girl's sd: Kobayashi...
Hiro's sd: Ahahahaha
Girl's sd: I'll kill you
Suzuki: Kuh! I was a tad late...
Suzuki: Damn him, that speed, is he really an Earthling!?
Akai: No, he's a Hero
Suzuki: You are, Kobayashi Hiro's friend...

Akai: Here
Akai: This is the list of the Hiro's targets
Akai: Use this to ambush him or something
Suzuki: Wha!!
Suzuki: Weren't you his ally!? Why are you doing this!!
Akai: This is the reason <3

Hiro(thinks): This is going good!!
Hiro(thinks): If I continue like this I might be able to finish...
Hiro(thinks): However...
Boy's sd: You're doing great Hero
Boy's sd: Try with C class' Yuri-chan next
Hiro(thinks): The guys are enjoying this but
Hiro(thinks): My popularity with the girls is on a downfall...tohoho
Girl's sd: You're the worst
Girl's sd: Someone call Suzuki-kun
Hiro(thinks): Moreover the rumor is spreading and they're on guard...
Hiro(thinks): But, I have to do this!!
Yuzu: Hiro!!

Hiro(thinks): Yuzu...
Hiro(thinks): Kobato-chan
Yuzu: "Flipping skirts again"---
Yuzu: Are you stupid!? Stop immediately!! (cd: You'll be killed by the girls)
Hiro(thinks): Kuh!
Kana: Is there... a reason for this, Kobayashi-kun?
Hiro(thinks): What should I do!? There's no way they'll believe my reasons and the list includes Kobato-chan...
Hiro(thinks): But I can't...

Suzuki: Wait there!!
Suzuki: Suzuki Southern-cross arrives!!!
Hiro(thinks): He came---!!
Yuzu: You wait! We're talking with Hiro...
Suzuki: Do it later this man is dangerous...

Suzuki(thinks): H,How lovely!!
Suzuki: Step back, this pervert is also aiming for your underwear
Yuzu's sd: Wha
Hiro: Hey!!
Hiro: I,It's a misunderstanding, Kobato-chan!!
Hiro(thinks): ...actually he's right...

Suzuki: There's no use in arguing!!
Suzuki: Southern Cross Storm Strong Palm Wave!!!
Hiro(thinks): Guooh!
Hiro(thinks): What a wind!!
Suzuki: Hmph...It seems I got too serious
Suzuki: Ladies, are you alright?

Yuzu: You, was that on purpose...
Suzuki: No way... you're wrong!!
Hiro: ...
Hiro: That's a lie!!

Hiro: That was totally on purpose right!? You pervert---!!
Hiro: Let's put an end to this, have a duel with me after school!!
Suzuki: Hmm
Suzuki: Looks like you're really eager to die young...

Akai: So, the battle of the century is about to begin!
Girls' sd: Southern-cross-sama
Boys' sd: Hero Kobayashi!!
Akai: Kobayashi Hiro vs Suzuki Southern-cross, just who of them is this school's Hero!?
Akai: By the way, the comments will be done as always by me, Akai and---
Omega: A farce...
Akai: Tanaka Omega-chan
Suzuki: I'll praise you for not running away
Hiro: Hmph! Th,The same goes for you
Yuzu: That idiot, even though he's really bad at fighting...
Kana: Kobayashi-kun...
Akai: Fight!!

Hiro: Uwoooh!!
Akai: An instant kill---!! He's weak! He's overhelmingly weak, Kobayashi Hiro!! (cd: Are you really the main character, give me my money back)
Suzuki(thinks): As I thought he's nothing special...
Suzuki(thinks): Why is Meteor-senpai so...

Suzuki(thinks): The first time I met Meteor-senpai was---
Suzuki(thinks): When my planet was attacked by the space monsters when I was a kid
Suzuki's sd: Eek
Meteor: Meteor Bea----m!!

Suzuki(thinks): That day I...
Suzuki(thinks): Saw a god!!

Meteor: I see...
Meteor: So that's the reason why you got in the Administration Bureau of the Space Union
Suzuki: Yes! That's right!!
Suzuki: Meteor-senpai is the #1 hero in the universe!!
Meteor: No, I'm nothing compared to that man
Suzuki: Wha!
Suzuki: Who's that man!?

Meteor: "Kobayashi Hiro"
Meteor: He's...
Meteor: A Hero among heroes!!
Suzuki(thinks): No!!!
Suzuki(thinks): Senpai is being decieved, there's no way this guy is a "Hero among heroes"
Suzuki: Hmph
Suzuki(thinks): However, with this Meteor-senpai will open her eyes
Hiro: Not yet

Hiro: You won't defeat me with only that...
Suzuki: Hmm, you stood up...
Yuzu: ...
Suzuki: Then to show respect for those guts I'll show 1/10 of my power!!
Suzuki: Southern cross Gale Fist!!!
Suzuki: Southern cross Double Fang Attack!!!
Suzuki: Southern cross Gale Kick!!!
Suzuki: Now... to finish this
Yuzu: Stop it!!

Akai: Ooooh! An intruder has come in!!
Yuzu: The match's over!
Yuzu: No matter how you see it you've won!!
Suzuki: ...
Kana: Yuzu-chan
Hiro: I said "not yet" right...

Hiro: Move it... Yuzu...
Yuzu: Huh!? What are you saying, you're all worn out!
Hiro: Shut up! Don't interfere in a duel between men!!
Yuzu: I'm done! Die if you want, idiot!!
Hiro: I told you you won't beat me like that...right!?
Hiro: Come with all you've got!!
Suzuki: Then...
Suzuki: I'll have to hit you with all I've got!!

Suzuki's sd: Uwoooh
Suzuki: Southern Cross "Ougi" Gale Wave of the Great Wind God!!!!
Hiro: Uwaah!!
Hiro: ---But I was waiting for this wind!
Hiro: This is my bold sacrifice move!!

Hiro: Super Hero Typhoon!!!
Hiro's sd: Oh, What a view
Meteor: You pass!!

Meteor: Seeing 100 panties in the time limit...
Meteor: Splendid, Kobayashi Hiro!
Suzuki: Wait a second!!
Suzuki: This kind of underhanded methods aren't those of a Hero
Suzuki: And where's the Love in this!?
Meteor: Fool!!

Meteor: Don't you get it! Kobayashi Hiro's... no all the male students'---
Meteor: "Love for panties"!!
Suzuki(thinks): "Love for panties"!?
Guys' sd: Panties panties
Hiro: That's right! No matter how desperate the situation a man is in
Hiro: For the sake of a panchira his indomable spirit will rise... //panchira: a girl's underwear showing accidentally
Hiro: If---

Hiro: If you don't call that "love" then just what is "love"!!
Suzuki: It's my... loss
Boys' sd: Ooooh
Yuzu(thinks): This is too retarded!! (cd: Men...)
Meteor: However, this "love waves" are enormous... it should be more than enough
Meteor: I can release the "Fourth seal"
Hiro: the fourth seal?

Box: They don't notice what's behind
Hiro(thinks): That idiotic thing...
Hiro(thinks): Moreover

Hiro: She's not wearing anything... no
Hiro: It isn't attractive!! //This is a pun, not wearing underwear is said "Haite nai" here and not being attractive is "Haete nai", just in case you wanted to know

Hiro: ...
Hiro: It becomes like that (cd: Women just...)
Meteor: Hmph!!
Box: Like this, the Earth's peace was protected
Meteor: Super Meteor Kick!!
Box: However the Meteorite Monsters will continue coming
Box: Don't lose Hero, do your best hero, Until the day true peace comes to Earth!
Box: By the way, Hiro was punched to death by the girls afterwards...
Hiro's sd: Wasn't I punched too much today
Yuzu: You deserved it!!
Suzuki: Why me too
Circular Box: End of chapter 9

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