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Otoshite Appli Girl 3

Exciting Orientation

+ posted by Eru13 as translation on May 4, 2012 19:22 | Go to Otoshite Appli Girl

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Reserved for Trinity BAKumA. Don't use without my permission.
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//sd: side dialog, cd: corner dialog

Urumi: She's Mokuran-san, the gardener, get along with her
All: Ye---s
Band: Garden
Mokuran: I'm...Mokuran...
Mashiro?: Nice to meet you, Mokuran-chan
Mashiro?: Your hair is lo~~~ng, can I touch it?
Mokuran: E emm... Will you become my frie...
Chigusa: You're really tall
Ayame: I'm sorry about yesterday, let's get along
Urumi: Here! This one here is Mokuran-san!!

Title: Ver.3: Exciting (star) Orientation
Band: Garden

Box: Today is the awaited orientation!
Urumi: Ok, class is dismissed
Urumi: Clean your desks and move them over there
All: Ye---s
Box: In order for us apps to interact with each other we'll live together!
Mashiro: It's going to be fun right, Chigusa! What will we do?
Chigusa: It seems that playing Handkerchief Drop is commonly done //Hankachi Otoshi, a japanese game similar to duck goose duck, and she actually says mainstream, but I couldn't think of how to use it in this context, hipster chigusa is hipster
Mashiro: Handkerchief Drop?
Chigusa: It's a game where you constrict someone from behind using a handkerchief
Mashiro(thinks): How cruel can people become!?
Urumi: We won't play anything that bizarre, stop talking and move those desks

Mashiro: But it's my first time and I'm really excited! Sensei must have done it before though...
Urumi: It's also my first time
Mashiro: Eh? Why?
Urumi: Orientations are just a waste of time //this is actually chigusa immitating her
Urumi: I'll be absent and study at home
Chigusa: ...Isn't it something like that?
Urumi: It's just as if you had seen it!
Urumi: If you've finished moving the desks sit somewhere
Urumi: There's a message from the principal

Principal: Hello girls and Kurose-kun
Principal: Is the student downloading going well?
Urumi: Unfortunately I've only dowloaded 4 so far
Principal: I see, the number of participants will be lower than expected but it can't be helped
Principal: Help each of the students you download hereafter please, Kurose-kun
Urumi: Understood
Principal: The objective of this orientation is having the students and the professor interact with each other in order to strengthen the class unity
Print: Orientation //it's upside down
Principal: And one more thing, to learn about sociality by living together with humans, the itinerary I prepared is on that room so act according to it //not sure if sociality is actually a word, maybe social rules or something like that if it isn't
Principal: This orientation will be the first time you go outside the school
Principal: It's important to interact with humans other than Kurose-kun

Principal: The number of times you go outside will probably increase, just beware of the Download requirement coverage
Principal: Download is only possible in the school's premises where the sensor can reach
Principal: And the App Girl download system must go through maintainance once a day
Principal: Because of that, the download requirements reset themselves after 24 hours and you'll have to start from zero, please remember that
Principal: I'll explain this year's events next
Principal: The ball game tournament, the sketching contest, the excursion, the swimming meet, the cultural festival, the sports meet, outdoors school, the field trip, the chorus contest, mountain climbing, halloween, the party, the calligraphy contest, the cooking contest...
Urumi: Objection! There's so much events that there won't be any time for studying!
Principal: Kurose-kun, did you forget the reason why this school exists?
Principal: This school is for the App Girls to learn about sociality by living together
Principal: Events are essential to let them experience different things
Urumi: That's right but...
Principal: I know! Let's also have a "Doki (star) High-school girls only yakyuuken"! A sumo tournament would be good to! //doki=the SFX for a heartbeat, i think it's better like that, yakyuuken = a strip version of rock-paper-scissors
Urumi(thinks): To think that this is the principal

Orientation Itinerary
15:30 Classes End
15:40 Homeroom
16:40 Cleaning
17:30 Principal's speech
18:00 Dinner Preparations
Mashiro?: Dinner!
Mashiro: Let's do it!
Sign: Home Economics Room
Mashiro: ...Em, How do you do it?
Urumi: You pour hot water into this
Mashiro: I see, as expected from Sensei!
Urumi: Aaaah!!
Urumi: My dinner was...
Mashiro: We have to cook something, we have never cooked but since sensei is an adult...

Urumi: Sorry but I haven't cooked anything since the cooking training in Middle school!
All Three(think): A disappointing adult!!
Urumi: And we don't have ingredients, there's no supermarker nor convenience store close and the greengrocer has already closed
Mashiro: Convenience store?
Chigusa: We have some Bird meat
Urumi: Don't do that!!
Urumi: What do we do? If we only had some vegetables
Mokuran(thinks): ...Vegetables...

Sign: Home economics room
Sign: Mokuran's Vegetable Garden
Mokuran: Give me some... please...
Mokuran: ...Thanks...

Mokuran: At this rate we'll die from starvation!
Urumi: You're exaggerating to much!
Urumi: To begin with, it's nonsensical that you AIs have to eat and drink...
Mashiro: A---h, that app discrimination!!
Urumi: Oh...
Urumi: Mokuran-san
Mokuran: Emm...
Mokuran: ...This
Urumi: You went to pick some vegetables?
SFX: *nod*

Urumi?: Carrots
Urumi?: Potatoes
Urumi?: and Onions!
Mashiro: This are some nice humans! They look tasty
Urumi: They are carrots, carrots! //a pun, ninjin = carrot, ningen = human
Mashiro?: Amazing Mokuran-chan!
Mashiro?: We probably can make some vegetable curry with this
Mashiro?: You saved us
Mashiro?: Thank you, Mokuran

Chigusa: I searched online and I found how to make it
Mashiro: Great! We can do it like this
Ayame: Ok Sense, grasp that knife tighly! I hope you cut your fingers sometimes!!
Ayame's sd: Blood...Blood...
Urumi: I remove Ayame-san from the cooking group!
Urumi: Come with me!!
Mashiro: Hm? Sensei, where are you going?
Urumi: I'll go to my apartment for some rice and seasoning, I must have that much
Urumi: I'll be back soon so start cooking
Mashiro: Alright! Let's do this with enthusiasm!
Chigusa: Understood, Mashiro-chan
Chigusa: First---you cut the vegetables-- and put the ingredients into a pot---
Mashiro: The vegetables...

Computer screen: Boil the vegetables well
Mashiro: Eh....? Hate the
Mashiro: vegetables...?
Thought: Hate!? //again a pun, boil well: Nikomu, hate: nikumu
Mashiro: N,No way... Even if I'm concerned about the vegetables I don't hate them at all
Chigusa: We can't help it, let's hate them with all our might
Mashiro: You stupid potato! Being all full of holes!
Mashiro: It's your fault that, e-----m that happened, damn it
Chigusa: Onion... how many women have you made cry so far
Chigusa: You sinful devil... I'll strip you from all you have
Mashiro: Damn carrot... I'll do this to you!!

Mashiro: Why! This isn't working
Chigusa: Half-hearted pity won't work, we have to burn them with the flames of our hearts' hatred
Chigusa: Let's draw a magic circle and start the ritual
Mashiro: Yeah! And maybe one cursed doll wasn't enough
Urumi: Sorry I'm a bit late...
Urumi: What is this!?

Mashiro: Sensei~~~ We did our best but it was impossible, we don't understand the real meaning of hatred
Urumi: Why did I leave it to this girls... I hate myself from the past...
Mashiro: And the ingredients have gone to waste
Mashiro?: Eh...
Mashiro?: Maybe
Computer: Starting Application No. 09 Chef App. //Actually the literal translation was School Lunch Commitee Member, but I went with the name the previous translator gave her

Sora: I'm Sora, the chef!! Nice to meet you!!
Chef Sora
[Download Requirements]
Related to food
-A hungry person
-Profaning the ingredients
-An interesting ingredient
Mashiro: The chef!!
Ayame?: Food!!
Sora: Ok!! This is still usable!!

Sora: Nuooh!!
Sora: Da----h!!
Sora: Ka---h!!
Sora: Chee~~i!!
Sora: Alright!

Urumi(thinks): It's grotesque...!!
Sora: Hmmmm, I thought I should make it visually attractive but there's some things that need to be reconsidered!!
Urumi(thinks): Another weird one...
Sora: Hm!
Sora: Are you Kurose-sensei!?
Urumi: Y,Yes
Urumi's sd: She's big...
Sora: Sorry for my late introduction, I was immersed in cooking!!

Sora: This is Sora's special curry!! Eat it please!!
Sora: Everyone!!
Urumi: Ah...It's unexpectedly...
Urumi: Good
Mashiro: It's great <3 I'm so happy
Ayame: Even though you made it in such a short time... amazing
Mashiro: Ah--- It was delicious! Thanks for the food---
Sora: Everyone!!

Sora: There's seconds too!! Eat a lot!!
Urumi(thinks): You put that in too
Sora: Now that I think of it, oyster-raising is prosperous in this island!! I'll go for some now!!
Urumi: Wait a bit!!
Sora: Alright! I'll make tsukemono out of that plant's tentacles... //tsukemono = Japanese pickled vegetables
Urumi: Stop~~~!!
Mokuran's sd: Stop~~~
Urumi: Wait---!!
Urumi: Stop! She's quick!!

Urumi: Understood? We'll go back immediately if you don't behave
Mashiro?: Ye---s! It's my first time in a public bath! I can't wait~~~
Urumi: And filming is forbidden!!
Urumi(thinks): Maybe it's still too soon to bring this girls out in public
Woman: Kyaaaah
Woman: Save us!!
Woman: Eeek!!
Urumi: What's going on?

Woman: Kyaaah!! What's that pla...plant!?
Woman: It's disgusting!!
Urumi: You mustn't cause problems to the other customers! Ok!?
Mashiro: E----h, But
Mashiro: There's no one else here
Urumi: Aaaaah

Chigusa: E---i, Breast check
Mashiro: Chigusa, stop it
Urumi(thinks): To make the App Girls grow well...
Urumi(thinks): That perverted principal......hmm?
Urumi: Huh!? What's this!
Sora: It's Miso!!

Urumi: Stop that right now!!
Sora: Hm, Kurose-sensei, you don't like miso? You mustn't be picky about your food!! //http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Miso
Urumi: Why am I recieving a sermon!?
Sora: It's my new menu, I'm making dashi for a miso soup out of maidens and that strange plant!! To preserve the ingredients' flavor I'll put only a slight amount of seasoning as the finishing touch!! //http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dashi
Urumi: Ingredients!! Stop swimming!
Urumi: Sorry sorry sorry
Woman: It's a dream... a dream right, a dream...
Urumi: All of you, get out of the bath and change quickly!!
Mashiro: E---h! I want to stay a bit more!
Urumi: Silence!!

Sora: Alright! Sora will get out too!
Urumi: Especially Sora-san, you have to wait patiently after you change
Sora: What are you saying!! I'm finally outside!!
Sora: I can't stay still!!
Sora: I have to find some splendid ingredients to make the best food as soon as possible!! //sounds kinda like Toriko (never read it, but that's the point of that story isn't it?)
Urumi's sd: At least put a towel on
Sora: I'm sure I'll be able to accomplish a supreme flavor that no-one's ever eaten!!
Urumi: She really loves cooking
Urumi: I understand your passion for cooking but use more ordinary things, your curry was delicious you know
Sora: No no, that was because I had splendid ingredients!!

Urumi: Those were some vegetables that the Gardener Mokuran-san took from her vegetable garden
Sora: Hohoh!! To think that the person that raised those vegetables was in our class!!
Sora: Those vegetables were full of love!!
Sora: She's probably a very considerate person!!
Sora: I'd like to have a hot conversation with her!!
Urumi: Hm?
Mokuran(thinks): ...There was a person...that understands me...

Mashiro: Look!
Mashiro: The stars! They're beautiful!
Chigusa?: Amazing, It's my first time seeing them
Mashiro: UFO UFO
Mashiro: Ah look look
Mashiro: A shooting star
Mokuran(thinks): ...I wish...to become her friend
Mokuran(thinks): I wish...
Sora: Where's the shooting star!!

Sora: Shooting star!!
Sora: Oh! Sorry!! Are you alright!?
Sora: Can you stand up?
Sora: Take my hand

Sora: Hm? Something happened?

Sora: That must have been regretable!!
Mokuran: Eh...?
Sora: You couldn't say your wish 3 times, right!
Mokuran: No...but...
Mokuran: I probably...don't need to... make a wish to the stars
Mokuran(thinks): I'll try...talking to her a bit more...tomorrow
Box: Next morning
Dear Kurose-sensei
I'll go to China to search for a swallow's nest
Urumi: Sora-saaan!!
Ver. 3: END

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