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Translations: Gintama 565 by kewl0210 , Bleach 651 by cnet128 , One Piece 806 by cnet128

Steins;Gate - Boukan no Rebellion 17


+ posted by Eru13 as translation on May 18, 2012 00:23 | Go to Steins;Gate - Boukan no Rebellion

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Reserved for Trinity BAKumA. Don't use without my permission.
Steins;Gate Boukan no Rebellion 17
//sd: side dialog, cd: corner dialog

Letter:{ //I'll translate what's visible
Dear Okabe Rintarou

It's been a while. I'm Amane

To you it might have been just a few hours

Today is June 13th 2000.
About 10 years before you read this

I'll write only the conclusion.

I failed //repeat for 3 columns

I failed //repeat for 2 columns

Right now is year 2000
If you're readi

I failed.

When I remembered
Box: "I failed"
Box: Those words were repeated a lot of times in that letter she wrote one week before ending her own life.
Box: "I failed" "I failed" "I failed"
Box: Because of the failure in her time travel, she lost her memories, forgot her mission, and spent 24 years idle---
Box: The endless despair and regret she felt was left in every line she wrote
Title: Chapter 17: Gang (Bande)

Okabe(thinks): Why did it turn to this?
Voice: About the satellite? Yes I saw, it was wrapped in this light
Voice: In what direction did it fly... hmm...I can't describe it other way than saying it disappeared
Voice: Like this, all of the witness of the satellite of the Radio Information Center say that it suddenly disappeared
Voice: No traces of it were found even on the observation satellite's footage and like before it's surrounded in mystery
TV: Satellite Vanished

Okabe(thinks): That's right, the numbers
Okabe(thinks): How are the divergence meter numbers now
Okabe(thinks): It's no use...they haven't changed
Okabe(thinks): With this numbers the future won't change
Okabe(thinks): ...What to do?
Okabe(thinks): According to Suzuha's letter the failure was caused because it wasn't properly repaired...then
Okabe(thinks): Should I time leap to two days ago and make Daru try to repair it once more?
Okabe(thinks): No...
Okabe(thinks): What the 19 year old Daru can do in two days is probably limited to that
Okabe(thinks): Daru is certainly a super hacker, an excelent individual
Okabe(thinks): However, the time machine was completed after 26 years of gathering knowledge

Okabe(thinks): What should I do...?
Okabe: Mayuri
Okabe(thinks): I want to save Mayuri no matter what
Okabe(thinks): There's a way
Okabe(thinks): However that is...
Okabe(thinks): That is---

Okabe(thinks): No, this method is...
Okabe(thinks): Isn't there another way
Okabe(thinks): In which I can change Suzuha's fate and save Mayuri
Okabe(thinks): I must think of something...something
On an advanced notice of terrorism
The Yamate Line, Sobu Line, Keihintouhoku Line
Stop operations
Okabe: !
Okabe(thinks): The urgent news flash...this news are
Okabe(thinks): SERN's sealing our retreat paths
Okabe(thinks): They'll come soon to steal the Time Leap Machine
Okabe(thinks): I don't have time to hesitate

Okabe(thinks): I only have one option
Kurisu: Okabe, what are you trying to do!?
Okabe: Kurisu, you can remember dates accurately right?
Okabe: When was the party to encourage Suzuha?
Kurisu: 4 days ago, August 9th

Mayuri: Okarin, you're sending a D-mail?
Mayuri: But, if you do that...
Okabe(thinks): I know...but this is the only way
Okabe(thinks): Suzuha's letter said this too
Okabe(thinks): "If you can go back in time I'd want you to not stop me that day"
Okabe(thinks): That's right... repairing the broken time machine is impossible
Okabe(thinks): But, to begin with why did the time machine break?
Okabe(thinks): That's because the time machine was exposed to a thunderstorm the night of the Offline meeting
Cellphone: The tailing is
Okabe(thinks): However, if we didn't stop her that day, I'm sure Suzuha would have given up on her father and time traveled
Okabe(thinks): Yes, I know
Cellphone: The tailing is cancelled

Okabe(thinks): That would make the 4 days we spent together
Okabe(thinks): As if they "Didn't happen"

Mayuri: Okarin, our memories with Suzu-san will disappear?
Mayuri: Are you ok with that?
Daru: Okarin
Daru: Y...You can't
Okabe: Daru!?
Daru: Suzuha wanted to meet her father that much... she searched
Daru: In the end it was me but she was really happy
Daru: Y...You have to think this twice
Okabe(thinks): Daru, I'm sorry for making you cooperate without telling you all the details
Okabe(thinks): But, my objective is saving Mayuri
Okabe(thinks): For that, I don't care what I have to sacrifice

Okabe(thinks): I'll send the "Cancel the Tailing" D-mail...
Okabe(thinks): and cut our bonds with her
Okabe(thinks): With that, Suzuha won't have to spend 25 years in solutide
Okabe(thinks): And Mayuri will be saved
Okabe(thinks): ---Suzuha
Suzuha: Even if it was a short time, I'm really glad...I could be with you

Suzuha: I'll definitely do what dad tried to do so...
Suzuha: Please, change the world
Okabe(thinks): I won't tell you to forgive me
Okabe(thinks): However I'll continue with your will
Okabe(thinks): For the feelings and the wish of changing the world I've been entrusted with
Okabe(thinks): I'll
Okabe(thinks): Erase your memories---

Okabe: Uh
Daru: Okarin
Okabe(thinks): Aah...they're vanishing

Okabe(thinks): Our 4 days with Suzuha
Okabe: Aah...
Okabe: Uh...

Okabe: Ah...
Okabe: Aaaah
Okabe's sd: Haa haa
Okabe(thinks): Did I move to another world line?
Okabe(thinks): What happened to the divergence number?
Okabe: ...It's not here
Okabe(thinks): That's right, I recieved it yesterday
Okabe(thinks): Then Suzuha is...
Daru: He-y Okarin, you suddenly stood still, did you recieve radio waves or something?
Okabe: Daru!
Okabe: What happened to Lab member 008? Did she succeed?
Daru: Huh? Okarin what success, and who's 008...
Daru: Another character of your daydreams?

Okabe: Has the Yamanote Line stopped? Investigate it on the net please
Daru: Hey...I'm in the middle of a romantic kiss with Homuru-tan~~~ //probably a parody of Akemi Homura of Madoka Magica
Daru: Hmm, it seems it hasn't stopped
Okabe: Thanks
Okabe(thinks): The world line...changed

Okabe(thinks): Suzuha of 4 days ago
Okabe(thinks): You're probably crying after not being able to find your father in the time machine offline meeting
Okabe(thinks): But that's the way you'll be able to avoid the tragedy and is also your own wish
Okabe(thinks): Fulfill your mission this time

Suzuha: Uh...
Suzuha: Ah...
Suzuha: Uguh
Suzuha: He wasn't in the time machine offline meeting
Suzuha: Dad
Suzuha: Dad
Suzuha: Even though that was my last wish
Suzuha: Even though I thought I could meet you
Suzuha: Why
Suzuha(thinks): It's been 10 days since I came to this epoch... I have to end this detour
Suzuha: Uh
Suzuha: Uh
Suzuha(thinks): I'll go to 1975... and fulfill my mission
Okabe: She's there! The Part-time soldier!
Suzuha: Eh?
Okabe: After this---

Suzuha: Ah...
Suzuha: ...Ahaha What am I imagining
Suzuha: That... Okabe Rintarou was following me
Suzuha: He's not that meddlesome
Suzuha(thinks): If he did
Suzuha(thinks): What had I done

Suzuha: I'm here...
Suzuha: 1975's Akihabara
Suzuha(thinks): Now, let's get the IBN 5100 and give it to them in 35 years
Suzuha(thinks): That's my reason of living
Suzuha: ...!
Suzuha: A light...
Suzuha: One more time machine is coming!!
Suzuha: This form, it can't be...

Suzuha(thinks): SERN's---
Kayano: You did an annoying thing like time travelling
Kayano: It was really hard investigating where would you travel to
Suzuha: You are...
Kayano: Now, this is our final destination
Kayano: It's time for regret and repentance
Suzuha: The masked woman

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