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Otoshite Appli Girl 5

The weakest battle in history!

+ posted by Eru13 as translation on May 21, 2012 05:04 | Go to Otoshite Appli Girl

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Reserved for Trinity BAKumA. Don't use without my permission.
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//sd: side dialog, cd: corner dialog

Ver. 5: The weakest battle in history!

Fukahi: Alright! You lot!
Fukahi: Let's do our best and make some downloads!!
All: O----h!!
Sign: Occupied by the boss' group
Fukahi: Hey, have you prepared that thing
Chigusa: You mean the Yakisoba bread
Fukahi: Yeah, give that to me

Fukahi: Ga---h! The mustard!!
Mashiro: This is bad! The boss Fukahi has a sweet tooth! Boss take this!
Fukahi: Cough!!
Mashiro: What happened?
Fukahi: I told you to only give me drinks with no gas cough cough if they aren't I start coughing!
Ayame: Are you ok?
Chigusa: Then boss, to remove the bad taste try this Chigusa special magma juice
Fukahi: What's that made of!?
Fukahi: Stop that! Are you all that Senkou's spies... cough cough
Mashiro: Sensei...

Mashiro(thinks): Will she be alright alone...
Sign: Night duty room
Urumi(thinks): A download contest...as a teacher I can't loose!
Urumi: Kyan!!
Mashiro: Geez~~what are you doing sensei?
Chigusa: I caught that on camera

Urumi(thinks): I'm the loneliness queen, why am I bewildered?
Urumi: ...That's right
Urumi: I've always
Urumi: Been alone

Fukahi: We made you wait! Senkou!
Fukahi: Let's begin the download contest
Fukahi: The rules are simple, we keep fulfilling the requirements throughout the school premises
Fukahi: And the one that downloads more students is the winner
Fukahi: For every student downloaded you get 1 point, if both helped fulfilling the requirements then both get 0.5 points
Big characters: Battle start!!

Fukahi: victory goes to one who makes the first move!
Fukahi: For now let's try doing what every commitee or club does!!
Mashiro: Alright! Boss!!
Fukahi: The Janitor!
Fukahi: The science club!!
Urumi: The track team!!
Urumi: The breeder!! //Caretaker, I changed this one, the previous tl called it pet club
Box: Rice cookies

Voice: Neither one has points!
Fukahi: Damn it, even though I'm doing my best, why can't I download anyone
Urumi: It's weird
Girls(thinks): They're both useless!!
Mashiro: Hey, let's make a truce and prepare to go to bed
Mashiro: The sun's setting
Urumi: It's already that late?
Mashiro: That's right, the rest are already in the classroom

Mashiro: Hey Sensei, are you sleeping in the night duty room today too? Let's sleep together
Urumi: I don't want to, you're going to make some pranks on me
Mashiro: We're not going to do it anymore
Fukahi: You're in the Boss' group right! Are you betraying us
Mashiro: I'm not but it's more fun together--
Urumi: That's right, and before going to the public bath we have to report with the principal
Fukahi: Report with the old man!? Wait! Do it after our contest has ended...
Principal: Hey Kurose-kun, has the student number increased
Urumi: Not yet...
Fukahi: O Old man! Fukahi-sama will...
Principal: Good grief

Principal: I thought that you would work harder if I motivated Kurose-kun
Principal: But I seems I was wrong
Urumi: You've said too much!
Mashiro: Fukahi wait
Sign: Occupied by the Boss' group

Fukahi: Idiot, idiot, useless! Even though I finally got out
Fukahi(thinks): I always yearned after it
Fukahi(thinks): I wanted him to be happy
Fukahi(thinks): I wanted to be praised

Fukahi(thinks): And yet...
Fukahi: Uh
Fukahi: Fuwaaan!!
Mashiro: Sensei...the boss is...
Mashiro: She won't listen to us Sensei, please comfort her
Urumi: I!?
Urumi: Have to...
Urumi: Comfort someone!?

Urumi's sd: Uh---n Uh---n
Chigusa: Maybe it was too much for sensei who has 22 years of experience in being alone
Urumi: Th That's not true!!
Urumi: I'm a teacher!!
Mashiro: We beg you sensei. we don't understand
Urumi: ...? What?
Mashiro: Fukahi's emotions
Mashiro: her feelings toward someone special

Mashiro: We still don't have them
Mashiro: But sensei will surely be able to do it
Mashiro: We're counting on you
Mashiro: Sensei
Urumi: Mashiro-san...

Urumi: Fukahi-san! Come out
Urumi: I have...
Fukahi: Shut up, leave me alone!!
Urumi: Ah...
Fukahi: Y,You
Fukahi: Keep screwing with me!
Urumi: Buh!!
Urumi: Ow... now you've done it!!

Urumi: Take this!!
Fukahi: What are you doing senkou~~~!!
Urumi: I can say the same to you!!
Mashiro: Th this is the rumored pillow fight
Ayame: The boss has the disadvantage
Mashiro: Alright
Mashiro: Let's help the boss!!

Urumi: H hey you girls...
Chigusa: How classical
Urumi: Learn to hold back!!
Urumi: Don't throw people
Plant's sd: Tehe
Fukahi: Hmph, Do you understand how fearsome the boss' group is?
Fukahi: We couldn't settle our download contest so now let's have a pillow fight to see who's the best!!

Urumi: Th that's unfair! You have more people!!
Fukahi: What~~!?
Fukahi: Alright, stand back, you lot
Fukahi: Ok, it's one-on-one now
Fukahi: Take this!!
Urumi?: Wait a sec...
Urumi: Kyah!!

Urumi: My glasses...
Fukahi: To think that you'd show your back to the enemy! You coward!!
Fukahi: Wait...
Fukahi: Ah...
Urumi: Kyaah

Urumi: How dare you...I haven't even married yet!!
Urumi?: Wah!!
Fukahi: Hey...
Fukahi: Hyaaah

Fukahi: You perverted teacher!!
Urumi: I I can't see what's in front of me...
Fukahi: Wa---h!!
Urumi: Ouch... what's this
Fukahi: Sto, ahn

Fukahi: Jeeeeez! What's wrong with you!!
Urumi: Stop...
Fukahi: What's with that, you...
Fukahi: Are just a human...
Fukahi: Even though Fukahi-sama is
Fukahi: Way more useful for the old man...!

Urumi: What! You were also unable to download a single student
Urumi(thinks): What... What's wrong with her
Urumi(thinks): How can she so recklessly
Urumi(thinks): give her best for someone else's sake?

Urumi(thinks): For me, thinking about someone
Urumi(thinks): scared me and I was always alone
Both's sd: Ha-- ha--
Fukahi: Eh...

Fukahi: Wh what senkou!
Fukahi: Are you trying to pity your opponent!
Urumi: Shut up! I took it off cause it's hot!
Fukahi: ...
Urumi: Where did the power from just now go?
Urumi: If you keep weeping like that you'll never be of any use for the principal!
Fukahi: What!
Ayame: Sense...
Mashiro: Ayame, don't!

Ayame: But sense is...
Mashiro: This is their battle, you shouldn't interfere
Mashiro: The only thing we can do
Mashiro: is cheer for them
Mashiro: Now! Let's sing a song to cheer them!
Mashiro: Let's sing the App Academy's song!!
Urumi: Girls...

Song: The multicolored flowers that bloom throughout the school
Song: The app girls born from a computer
Song: Oh! The passionate maidens' fighting spirit
Song: Study together and fight each other sometimes
Song: Even if our underwear's design is different //I seriously lol'd at this
Song: The girls' heart is one
Song: That's the real pure soul, we are App Academy

Mashiro: Sensei do your best---!
Ayame: Boss!
Computer: Starting Application No. 7 Light Music Club App.
Urumi: Eh?

Renge: I I'm Renge from the Light Music Club
Renge: Nice to meet you all!
Light Music Club Renge
[Download Requirements]
People who require encouragement with music
-A rooters' song
-A passionate friendship
-A maiden's tears
Fukahi?: The download was succesful!?
Ayame?: You two did it!
Mashiro: Renge-chan, nice to meet you!
Renge: I was deeply moved by your passionate friendship!
Renge: I'll also give you this song as a present

Renge: It's a song for the maidens in love!
Renge: Please listen!
"Goodbye and...hello"
Lyrics/Music: REN

By the time this letter reaches you
I will not be in this world anymore
Those lined up shoes are my parting gift for you

We'll be together from now on, your back
I can't let go night night
You live in this despair called reality
You should come here too
I can't let go...I won't let go night night

Mashiro: Sensei~~~! Don't be hasty!
Mashiro: It's the first time I listen to a song this depressing
Fukahi: You! What are you trying to do! I can't stop crying!
Renge: S,sorry
Renge: I I chose the wrong
Renge: song again...

Renge: As I thought I'm a useless idol!
Urumi: I Idol?
Renge: Instead of making you happy I gave you a trauma!
Renge: Like this I'll never become a first-rate idol!
Ayame?: Ah!
Urumi: Renge-sa...
Principal: It seems the download contest ended up in a draw
Urumi: Principal...
Principal: Kurose-kun, well done
Principal: And Fukahi
Principal: You did your best too

Fukahi: I, It's not like I did it for you, old man!
Urumi: Eh--- Fukahi-san
Urumi: You've dared to say a lot of cheeky things today
Fukahi: What's that suddenly
Urumi: As your punishment
Urumi: You'll be in charge of reporting to the principal
Urumi: You have to report everything that happens in the day

Fukahi: To the old man...?
Mashiro: Good for you Fukahi
Fukahi: Alright! I'll tell you anything! What do you want to know?
Principal: Let's see... then to begin with
Principal: What's the color of Kurose-kun's underwear?
Principal: Pink? White? Maybe black?
Principal: What happened Fukahi, answer now
Fukahi: Y
Fukahi: Yo
Fukahi: You lewd teacher!! You seduced him again!!
Urumi: It's my fault!?
Download App Girl[1] END

Preview Page
Download App Girl Vol 2 Special Preview
To make the light music club girl, Renge, who ran away with negative thoughts, a first rate idol, Mashiro and the girls take action! And then the devil's hand of the sexual harassing producer is downloaded...!
Volume 2's Tags
REN(star) Worm Pessimistic Customize Perish! Sacrifice Swimming Contest Can't Change
Voice: The producer's words are absolute!
Renge: I'll try doing it! YO Worms!
Renge: H How's this?
Voice: Hohoh, polka dots, not bad
On sale in 2009!!

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