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Otoshite Appli Girl 6

Producing a Pessimist

+ posted by Eru13 as translation on May 26, 2012 21:35 | Go to Otoshite Appli Girl

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Reserved for Trinity BAKumA. Don't use without my permission.
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//sd: side dialog, cd: corner dialog
//Ok so Renge speaks in this really like slang-ish way, so if you can change her dialogs to look like that it might have a better impression, I'm not really good with english slang

2 Contents
Ver. 6 Producing a Pessimist---003
Ver. 7 I Can't Say Anything in the Mid-summer Beach---039
Ver. 8 When the Female Teachers Cry---071
Ver. 9 Rehabilitation's Bonds---107
Ver. 10 Doki(star) A Study Group Full of Idiots---143
Mashiro's right: Let's get along from now on
Mashiro's left:[
Concentrate on the classes!
D? E? -->
You don't have enough self-awareness as the principal

Ver. 6 Producing a Pessimist

Mashiro?: Fuaaah~~~ //yawn
Mashiro: The orientation's over so it's boring---
Chigusa: You're right
Fukahi: Hey you lot, move from there!
Mashiro: We seated here from the beginning

Fukahi: Shut up! From now on that's Fukahi-sama's seat
Fukahi: Fukahi-sama is on this group's top so the front row seats are appropiate for me!
Fukahi: Oh! I can see the blackboard really well! I can take as many notes as I want! Don't you start begging before the tests ok!
Mashiro: Even though it's the first day after an event, how diligent...
Chigusa: As expected from the boss
Urumi: Good morning
Urumi: Get on your seats we'll begin class
Urumi: I'll make you study properly from today on! You should learn from Fukahi-san and take classes more seriously
Fukahi: Serious!? Fukahi-sama is bad, she's the root of all evil!

Fukahi: Here look! I made 20 pages for the reading essay whose limit was 5 pages!!
Thought: She goes too far!!
Urumi: I'll take attendance
Urumi: Ayame-san
Ayame: Here
Urumi: Sora-san...is absent
Urumi: Chigusa-san
Chigusa: He-re
Urumi: Fukahi-san
Fukahi: Aye!
Urumi: Mashiro-san
Mashiro: He-re!
Urumi: Mokuran-san
Mokuran: ...Here
Urumi: Renge-san
Urumi: Hmm? Renge-san?
SD: Lulu~~ Lalala~~
Urumi: Renge-san is absent?

Urumi: Outside?
SD: Lululu~~Lala~~
Renge's sd: La~~~la~~~ to die peacefully~~~
Renge's sd: La~~~la~~~ you can just fall~~~
Urumi: Renge-saaan!!!

Urumi: Renge-san!
Renge: Hmm? Everyone's together
Urumi?: Don't be hasty, come down slowly, slo~~~wly
Urumi: What drove you this far? You shouldn't suicide
Renge: Suicide? No way---I don't want to do that
Urumi: Then why are you there instead of going to class?
Renge: That is

Renge: Dad told me that I must become a great idol that can bring happiness to people around the world!
Renge: To become a great idol I have to take singing and dancing lessons daily and make an effort that might even make me bleed!
Ayame: Bleed...? How wonderful
Ayame's sd: Haa haa
Renge: So!
Renge: In order to become a first rate idol I want to spend the class time to sing and dance!!
Urumi: That's too selfish
Mashiro: Alright, then

Mashiro: For the idol REN's sake let's make this a music class!!
Urumi's sd: Who's REN!!
Urumi: Is this primary school!!
Mashiro: She might be satisfied after one lesson and then take the other classes normally
Urumi: ...It can't be helped
Urumi: Then let's have a music class, Renge-san come down
Chigusa: You've become more colluding lately Sensei---
Urumi: I think there was an organ in the auditorium
Sign: Auditorium
Mashiro: It looks dusty

Urumi: It's there!
Urumi?: The sound equipment seems broken...How's the organ?
Urumi: It looks like we can use it
Mashiro?: Sensei you can play!
Urumi: I learned when I was little
Urumi: To begin with let's try singing the school song

Song: The multicolored flowers that bloom throughout the school
Song: The app girls born from a computer
Song: Oh! The passionate maidens----
Renge: ---Since when are the maidens this dirty
Renge: The wrinkles, white hairs and the makeup on their faces are increasing~~
Song: The worms killed by the raindrops That girl is the me of tomorrow
Song: The people who pass through
Song: Their indifference is killing me
Song: No one is crying for me
Song: I knew it, I knew it

Renge: I tried singing REN's special version from the middle! How was it?
Renge: Girls!?
Kanji: Corpses
Urumi's sd: Fufufu
Urumi: Continuing...living is just...
Mashiro: Sensei! Calm down!!
Chigusa: This is the first floor so she won't die
Big Characters: Down in the Infirmary
Box: Ayame-Fukahi-Mokuran Retire

Renge: Sorry...I did my best to please you all but it seems it backfired...
Renge: Instead of making people around the world happy I ended up throwing them into despair!
Renge: As I thought I'm not good as an idol---!!
Renge: There's no way this pessimism has the power to cheer up people--!!
Mashiro: Ren...
Mashiro: I know!

Mashiro: In order to make REN a first rate idol
Mashiro: Let's do a special traning together!!
Renge: B But
Mashiro: It's ok! Let's do our best together
Renge: Mashiro-san...
Renge: U Understood! To think that you'd do so much for me... thanks!
Renge's sd: Bring it on
Renge: I'll try to answer to any request!
Urumi: Hey, we're in the middle of class...
Chigusa: Sensei
Chigusa: Which are more important, classes or students?
Chigusa's face: Looks interesting
Urumi: It's so easy to understand that it's actually refreshing!!

Chigusa: A bright smile is essential to become a first rate idol!
Chigusa: So let's practice smiling to the camera
Chigusa: Ren-chan, smile please
Thought: So dark
Chigusa: A brighter one---
Renge: Bright bright
Renge: Smile smile

Mashiro: Her expressions are stiff
Urumi: A----h Geez! We told her to be brighter
Urumi: See like this!
Both: ...Sensei you can smile
Kanji: Far
Urumi: Wh what!
Urumi?: Her expression is a bit dark but to begin with Ren is cute so she the photos should look good
Mashiro?: Let's print them and check
Renge: Sorry for the trouble

Renge: Chigusa-san that was cruel!! You didn't take me!!
Chigusa: That's not true, look carefully
Chigusa: The focus is on the person behind you!!
Chigusa: Ren-chan's negative aura has let me take some valuable photos
Mashiro: Re Ren! Actually singing is the main point of being an idol, try singing now!
Renge: But...my songs are...

Urumi: Won't it be more difficult to darken a bright melody?
Mashiro: As expected from sensei!
Mashiro: Ren! Why don't you sing rap?
Renge: I'll try! YO Check it out! //or if you wan't to keep the engrish Chekera
Song: Marry and your soul will be exhausted you'll be on poverty and your spirit will wander... //it's a rap since she uses a lot of words that end with "kon" Kekkon =marriage, seikon = soul, hinkon=poverty, reikon=spirit
Urumi?: Sto---p!
Urumi: The lyrics! If the lyrics weren't there it wouldn't be so dark!
Renge: But how do you sing without lyrics?
Mashiro?: Ren, do you know what a human beatbox is?
Ren: Yeah! It's a technique where you do sounds with your mouth to make music

Mashiro?: Do your best Ren! It's a new beginning!
Renge: Yeah! Then...
Renge's sd: Broom
Urumi: A bike sound?
Mashiro: Wow Ren, what kind of music will that be
Renge's sd: Broom screech
Both: !
Renge's sd: Bam splatter
Both: Eh?
Renge's sd: Wee woo wee woo //sirens
Both: Noooooo!! They crashed!!

Urumi: Now! Dance! Try dancing!!
Renge: I'm not really confident in my skills but I'll try!!
Renge: H How's it?
Mashiro: Hmmm it's like...
Chigusa: It's no good, I only feel slightly irritated
Urumi: Chigusa-san!!
Chigusa: Move your arms as if you're hitting someone with a bat! Lower your center of gravity! That's no good! Imagine you've been fasting for a week!

Renge: How's this?
Renge?: Japane----se
Renge?: Look--!
Renge's sd: I'm really no good as an idol
Urumi: That's not true
Mashiro: That's right, you're doing your best!!

Mashiro: I know! Let's show everyone else how much you've grown with this training!
Chigusa: That's a good idea, let's hold a concert...
Urumi: But everyone's resting in the infirmary
Mashiro: This is the only way for Ren to recover her confidence! It's ok, it'll go fine
Renge: That's impossible! I haven't grown!
Renge: And that equiment... is broken and useless
Renge: This equipment is just like me!
Renge: It's just some abandoned useless piece of junk!!

Renge: Eh?
Computer: Starting Application No. 11 Science Club App.
Mashiro?: It's a new student!
Suou: I'm Suou from the Science club, nice to meet you girls and Urumi-san
Science Club Suou
[Download Requirements]
-Equipment that needs to be repaired
-A maiden in trouble
-Not having a scientific explanation

Suou: If it's some useless piece of junk you can just repair it
Suou: You too
Renge: Eh?
Suou: Even if you please everyone, if that's not your true self then you'll fail quickly
Suou: Don't deny yourself

Suou: Be yourself
Suou: Try again in a way that fits you
Suou: Believe in me and in the power of science
Renge: ...Ye
Renge: Yes!

Suou: I think this girl has a lot of potential, I want to customize her
Suou: I'll be your producer
Renge: R Roger!! I want you to make me into a first rate idol!!
Suou: It'll be a lonely journey!! Will you follow me?
Renge: Yes! Of course!!
Suou: The producer's words are absolute!
Renge: Yes!
Suou: Alright, well said, then, start by pulling up your skirt and showing me... (cd: Gaha---h)
Suou: What are you doing Urumi-san, I was only checking if REN has the qualities of an idol...
Urumi: How's that checking!

Renge: H How's this?
Suou: Hohoh, polka dots, not bad
Urumi: Renge-san, don't show him!!
Suou: Fu fufufu Urumi-san
Urumi: What!
Suou: I'm also a masochist! So your tsukkomi actually feel really good!!
Urumi: How nasty!
Suou: Everyone! REN and I have things to prepare so go get the girls from the infirmary and wait in the corridor
Urumi: Eh!!
Urumi: Ah, Hey!!
REN in Concert
~The messenger of despair~

Sign: //the same as in last page
Urumi: Is she alright?
Voice: Ladies and... Wait only ladies
Voice: Thanks for coming to REN's concert, please enter
Urumi: Th this is!!

p28 //no dialog

Song: Destroy Destroy! Everything that's detestable! Throw away what you don't need!
Song: Destroy! Destroy! The pines in your fried rice! Destroy! Destroy! I'll let you sink in a sea of blood
Mashiro: The agressiveness REN didn't have until now!!
Chigusa: Hmm? Ayame-chan?
Ayame: Uh
Ayame: Uh
Ayame: Uwooooh My blood's boiling!
Ayame: You lot! Start a riot

Song: Let's sacrifice this pure maiden!
Song: Putting the cross upside down... This night we're having a blood ritual!
Song: Carve it Carve it, this wound, this pain, and me!!
Song: *(There's no girl that's not covered in blood---!!) *chorus
Urumi: Ayame-san
Urumi: Took over---!!

Fukahi: A-ya-me! A-ya-me!
Mashiro's sd: Ayame-sama~~~
Urumi: You're getting excited now!
sd: Uwoooooooh
Renge: To think that I'd be jacked on stage, I'm really no good as an idol

Mashiro: Don't cry Ren~~~
Ayame: Ren-chan!
Ayame: Sorry about before
Thought: What a nice smile---!!
Ayame: When I heard Ren-chan's song
Ayame: I just felt power flowing out of my body
Principal: Become an Idol that
Principal: Can bring happiness to everyone...

Renge: I...Could be
Renge: of use to someone...
Mashiro: Great for you Ren!
Suou: See I told you
Suou: Believe in me
Suou: And in the power of science

Ren: Yes!
Ren: I'll be on your care from now on, producer!
Urumi: Ah!
Mashiro: She's smiling!
sd: Ren! Do a concert again!
Ren's sd: Of course
Suou: Now, to end today's concert why don't we go somewhere to eat?
Urumi: You sexual harassing producer!!
Ver. 6: END

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