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Hanamaru Youchien Special : Volume 6 Special

Hanamaru Yukata Appearance

+ posted by Eru13 as translation on May 26, 2012 23:05 | Go to Hanamaru Youchien

Reserved for CXC. Don't use without my permission.
Hanamaru Youchien Vol 6 Special Chapter
//sd: side dialog, cd: corner dialog

Sign: Steam Bath
Tsuchida(thinks): Some nice place opened in the neighborhood~~
Ryouta: Tsuchida, got you---!!
Tsuchida(thinks): I can't relax!!
Boy: Hya---h
Tsuchida: You're bothering the other clients so be quet ok...?
Ryouta: Don't be so strict (cd: this isn't the kindergarten!)
Boy: Tsuchida got you two
Boy: Rather, Tsuchida, don't come to this kind of place alone
Ryouta: Well, we'll keep you company so cheer up
Tsuchida's sd: Leave me alone
Tsuchida(thinks): This way it's just the same as in the kindergarten

Mayumi: Wah, it's big and clean! Nana-chan, hurry hurry!
Nanako: Ok ok~~
Mayumi: It seems there's a lot of different baths over there!
Title: Special Chapter Hanamaru Yukata Appearance

Nanako: This feels good~~~
Kusano: It seems there's a sauna and a stone sauna inside
Mayumi: I'll go to everyone of them---!
Nanako: Mayumi-- calm down a bit~~
Mayumi: Ehehe sorry
Kusano's sd: Fufu
Mayumi: ?
Kusano: Mayumi-chan's skin is springy and smooth, that's nice~~
Mayumi: That tickles
sd: Kyah kyah
Tsuchida: ...

Kusano: Nana-chan did your breasts grow again?
Nanako: Eh
Mayumi: You think so too?
Kusano: I'm jealous
Nanako: Eeh~~~
Nanako: If they grow any bigger the amount of clothes I can wear will decrease again
Mayumi(thinks): I want those problems!
Kusano: Why don't you grope Nana-chan's breasts? It may have some benefits
Mayumi: I see!!
Mayumi: Give me some of those breasts----!
Nanako: Kya------h
sd: Kya----h Where are you touching~~~ hehehe~~~
Tsuchida: ...
Ryouta's sd: There's a wall there
Boy's sd: Tsuchida?

Nanako: So they lend yukatas~~
Kusano: The rest area is like a theme park and you go around there with a yukata
Mayumi: I'll go in again!
Nanako: Just don't get dizzy~~
Kusano: We'll be resting somewhere (cd: See you later)
Mayumi: Ye--s!
Nanako: I'll dry my hair before going out
Kusano: Alright
All: Ah

Kusano: Tsuchida-kun you were here (cd: Yo!)
Tsuchida: Hi
Kusano: You came with the kids?
Ryouta: (cd: No no) He came alone so we were keeping him company!
Tsuchida: I ended up having to take care of this guys (cd: I was free too)
Ryouta: Mom said that they'd have some tea and go home!
Kusano: Your moms know how to use Tsuchida-kun
Kusano: !
Kusano: Come with me to the rest area over there!
Kusano: Tsuchida-kun, you can rest there for a bit
Boy's sd: Yay
Tsuchida: Is that ok?
Kusano: Fight!
Tsuchida: ?
Tsuchida(thinks): Even if you tell me that
Woman: Sorry for the wait
Man: Let's eat something there

Tsuchida(thinks): It's hard being alone here
Nanako: Oh~~
Nanako: Tsuchida-sensei, you came too
Tsuchida: Yamamoto-sensei!
Tsuchida(thinks): Yamamoto-sensei just came out of the bath...
Nanako: What a coincidence~~

Nanako: I came here with Kusano-sensei but...
Tsuchida's sd: Huh
Tsuchida: (cd: Ah) She said she'd look out for some kids for me...
Nanako's sd: My~~ You came with the children?
Tsuchida's sd: Emmm Well...
Nanako's sd: There was a lot of different baths~~
Tsuchida: ...
Tsuchida: If you'd like we could...
Nanako: Ah!
Tsuchida: Yamamoto-sensei?
Nanako: Tsuchida-sensei~~
Nanako: There's a footbath~~
Sign: Footbath

SFX: *splash splash*
Man: Are you alone?
Tsuchida: She's not
Nanako's sd: Welcome back~~
Man's sd: I see...
Man: So she's with her boyfriend
Tsuchida: !
Tsuchida: He said boyfriend, no way... (cd: Right?)
Tsuchida: ...
SFX sd: serious
Nanako's sd: Vanilla or Azuki...

SFX: *munch*
Tsuchida(thinks): She looks cute when she eats ice cream
Nanako: Is the Azuki one tasty?
Tsuchida: (cd: Oh, yeah) You want some?
Tsuchida: Ah but it's half-eaten (cd: You don't want that right)
Nanako: The azuki one is tasty too~~

Nanako: Eat some of mine too~~
Tsuchida: Eh!? no, it's ok
Tsuchida's sd: I can't do that
Nanako: Tsuchida-sensei it'll melt, it'll melt
Tsuchida: Uh Ah
Ryouta: Ah-----!! Tsuchida's eating ice cream!! (cd: That's not fair!!)
Boy: I want some too!!

Boy's sd: Hurry! hurry!
Kusano: Tsuchida-kun is really amusing
Nanako: Kusano-sensei~~ (cd: You were there~~)
Mayumi: That felt good
Nanako's sd: Welcome back~~
Mayumi: Ah Nana-chan's eating ice cream!
Kusano: They were selling it over there, it's my treat today
Mayumi: Great!
Nanako: I recommend the Azuki one~~
Sign: Steam
Mayumi: ...That's vanilla right?
Hanamaru Youchien [6] End

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