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Translations: One Piece 807 by cnet128 , Bleach 652 by cnet128 , Gintama 565 by kewl0210

Hanamaru Youchien 58

Hanamaru Mixer

+ posted by Eru13 as translation on May 29, 2012 17:56 | Go to Hanamaru Youchien

-> RTS Page for Hanamaru Youchien 58

Reserved for CXC. Don't use without my permission.
Hanamaru Youchien 58
//sd: side dialog, cd: corner dialog

Sign: Karaoke Everyone's forum //plaza, both sides say the same thing
Guy: Emm, the cafeteria's A-Lunch has a lot of volume and is tasty right
Girl: Ah, you're right
Guys: ...
Guy(thinks): I don't know what to talk about with girls
Guy(thinks): We're really hopeless
Mayumi: Eh~~~ So that's it
Bro: Look at this too
Guy(thinks): And yet for some reason

Guy(thinks): Tomoyuki, who wasn't really interested in this mixer, is having a lot of fun
Title: Chapter 58 Hanamaru Mixer

p3 //from here on Koume's bro is Tomo :D
Tomo: Koume~~
Tomo: Onii-chan is going out for a bit
Koume: Ye~~s
Anzu: He's in a good mood
Hii: It's the first time I've seen him smile like that for someone other than Koume...
Koume: Onii-chan made a new friend in a place called "Miksher"
Koume: It seems he's going shopping with that friend
Koume's sd: That sounds fun~~
Anzu: Mixer! Onii-chan is an adult!
Hii: Mixer...New on a day off...
Anzu: Ah

Anzu: It's a date! Onii-chan got a girlfriend in the mixer!!
Koume: Eeh~~~~~~!
Anzu: If she's his girlfriend then she's Koume-chan's onee-chan!
Anzu's sd: That's nice~~
Hii: Cool...
Koume: Koume's onee-chan...
Anzu: I wonder what kind of person she is
SFX: *pop* //not quite sure about this one

Anzu: I wonder what kind of girlfriend she is!
Koume: Onii-chan might get angry if he finds us~~
Anzu: It's ok it's ok! I hope she's a lovely girlfriend!
Koume: Y-Yeah!
Koume(thinks): We 3 could play house~~
Hii: Anzu-chan, Koume-chan...
Tomo: Did you wait?
Mayumi: No
All: !
It's the kind onee-chan!
Koume's sd: Yummy~~

Koume: That person is Koume's onee-chan...
Anzu: That's nice~~I'm glad for you!
Hii: ...But if I'm not mistaken that onee-san...
Hanamaru: Ya...Yamamoto-san...
Anzu(thinks): Ah----...
Hanamaru: Ah
All: ...
Hanamaru?: Uuh...
Mayumi's sd: I'll take a bite <3

Hanamaru: Yamamoto-san is having fun...
Anzu: Onii-san this was a shock right
Anzu: Koume-chan's Onii-chan is cool so you have no chances of winning
Koume: Sorry~~
Koume's sd: I'll give you this cherry~~
Hanamaru: ...
Hanamaru: I thought that time...
Hii: What happened...?
Hii's sd: Wipe your nose...
Hanamaru: Well, a while ago in the workplace...
Hanamaru: Eh, you went to a mixer!?
Mayumi: The girls from my circle needed one more person
Mayumi: I got free food!
Mayumi's sd: It was delicious!

Hanamaru(thinks): She went for the food, that's a relief
Hanamaru's sd: That's so like Yamamoto-san...
sd: Brr brr brr...
Hanamaru: Is it ok to answer your phone?
Mayumi: It's something personal so it's ok
Hanamaru: Her expression as she looked at her's date...She really hit it off with someone at the mixer...
Hanamaru: She'll eventually quit her job and they'll marry... If they move far away then...
Hii: Calm down please...
Koume: !
Koume: Onii-chan will go to another house?
Koume: If he gets a girlfriend onii-chan will go away?
Hanamaru: Ah, no, it might happen

Koume: No way...
Hii: It's ok...if this onii-san and onee-san get together everything's solved...
Hii's sd: It's ok, V...
Hanamaru: Eh, that's impossible!
Hii: Impossible...? Have you ever tried to do something...?
Hanamaru's sd: Huh
Hanamaru: !
Hii: Their ages are close and both are students... Koume-chan's onii-chan might have the advantage...
Hii: But are you just going to give up because of that?
Hii: You're the one that has been with onee-san all this time!!
Hanamaru: Y...You're right, you're right! I'll do it!
Hanamaru's sd: I mustn't run, I mustn't run!
Koume: Good luck~~~!

Hanamaru: Alright! Yamamoto-san!
Anzu?: Emm...
Anzu: They went outside!
Anzu's sd: Over there
Hii: Let's follow them...
Hanamaru's sd: Sorry...
Hanamaru: Then I'll try again!
Hanamaru: Yama...
Girl: Look look
Girl: Those two look good together~~
Tomo's sd: Can we enter that shop?
Mayumi: Ok
Hanamaru's sd: Wa~~~~h
Hii: It's not about the appearance, think about your time together...
Hanamaru: Ah, that's right! Yama...
Tomo: Which of this two clothes is better
Mayumi: I like (the one) Tomoyuki-kun (is holding) better!
Hanamaru's sd: Wa~~~h

Anzu's sd: Good luck
Hii: Good luck...
Koume: ...
Anzu: Is saying that you like her so difficult~~
Hanamaru: Uuuh...
Hii: ...Koume-chan?
Koume: Eh.. Y-Yeah...
Koume: ...
Anzu: Ah

Hii: Emmm Umm... my condolences...
Anzu: Koume-chan!

Koume: Onii-chan!
Tomo: Koume!
Mayumi: Koume-chan
Tomo: Why are you here...
Koume: Y-You see...
Koume: Koume doesn't want to be separated from onii-chan but
Koume: Onii-chan looked like he was having a lot of fun today...
Koume: I want onii-chan to smile so...
Koume: So...

Koume: Onee-chan! Please sleep with onii-chan!! //it can be embrace/hug too
All: ...

Tomo: Here Koume<3
Koume: ?
Mayumi: We came to choose some clothes for Koume-chan~~
Tomo: There was a store that was difficult for onii-chan to enter alone
Koume: It wasn't a date?
Hanamaru: B...But just now you
Anzu: (cd: ah, that's right) You kissed!
Mayumi's sd: It's Hanamaru-sensei
Hanamaru: Eek
Tomo's sd: Who's that?
Tomo: {
We were showing each others phones
Mayumi's sd: Look look
Mayumi's sd: Yeah
Hanamaru: I see~~
Tomo: I could talk a lot about Koume today so it was fun
Tomo: My other friends don't want to listen to me when I talk about my family!
Koume: Th-then...
Koume: Onii-chan won't leave the house...?
Tomo: ?
Tomo: Onii-chan will always be with Koume <3

Hii's sd: Onii-san fight...!
Anzu's sd: Bye bye!
Mayumi: Hanamaru-sensei was hanging out with Koume-chan and the girls (cd: You're so kind~~)
Hanamaru: It's not like...
Hanamaru: But I'm glad for Koume-chan
Mayumi: That's right this, we chose it with Tomoyuki-kun
Mayumi: You said you hips hurt so if you'd like take this zabuton so you can lay it on your chair... //zabuton: flat floor cushion used when sitting or kneeling
Hanamaru: Eh, Ah, Thanks!
Hanamaru?: Hau...
Hanamaru: I-If you like we can go eat something light now...
Mayumi: Ya---y, let's go~~

4-koma p1
Kakioroshi 4-koma
-Anzu Version-
Box: First year
Anzu: My dream is to become Tsucchi's wife<3
Box: Second year
Anzu: My dream is to become Tsucchi's wife<3
Tsuchida: Anzu's dream doesn't change
Sakura: That's not true
Anzu: At first I wanted Tsucchi to support me but now I want to work together with you!
Sakura's sd: See?

4-koma p2
1st 4-koma{
Anzu: Tsucchi let's take a photo together<3
Anzu: Tsucchi, peace!
Anzu: Smile!
Anzu: A photo with Tsucchi, I'm so happy~~<3
Anzu's sd: Ehehe~~<3
Tsuchida's sd: It's cute that she's happy for just a photo
Anzu: To finish let's make my eyes bigger! Whiten my skin! Change the color of my hair!
Tsuchida: You're cute enough like th...
Anzu: Tsucchi, you be quiet! (cd: There's no time!)
SFX: //sfx for a button pressed
2nd 4-koma:{
Anzu's sd: Photo<3 photo<3
Tsuchida: Sit here please
Anzu(thinks): This time Anzu has to give her seat!
Anzu: Grandma, please sit on Tsucchi's lap!

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