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Translations: One Piece 807 by cnet128 , Bleach 652 by cnet128 , Gintama 565 by kewl0210

Hanamaru Youchien 60

Hanamaru Supporter

+ posted by Eru13 as translation on May 31, 2012 21:43 | Go to Hanamaru Youchien

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Reserved for CXC. Don't use without my permission.
Hanamaru Youchien 60
//sd: side dialog, cd: corner dialog

Hina: Starting tomorrow I'll go with father to Okinawa (cd: I'm looking forward to it~~)
Anzu: Okinawa! That's nice~~!
Anzu: We also went to the sea, it was fun!
Anzu's sd: Yah--!
Koume: We picked up shells~~Played watermelon split~~
Koume's sd: Shell shell
Hina: That sounds fun~~
Anzu: We played a lot with Tsucchi too~~...
Anzu: ...Hina-chan?
Hina: (cd: Ah) I'm sorry
Hina: I just thought that I haven't met Tsuchida-sensei once since summer vacations started...
Anzu: ...

Boss: I can't wait to go to Okinawa
Bald's sd: Okinawa~~
Yakuza's sd: Okinawa~~
Hina: ...
Yakuza: Boss, there's a call for you
Boss: Yeah
Boss: Our destination has changed, instead of Okinawa we're going to the Hanamaru Pool
Yakuza: Eeh----!!! (cd: But it's tomorrow----)
Title: Chapter 60 Hanamaru Supporter

Boss: Hinagiku, can you do something for me
Hina: Understood
Hina: Haa... //sigh
SFX: *step step*

Tsuchida's sd: That Anzu using me as her goofer
Tsuchida: Oh
Hina: Tsuchida-sensei!
Tsuchida: Hina! What a coincidence!
Tsuchida's sd: Are you a bit tanned?
Anzu: It went well!
Boss: To think she was lonely because she hadn't met Tsuchida-sensei

Boss: If not for Anzu-chan's call I would've never noticed
Koume's sd: The kind men came~~
Yakuza: It's a shame we didn't go to Okinawa, but if it's for the miss!
When I went to invite Tsucchi, Satsuki-oneechan was there too so I had a bit of trouble...
Anzu's sd: Let's go somewhere tomorrow
Tsuchida's sd: But Satsuki's here...
Satsuki: I have something to do tomorrow so go ahead
Satsuki's sd: Anzu-chan, want to eat something before you go?
Anzu's sd: Hurray<3
Tsuchida's sd: Oh, what is it, you never told me
Anzu: I'm glad onee-chan is kind
Koume: Hinagiku-chan was happy too~~
Anzu: But Tsucchi alone isn't enough so let's go to support those two!!
sd: O-------h!

Tsuchida: You come to the pool a lot?
Hina: No, it's my first time coming~~
Hina: We always go to Okinawa on summer
Tsuchida: Eeeh
Tsuchida: I came with Anzu and the girls, do you want to play with them?
Hina: With Anzu and the girls...
Yakuza: But they're finally alone!
Hii: Anzu-chan start with the plan...!
Anzu: Aye aye sir!
Voice: (cd: Ding dong) Tsuchida-sama Tsuchida-sama, A message from Anzu-sama
Voice: "Tsucchi, actually we'll go home, bye bye!"
Tsuchida: Huh?
Tsuchida: The left me alone... (cd: They're horrible)
Hina: ...

Hina: Emm...Umm...I'm also alone right now...
Tsuchida: Then let's go around the pool together!
Anzu: Did it go well?
Hii: Good!
Sign: Wave poo
Sing: Wave
Hina: Kyah
Hina: Even though it's a pool it feels like the sea~~
Hina: Did you play like this with the second year children in the trip?
Tsuchida: We picked up shells and played watermelon split
Hina: Hinagiku also wanted to do that with you~~

Hii: Mission start! Hinagiku-chan wants to pick up shells and to play watermelon split!
Yakuza: But doing that in the pool...
Anzu: It's ok! Here, this!
Bald: ?
Hina: Tsuchida-sensei, what is that?
Tsuchida: Hm?
Hina: Oh, we can pick up shells now~~ (cd: Pools are amazing~~)

Anzu: Hina-chan is happy!
Anzu's sd: Yay
Yakuza: Success!
Bald: Why did I have to do this... (cd: What's with this mask)
Koume: Koume made that~~ (cd: So that they can't see your face)
Koume's sd: Ehehe~~~
Anzu: Next is watermelon split!
Anzu's sd: Here!
Bald: Again!?
Boss: Are you going to ignore Anzu-chan's feelings towards Hinagiku
Bald: D...Do you want to split a watermelon...
Hina: So pools have a lot of services (cd: I want to try that~~)
Tsuchida: Is that right

Hina: Hah
Hina: It splitted~~
sfx sd: Beep beep
Lifesaver's sd: What are you doing on the poolside
Cat: Ah, not good
Bunny: Let's run
Hina: Today I'm being able to do all the things I wanted to do, it's a dreamy day~~
Tsuchida(thinks): Just who are those men with the masks
Hina: ...I also heard this from Anzu-chan
Hina: That you jumped to the sea to save a girl who was drowning
Hina: I wanted to see Tsuchida-sensei's gallant figure
Both: Now go ahead
Tsuchida: Impossible Impossible!!
Hina's sd: My~~<3

Cat: Hey it's your chance to show her your gallant figure!
Cat's sd: Fight fight
Tsuchida: That wasn't me and I'm afraid of heights...
Cat: Tsuchida-sensei doesn't seem like he'll jump (cd: Shall we throw him?)
Bunny: ...
Bunny: Are you ok with showing your student such an uncool side?
Tsuchida's sd: Ah
Tsuchida: !
Tsuchida's sd: Th...This is for Hina
Cat's sd: So uncool!
SFX: //some sort of sound the plank does
Tsuchida: Hi-----na-----
Hina: Tsuchida-sensei are you alright?
Tsuchida: mm...

Hina: You were fantastic
Tsuchida: ...Thanks
Nanako: Oh~~
Nanako: It's Tsuchida-sensei and Hinagiku-chan~~
Satsuki: Onii-chan!?
Tsuchida: Yamamoto-sensei! Even Satsuki...
Anzu: Eh
Hii: An unxepected situation...!

Nanako: We became friends when she spent the night at my home~~
Tsuchida: I see~~
Anzu: Aah, Tsucchi's making a loose face! (cd: Just when everything was going fine--!)
Bald: If he makes the miss lose face he'll pay for it
Satsuki: You're Hinagiku-chan, right? Do you want to play with us?
Satsuki's sd: It's boring being alone with Onii-chan right
Tsuchida's sd: You're cruel
Hina: Umm, it's about time I go back with father
Hina: Thank you very much for today
Anzu(thinks): It's hopeless now!!

Tsuchida: I'll stay with Hina today!
Nanako: Is that so~~Then see you in the Kindergarten~~
Satsuki: Onii-chan, see you later!
Tsuchida: Then let's conquer the rest of the pools!
Hina: ...Yes

Tsuchida: Eh, it's Anzu and the girls
Hina: Father!
Anzu: E-Emm No Umm
Boss: Hahaha what a coincidence
Tsuchida: Didn't you go back...
Anzu: I-It's not like we were watching you...

Hina: I'm glad we found you!
Hina: Now that we're together let's play!
Tsuchida's sd: Well it's ok
Hii's sd: I'll play
Koume's sd: Yay let's play~~~
Hina: Thank you very much for today
Yakuza's sd: Here!

4-koma p1
Kakioroshi 4-koma
-Hiiragi Version-
Anzu: Why does the kid lunch have a flag?
Hii: It comes from making an allusion of the rice to Mt. Fuji where the mountain climbers set the national flag on the summit...
Koume: What is this?
Hii: It's a voucher cup... The cylinder is cut diagonally so that it becomes difficult for it to roll over...
Anzu: Hii-chan knows everything!
Hii: There are thing I don't know too...
Hii: I can't know how much space I have in my stomach until I eat...
Hii's sd: I can't eat this cake...
Tsuchida: I'll eat it so you can leave some
Hii: Sorry...

4-koma p2
1st 4-koma:{
Box: Hii-chan loves reading
Hii's sd: Let's read this novel today...
Kids' sd: Wah-- wah-- kyah-- kyah--
Kids' sd: Wah-- wah-- kyah-- kyah--
Tsuchida: What are you doing there?
Sign: Rabbit Hutch
Hii: Reading...

2nd 4-koma:{
Tsuchida: So you were looking for a place to read
Tsuchida: Then you can use the staff room
SFX: Silent
Hii: Thank you very much...!
Tsuchida: I'll be working on my desk
Tsuchida's sd: *hrrm mrmm* //Murmurs

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