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Last Ranker −Be The Last One− 2

Reason for Strength

+ posted by Eru13 as translation on Jun 3, 2012 17:02 | Go to Last Ranker −Be The Last One−

-> RTS Page for Last Ranker −Be The Last One− 2

Reserved for Utopia. Don't use without my permission.
Last Ranker -Be The Last One- 2
//sd: side dialog, cd: corner dialog

Box: The young man who abandoned his home town, Cantalera, to go on a trip, Zig---
Box: What kind of fate awaits him---
Zig: I'm here.
Big characters: Fight---to be the last one! The manga of the popular PSP software "Last Ranker"
Zig: This is

Zig: The capital, Ghandoar.
Big characters: That's the world were you're given everything and have everything stolen---
Guy: Look.
Guy: Oh, that might be good.
Merchant: We'll sell it all this time.
Merchant: Move! Move!!
Battler: What's my rank after this?
Manga: Ueda Satoshi
Supervision & Collaboration: Capcom
Organization: Shikiyagi Fuuki

Box: Combat Association Bazalta Branch Office
SFX: *rub*
SFX: *rub*
Man: Welcome to the Combat Association Bazalta---!!
Man: Today's registrants are
Man: You two.
Man: "Salvatore's Ren"!!
Ren: Yes!!
Man: "Cantalera's Zig"
Zig: Yes.
SFX: *smile*
Zig: !
Man: I hope you're prepared and determined.
Man: Then the pledge.

Both: Under the flag with the sword of Koken---
Both: We will seek strength and live to fight.
Both: We will try to do meritorious service---
Both: We will become the cornerstones of this stronghold and become a great force-----
Both: We will obey the ancient principles...
Both: We---

Both: pledge here!!
Zig(thinks): With this I'm a warrior of Bazalta.
Zig(thinks): From now on I'll spend my days fighting...
Zig(thinks): I'll become stronger than anyone here---!
Ren: I'm glad we could say the pledge properly!!
Ren: I was pretty nervous!!
Ren: Zig-san!! We're from the same class...
Zig: ...!?
Zig: Same class?

Ren: Yes!! From the same class and...
Ren: Rivals.
Ren: Let's do our best from now on!!
Zig: ...
Zig(thinks): What was that...

Pod: Yo Zig.
SFX: *Step*
SFX: *step*
Pod: Congrats!!
Box: {
Bazalta Sentinel
Pod: Could you say the pledge properly?
Pod: With this you've finally become a ranker.
Zig: Who're you?
Pod: It's me, Pod, Pod.
Pod: The guy you beated as soon as you got here!! Have you forgotten.
Zig: Ah---now that I think of it.
Zig: To get into Bazalta I had to beat someone first...
Pod: That's right!! And I became your referral!!

Pod: ---Jeez, to think that you'd forgotten the face of the person who was the reason you got in the association...
Zig: S...Sorry.
Zig: But that was.
SFX: *gulp*
Pod: If you want to get in the association you have to beat me...
Pod: Guhaaah
SFX: *Gulp*
Zig: That didn't leave an impression...
Zig: I mean I didn't feel much resistance.
Pod's sd: Uwoooooooh.
Pod: It's fine, it's fine, I'm destined to be always in the worst ranks.
Pod: I'm being called a mere show muscle head...
Pod: You can all just use me as a stepping stone.
Zig: ...
Pod: Ah
Pod: By the way Zig!! Did you know?
Zig(thinks): He recovers quick.

Pod: You were together with a girl called "Ren" right?
Zig: Yeah.
Pod: They say she's from the "Salvatore Royal Family".
Zig: Salvatore?
Pod: Don't you know?
Pod: A long time ago the Salvatore royal family played a core role in the foundation of the association.
Pod: And that girl Ren has inherited that Salvatore's blood.
Zig: ...
Zig: Then that girl is a princess...?
Pod: In this times, she won't become that...
Pod: In any case the most important thing in the association is your strength.
Pod: But the Salvatore family couldn't bring someone strong so in the end they were ruined...

Ren: Zig-san and I are from the same class.
Ren: We're rivals.
Zig(thinks): A ruined country's descendant...
Pod: Well at any rate, a descendant of the Salvatore registered in the association.
Pod: This'll become a good rumor...
Pod: Ah but I'm the one who'll spread it.
Zig: ...
Pod: Come Zig.
Pod: I'll take you to the lodging house!!
Box: Lodging House---
Pod: This are the large rooms were the low rank rankers sleep.
Pod: Well, it's a bit dirty but you won't notice after a while!!
Pod: Ah, this is Zig's bed!!

Zig: By the way Pod.
Pod: Hm?
Zig: What do I have to do
Zig: To get a higher rank quick here in Ghandoar?
Pod: ...I see...Zig, it seems you have a big desire for improvement...
Zig: Well, let's start by reading the letter you got from the association!!
Pod: 95000--- Zig, that's your rank right now!!
Pod: Well, you beated me and I'm in the lowest ranks so it was inevitable.
Zig: That means, about 95000 rankers are above me...
Pod: That's it

Pod: Listen well Zig, to get a higher rank here in Ghandoar
Pod: There's two ways:
Pod: One are
Pod: Ranking Battles.
SFX: *gulp*
Zig: Ranking battles?
Man: That's right.
Man: A lot of rankers gather here in Ghandoar.
Man: If you challenge one of them
Man: And win you get his rank.
Man: Those are ranking battles!!

Zig: Then that means that if I challenge a high rank ranker and win my rank will go up at once?
Pod: Well logically that happens but it isn't that easy~~~.
Pod: Your ranking is constantly updated by the Combat Association Bazalta and you can fill in with the info of the rankers you've met by yourself
Pod: So you can know about the opponent's traits and rank.
Pod: Your opponent also has access to that information so
Pod: If you suddenly challenge a high rank ranker they'll easily refuse because of your low rank!!
Zig: So...even if you have the strength, if your rank is low they won't accept your challenge.
Pod: The upper you go the more the rankers try to protect their own ranks...
Zig: In the remote case of them losing to a low rank ranker and falling that drastically that'd become a serious matter.
Pod: So even if you want to have a ranking battle
Pod: You'll normally challenge someone who has a rank close to yours...

Zig: ...
Zig: It seems that getting a higher rank isn't that straight forward...
Zig: Pod.
Zig: What's the other way of getting a higher rank?
Pod: Come!! Let's talk about that in the plaza
Pod: That way will be easier to understand for you!!
Zig: ?
Box: I want you to search for a medicinal herb called Manchi. People interested should come to the Pedlar Ur.
Box: I need you to gather some raw materials for the development of a new product. People interested should come to the Pedlar Caun.
Zig: Pod,
Zig: This are?

Pod: This is the "soldier recruitment public board" AKA the "Training Board".
Pod: In this board there are various requests posted, from killing a beast to searching from something.
Pod: And this is the other way to get a higher rank I wanted to show you
Pod: "Training"!!
Zig: Training?
Pod: You know that in this Ghandoar, other than the rankers who live to fight
Pod: Live a lot of people who do various types of business, right.
Zig: Yeah
Pod: This non-rankers can become clients and bring all sorts of requests to the rankers---
Pod: And the rankers can choose one of those requests that fits their rank
Pod: And by fulfilling that request they earn a reward.
Pod: That's "Training".
Zig: A reward?
Zig: Money?
Zig: Well, mostly.

Zig: I came here to become stronger, not to get money!!
Pod: ...
Pod: From what I've seen your sword...
Pod: Seems to be pretty used, since when are you using it?
Zig: This is...
Pod: If you want to get to a higher rank...
Pod: I don't think this sword will be of much use against a famous ranker...
Zig: ...
Pod: Even if you think it's unnecessary, if you have money you can buy better and more powerful weapons.
Pod: That will help you to get a better rank!!
Zig: ...
Pod: ...Well, it's not like I'm in a position to say any of this...
Pod: For now just try, you have nothing to lose!!

Pod: And...the association is also involved in training
Pod: There's a lot of requests from the association
Zig: From the association...
Pod: Emmm
Pod: Wait a sec.
Pod: Look!! Zig look there!!
Pod: They're looking for a low rank ranker here!!
Box: Exterminate the great mad bull that appeared in the Tolo wasteland.
Zig(thinks): Exterminate the great mad bull that appeared in the Tolo wasteland Reward... 300 ranks.
Zig: I see, interesting.
Pod: Oh!! You want to try now!!

Pod: Alright, then go tell the clerk that you want to participate!!
Zig: ...Thanks...Pod.
Zig: ...You're...a good guy...
Pod: What!! Looking after the rookies
Pod: Is part of the low rank rankers job!!
Pod: Leaving that aside, good luck on your first training, Zig!!
Zig: Yeah!!
Box: Tolo Wasteland
Zig: Tsuaaaah!!

Zig: Alright!!
Zig: Mission Complete!!
Zig: Now I just have to report that I've beaten it...
Man: Whew, well done.
Man: You're the association's new recruit Zig right...

Zig: ...
Zig: I might be.
Man: Hey hey, don't look at me with that scary eyes!!
Man: My name is Vincer, //Binzaa
Man: I'm a ranker like you.
Man: However
Man: I'm your senpai!!
Man: Lend me your ears for a while, why don't let this senpai take credit for killing that beast...
Zig: ...
Man: Well...You can consider it as your greetings for me!!
Zig: ...
Zig: I refuse!!
Man: Ah~~~~Ah This rookies can't be helped,
Man: They treat their senpai coldly and have no manners...

Man: Then this Hammer-user Vincer-sama will...
Man: Show you what a hierarchical relationship is!!
Zig: What about hierarchy?
Box(right): Zig
Man: N...Nothing...
Box(left): Hammer-user Vincer (Allias Mere show Vincer)
Box: Bazalta Branch Office
Clerk: Congratulations on Completing your training!! Let me give you your reward!!
Box: Zig
Zig(thinks): Alright, this is a good omen!!
Zig(thinks): I'll climb to the top with this pace---

Box: However, one week later---
Zig: After that I did a lot of training and ranking battles.
Box: {
Ranker Comparison Chart
High Rank 1~~100
Middle Rank 101~~5000
Low Rank 5001 or lower
Box: Zig's current Rank 93271.
Zig: I've only gone 1500 ranks up.
Zig: I won't stop being a low rank ranker soon.
Pod: There's no need to rush!! Zig!!
Pod: If you're strong your rank will go up by itself.
Zig(thinks): Pod said that but...
Zig(thinks): Damn it!! Is my strength only this.
Zig(thinks): The strength I seeked so much that I abandoned Cantalera is this much...
Zig: ...
Zig(thinks): What's that sound...

Ren: Oh!!
Ren: Isn't it Zig-san!! I haven't met you since the pledge!!
Ren: What's up? Are you on a walk this late?
Zig: ...Maybe.
Zig: I could ask you the same, are you always training this late?
Ren: Yes, to be able to fight ferocious beasts or powerful men
Ren: I have to be devote myself daily to this...
Zig: ...

Zig(thinks): Now that I think of it...
Zig(thinks): What's her rank now.
Zig(thinks): 83310!!
Zig(thinks): She's about 10000 ranks above me!?
Ren: Zig-san...
Ren: Have you asked someone about my family?
Zig: ...
Zig: ...yeah...maybe...
Ren: Aren't you thinking that it's weird for a person from a royal family to enter Bazalta?
Zig: ......
Zig: Well, if I said that I'm not bothered by why you desire to become strong that much I'd be lying...
Ren: ...
Ren: I'm trying to become strong

Ren: To revive the Salvatore house!
Ren: That's the reason why I entered the combat association!!
Zig: The house's revival...
Ren: Yes, if you become one of the best rankers
Ren: That's not a dream.
Ren: And...
Ren: And that was my late father's last wish...
Zig: ...
Zig(thinks): She's trying to become strong to get her home back...
Zig(thinks): The complete opposite of me who abandoned my village...
Ren: ...
Ren: Zig-san...Can I ask you too?
Ren: Why are you trying to become stronger?

Zig: Why?
Ren: That's right... after you have gotten stronger...
Ren: Zig-san, what do you want to do?
Zig: ...
Zig: I wonder...
Zig: Right now I don't have the time to be thinking about that.
Zig: Right now, I'll aim for the top---- only that!!
Ren: ...

Box: Lodging House
Zig(thinks): What I want to do after becoming strong huh...
Man: Hey! Did you hear? The contents of the next training for low rank rankers...
Man: Yeah, it's dealing with an "Ivinos" right!! //Ibinosu
Man: Killing an Ivinos is usually for middle rank rankers, right.
Man: Can people like us hope to beat an Ivinos?
Man: Hey, what's an Ivinos!?
Man: !!... Idiot, don't you know that?
Man: Ivinos are creatures that live all over the place since ancient times...
Man: Their form varies, where do they come from, how do they live... their sole existence is a mystery.
Man: They're said to be atrocious so if you're not really strong you won't beat them.

Man: Oh yeah, I heard that.
Man: That Salvatore girl Ren is going to participate in that training!!
Zig(thinks): Ren is.
Zig: Hey, has the deadline for applications to that training passed?
Man: They're going tomorrow so if you go right now it should be fine...
Zig: ...
Zig(thinks): Alright...look!!
Clerk: Today we have 9 participants for the Ivinos extermination.
Clerk: However only the person who beats the Ivinos' Boss will recieve the reward, are you ok with that?
All: Yes!!
Box: {
Ivinos Extermination
Ren: I didn't think Zig-san would participate in this training,
Ren: It's the first time we're on the same training!!
Zig: ...maybe.

Ren: But remeber that even if we're from the same class I won't hold back,
Ren: I'll be the one who beats the boss!!
Zig: ...Just how I wanted it.
Man: It's come!!
Man: It's the Ivinos!!
Box: Ivinos Pixo
Man: Th...this is an Ivinos...
Man: It came from a mysterious sphere...

Ren: Haa
Ren: Taaaah
Ivinos: Gyaiiaaoun
Ren: I'll go on first!!
Ren: Zig-san!!
Zig: Tch
Zig(thinks): Like I'll lose!!
Zig: Take this!!
Ren: Haa

Zig: Haa
Zig: Haa
Ren: Haa
Ren: Haa
Box: Ivinos Berska
Zig: It seems this is the Ivinos' boss...
Ren: Yes,
Ren: And it seems we're the only two who made it this far!!

Ren: Zig-san I'm sorry but I'll kill the boss!!
Ren: Disappear! You grotesque thing!!
Ren: !!
Ren: No way,
Ren: I can't hurt it
Ren: !! Kyaah ah

Zig: Ren!!
Ren: Kuh...I only...let down my guard for a sec.
Ren: This much...is nothing!!
Zig: Don't move!!
Zig: Stay there!!
Ren: Th...That won't do...
Ren: I...I...swore to my dad!! That I'll definitely revive the Salvatore----!!
Ren: Even if it costs my life---!!
Zig: ...Ren.
Ren: Father, hang in there!!
Dad: Haa haa... Ren...The Salvatore are over with my generation...
Dad: You... should live free without being binded by the Salvatore...
Dad: Haa
Dad: Haa

Ren: Don't worry...father,
Ren: I will definitely protect the Salvatore.
Ren: Look
Ren: Father.
Dad: Th...That pattern in your body...
Dad: It's the crest handed down in the Salvatore.
Dad: Why do you...
Ren: I have tattooed my pride as a person of the Salvatore house...
Ren: The family's pride, everyone's feelings, I'll definitely revive the Salvatore royal family!
Dad: ...What a...woman...to make you...
Dad: Haa
Dad: Haa
Dad: Do so much...!!
Dad: Cough
Dad: Cough cough
Ren: F,Father,
Ren: Don't speak anymore!!
Dad: ...Ren,
Dad: Haa
Dad: Haa
Dad: My...dear...daughter...
Dad: You are...my

Dad: Pride...
Ren: Father----!!!
Ren(thinks): That's right... no matter what happens, in this crest's name I can't lose...
Zig: Damn it, no matter how much I cut it I can't damage it!!
Zig(thinks): ...Doesn't it have a weak point...!!
Zig(thinks): Wait,
Zig(thinks): Maybe...
Zig(thinks): This things weak point is somewhere we can't attack it.
Zig: !!
Zig: Damn!!

Ren: !!
Ren: Zig-san!!
Ren: ...
Ren: Zig-sa...
Ren: Ah...
Ren: Ah...

Ren(thinks): Oh...Oh no...
Ren(thinks): Because I'm so incompetent, Zig-san was...
Ren: L...Like this,
Ren: Reviving the Salvatore is...!!
Zig: Don't give up!!!
Ren: !!
Zig: ...You have something...
Ivinos: !!
Ren: You must accomplish no matter what right...
Ren: Y...Yeah.
Zig: I also have...the wish of becoming...
Zig: Stronger than anyone...
Zig: So...

Zig: I can't lose
Zig: In this kind of place!!
Ren: Zig-san!!

Zig: Now!! Ren!!
Zig: Aim for its stomach!!!
Ren: !?
Ren(thinks): Stomach!!
Ren: Understood!!
Ren: Zig-san!!
Ren: Haaaah----!!!

Ren: Flash VIII!!! //flash eight
Ren: Thank you,
Ren: Zig-san

Ren: We could win because Zig-san found the Ivinos weak point...
Ren: So Zig-san, recieve the reward!!
Zig: I refuse...
Ren: Eh...
Zig: Ren...You were the one who killed it,
Zig: I don't have the right to recieve the reward
Ren: ...But
Zig: Leaving that aside, you asked right...
Zig: Why am I trying to get stronger...
Ren: ...
Ren: Yes
Zig: Well I don't know what will happen in the future but...
Zig: I've got an objective for the meantime,
Zig: That is...catching up with you in the ranking...
Zig: And overtaking you
Zig: Because...

Zig: We're from the same class...
Zig: And rivals... it seems...
Ren: ...
Ren: Yes!!!
Ren: I won't lose!!
Voice: ......

Box: Bazalta Headquarters
Voice: With that...
Voice: We end today's ordinary meeting.
Woman: Hey Roza...
Woman: A descendant of the Salvatore has done the pledge...
Roza: Yes...
Roza: So it seems.
Man: The other one who entered with her...
Man: Is apparently quite good...
Woman: Will they come this far...
Voice: I wonder...
Voice: That depends on them doesn't it?

Voice: Fufu I want them to meet...
Voice: This Seven Knights personally...
Box: Bazalta Combat Association Seven Highest Ranked Members
Box: Allias Seven Knights
Big Characters: The most powerful people have finally appeared!! A storm might come on December's issue!?
Box: Hass Rank 1 //Haasu
Box: Absent Barbaro Rank 7 //Barubaro
Box: Yuri Rank 2 //Yuuri
Box: Zebriller Rank 4 //Zeburira
Box: Roza Rank 3
Box: Norma Rank 5 //Nooma
Box: Sengoku Rank 6
To be continued on December's issue.

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#1. by Tiranofrome ()
Posted on Jun 3, 2012
thanks for reviving the series , its really nice
#2. by PROzess ()
Posted on Jun 3, 2012
Good manga.
Good to see someone's continuing it :)
Keep it up~

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