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Translations: One Piece 907 by cnet128 , Gintama 686 (2)

Hanamaru Youchien 62

Hanamaru Multiplayer

+ posted by Eru13 as translation on Jun 3, 2012 22:23 | Go to Hanamaru Youchien

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Reserved for CXC. Don't use without my permission.
Hanamaru Youchien 62
//sd: side dialog, cd: corner dialog

Satsuki: Onii-chan, stop playing games! Breakfast is ready!
Tsuchida: Yeah...I'll save after I clear this dungeon...
Satsuki's sd: Geez.
Satsuki's sd: That was a delicious meal. //gochisou-sama, any equivalent in english?
Satsuki: ...
Satsuki: Geez Onii-chan, you get no breakfast!!
Tsuchida: Ah, I'll stop I'll stop!

Title: Chapter 62 Hanamaru Multiplayer

Tsuchida's sd: Sorry sorry
Satsuki(thinks): ...Is that game so interesting.
Satsuki(thinks): ...Now that I think of it at school...
Guy's sd: Me too
Guy's sd: Give me one water map
Yagi's sd: Ok
Satsuki: It's like all of you are playing a game. (cd: Is it popular now?)
Yagi: Tsuchida-san!
Yagi: An epic game came out, this series is really interesting!
Satsuki: Eh
Yagi: Tsuchida-san, you don't play games?
Satsuki: I?

Kaya: Sacchin hates games, right!
Kaya's sd: Good morning!
Masaki's sd: Good morning.
Satsuki: Kaya! Masaki! (cd: Good morning)
Satsuki: I don't hate them it's just...
Masaki: I don't want him to only play games and look at me.
Yagi: What are you talking about?
Kaya's sd: I play it too.
Kaya: But if you played with him, Onii-san would be happy!
Kaya's sd: Let's play together!
Satsuki: ...
Satsuki: ...Is that game so interesting?
Tsuchida: Y-Yeah...

Satsuki: ...Then I might try it too...
Tsuchida?: ...Emmm...
Satsuki: I choose "New Game"...
Satsuki: What name should I give it?
Tsuchida: "Satsuki" is ok.
Tsuchida's sd: I put my own name too.
Satsuki: Mm...Ok...
SFX: //button pressed sfx
Satsuki: Changing the face...
Tsuchida: I'll change it, I'll make her just like you!
Satsuki's sd: I don't look like that!
Tsuchida's sd: Upupu

Tsuchida: The equipment is ready so let's go to a dungeon.
Satsuki: (cd: Eh) I don't know the controls well yet...
Tsuchida: Don't separate from me after we leave the city.
Tsuchida: I'll protect you.
Satsuki: ...Yeah!
Satsuki(thinks): Onii-chan looks somewhat cool now.

Satsuki: How did things become so different in only one week.
Satsuki's sd: So uncool...
Tsuchida: Uuh...
Satsuki: Are you properly choosing your skills and your job class? You have to elaborate a battle way and tactics...
Tsuchida: Wahwahwah
Tsuchida: One week! In one week we'll play multiplayer again! I'll be serious next time!!
Satsuki: It's ok but... (cd: It's just a game, don't take it that seriously)

Satsuki: Ok but if I'm still stronger next time you'll do anything I tell you!
Tsuchida: Alright!
Tsuchida: I won't lose next time!
Tsuchida: That happened so teach me how to train my character!
Ryouta: It's ok.
Ryouta's sd: This always happens.
Kenji: You lost to your sister who just started playing, how bad are you with games.
Kenji: For now let's go on an adventure together.
Ryouta: Tsuchida bring me my DS, it's in the unused classroom!
Tsuchida: Yes!
Tsuchida's sd: Oh...
Ryouta's sd: I'll go with Kenji-kun!
Kenji's sd: Let's go get some experience.

Tsuchida: You two are cool!
Kenji: You think so?
Ryouta: If you do quests you get strong equipment.
Tsuchida: Eh, I see.
Tsuchida's sd: Let's do it then.
Kenji(thinks): He hasn't played at all.
Boy: Tsuchida you're weak so be the rearguard.
Tsuchida's sd: Ah, yes!
Tsuchida's sd: Ah, a treasure chest.
Coffin's sd: Save me--
Anzu's sd: Kya----h<3
Anzu: Found Tsucchi! What are you doing~~?

Kenji: Why do you do useless things like "stealing" if you're weak!! (cd: You can go die as many times as you want!)
Ryouta: We told you to stay in the back without doing anything!
Tsuchida: But that's boring.
Anzu: ?
Hii: He spent his skill points without thinking, he'll have troubles later...
Kenji: I'm also worried about his partner's job. (cd: He probably didn't think of balancing them.)
Kenji's sd: Lend me that.
Tsuchida: Ah, that is.
Koume: Wa~~h she's cute~~
Anzu: She looks like someone.
Boys' sd: Uwah

Kusano: What are you doing so secretly?
Box: Kusano-sensei and Yamamoto-sensei appeared!
Tsuchida: !
Tsuchida: No emm.
Kusano: It's me, I'm cool!! (cd: She looks strong!)
Nanako: This is me~~? (cd: Amazing~~)
Tsuchida(thinks): A non-gamer reaction
Kusano: But this is that,
Kusano: I wonder where did those feelings you had when you sold your game went.
Kusano: You're working and not playing on your free time?
Tsuchida: I sold that game
Box: A hit of regret!
Asterisk: *Reference to Volume 6.
Anzu: Tsucchi, what happened? Are you ok?
Ryouta's sd: Leave him alone.
Tsuchida's sd: I have no way to answer to that...
Kusano's sd: Upupu

Anzu: Anzu loves Tsucchi just as he is!
Tsuchida's sd: I'm sorry for being like this.
Tsuchida's sd: Thanks...
Box: Anzu brushed Tsuchida's head! Tsuchida cheered up a little!
Nanako: Ufufu
Tsuchida: Yamamoto-sensei?
Nanako: I just thought "Tsuchida-sensei is a genius when it comes to play with the children"
Box: Yamamoto-sensei's Goddess' smile!
Box: Tsuchida has completely recovered!
Kenji: Let's continue on Tsuchida's house.
Ryouta: I'll bring the game guide.
Ryouta's sd: So buy me some candy.
Tsuchida: Thank you!
Anzu's sd: Anzu'll go too.
Kusano: I can't tell who's the teacher anymore.

Satsuki(thinks): By playing a game I got an unexpected promise.
Satsuki(thinks): What should I ask him to do.
Tsuchida(thinks): I'l definitely win next time!

Tsuchida: See, this is me being serious!
Satsuki: No way...
Tsuchida's sd: I did it I did it
Tsuchida: Eh?
Tsuchida's sd: Was it that big of a shock?
Satsuki's sd: Ha----... //sigh
Tsuchida: Sa...Satsuki?
Satsuki(thinks): Just when I thought we could go to the amusement park.

Tsuchida: ...sorry.
Tsuchida: I was so happy that Satsuki continued playing games...
Satsuki: It's more vexing if it's actually fun!
Tsuchida: By the way, if I won you would do anything I asked, right?
Satsuki: Eh.

Tsuchida: Let's go to the amusement park!
Tsuchida: I was the only one who had fun this time...
Satsuki: If you don't want to we can just...
Satsuki: You're forbidden to play games in the amusement park!

4-koma p1
Kakioroshi 4-koma
-Koume Version-
Woman: We have some new Panda Cat steamed buns, would you like some?
Tomo(thinks): Koume will be happy!
Tomo: Give me one please.
Koume: I'd feel bad eating it~~
Koume's sd: It's too cute...
Tomo: Y-You're right!
Tomo(thinks): It failed!

4-koma p2
1st 4-koma:{
Tomo: It's cold today and to avoid catching a cold let's dress warmly.
Koume: Ye~~s
Tomo: Just gloves won't be enough...
Tsuchida: Koume, did you catch a cold? (cd: You're wearing a lot of clothes)
Koume: Not yet~~
2nd 4-koma:{
Tomo: I made some panda cat puppets~~
Koume: Wa~~h!
Tomo: I'm the black panda cat, I'll do bad things to everyone~~
Koume: Black panda cat isn't like that...
Tomo: Eh!
Koume: I'm the black panda cat, I'll do bad things to everyone--!
Koume's sd: Wah
Tomo's sd: So cute--<3

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