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Hanamaru Youchien Special : Volume 7 Special 1

Hanamaru Manga

+ posted by Eru13 as translation on Jun 4, 2012 22:28 | Go to Hanamaru Youchien

Reserved for CXC. Don't use without my permission.
Hanamaru Youchien Vol 7 Special 1
//sd: side dialog, cd: corner dialog

Anzu: Wah, you're good drawing~~
Hii?: Draw panda cat next!
Hanamaru: Here
Anzu: Wa------h!!
Koume: Wow, it's identical!
Anzu: You're like a mangaka!
Hanamaru(thinks): I draw panda cat's manga (cd: I don't tell them since they wouldn't believe me)
Anzu: Then can you draw this?
Anzu's sd: Here!
Hanamaru: What do you want me to draw next?
Anzu: You see...
Hanamaru's sd: Ok...
Hanamaru(thinks): I came to draw a name so why did it turn like this...

Witch: Humans, I'll steal your energy and destroy the earth!
Anzu: I won't let you do that!
Anzu: Makeup!
Title: Special Chapter (1) Hanamaru Manga
Anzu: Cutie warrior arrives!!

Anzu: Kyah, Anzu's dreamy!
Hii: Anzu-chan you're cool~~
Anzu: And Anzu's weapon is a wand!
Anzu's sd: Like this!
Anzu: Flower Healing Escalation!!
With: Gyaaaaah
Anzu: I can't beat her that fast! It needs a climax!
Hanamaru: Eeh
Box: You see, the special move won't work the first time!
Witch: That move is useless!
Witch's sd: Ohohoho
Anzu: Kya----h
Anzu: I don't have enough strength, it's hopeless...
Tsuchida: Don't give up!!

Tsuchida: Believe in your power!!
Tsuchida's sd: Hahaha
Anzu: Masked Tsucchi-sama<3
Box: Anzu and Masked Tsucchi were married in their previous lives! The story of their romance starts now<3
Tsuchida's sd: Hahaha
Hanamaru: ...And the enemy?
Anzu: Ah, that.
Box: Then the enemy can be the mother-in-law
Witch's sd: I won't let you be with my son if you can't even clean O---hohoho!
Anzu's sd: Mother...
Hanamaru(thinks): The transforming heroine story became an afternoon drama
Hii: A super development...!

Anzu: In the beginning she's cold to Anzu but~~ after she notices their deep love in the end...
Hanamaru: (cd: Ah) Let me hear more about that story next time!
Koume: ...
Hanamaru: Koume-chan, do you want me to draw you something?
Koume: Y-You see~~
Koume: No, it's embarrassing~~
Koume: ...Koume likes animals~~
Hanamaru: Yeah.
Koume: And Koume thought about a new animal that she thinks it'd be nice if it existed~~
Hanamaru: What kind of animal?
Koume: You see~~ It's small and fluffy and cute like panda cat~~...

p6 //no dialog, this teen koume looks a bit like satsuki

Anzu: Koume-chan thought about it?
Koume: It's a forest sprite~~
Hii: It's cute...
Hanamaru(thinks): I want to use it for my manga.
Koume: And then...
Box: She meets it again in a rainy day,
Box: Then a cute animal bus comes.

Anzu: I know! The bus attacks the forest sprite!!
Bus(destination): Hell
Bus: Fugyagyafugya---h
Koume: Kya-----h!!!
Anzu: Then Koume-chan transforms and solves everything!
Koume: Hawa---h
Sd: Sorry~~

Koume: They're all friends~~
Koume: But the transformation is lovely...
Koume: geez~~
Anzu's sd: Sorry
Hanamaru(thinks): I suddenly started drawing at Anzu-chan's pace.
Thought: Genius storyteller!!
Hanamaru(thinks): But this might be a chance to listen to what kids like firsthand.
Hanamaru: What kind of stories do you like, Hii-chan?
Hii: I like all novels and manga regardless of the genre but...
Hii: How about a business manga that keenly portraits the real condition of a nearby business circle.
Hanamaru(thinks): This suddenly became difficuly.

Anzu: Try eating this please.
Voice: It's just a normal omelette rice.
Omrice: Panda C
Voice: For now let's eat it.
Satsuki: What a mild taste! The egg's flavor is spreading in my mouth!
Tsuchida: The ketchup rice and the tomato sauce bring each other's flavor and both stimulate the apetite!
Anzu: Eggs bring out the aroma of sauce and other ingredients well, I chose the one that suited omelette rice the best
Anzu: The ketchup is handmade of course, the tomato's aroma and bittersweetness brings an exquisite harmony...
Hii: After all, you're only that much.
Anzu: That voice is!

Anzu: Hiizan!!
Hii: You can't reach ecstasy with food of that level!!
Anzu's sd: The eyebrows are thick!
Hii: ...
Hanamaru: What happened?
Hii: Can you make the food a little more apetizing...?
Hanamaru: Sorry...
Hii: Also, make the people who're eating it look like they're enjoying it.
Hii: And it's a cooking manga so show the concrete cooking process...
Hanamaru: Yes...Yes...
Anzu: Hii-chan is like a teacher!

Anzu: I'll show this to papa and mama!
Hii: Thank you for drawing this great manga...
Koume: I'll treasure it~~
Hanamaru: Ah, yeah.
Anzu: But you should stop playing from the afternoon and start working!
Hii's sd: You shouldn't say that...
Koume: Do your best~~
Mayumi: Hanamaru-sensei how is the name going?
Hanamaru: ...

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