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Hanamaru Youchien Special : Volume 7 Special 2

Hanamaru Quiz

+ posted by Eru13 as translation on Jun 5, 2012 23:29 | Go to Hanamaru Youchien

Reserved for CXC. Don't use without my permission.
Hanamaru Youchien Vol 7 Special Chapter 2
//sd: side dialog, cd: corner dialog

Hanamaru Buster p1
Title: Earth Special Squad Hanamaru Buster
Big Characters(left): Investigating the depths of the sand pit! Dispatch, Hanamaru Buster!
Box: Preparing for the coming aging of the small kids, the Earth Special Squad Hanamaru Buster was created.
Hii: Good morning ladies and gentlemen.
Screen: The professor wants to see the bottom of the sand pit!
Hii: Today you'll investigate this!
Hii: This time's investigation consists in getting close to the secret of the sand pits that estimulate children's imagination and communication skill...
Hii: So, Dispatch Hanamaru Buster!
Hii's sd: Now go, go
Panda cat: ?
Hanamaru Buster #4 (Panda Cat Type All-purpose Robot)
Koume: This investigation looks simple~~
Anzu: Anzu wanted to go with Tsucchi.
Box: The rest in the investigation in the second half!

Hanamaru Buster p2
Nanako: Well then, let's start investigating~~
Nanako's sd: O---h!
Tsuchida's sd: Ooh...
Nanako: I can see the bottom~~
Nanako's sd: It was surpisingly shallow~~
Tsuchida: Ah, y-yes!!
Nanako: We're back~~
Hii: 32 times...
Screen: The real investigation Investigate how many times Tsucchi took a glance
Anzu: Tsucchi you pervert!
Tsuchida: U----wa----h (cd: Hey, tell me that before!!)
Hii: Alright, today I'll treat you to some steak!
Hii: Recently, if I don't have that, climbing and going down the stairs becomes difficult...
Anzu?: (cd: Ok) That's a stick, a stick!!

MC: The time has come!
MC: Let's start with the quiz!
MC: The chemical with an irritating smell represented by the formula NH3 is...
Hii?: Ammonia.
MC: Correct!
MC: The name of Socrates' wife who's well known as a bad wife is...
Hii?: Xanthippe.
MC: Correct!
Man: Just who are this two...
MC: The book written by Hobbes that describes human existence with the phrase "Bellum omnium contra omnes" is...

Hii: Leviathan.
MC: Correct!! The kindergarten team has 3 consecutive correct answers!!
Special Chapter (2) Hanamaru Quiz
Box: Some days ago
Kenji: Master---!
Kenji: I qualified for a Quiz program!
Hii: Quiz program...?
Anzu's sd: Wow!
Anzu: Kenji, you'll be on TV?

Kenji: So, let's do our best to aim for the victory, Master!!
Hii: Eh.
Anzu: Hii-chan will be on TV too?
Anzu: I...I didn't know...
Koume: Wo---w!
Kenji: It'd be a waste to let Master's great talent end in this kindergarten...
Kenji: I want a lot of people to know about master! (cd: So I made an entry as a pair)
Hii: No, that...
Tsuchida: If it's Hiiragi and Kenji you might actually win.
Kenji: Right?
Hii: But is it ok for kindergarteners to participate...?
Kenji: It's alright!
Kenji: I can't wait to be on TV with master!
Hii: ...

MC: What do the 3 R's established by the recycling-oriented society [in order to reduce the burden on the environment] represent... //that's the literal translation, you can delete the part between "[ ]" if you think it's too long
Hii: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle...
MC: Correct!
MC: The Kindergarten pair is correct again!
Anzu: Hii-chan is amazing!
Man: Those kids are amazing!
Man: But why did you let them participate?
Man: It's interesting, right?
Man: ...
Man(thinks): Like the Quiz Society will lose to a bunch of kids!!
MC: Too bad!
MC: The Working Adult team made their third mistake and they lose!!
Man's sd: Uwa---h
MC: Time for the penalty!!

Man: Uwaaa---h!!
Kenji: We'll be ok if we win! Let's do our best!
Box: Like this Hiiragi and Kenji continued winning.
MC: The phrase said in halloween that means "If you don't give me candy I'll make mischief" is...
Hii: Trick or Treat...
MC: Too bad Perfomer Team!
Man's sd: A-------h
MC: King of Conte 2009's champion is?
Man: Tokyo 03!
MC: Correct!
Box: The final!

Hii: ...
Kenji: We won't fly if we win.
MC: Question!
MC: There's a manga serialized in the Young Gangan magazine whose anime will air starting January 2010...
Thought: We have to win this for the Quiz Society's pride!!
MC: The title is Hanamaru Youchien but...
Man(thinks): Alright!!
Man: Yuuto!!
MC: I'll continue with the question
MC: The author...

Hii: Love Plus.
MC: The author, Yuuto, is interested in games but there's a game his editor confiscated and that the editor is now enjoying, that is? The answer is "Love Plus"!
MC: The kindergarten team is correct!
Man: Like we'd know that!!
MC: The winner is the kindergarten team!!
Anzu: Hii-chan, Kenji, You're amazing!!
Paper: Prize
Koume: Congratulations~~
Paper: Prize
Kenji: (cd: Ah) Master, where are you going?
Hii: Emm...

Kenji: You didn't fell in their plans master...you're great!
Hii's dad's sd: I want to try that!
Anzu's sd: Anzu too.
Hanamaru Youchien [7] End

Thanks page
Thank you for reading Hanamaru Youchien Volume 7.
There's a lot more stories that give the spotlight to the kindergarteners that didn't have a name so far.
That's because the anime staff gave them names and personalities, they as well created new class distributions and kindergarteners.
The anime gave the characters new life, it was really fun drawing this.
Please continue reading the manga and watch the anime!

Then, I wish I can meet you on Volume 8!

Special Thanks
Sagarin, Ruura-chan
Editor Kitamura-sama, The rest of the staff,
Father, Mother, My sisters, my aunt,
And you who are holding this right now!

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