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Translations: Gintama 566 by kewl0210 , One Piece 807 by cnet128 , Bleach 652 by cnet128

Hanamaru Youchien 65

Hanamaru Solitary Journey

+ posted by Eru13 as translation on Jun 7, 2012 19:02 | Go to Hanamaru Youchien

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Reserved for CXC. Don't use without my permission.
Hanamaru Youchien 65
//sd: side dialog, cd: corner dialog

Box: [Last Chapter Summary] Tsuchida-sensei recieved mental damage after doing something embarrassing because of Kusano-sensei's misunderstanding.
Tsuchida: Like...
Nanako: I won't quit the kindergarten~~
Tsuchida's sd: Uuh Now I did it
Kusano(thinks): Tsuchida-kun's wounds haven't healed.
Kusano(thinks): After that Tsuchida-kun's been avoiding Nana-chan,
Kusano(thinks): I guess I'll pitch in and help.
Kusano: Nana-chan, you have some time?
Nanako: ...You thought that I would quit the kindergarten right~~

Kusano: Sorry it became something so big because of my misunderstanding.
Nanako: Don't be~~ I was happy that everyone came~~
Tsuchida(thinks): They're talking about last time.
Anzu: Tsucchi, what are you doing? Hide'n'seek?
Tsuchida: Sh!
Nanako: I was happy that Tsuchida-sensei came too.
Nanako: But I wonder what was he trying to tell me then~~ (cd: He won't tell me)
Tsuchida(thinks): Forget about that!
Kusano: Maybe he was going to tell you he likes you!
Tsuchida(thinks): Kusano-sensei, what are you saying!!

Nanako: That would be a bother...
Tsuchida: Uwa---------------h!!
Chapter 65 Hanamaru Solitary Journey

Kusano: Tsuchida-kun wai...
Tsuchida: Principal, can I take the day off tomorrow!!
Principal: I don't mind but what should we do with the children of Sakura class.
Kusano's sd: Huh
Kusano: Leave them to me and have a nice day of rest!
Kusano(thinks): I came to console him but he's not here...
SFX: ding dong ding dong
Anzu: Kusano-sensei!
Kusano: Anzu and the girls!
Koume: We're visitting Tsuchida-sensei because he was acting weird~~
Anzu: Tsucchi's not home?

Anzu: Anzu knows where he leaves the key!
Kusano: Excuse us for intruding...
Anzu: Where did Tsucchi go...
Kusano: ...
I'll go on a journey.
Don't search for me plea
Kusano(thinks): This might be more serious than expected.
Kusano's sd: You said bother because
Nanako's sd: I would only be a bother as Tsuchida-sensei's partner~~
Kusano(thinks): I sent him a mail but he won't answer...

Kusano's sd: Hmmmm...
Kenji: I wonder what's wrong with Kusano-sensei.
Anzu: We found this on Tsucchi's apartment...
Kenji: Tsuchida wrote this?
Ryouta: Eh
Kusano's sd: Ah
Kusano(thinks): If I'm like this the kids will worry.
Kusano: It's just a memo, don't worry...
Boy: It's just the usual Tsuchida.
Kenji: He just wants some attention.
Boy: Leaving a letter is so old-fashioned.
Ryouta: He's probably enjoying his day off about now so worrying is useless.
Kusano(thinks): ...I'll send him another mail.

Tsuchida: O----h!
Tsuchida(thinks): What a nice view,
Tsuchida(thinks): I haven't spent a day leisurely like this in a while.
Tsuchida(thinks): My worries are so trivial. (cd: It's not like she rejected me)
Tsuchida(thinks): I just made trouble for the other teachers by suddenly taking the day off.
Tsuchida(thinks): The kids in sakura class might be worried too...
Where are you?
I'm really sorry!
Everyone's waiting for you to come back!
Tsuchida(thinks): Kusano-sensei sent me another mail...
Tsuchida(thinks): It's about time I call her...
Kusano: !
Kusano: Hello, Tsuchida-kun!?
Tsuchida: I've calmed down now, sorry for everything.

Kusano: I'm really sorry about this! Everyone's waiting for you to come back!
Boy: Tsuchida!
Anzu: Tsucchi where are you right now?
Tsuchida(thinks): Everyone was worried about me...
Anzu: Tsucchi, going alone to play is cheating!
Kenji: Don't just go on a journey for no reason.
Ryouta: Don't try to get everyone's attention by leaving a suggestive letter like a kid!
Kusano: No emm, that wasn't right.
SFX: //the beeps from when the call is over
Kusano: Ah, hello!

Tsuchida: No one is waiting for me...
Kusano: Leaving the kids aside, Nana-chan was really worried!
Nanako: A call from Tsuchida-sensei~~?
Voice: Yamamoto-sensei!
Voice: Eh, wait a second...
Nanako: We're totally fine without Tsuchida-sensei.
Kusano: No emm, that wasn't right either.
SFX: //Beeps again
Kusano: Hel
Voice: The number you just called has its power turned off so it can't be reached.

Nanako: Emm did I do...
Kusano: No, it's my fault for saying random things.
Ryouta: It's Tsuchida, he'll be fine!
Kenji: He'll forget soon!
Kusano's sd: Huh
So I'm not needed ><
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Kusano's sd: What should I do...
Boy: He's worrying more than we thought...?
Ryouta: But it's Tsuchida...
Koume: But Tsuchida-sensei was being weird lately~~
Hii: When the heart weakens people do unexpected things...
Anzu: (cd: Eh) What would we do if Tsucchi quits the kindergarten!
Kusano: ...Alright!

Kusano: Let's all cheer Tsuchida-kun up!!
Ryouta: The kindergarten is exciting at night!
Anzu: I made a flower!

Anzu: Kusano-sensei, put it on!
Kusano: Ok!
Nanako: Koume-chan are you sleepy? Should I take you home?
Koume: No...I'll do my best~~
Koume: Will Tsuchida-sensei be happy~~
Hii: He surely will...!
Boy: He might cry again.
Ryouta: Tsuchida is a crybaby!
Kusano: We're almost done! Let's do our best!
All: Ye--s!
Girl's sd: Sensei, good morning!
Hii: Tsuchida-sensei arrived...
Kusano: Everyone gather in front of the blackboard!

SFX: rattle
Blackboard: Tsuchida-sensei Welcome back!
All: Tsuchida-sensei Welcome back!
Tsuchida: Good morning!
Tsuchida: Sorry for taking the day off yesterday!
Tsuchida: I brought some souvenirs as an apology!
Kusano: ...What's that...
Tsuchida: Ah, this, I bought it in the aquarium.

Tsuchida: It's so idiotic that I bought it!
Tsuchida: Eh? What's this
Tsuchida: Wh...
Blackboard: Tsu We
Tsuchida: ?
Tsuchida: ?

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