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Translations: Gintama 683 by kewl0210 , One Piece 904 by cnet128

Hanamaru Youchien 67

Hanamaru Girlfriend

+ posted by Eru13 as translation on Jun 11, 2012 03:52 | Go to Hanamaru Youchien

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Reserved for CXC. Don't use without my permission.
Hanamaru Youchien 67
//sd: side dialog, cd: corner dialog

Hina: Tsuchida-sensei looks like he's having fun
Kenji: It seems he's got himself a girlfriend.
Kenji: In his game!!
Anzu: I see!
Anzu: He'll stop playing that game if Anzu goes play with him!
Hina: I apologize.
Anzu: Tsucchi let's play together...
Tsuchida: (cd: Ah) I'll introduce her to Anzu too.
Tsuchida: This is my girlfriend, she's cute right?
Tsuchida: Say hello.
Anzu: Ah, Hello, I'm Anzu.
Anzu: I greeted her!
Hii: This might be serious...

Nanako: Tsuchida-sensei, can you help me carry this~~?
Tsuchida: Ah...
Hii(thinks): As expected Yamamoto-sensei takes priority...
Tsuchida: I'm a bit busy right now but leave them there please. (cd: I'll carry them later)
Chapter 67 Hanamaru Girlfriend
Nanako's sd: Understood~~

Anzu: Tsucchi, is that ok? Yamamoto-sensei is leaving.
Tsuchida: Yeah.
Tsuchida: Sorry for interrupting our date.
Tsuchida: I'll do some work so wait a bit <3
Hina: Tsuchida-sensei is acting oddly...
Kenji: Gross.
Tsuchida: Then, Sensei'll leave for a bit.
Anzu: Yeah.
SFX: *fall*
Anzu's sd: Ah
Hii's sd: Catch!
All: ...
Hii: It looks like a normal game...

Voice: I talked to her.
Girl: Ah, where did you go in the middle of our date?
Voice: Ah, Sorry.
Girl: ...
Voice: She's started squirming.
Voice: ?
Girl: You understand without me telling you right...
Hina: ...
Hii: For now let's touch her mouth...
SFX: //button pressed SFX
Girl: Then, let's continue with our date.
Kenji: ...So he was playing this kind of game...
Thought: And he's having dates daily.

Tsuchida: I lost my game!
Anzu: !
Anzu: Tsucchi this fell...
Tsuchida: It's here!!
Tsuchida: Sorry for making you wait <3
Tsuchida: (cd: Ah) Thanks Anzu.
Anzu's sd: He didn't even looked here...
Anzu(thinks): At this rate that girl in the game will steal Tsucchi!!
Anzu(thinks): I have to make him stop playing that soon!!
Anzu: Tsucchi stop playing that and play with Anzu!!
Tsuchida: Oh!

Anzu(thinks): I won't let you play that game!
Anzu: Funya
Anzu: Tsucchi, you idiot! Herbivore man! //as in "not interested in women"
Hina: This is a difficult opponent.
Tsuchida: Now, the date the date<3
Hii: ...
Hii: Tsuchida-sensei is having a lot of fun in the game world...
Hina: It looks like that.

Hii: Then he'll probably stop playing that game is we show him that reality is more fun...!
Yuu: Koume-chan, what did you do for new year?
Koume: You see~~ I ate mochi and played karuta~~
Girl: Tsucchi let's go home together.
Girl: ...Can we hold hands?
Teachers: ?
Anzu: Tsucchi!

Anzu: Tsucchi, let's go home together!
Hii: The "Catch Tsuchida-sensei's heart by having events like those in the game in real life" plan!!
Tsuchida: ...It's not the time to go home yet.
Anzu: It's ok it's ok!
Anzu: Here!
Tsuchida: ?
Anzu: Geez! Like this<3
SFX: *grab*
Tsuchida: ??
Anzu: mmm<3
Hina: Kya---h

Girl: Ah, I'm still changing!
Girl: ...I'll only forgive you because it was you!
Tsuchida's sd: Uhe hehe
Hina: Tsuchida-sensei came.
Anzu: Eh, already? Wait...
Anzu: Tsu...Tsucchi you perv!
Hina: Kya~~~...
Tsuchida: Don't play like that, you'll catch a cold.
Tsuchida: Hina, you too.
Anzu's sd: depressed...
Hina's sd: Play...
Tsuchida: Uwah, I forgot an event!

Tsuchida: UWah, sorry! Don't get mad!
Hii: ...
Hii: I'll have to do that...
Tsuchida: Wa----h!!
Tsuchida: Not here! My game's not here!!
Tsuchida's sd: Kya----h
Tsuchida's sd: Wah ah
Anzu: He's searching desperately.
Hii: The girls affection points probably lower if he forgets his promises...

Hii: In the end, if we don't let him play, the girl will hate him and he'll stop playing...!
Anzu: Really?
Anzu: Then we'll have to hide it somewhere he won't find it!
Hina: He'll be sad if we hide it but it can't be helped.
Thought: Tsucchi, hang on a bit!
Box: One week later
Kenji: He hasn't recovered yet.
Hii: He's corroded considerably...

Kenji: But this is for Tsuchida's sake!
Kenji: Right, Master.
Hii: We should have hold back a bit...
Kenji: Eh.
Anzu: Tsucchi,
Anzu: We took it.
Hina: We're sorry...
Tsuchida: You two? Why...
Kenji: Tsuchida will get engrossed with that game? Are you ok with that?
Anzu: That's no good!

Anzu: ...But, Tsucchi looked sad.
Hina: We didn't want you to look like that.
Anzu: Tsucchi, we're sorry...
Both: Ah.
Tsuchida: Sorry!

Tsuchida: I have Anzu and Hina so I don't need any games.
Tsuchida: Will you play with sensei again?
Tsuchida(thinks): Just one more time before letting go.
Girl: Who are you? Why don't you die once?
SFX: Close...

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