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Translations: Gintama 589 (2) , One Piece 826 by cnet128 , Bleach 674 by cnet128

Otoshite Appli Girl 7

I Can't Say Anything in the Mid-summer Beach

+ posted by Eru13 as translation on Jun 13, 2012 03:39 | Go to Otoshite Appli Girl

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Reserved for Trinity BAKumA. Don't use without my permission.
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//sd: side dialog, cd: corner dialog

Renge: Everyone! Let's do our best!!
Urumi: Why are we having a ball game tournament in the rain...
Mashiro: But we couldn't download the PE commitee member doing this in a normal day.
Urumi: If she just came with this...Kyah!!
Urumi: Geez~~ this is the worst!
Mashiro: Since sensei got dirty the janitor might come out!
Urumi: Saying that is rude...

Voice: The plant absorbed water and became huge!!
Urumi?: Kyah!! There's a hole in the school building!!
Mashiro: But maybe the janitor will come out this time!!
Chigusa: Sensei, if you run around the track team girl might come out.
Suou: Urumi-san, strip and disturb the public moral!!
Urumi: That's impossible!!
Urumi's sd: Awawa
Urumi?: Noooooooo!!
sd: Kyaaaah
Mashiro: After overcoming the painful rainy season

Mashiro: The joyous summer comes!!
Chigusa: We're wearing the summer uniform from now on.
Mashiro: It isn't joyous at all, in the end, after Suou-kun we haven't downloaded any more students...
Urumi: Why did I run around naked and swam in the mud.
Mashiro: It can't be helped, for now let's go to the classroom and think about methods to get more students together.
Urumi: You're right, doing random things is useless.
Urumi(thinks): I wonder what's missing in order to fulfill the download requirements...
Urumi: Good morning.

Suou: Good morning Urumi-san.
Urumi(thinks): Tropical.
Ver. 7 I Can't Say Anything in the Mid-summer Beach

Suou: REN! Your movements are bad! Do you think this hip movements really represent tropical dances!?
Renge: Yes, producer.
Urumi: What's this!?
Suou: Urumi-san! Let's have a swimming meet in the sea today!
Mashiro: Wah, that sounds fun.
Urumi: What selfish things are you...
Suou: Selfish? I'm saying this for your sake.
Suou: You haven't downloaded any more students after me!!
Urumi: Th-That's right, but I'm frantically...
Suou: Let's lure the Swimming club or the PE committee member by having a swimming meet!! Having a grand one by the sea will be more effective!!
Urumi: But
Suou: It seems we haven't done much of the anual events dad proposed!
Mashiro: Go go S-u-o-u!!
sd: S-u-o-u! S-u-o-u!

Suou: Fuhahahaha, praise me more!!
Suou: I'm like a pig that will climb a tree if you flatter it!! //I guess this is some sort of proverb
Suou: Now, abuse this "Pig"!!
Urumi: I don't know if I should praise him or speak ill of him!
Suou: Now that we've decided let's strike while the iron is hot!! Let's go! It's a race to the beach!!
sd: It's the sea, It's the beach, it's the sun
Mashiro: Wait wait~~~
sd: Ahahaha
Urumi: Wait!! You're fast!!
Urumi(thinks): Well, if it's for downloading purposes it's worth a try.
sd: Fuhahaha, Let's get crazy, we're still young
Mashiro: It's
Mashiro: The
Mashiro: Sea---!!

Mashiro: Alright! Let's swim!
Urumi: Hey!!
Mashiro: But I have to change...
Urumi: At least do it behind some rocks!!
Suou: Fufufu Urumi-san.
Suou: I thought this could happen so I prepared something special.
Urumi: Eh?
Urumi: No way, a new student...
Suou: Come on! Madmoiselle Changing!
Urumi: Something completely different came!!
Suou: Now, take a look inside.

Suou: The shower room is perfect!!
Suou: You can rent towels for free.
Suou: And it supports terrestrial digital broadcasting.
Suou: What do you think!! It's my perfect changing room!!
Suou: Go ahead and change without worries.
Urumi: Suou-kun, did you make this?
Suou: I'm in the science club. This much is a piece of cake.
Suou: And...
Suou: It's dangerous for a beautiful person such as yourself to change behind some rocks.
Suou: If it's for you I can make anything.

Urumi: Suou...
Urumi: -kun!?
Suou: What are you doing Chigusa-chan, even if I'm a masochist that's over the level of what's pleasant.
Chigusa: Suou-chan.
Chigusa: I've confiscated countless hidden cameras from inside the changing.
Chigusa: If you're going to hide them do it better.
Urumi: Suou-kun...You are...
Suou: Fufufu
Suou: That's right! The changing is fully built-in with peeping devices!!
Suou's sd: Fuhaha haa haa
Suou: Please go ahead and take your time changing.
Urumi: Like we can change!!

Urumi: I'll be guarding so go change.
Voice: Ye-s
Mashiro: I can't wait for the swimming meet.
Fukahi: Yeah, I also can't help but being anxious.
Urumi: Hey!! Suou-kun, you go change there!!
Mashiro: What happened Sensei? Poor Suou-kun, I don't want to leave him out.
Urumi: That's not the problem!! Men and women change in different places!!

Mashiro: What are you saying?
Mashiro: This is an all girls high? There's no way there's a boy here.
Urumi: Eh? Is that it? No matter how you look at him he's a boy... //she(?) even uses a manly way of speaking... well, Fukahi too but that's because she's da boss XD
Suou: That's right! That's exactly it, this is an all girls high!!
Suou: Let's have some girls-only yuri skinship!!
Fukahi: Stop it---!!
Urumi: Stop it, you pervert!!
Suou: What are you saying!!
Suou: No matter how you look at me I'm a splendid female pervert!!
Urumi: Liar!! You're really a boy!!
Chigusa: So you accept you're a pervert.

Suou: If you're going to doubt me, please confirm it, Urumi-san.
Urumi: Eh?
Suou: Now now,
Suou: Look and touch...
Urumi: Eh
Urumi: Hey...
Urumi: I can't!! I don't need confirmation!
Suou: Fuhahaha, Urumi-san, genders are a trivial issue.
Urumi(thinks): Uu---h, no matter if he's a man or a woman that doesn't change that he's a dangerous person.
Suou's sd: Fuhaha REN! Wear this!
Renge's sd: Producer, this covers almost nothin'.

Mashiro?: Alright, let's swim!!
Urumi: Hurry and stand in line.
Urumi: We'll do some warmup.
Suou?: ...What.

Suou: Why are you wearing clothes on the beach!! This is a sacrilege against the goddess of beauty!!
Urumi: ???
Suou: Urumi-san in a swimsuit... She'd look nice in a red or a black one... wait, in this times even a school swimsuit...
Mashiro: Sensei, you should wear a swimsuit too and swim with us.
Urumi: I-I'm fine.
Mashiro: Don't say that--
Chigusa: Whoops.
Urumi: Kyah
Urumi: Geez~~ I got all wet, what are you going to do!
Suou: She needs a swimsuit! A swimsuit right!

Suou: Look, I prepared a lot of adult swimsuits for Urumi-san!! Choose the one you like most from 1 to 3.
Urumi: Like I can choose!!
Mashiro: That's right, Sensei has small breasts so this kind of swimsuits would slip down.
Urumi: Shut up!!
Suou: You don't want a swimsuit? Then swim naked. Come on!
Urumi: I don't want this students anymore!
Urumi: Let's start with the swimming meet!
Voice: Ye--s
Urumi: We've got to swim soon and download the Swimming club girl.

Mashiro: I can only swim doggy style,
Mashiro: Sensei, show us an example!
Urumi: Ok, I'll do it right now.
Urumi: This is crawl, ei!
Urumi: Cough cough, Save...
Chigusa: Hmm, so a death by drowning is called crawl.
Mashiro: Crawl seems painful...
Fukahi: You idiots, she's drowning!!

Fukahi: Senkou!! I'll save you now!
Chigusa?: Fukahi, Nice crawl!!
Urumi: As I thought, trying to teach you how to swim was a bit reckless from my part.
Mashiro: Without an example we can't swim so let's play a sport that can be played in the beach.
Chigusa?: That sounds like a better idea.
Suou: Here! Urumi-san, let's have a bra-strip battle!
Urumi: Rejected!!

Urumi: Let's play a serious sport...
SD: *stomach growling*
Urumi: Shut up! I can't help it!!
Mashiro: We haven't said anything yet.
Mashiro: Well, we haven't eaten anything since morning so I'm hungry too.
Urumi: Hyah!
Urumi: Wh-What!?
Mokuran: ...Watermelon...with everyone.
Urumi?: You brought it?
Mokuran: A friend gave it to me.

Suou: Urumi-san, it's the perfect oportunity so why don't we play watermelon split?
Mashiro: What's watermelon split?
Chigusa: Watermelon split is...
Chigusa: It seems that people in the underground refer to mob violence as "Watermelon Split",
Chigusa: That being because a human head that was hit until it splits drips blood just like a split watermelon...
Urumi: Stop!!
Mashiro: Why are humans so cruel and sinful!?
Urumi: Stop spreading wrong information.
Voice: I wonder what part of watermelon split is a sport.
Voice: What a tedious swimming meet...

Mashiro: The person who blindfoldedly splits the watermelon wins, right?
Ayame: Mashiro-chan, a bit to the right~~
Fukahi: It's to the left you idiot.
Renge: Over here!
Mashiro: Here?
Renge: Yes, get closer.
Mashiro: Ei!!
Renge: Fueeeh!!

Mashiro: How weird, I could've sworn I hit the watermelon...
Chigusa: You hit REN's watermelons.
Renge: Stop trying to sound clever!!
Fukahi: It's Fukahi-sama's turn next!
Ayame?: Fukahi, more to the right.
Suou?: No, to the left!
Mashiro?: It's to the right.
Voice: You passed it! Go back Fukahi!
Fukahi: Shut up! Don't order Fukahi-sama around!!
Fukahi: Trying to interfere is useless!
Fukahi: This is a one-on-one between Fukahi-sama and the watermelon.

Fukahi: Watermelon! Where are you!! Fukahi-sama will split you.
Ayame: Fukahi-chan...that's a forest...
Mashiro: Ayame, don't!
Mashiro: This is a battle between Fukahi and the watermelon... We can only cheer for Fukahi...
Ayame: Good luck, Fukahi-chan...
Urumi: Fukahi-saaan! Come back!!
Suou: Alright, it's my turn next, I'll give you ladies some delicious watermelon.
Suou: Atsuko-chan, come on!
Urumi: Something came again!!

Urumi: It's huge!
Voice: The watermelon will get smashed!
Suou: It's ok.
Suou: Believe in me and in the power of science!!
Mashiro: Watermelon!!
Urumi: ...Eh?

Sora: Application No. 09

Mokuran: Ah...
Sora: The Chef is back! //yay!!! Finally!!
Urumi: Sora-san!!

Urumi(thinks): I thought it was a new student... No, but it's good to have her back.
Suou: You're the chef?
Sora: You mustn't waste food!
Sora: Everyone's also against it.
Suou: ...Eh...Ah...
Suou: Sorry,
Suou: I got too carried away.

Urumi: Sora-san...
Sora: Alright! Everything's ok if you've contemplated on your actions!
Sora: Since I'm back I'll make some food for everyone!
Sora: Toryah!!
Sora: Nuwoh!!
Sora: "The miracle meeting of land and sea ~~At least say it's delicious~~" is complete!!
Urumi: And you've wasted the ingredients without delay!!

Sora: I didn't waste them!!
Urumi: I wonder why is this delicious.
Sora: Everyone, eat a lot...
Sora: ..What happened!? Moku...Moku (Vague recollection)
Mokuran(thinks): Mokumoku!? ...That's sounds like we're friends...
Mokuran: ...Emm,
Mokuran: Sora-chan too...
Sora: Oh! I appreciate your consideration, let's eat together!!

Sora: What happened?
Mokuran: ...Emm, You see,
Mokuran: The seat next to Mokumoku's is free...
Mokuran: So seat next to me in the classroom...
Sora: That's an easy task!!

Sora: Hey Mokumoku,
Sora: What do you do that makes you feel the happiest?
Mokuran: Eh.....Mmm...this?
Sora: That's right, the happiest moment is when we're eating delicious food with everyone.
Sora: Sora is devoted for that.
Sora: Sora can advance because of everyone's smiles.

Sora: Farewell! Sora'll keep your smiles in her heart...
Mokuran: Sora-chan...
Mashiro: Sora, goodbye~~
Ayame: Don't forget us
Mokuran: We'll definitely meet again!!
Sora: This arent tears! They are my heart's sweat!!
Urumi: Hey, Sora-san? Classes!!
Urumi's sd: Wait!!

Urumi: ...In the end...
Urumi: We couldn't download anyone!!
Urumi: We even went outside the school!!
Urumi: ...Hm...Outside...?
Urumi: The coverage for downloads is only on the school grounds!!
Urumi: Geez, why did we even go!!
Urumi: We're back to the beginning!!
Voice: It's ok, we had fun.
Box: Mokuran and Suou at the moment.
Suou: Sora-chan...huh.
Mokuran's sd: Sora-chan...
Box: Fukahi at the moment.
Fukahi: Watermelon! Where are you--.
Fukahi: Hiccup Ueeen
Ver. 7 END

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