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Hanamaru Youchien 71

Hanamaru Stars

+ posted by Eru13 as translation on Jun 14, 2012 22:54 | Go to Hanamaru Youchien

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Reserved for CXC. Don't use without my permission.
Hanamaru Youchien 71
//sd: side dialog, cd: corner dialog

Title: Chapter 71 Hanamaru Stars
Anzu: Wow, the platanerium was pretty! //I lol'd at this, sounds like banana in spanish XD
Hii: Planetarium...
Koume: The stars were sparkling~~~ at the planerum
Tsuchida's sd: I'm glad...
Hii: Planetarium... (cd: Listen well...)
Dad: It's lovely right!
Anzu: Tsucchi, let's have a date here someday<3 (cd: Hey, Tsucchi, are you listening?)
Tsuchida(thinks): I remembered my hometown's sky.

Dad: Hii, did you have fun too?
Hii: Yes, a lot...!
Anzu's sd: Hey, Tsucchi<3
Tsuchida's sd: Yeah yeah
Old man: You did well to come.
Hii: Old man! //Mister
Old man: Hello.
Old man: Do you want to have some tea before you leave?
Dad: Is it ok?
Hii: He invited us to have tea...
Tsuchida: Then we'll leave first.

Dad: No matter when I come this place doesn't change (cd: It makes me relax)
Old man: You say that but it's been a while since you last came.
Dad: We just couldn't get the timing...It's really been a while.
Dad: But, we'll come more frequently from now on. (cd: Hii wants to come too)
Hii: Your explanations were interesting...!
Hii: Casual explanations that match the customers.
Hii: Even if it's the same starry sky it feels as if we're travelling to a new world...!
Dad: Hii is the old man's big fan, right. (cd: Papa is one of them too!)
Hii: Papa, when are we coming again...? (cd: Ehehe)
Hii: ...Old man?
Old man: ...Thank you.

Old man: This place will close next month.
Both: !
Hii: Wh...Why...
Old man: Not much people visit it now.
Hii: Then, if Hiiragi brings a lot of her friends...
Old man: The owner is making plans for a new construction.
Hii: Then Hiiragi will earnestly ask the owner...
Hii: ...
Dad: What will you do?
Old man: My son invited me to live with him and his family.
Old man: This place is no longer needed by the people.
Old man: I think this is a good oportunity.

Dad: After talking a lot with the old man it's gotten really late.
Hii: ...
Dad: I came here a lot with my friends when I was a kid.
Dad: We heard the old man's stories until it became dark
Dad: And we went home while looking at the sky remembering the old man's stories.
Dad: We bumped into telephone poles all the time, it hurted a lot.
Hii(thinks): {
That still happens...
Dad's sd: Ah, that star is...
SFX: Bonk
Hii's sd: Papa...!
Dad: ...It might be just as the old man said.

Dad: People don't look up anymore.
Dad: That's because you practically can't see stars in the city.
Hii: ...Hiiragi wants more people to notice.
Dad: Papa thinks so too!
Dad: Let's think of something that'll make everyone look up again!
Hii: Yeah...!

Ryouta's sd: I took Tsuchida's DS!
Ryouta: Uwah!
Ryouta: What, you want to play? (cd: That's unusual)
Hii's sd: Fufufu...
Hii: Games are fine but this is better...!
SFX: *rustle rustle*
Poster: {
Start Story
A great adventure at the planetarium!!
Voice: Planetarium~~?
Nanako: What a wonderful event~~

Voice: Has everyone seated properly~~
Dad: If you're bad with dark places seat next to the teachers.
Ryouta: You can see the stars all the time, they're not interesting!
Dad: I wonder? Ah, look, it's getting dark!
Girl: It's the evening!
Boy: There's a lot of houses around.
Old man: This is our city's sky.
Old man: Can you see your houses?
Old man: Today this old man will take you on a trip to the night sky! Are you ready?
Kids: Ye---s!
Kenji: Eek
Hina: (cd: My) It got completely dark~~
Old man: Now, look above you!

Ryouta: Uwah, Amazing!!
Kenichi?: There's a lot of stars!!
Old man: There's this much stars in the real starry sky.
Boy: I found Orion!
Old man: It seems you know the stars well.

Old man: Orion is a brave hunter.
Twins: It's a person?
Old man: Look closely, Is this his head? This might be his shoulder?
Voice: Doesn't this look like a hand?
Voice: Maybe a sword?
Old man: You got it right! This is Orion!
Old man: At Orion's side we can see Taurus.
Old man: What form does it have?
Voice: That's his eye?
Voice: Those are its horns!
Old man: Correct! You're good at finding constellations!
Voice: We did it---!

Voice: Orion is fighting with a bull?
Voice: Ah, that's why he has a weapon!
Girl: But the bull is big so he might lose~~
Old man: Then let's all root for Orion!
Old man: We'll do it at the count of three!
Old man: One, two,
All: Good luck---!!
Voice: (cd: Ah) A constellation appeared behind Orion!
Old man: With your cheers you called one of Orion's friends!
Girl's sd: What constellation is that~~?
Girl's sd: Eh~~? What does it look like?
Boy's sd: That is~~....

Old man: Now try to draw something in the night sky.
Anzu: Draw in the sky?
Ryouta: How?
Old man: Put stars together and make your own new constellation!
Girl: My own constellation...
Itsuki: How romantic.
Anzu: Anzu found a pudding!
Koume: Koume found a bunny~~
Aoi: I made a fish !

p13 //no dialog

Ryouta's sd: Look at my constellation!
Boy's sd: Mine too.
Girl's sd: What's this constellation?
Sign: Closed
SFX: *clang*
Old man: What happened, you two?

Dad: I come to see the stars here with Hii a lot.
Old man: The west park huh, how nostalgic.
Old man: Your love for the stars hasn't changed.
Old man's sd: Fufufu
Dad's sd: Well~~
Hii: E-Emm...
Hii: Hiiragi's star explanations...aren't as good as yours but,
Hii: Can you listen to them...?
Old man: ...Now I'm the customer huh, I'm looking forward to it,
Old man: Please do so.
Hii: Yes...!

Voice: ...That's Orion.

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#1. by Sai (Registered User)
Posted on Jun 15, 2012
Thanks for your work on Hanamaru Youchien!

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