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Koisome Momiji 4


+ posted by Eru13 as translation on Jun 16, 2012 04:41 | Go to Koisome Momiji

-> RTS Page for Koisome Momiji 4

Reserved for Trinity BAKumA/13th Hour. Don't use without my permission.
Koisome Momiji 4
//sd: side dialog, cd: coner dialog

Title: Scene 4 Nana-chan?
Big characters(top left): (star)Super popular! Kamakura Love Story.
Big characters(right): Which of these two colors will dye your maple leaf? //alt. "How will your maple leaf dye?"
Sakamoto Tsugirou X Miura Tadahiro

Big characters: (star)In the middle of their date...!?
Nana: It's been a while...Shou-chan.
Shouta: Eh!?
Sana: ...Katsuragi-kun, you know Nana-chan!?
Shouta: Eh!? No...
Nana: !
Shouta(thinks): ...But when I was a kid they called me "Shou-chan"...
Umine's sd: Hey wait, Shou-chan!
Shouta(thinks): In the past... I met her somewhere...!?
Nana: ...

Shouta: Shinomiya-san, you know her...right?
Sana: Y...Yeah.
Sana: She's the co-star in "Koisome Momiji"
Shouta: Eh...That drama!?
Shouta: Then she's an actress...!?
Sana: Yes...
Sana: I told you that "Koisome Momiji" is a story where two girls are the protagonists right?
Sana: They are Kaede, whom I act as,
Sana: And the one who acts as Iroha is this...
Sana: Na...!?
Nana: I'll introduce myself.
Sana: Nana-chan...!?
Nana: ...Sometimes I'm a drama's leading actress!
Nana: Some other times I'm a normal Highschool girl!
Nana: However my substance is...!?

Nana: An energetic rising gravure idol...
Nana: Nana-chan!
Shouta: Wha...
Shouta(thinks): What's with this erotic girl!?
Sana: Nana-chan! Don't make those poses in public...!!
Nana: It's ok...
Nana: I'm chosing the right time, situation, and person to show it to.
Sana: That's not the problem right!?
Sana's sd: Wear your clothes properly!

Sana: Nana-chan, you're a girl too, you should be a little shy...
Nana: Sana-chan, you're a model too so you've had posing practices right?
Nana: It's the same as that.
Sana: I-I don't do that in public!
Nana: Even though you tried to kiss here...
Both: !?
Shouta: Th...That was ummm...
Sana: Emmm...!?
Nana: ...Are you two dating?
Both: !

Both: Eh...
Flashback: It's also necessary to understand...Kaede's feelings...!
Shouta: ...
Sana: A-Actually...
Shouta: We...We're not...dating!

Shouta: That was...to help Shinomiya-san get more into her role.
Shouta: I only became her practice partner...
Nana: Practice...?
Shouta(thinks): That's it right...Sana-chan.
Shouta(thinks): Eh!?
Shouta(thinks): Eh!?
Shouta(thinks): Why that face!?
Shouta(thinks): Did I say something bad!?
Nana: ...
Nana: ...I see,
Nana: Then...
Both: !

Nana: Can I...Become Shou-chan's girlfriend
Nana: ...candidate?
Sana: Wha...
Shouta: ...Eh!?
Nana: How about it? Shou-chan...?
Shouta: H...How about...!
Shouta(thinks): What is she suddenly saying!?
Shouta(thinks): But...she's a bit weird but
Shouta(thinks): She's really cute...!
Shouta(thinks): Her breasts too...!!
Shouta: E...
Shouta: Emm...
Shouta: But...
Sana: !

Sana: ...!
Sana: Ah~~ sorry! I have to do some work after this!
Sana: I've got to go!
Both: !
Sana: Then...Nana-chan see you on work!
Sana: bye bye Katsuragi-kun!
Shouta: ...Eh!?
Shouta: Why so suddenly!?
Shouta(thinks): Sana-chan...!?

Shouta(thinks): To think that she'd suddenly go home...
Shouta(thinks): Why?
Shouta(thinks): Did I...make her angry...!?
Shouta(thinks): F...For now let's mail her...
Shouta: !
Shouta(thinks): That's right...!
Shouta(thinks): My cellphone is broken
Shouta(thinks): and I don't know how to contact her...!
Shouta(thinks): At this rate...
Shouta(thinks): Sana-chan...
Shouta(thinks): I won't be able to...!

Shouta: Sorry!
Shouta: I'll go too!
Nana: !
Shouta(thinks): I have to follow Sana-chan...!
Shouta(thinks): If I don't...I think I'll never meet her again...!

SFX: Grab...
Shouta: Eh...?
Nana: ...Hey
Nana: You really...can't remember me...?

Shouta: No...
Shouta: Sorry...I'm in a hurry!
Shouta: If we meet again I'll listen to your story!
Nana: ...To think that he didn't notice...
Nana: ...Should I rather be happy...?

Umine: Good morning~~ Shouta!
Shouta: Umine!
Shouta: Yoshitaka!
Umine: How was your date!?
Shouta: !
Umine: ...That's an easy to understand reaction...
Yoshitaka: The ship sank huh...
Shouta(thinks): After that... she wasn't in the station and I searched all around the town but
Shouta(thinks): I couldn't find Sana-chan...

Shouta: It was great until the middle...
Shouta: We went sightseeing, ate a bento...
Shouta: But suddenly a weird girl appeared...
Umine: Weird girl?
Shouta: That's right...!
Shouta: Do you know some "Nana-chan"?
Yoshitaka: "Nana-chan"...?
Shouta: She called me "Shou-chan" so
Shouta: I think she was our classmate in primary school or before...
Yoshitaka: Hm? Nana...?
Umine: Ah~~~... no way, that girl!?
Umine: ...I mean there's no way you don't know, Shouta...
Shouta: Who is she?
Umine: Nanasato Yui!
Umine: She transferred in third year of primary school... she's your first love!
Shouta: Wha...!?
Yoshitaka: Oh...that girl he couldn't talk much to before everything ended!

Shouta: Eh...but wasn't Nanasato-san a really docile girl...!?
Umine: That's right! Yui-chan was always cowering timidly~~!
Umine: I helped her a lot~~
Shouta(thinks): It can't be...
Shouta(thinks): Nanasato-san doesn't resemble the other day's girl at...
Shouta(thinks): ...Eh!?
Shouta(thinks): Now that they mention it there are some traces left!!
Shouta(thinks): Really...!?
Guy: Hey guys! There's a transfer student coming today!
Guy: Really!? A boy!? A girl!?
Guy: A girl!! And she's very cute!
Guy: A transfer student...?
Guy: Rather, I've seen that girl in gravure magazines!
Guy: Really!? A gravure idol!?
Guy: Yeah, that Nana girl!!
Shouta(thinks): Wha...!?

Nana: I'm... Nanasato Yui.
Nana: I'm a gravure idol!
Nana: Nice to meet you all!
Blackboard: Nanasato Yui

Guys: U...Uwoooooh!?
Guy: She's a bit weird but she's extremely cute!!
Girl: What's this girl...!?
Girl: Ah! That girl was in my class in the past...!?
Umine: Yui-chan...!?
Big characters: (star) Super dramatic
Nana: Touching is ok...!
Shouta(thinks): How...
Shouta(thinks): How did that girl become this girl...!?
Big Characters: Before - After!!
Koisome Momiji
Scene 4 /End
On Next Issue, Shouta can only defend on Nana's offense! And can he meet Sana again...!?

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