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Hanamaru Youchien Special : Volume 8 Special

Hanamaru Meeting

+ posted by Eru13 as translation on Jun 16, 2012 21:41 | Go to Hanamaru Youchien

Reserved for CXC. Don't use without my permission.
Hanamaru Youchien Vol 8 Special
//sd: side dialog, cd: corner dialog

Box: Mankind finds itself in danger of being destructed by the sudden appearance of the Mecha Panda Cat.
Box: However, mankind's hope rests in a group of young heroines!
Tsuchida: This is a battle to get back everyone's tomorrow! Let's go!
All: Yes!
All: Metamorphose!

Title: Special Chapter Hanamaru Meeting

p4 //thanks page
Thank you for buying Hanamaru Youchien Volume 8!
Volume 8 compels the chapters that were published when the anime was airing.
Watching the anime while trying to imitate the voices of Koume and the little sisters was a good memory.
Speaking about the anime, I was surprised by Satsuki's popularity when she first appeared.
Before production, when I told the anime team that I wanted Yamamoto-sensei's breasts to sway, they even made her swimsuit slip, I couldn't hide my excitement for the pros' amazing skills.
The original work has stories about christmas, a planetarium, and Tsuchida-sensei playing that game, it's the same feeling as always.
But, when looking back at it, Satsuki didn't appear much so the kakioroshi is a story about her.
The back cover also has a new story.
Getting to the 8th volume and the anime adaptation are all thanks to your support.
I'll do my best so that you can enjoy this work from now on too.
Well then, I pray we can meet again in volume 9!

Mecha's sd: Uga---h
Anzu's sd: A----h
Hii: It's strong...
Koume: I want to go home~~
Koume's sd: Fue~~
Mayumi: Don't give up!
Mayumi: If we join forces we'll definitely beat it!
Hii: You're the mysterious warrior that cames to save us when we're in trouble!!
Mayumi: Let's stand up again!
All: Yeah!
Panda cat: Hanamaru Girls, good luck~~

Hanamaru(thinks): The editor is making an amazing face!
Editor: Who's this manga's main character?
Panda cat's sd: Nyapa---
Hanamaru: Panda cat.
Editor: Then you understand what I want to say right?
Hanamaru: I'll fix the name.
Mayumi: Hagiwara-san, what happened to Hanamaru-sensei?
Editor: Yamamoto.
Editor: Maybe Hanamaru-sensei is in a slump. (cd: Hmm)
Mayumi: ...

Hanamaru: Thank you for coming.
Mayumi: I thought I might be of help! And I brought a cake!
Hanamaru(thinks): I can't tell Mayumi-chan... That thinking too much about her is the cause of my slump.
Yuna's sd: Cake...
Mayumi: Have some! Emm...
Hanamaru: Ah, I haven't introduced you.
Hanamaru: She's Yuna-chan, she's an assistant apprentice.
Yuna: Hello~~
Mayumi: Wah, she's a cute assistant!
Yuna's sd: Yummy~~

p8 //PC is panda cat
Mayumi: Emm... I have some ideas about what kinds of panda cat I want to see,
Mayumi: Would you like to listen to them?
Mayumi: They aren't anything great but.
Hanamaru(thinks): Mayumi-chan worried for me...
Hanamaru: Thanks, then, can you let me hear them.
Mayumi: Yes!
Mayumi: You see...
Tsuchida: You'll get on board this and beat the enemy. //lol with Tsuchida Gendou
PC: No way...

PC: Even if you suddenly tell me that, it's impossible for me!
Tsuchida: I see...Then it can't be helped.
Tsuchida: This three will get on board instead of you.
SFX: rumble
SFX: rumble
SFX: rumble
Anzu: I was in the middle of my nap... I'm still sleepy~~
Koume: Onii-chan where are you~~
Arrow's sd: Half asleep
Hii: I'm probably the third one...
PC: This little girls are the pilots...
Tsuchida's sd: Get out!
Tsuchida: Cowards should leave!
PC: ...Damn it! I can't run away, I can't run away!!

Mayumi: After this Panda cat gets on board the robot and defeats the enemy!
Hanamaru: ...
Mayumi: Hanamaru-sensei?
Hanamaru: The appearance of the world... Is a bit different...
Mayumi: Then how about this?
Mayumi: I based it on a manga I love...
Box: On year 20XX the Earth was engulfed by panda cat flames!!
Box: The Earth got barren and it looked like all life on it had disappeared...
Box: However, mankind didn't get extinct!!

Anzu: Hyaha! We'll pedal to death-- get out of my way--
Hii: Pararira pararira...
Koume's sd: Wait for me~~
Box: The world was in an era where violence ruled!!
Nanako: You shouldn't ride on the tricycles like that, it's dangerous~~
Tsuchida: Don't go against them!
Hii: Eh!
Hii: You've got some nerve to go against Hiiragi-sama...
Anzu: To think that that onee-chan would go against Hiiragi-sama, it's her end.
Koume: Her end.
Hii: We'll give her the tickling punishment, that'll teach them a lesson!!
Hii: Hihihi--
Tsuchida's sd: Eek
Nanako: Kya~~~~h
Anzu: Hiiragi-sama, you're inhuman!

Hii: If you want me to forgive you bring me all the pelocan you have! //I think pelocan refers to lollipops
Nanako: Save me, panda cat~~
Hii: Who are you.
Nanako: Ah,
Nanako: Panda Cat!
PC: I'll kill you.

Mayumi: Then panda cat uses his special assasination kung fu to beat his opponents in the blink of an eye...
Mayumi: Wah, Hanamaru-sensei is making an amazing face!
Hanamaru: That's a bit too provocative for the children...
Mayumi: Really~~
Mayumi: Thinking of a story is difficult~~
Mayumi's sd: Hmmmm
Yuna: E-
Yuna: Emm...
Box: This is costume land, a place where everyone lives peacefully wearing animal costumes.

Box: Today, everyone is playing peacefully with their animal costumes.
Box: But it seems there's mischievious kids too.
Tsuchida: Wearing a costume is weird!
Koume: Stop it~~
Anzu: Poor Nana-chan--
PC: You wear one too!!
Tsuchida: !
Anzu: Ah, it's panda cat!
PC: Let's play peacefully!
Tsuchida's sd: Sorry

Editor: This story is super cute, I like it!
Editor: Let's use this for the next panda cat adventure!
Hanamaru: Thank you very much~~
Hanamaru: He said it's ok! Thanks, you two!
Mayumi: Yay!
Hanamaru: It's all thanks to Yuna-chan's idea.
Mayumi: As expected from Hanamaru-sensei's assistant!
Hanamaru: You might become an amazing mangaka when you grow up.

Anzu: E-h!
Anzu: Yuna-chan is helping Onii-san with his work!
Hii's sd: Oh...
Koume: Wo~~w.
Yuna: Ehehe~~
Yuna: It's all because you let me meet him,
Yuna: Thank you~~
Anzu: So that onii-san actually had a work.
Koume: He did~~
Hii: By the way, what does he do...?
Yuna: Hmmmm... He said it's a secret.
Anzu?: If he's hiding it maybe it something he can't say?
Anzu?: Like a perverted work.
Koume?: Hya~~h
Hanamaru's sd: Achoo
Hanamaru: ?
Hanamaru Youchien [8] End

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