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Tears to Tiara 5

An Evening Feast and a Troubadour

+ posted by Eru13 as translation on Jun 18, 2012 04:04 | Go to Tears to Tiara

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Reserved for Lively Scans. Don't use without my permission.
Tears to Tiara - Kakan no Daichi 5
//sd: Side dialog, cd: corner dialog

Title: 05. An Evening Feast and a Troubadour

Arawn: We
Arawn: Finally are here.
Arawn: This long battle ends here.
Arawn: I'll definitely hold out
Arawn: so, Pwyll, you too...
Pwyll: I know,
Pwyll: I won't waste the time you give me.
Pwyll: I'll definitely win,
Pwyll: I'll win and go see you.
Pwyll: So,
Pwyll: Stay alive until then, Arawn.
Arawn: The same for you, don't let some small fry kill you.
Arawn: I'll wait expectantly,
Arawn: Let us meet once more.

p3 //Black and white cover
Tears to Tiara
Kakan no Daichi

p4 //summary
"Tears to Tiara -Kakan no Daichi-"
The story until now
The imperial army leaded by the corrupt priest Drwc attacked the Gael tribe's town.
The daughter of the late chief, Riannon, was taken by him to be used as a sacrifice for the revival of the Demon King.
Riannon's brother, Arthur, thought that they must rescue his sister and opposed Drwc, however, he was late and the demon king Arawn had already awakened from his eternal slumber.
However, the demon king didn't kill Riannon who was offered to him but Drwc, Riannon declares that since Arawn saved her life she'll become his wife, as a result of Arawn accepting this he became the Gael tribe's new chief.
Even if they rescued Riannon the Imperial Army's march doesn't stop.
Arthur and the gaelians escape from their hometown, Erin and head towards the citadel Avalon in Albion.
That was Arawn's castle and as well as the place where the housekeeping elves Limwris and Ermin lived---.
Box: Erin
The island where Arthur and the Gaelians lived.
Box: Albion
Ogam is investigating about the island but he doesn't have detailed information yet.
Arthur and the Gaelians escape from Erin.
Box: Beach
A sea full of blessing spreads out.
Box: Citadel Avalon
Gael tribe's new base. It was Arawn's castle.

p5 //character summaries
He's the demon king that was awakened from his eternal slumber by the plan made by the Holy Empire's Army. After marrying with Riannon he became the Gael tribe's chief.
The daughter of the late Gael tribe's chief and Arawn's wife. She was offered as a sacrifice for Arawn but he saved her life.
The first warrior of the Gael tribe and Riannon's brother. His feelings for her sister are second to none, he's made fun of by his comrades for that.
An old man said to be "The Best Great Sage in the Borderland". He's acquainted with the Gaelian. It seems he's an old friend of the Demon King Arawn.
A Gaelian warrior that let the imperial army steal the ships that were to be used to escape from Erin, she ignorantly decided to devote herself to Arawn.

p6 //Index
05. An Evening Feast and a Troubadour...001
06. Arawn's Resourcefulness...043
07. The Demon King and His Wives...075
08. The Holy Empire and the Brigantes Tribe...105
09. Arthur and Taliesin...139

Pwyll: Those words,
Pwyll: Do you swear on this last battle?
Arawn: ...
Arawn: It's not "on this last battle".
Arawn: It's on the new world
Arawn: That we'll build starting here.
Arthur: ...Up
Arthur: Wake up, Arawn!
Arawn: Hm...

Arthur: Jeez,
Arthur: How long are you going to sleep!
Arawn: ...
Arawn: Hey...Pwyll.
Arawn: Guah!
Riannon: Ni-nii-sama?
Arawn: What are you doing all of a sudden!
Arthur: Don't call me a Puel!

Arawn: Ah...
Arawn: That's right...
Arawn: You...
Arawn: were...
Arawn: Arthur...right.
Arthur: Wake up completely,
Arthur: It's past noon.
Arthur: I only waited until now because my sister told me to let you rest.
Arawn: Shut up.
Arawn: I only overslept a bit, stop clattering.

Arawn: To begin with, is there something that I have to be awake for?
Arawn: I'm your chief, I'm in a social position where I can sleep all day and no one can complain right?
Arawn's sd: Fuaaah //yawn
Arthur: Like it's like that!
Arthur: One of the most important duties of the chief is to prevent people starving!
Arthur: Come,
Arthur: We're going to hunt!
Arawn: Hmm...
Arawn: What a sultry guy, speaking about duties and such.
Arthur: Stop complaining and come!
Arthur: Those who don't work don't eat!
Arawn: Ow ow!
Arawn: Hey, don't pull my ear!

Limwris: Oh?
Limwris: Good morning Arawn-sama,
Limwris: Are you going out with Arthur-sama?
Ermin: You're going out, King?
Arawn: I don't really want to go out but
Arawn: This guy just keeps saying things about the chief's duties and going to hunt.
Limwris: Now that you mention it, in the early morning everyone asked me.
Limwris: I told them some good places to hunt around here but,
Limwris: Were they of any help?
Riannon: Yes, a lot,
Riannon: Mo-chan went out immediately after that.
Arawn: Jeez, just because the elves said something unnecessary...
Arthur: Hey Arawn!
Arthur: Stop complaining and start walking.

Arawn: Ow,
Arawn: I told you to stop pulling my ear!
Limwris: My my, you get along well.
Ermin: Get anolg well. //not a typo, she makes a mistake
Arawn: Just how does this look like we get well?
Arawn: Hey, elves,
Arawn: Save your king from this barbarian.
Limwris: My my, this is troublesome.
Limwris: What should we do?
Limwris: Arawn-sama is everyone's king
Limwris: And Arthur-sama is a descendant of the elf king...
Ermin: There's two kings! There's two kings!
Arawn: You don't need to be in trouble,
Arawn: Just save me.
Arthur: Limwris,
Arthur: If you let us go we'll fill the Ingredient Storehouse and the kitchen with food.

Limwris: Have a nice trip!
Limwris: Arthur-sama, Arawn-sama.
Ermin: We'll pick up your bones!
Arawn: Hey you,
Arawn: Even though you're just elves you're going to abandon me!
Limwris: We're housekeeping elves,
Limwris: We're weak to people who'll give us work worth doing.
Limwris: A kitchen full of food will make cooking worth doing and that makes me ecstasic.
Ermin: Ecstasy~~
Arawn: Grr, damn Arthur...
Arawn: He knows how to treat the elves by instinct.
Arthur: What are you muttering?
Arthur: Give up and come with me.
Morgan: Arawn!

Arthur: Morgan, is the clamming going well?
Morgan: Well...not at all...
Morgan: No matter how much we dig nothing comes out...
Morgan: Maybe we'll have to go to open sea.
Riannon: Limwris-san said that it was abundant.
Ogam: Cough, excuse me but...
Arthur: Uwah! Since when are you here, Ogam.
Arawn: ...You came.

Ogam: I'm the sword that protects Arawn-sama, wherever you go I'll follow you from the shadows.
Arawn: Hmph, you're the same as always.
Arawn: If you came out like this it's because you know something, right?
Ogam: Is there anyone who recieved some tool from the elves?
Morgan: Ah, now that you mention it,
Morgan: Ermin gave me this whistle!
Morgan: She said it was a "Crab Whistle".
Ogam: Take that...
Ogam: And blow it gently.
Ogam: Gently.
Ogam: Doing that will make the crabs that heard it come out at once...
Morgan: Like this!

Ogam: ...Good grief,
Ogam: She blowed as hard as she could.
Ogam: All the crabs in the beach will come...
Arthur: Isn't it ok,
Arthur: There's nothing bad in capturing a lot.
Arthur: Oh,
Arthur: I can hear the crabs steps!
Morgan: We'll eat crab~~ crab!
Riannon: Arawn-sama, do you like crab?
Arawn: I don't hate it.
Riannon: Then we'll have a hot pot tonight (music note)
Morgan: They came!
Arthur: Now, let's capture th...
Arthur: Hey, Ogam!
Ogam: What is it.

Arthur: Aren't they...a bit too big?
Arthur: Aren't crabs supposed to be as big as the palm of a hand?
Morgan: Awawawah...
Ogam: Didn't the elves tell you that this vicinity was abundant?
Arthur: There's limits to how abundant it can be, right!?

Arthur: And...It feels like this crabs
Arthur: Rather than coming for the sound of the whistle they're coming for us.
Ogam: It seems that to them we are what they are to us, a feast.
Ogam: This is a serious battle to eat or be eaten...
Arthur: It's not the time to be carefree like that!
Arawn: Riannon...
Riannon: What happened, Arawn-sama.

Arawn: I became full just by looking.
Arawn: I'll go back,
Arawn: Let me have some hot pot tomorrow.
Riannon: Yes, Arawn-sama.
Riannon: I'll be a late so you can go to sleep before me.
Arthur: Hey, Arawn!
Arthur: You're the chief, don't run away!
Arawn: Shut up.
Arawn: Even though you're a barbarian you can't catch even one crab?
Arawn: Jeez, it can't be helped...
Arawn: I'll help you.
Arawn: Hey, you lot,
Arawn: Do as much as you can without getting eaten!
Riannon: Yes, Arawn-sama.
Morgan: Oh! Let's do this!

Arthur: My name is Arthur.
Arthur: I'm the first warrior of the Ga...
Riannon: Nii-sama, hurry up and draw your sword!
Riannon: The crabs will eat you before you giving your name!
Arthur: Uwooh!
Arawn: ...They're still an unreliable bunch.
Arawn: Alright you lot, follow me without falling back!
All: Oooooooh

Voice: We did it! We've got a lot!

Morgan: Let's boil a lot!
Morgan: We'll boil them all night!
Riannon: Mo-chan, thank you for helping me.
Arawn: How is it, Arthur,
Arawn: The crab I killed is delicious, right?
Arthur: Wait a sec.
Arthur: This is a crab I killed.
Arawn: What, Arthur?
Arawn: You were so scared when you first saw the crabs and now you want to take all the credit?
Arthur: But it's the truth!
Arthur: I killed a lot more!
Arawn: You're naive.

Arawn: You killed only the small fries.
Arawn: Mines are better in quality and quantity.
Arthur: What!
Arthur: There's no way that's true!
Riannon: Arawn-sama,
Riannon: I can hear music...
Ogam: It sounds like a lyre.
Ogam: Hmm... The tune sounds like from the continent but...
Arthur: Who's there!
Taliesin: Wow
Taliesin: There's some unfamiliar faces here.

Taliesin: My name is Taliesin.
Taliesin: Don't you need a fun poet who loves music and songs greatly?
Arthur: Poet?
Arthur: He smiles a lot.
Ogam: Hmm, this is unusual,
Ogam: To think that we'd happen across a troubadour...
Taliesin: How about it?
Taliesin: Would you like to listen to 2 or 3 of the songs that I learned in the continent?
Taliesin: Well
Taliesin: You could pay me by giving me some of the crab you're deliciously cooking over there.
Arawn: Isn't it ok?
Arthur: Yeah,
Arthur: Please sing a song that will enliven this feast.
Taliesin: With pleasure.
Taliesin: Then, I'll sing a merry song.

Arthur: Hey Riannon,
Arthur: The crabs nii-chan killed were more amazing right.
Riannon: Arawn-sama,
Riannon: It will be ready soon (music note)
Arawn: Yeah.
Arthur: ...Uuh. Hey Morgan! You tell her something!
Arthur: You saw from the sideline right? Whose skill was better?
Morgan: Aah...?
Morgan: What...?

Arthur: Geh!
Arthur: No good... She's suddenly drunk!
Arthur: She's a bad drunk!
Riannon: Mo-chan, are you alright?
Morgan: I'm not drunk~~~
Morgan: Kyahaha!
Morgan: I kno, //she's drunk...
Morgan: You asked who's more amazing right?
Morgan: Well obviously...
Arthur: Obviously?
Morgan: The one who can drink my sake.

Morgan: Come on, drink one Arawn.
Morgan: ...You won't say...hiccup!
Morgan: That you can't dwink my sake, right, Arawn.
Arawn: Hmph, damn drunk...
Riannon: D-Don't, You must dilute it with water.
Riannon: That's a really strong sake!
Arawn: Ngah!?
Arawn: ...Hmph!
Arawn: This is just like water...
Morgan: Fufu, as expected from the demon kwing, you're a man between men...
Riannon: Arawn-sama, you're fantastic.
Arthur: ...

Arawn: What's up, Arthur?
Arthur: N...
Arthur: No.
Morgan: Hyahaha!
Morgan: Arthur can't dwink,
Morgan: Because he's just a kid!
Arthur: Like that's true!
Arthur: Give me that!
Riannon: Nii-sama!?
Arthur: Gulp gulp gulp
Arthur: How about this!!

Arthur: Did you see, you quack demon king!
Arthur: I-I-I-It's my win!!
Arawn: ...Yeah,
Arawn: It's your win.
Arthur: I did it...
Arthur: Aah... What? The ground is moving.
Arthur: Huh, There's 3...4 Riannon?
Riannon: Nii-sama, hang in there!
Arawn: Idiot...
Morgan: Hyahaha, that was amazing Arthur!
Morgan: Eat! Drink! Sing! Laugh! Kyahahahaha!
Arthur: munch munch...mun...
Ogam: Hey, don't do that,
Ogam: Sake is something for you to enjoy.
Morgan: What, geezer?
Morgan: I'm having a lot of fun now!
Arthur: It's like...I can see a big river and a flower field...
Riannon: Don't! Nii-sama!
Riannon: Don't go over there! Just don't!

Ogam: Good grief, it seems that the young people of these days don't know how to drink.
Morgan: What~~ Then you can drink with me until the end?
Ogam: Let's see...If Arawn-sama let's me do so...
Arawn: Do it.
Ogam: Then, I'll keep you company.
Ogam: I was called the golden large snake in the past. //he says uwabami which colloquially means heavy drinker
Ogam: Even if I grew old I won't be outdone easily by a youngling...
Morgan: Large snake huh!
Morgan: So you're a snake that can drink anything!
Morgan: Ahahaha, that's an interesting metaphor!
Morgan: Alright, it's a battle!
Morgan: If you can beat me, who was called Erin's bottomless lake, I'll let you teach me how to drink.
Ogam: Fufu, well then, here I go.
Taliesin: Well then, I'll excuse myself now.

Arawn: A troubadour huh...
Arawn: Do you live around here?
Taliesin: I'm a troubadour that drifts at the mercy of the wind.
Taliesin: My place to be is where the wind blows.
Arawn: What a weird guy.
Arawn: I don't know why were you scouting here but, was it useful?
Taliesin: Fufu, what a fearsome person.
Taliesin: Well then, excuse me.
Arawn: Hmph!
Riannon: Arawn-sama, where are you going?
Arawn: To the cape,
Arawn: This place is noisy and I can't eat my crabs calmly.
Riannon: Ah...

Arawn: The view from here doesn't change...
Arawn: Who put this hindrance here?
Arawn: It has something written on it...let's see.

Arawn: ...The land where dragon dances,
Arawn: The giant stamps his feet,
Arawn: The elves sing,
Arawn: And the humans laugh...
Arawn: ...Hmph!
Arawn: What a trivial thing...
Arawn: Damn that Pwyll...
Riannon: Arawn-sama~~
Riannon: Arawn-sama~~ where are you?
Riannon: Arawn-sama.

Arawn: Phwat?
Arawn: I'm eating.
Riannon: ...
Riannon: Emm.
Riannon: It's gotten quiet down there, won't you come back?
Arawn: What happened to your brother?
Riannon: He got dizzy.
Riannon: Mo-chan just fell down too...
Riannon: Right now Ogam-sama is drinking sake quietly.
Riannon: He's really the golden large snake.
Arawn: ...Well, yeah.

Riannon: That is why, Arawn-sama, let's go back.
Riannon: The wind is strong here so it's cold right?
Arawn: Yeah,
Arawn: I'll go back in a while.
Riannon: Arawn-sama?
Arawn: What?
Arawn: I...It's not like I'm immersed in the feelings of the past.
Arawn: It's not an effeminate reason like that!
Riannon: Ah,
Riannon: No...
Riannon: Arawn-sama, do you know?
Riannon: The red setting sun is god's teary eyes.
Riannon: After weeping his eyes out, god has red eyes so that's why it's red.
Arawn: Keh!
Arawn: Don't tell me stories about an annoying god.
Arawn: To begin with, gods don't cry.

Arawn: Hahaha...
Arawn: Who's that weak god?
Riannon: He's Myrddin-sama
Arawn: ...Can you tell me more about that?
Riannon: Yes, with pleasure.
Riannon: Long ago, Myrddin-sama,
Riannon: When this world was frozen by a thick ice...
Riannon: He gave us humans, who could only wait to freeze to death, fire.

Riannon: But...
Riannon: Doing that was a great sin...
Riannon: Teaching humans the secrets of fire was an unforgivable taboo...
Riannon: Myrddin-sama recieved a strict punishment for saving the humans' lives
Riannon: And he's still in pain.
Riannon: It's said that when the setting sun is this red,
Riannon: it's because Myrddin-sama cried out of the pain of his punishment.
Riannon: That is why we pray
Riannon: Thank you...
Riannon: Because being by a fire on a long cold night warms up our bodies...
Riannon: and being able to live our small lives...
Riannon: Are all because of you.

Riannon: I wish that your pain is alleviated at least a little...
Arawn: I see...
Arawn: So some still remember.
Arawn: But
Arawn: Myrddin is no longer suffering nor crying.
Arawn: No one can punish him anymore.
Arawn: Not even that... god who thinks he's almighty.
Arawn: Myrddin's wishes and prays dissolved in the atmosphere
Arawn: And became a part of the world forever.
Arawn: He's always with us and continues to warm this world...

Arawn: So, don't be sad for him anymore.
Arawn: You just have to...remember him.
Riannon: Arawn-sama...
Riannon: By any chance...you knew him?
Arawn: ...It's just an ancient story.
Box: Why is it?
Box: Arawn-sama feels like a different person.
Box: Arawn-sama always wears his black clothes and has a sarcastic smile...
Box: He always looks at us with astonished eyes
Box: and is a bit cruel, where did that Arawn-sama go?
Box: This Arawn-sama is so clean...
Box: Kind... earnest...
Box: And really...
Box: Divine.
Box: It's as if...

Riannon: Emm...Arawn-sama?
Arawn: What?
Riannon: No...
Riannon: It's nothing.
Arawn: What a weird girl.
Arawn: Now,
Arawn: Let's go back to where everyone is.
Thought: Arawn-sama...
Thought: Are you really the demon king?

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