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Translations: Gintama 675 by Bomber D Rufi , One Piece 898 by cnet128

Hanamaru Youchien 75

Hanamaru Sleepover in the Kindergarten

+ posted by Eru13 as translation on Jun 21, 2012 18:39 | Go to Hanamaru Youchien

-> RTS Page for Hanamaru Youchien 75

Reserved for CXC. Don't use without my permission.
Hanamaru Youchien 75
//sd: side dialog, cd: corner dialog

Box: Today the children will stay the night in the kindergarten.
Sakura: Listen to what Tsucchi says and enjoy the sleepover!
Title: Chapter 75 Hanamaru Sleepover in the Kindergarten
Anzu: Ye---s!
Anzu: Anzu will sleep with Tsucchi today so she's wearing her lucky panties <3 (cd: They have a bunny)
Sakura: Anzu, well done!
Tsuchida: Hahaha
Hii: I'm off...!
Tomo: Koume, will you be ok? Do you have Kuu-chan with you?

Tomo: If you feel troubled ask your friends or teachers for help.
Koume: Y-Yeah...
Ryouta: Koume, you're afraid of the dark, right! (cd: Coward!)
Tomo: Just now someone was bullying...
Tsuchida: I'll be responsible for Koume-chan! (cd: //too blurry, again)
Anzu: Koume-chan will always be with us! (cd: She'll be fine!)
Hii: Let's play all day today...
Ryouta: Hmph!
Anzu: I can't wait for the sleepover!
Koume: ...Yeah!
Tsuchida: Well then, leave your rucksacks in the classroom and come to prepare dinner!
All: Ya--y!

Hii's sd: Munch munch munch
Anzu's sfx: brush brush//probably

Anzu's sd: *gargle and spit*
Nanako's sd: You brushed them neatly~~
Kouma: Brushing our teeth together was fun~~
Anzu: Staying the night out of home is so adult!
Anzu's sd: You see, Anzu's wearing bunny panties today--
SFX: rustle
Hii: Koume-chan?
SFX: wind wind

Anzu: ...It looks a bit different than always.
Koume: It's like a place I don't know.
Ryouta: It looks like a ghost might come out right~~
Both: Eh!
Koume: Ghosts...
Ryouta: (cd: Look) That tree is making a lot of noise!
Tsuchida: Hey Ryouta...
Girl: Wa----n
Maika: I'm scared~~
Maika's sd: gya--h
Maika: I want to go home...
Yuna: Mama...
Tsuchida: There's no ghosts. (cd: Ok?)
Nanako: It's alright~~
Nanako: sensei knows some kind and cute ghosts~~
Maika: They're kind?
Girl: Even though they're ghosts?

Nanako: Yes, like child ghosts and animal ghosts.
Anzu: Cute!
Boy: I've seen them on TV!
Boy: They played with you and beated the bad guys, ghosts are cool!
Tsuchida: If I can become friends with a ghost I'll boast to everyone!
Kids' sd: Eh
Kids' sd: Ahaha
Ryouta: Tsuchida's always playing games so they'll confiscate them!
Twin: A cat ghost would be cute~~
Maika: There's a really big cat close to my house!
Girl: Maybe it's a ghost~~

Tsuchida: Everyone, it's time to sleep!
SFX: yay
SFX: yay
SFX: yay
Anzu: It's so fun I can't sleep!
Koume: Yeah.
Hii: I'm so excited...
Ryouta: Hey, did you know?
Ryouta: The ghosts we were talking about just now
Ryouta: There's some bad ones that kidnap kids.
Koume: Eh!
Anzu: Ryouta, you're obstinate! Go away!
Ryouta: I'm kindly telling you.

Ryouta: Kids who stay up late are kidnapped.
Ryouta: So if you go to the bathroom at night you might get kidnapped~~
Nanako: There are none of that kind of bad ghosts in the kindergarten~~
Nanako: Koume-chan, are you ok?
Koume: ...I'm scared...
Nanako: Then should I put this~~
All: Wah~~
All: So pretty~~
Nanako: Good night everyone~~
Anzu: It's really pretty!
Koume: Yeah!

SFX: click
Tsuchida: Everyone's sleeping soundly.
SFX: fall
Tsuchida: !
Tsuchida(thinks): I'm glued to Yamamoto-sensei in the dark!!
Anzu: Tsucchi...
Nanako's sd: Huh
Tsuchida: Bugeh
Koume: pee-pee...
SFX: open eyes

SFX: trot
SFX: trot
SFX: trot
Anzu: ...It's quiet.
Thought: If the ghost calls your name you'll be kidnapped!
Koume: Ghost...
Anzu: L-Let's hold hands!
Koume: Y-Yeah...
Hii: It might be a good ghost...
Voice: ...re......
Voice: ...Whe...re......
Voice: ...Where......

Anzu: ...Just now...
Tsuchida: You're imagining things...
Voice: ...u...me...
Voice: ...Kou...me...
Koume: Fueeeh~~
Hii: It's calling for Koume-chan. //when did Hii change?
Voice: Koume...
SFX: silence
Voice: You're there~~~!!!
Koume: Kya---h!!!
Anzu: Don't take Koume-chan! Don't take Koume-chan!!
Koume: Waaaaaaan waaaaaan
Tsuchida: !?

Tomo: Koume-chan are you ok~~?
Tomo: Can you sleep alone~~?
Tomo: Onii-chan was too worried...
Tomo's sd: Koume Koume...
Tsuchida: ...
Box: Next day
Ryouta: A ghost came out yesterday!!
Boy: Eeh
Ryouta: I saw a black shadow wandering outside.
Boy's sd: Eh---
Koume: Ah...
Ryouta: It's true!
Tsuchida: If you keep making mischief the ghost will kidnap you.
Anzu's sd: Good morning

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