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Hanamaru Youchien 76

Hanamaru Taking Shelter from Rain

+ posted by Eru13 as translation on Jun 22, 2012 17:11 | Go to Hanamaru Youchien

-> RTS Page for Hanamaru Youchien 76

Reserved for CXC. Don't use without my permission.
Hanamaru Youchien 76
//sd: side dialog, cd: corner dialog

Ryouta: Uh~~
Ryouta: It's raining everyday so we can't play outside! Rainy season, go away!
Anzu: It's dark and humid, rain is boring.
Tsuchida: Rain is very important.
Both: ?
Tsuchida: If it didn't rain the rice and vegetables you eat wouldn't grow.
Cloud's sd: Take some water~~
Cabbage's sd: This is good~~
Tsuchida: The water used in the kitchen and in the bath on your houses comes from rainwater too.
Ryouta: Rain is amazing...
Ryouta's sd: Oh
Anzu: Rain is great.
Tsuchida: So, let's all be grateful to the god of rain!
All: Ye-s!

Title: Chapter 76 Hanamaru Taking Shelter from Rain

p4 //thanks page
Thank you for having volume 9 on your hands. Yuto here.
Thanks to you all this manga has now reached volume 9. Amazing!
Really really thank you!!!
I couldn't draw a lot for the kakioroshi because I was busy with the main story but it's a story about the Yamamoto sisters.
Well then, I hope you enjoy the rest of this volume.
Special Thanks
Sagarin Ruura-chan Editor Kitamura-sama The rest of the Staff Everyone in my family My grandma
And you who have this in your hands!!!
//I love this Hii... XD

Box: Sunday
Tsuchida: Everyday, everyday, rain, rain, rain...
Tsuchida: What a depressing season...
Tsuchida(thinks): I wish tomorrow is sunny!
Tsuchida: Rainy season, end!
Nanako: Kyah!
Tsuchida: ...Eh?

Nanako: Thank you for sheltering me from the rain and lending me some clothes~~
Tsuchdia: N-No need, it's raining a lot it must've been hard.
Nanako: I was lucky to be near Tsuchida-sensei's house~~
Tsuchida: ...
Tsuchida(thinks): Yamamoto-sensei is in my house...
Tsuchida(thinks): And she's wearing my clothes...
Tsuchida(thinks): Thank you, god of rain!

Tsuchida: Yamamoto-sensei?
Nanako: Ah, Sorry.
Nanako's sd: I ended up looking around...
Nanako: Umm...
Nanako: It's the first time I go inside a man's room so...
Nanako: Emm...
Nanako: ...
Tsuchida: ...Yamamoto-sensei!

Tsuchida: Do you want to play a game?
//lol with morio kart
Nanako: You turn like this...This is the brake...
Nanako's sd: So this is a Wii...
Tsuchida: ...
Nanako: (cd: Ah) Kyah~~Kyah~~
Nanako: Ah, it won't turn~~
Nanako: Aah, I fell~~

Tsuchida(thinks): Seeing Yamamoto-sensei playing games is refreshing.
Nanako: S-Sorry~~
Tsuchida's sd: Don't be...
Nanako: Ah!
Nanako: I'm behind Tsuchida-sensei~~
Nanako's sd: Ehehe~~
Tsuchida: Yamamoto-sensei, you're good.
Tsuchida: Then...
Nanako: Ah!
Nanako: Tsuchida-sensei, you bully~~

Nanako: Ah~~~~
Nanako: It was just a bit more...
Nanako: I won't lose next time~~
Tsuchida: I won't let you pass me.
Tsuchida(thinks): Yamamoto-sensei is angry!
Nanako: Then we'll play for real next time!
Nanako's sd: Nya--h!
Tsuchida: For real?
Nanako: If I win this time you'll do anything I tell you~~
Tsuchida: Eh

Nanako: And if I lose I'll do anything you want!
Tsuchida(thinks): Anything!!
Nanako: I'll win this~~
Tsuchida(thinks): Anything!
Tsuchida(thinks): Anything!
Tsuchida(thinks): God, give me strength!!

Tsuchida: Alright!!! Thank you god!!!
Nanako: (cd: Aa~~n) I lost~~
Tsuchida(thinks): Anything! She'll do anthing I want!
Tsuchida(thinks): Maybe a date? No, let's think a bit more...
Nanako: Just when I thought I'd have you hear my request...
Nanako: Then I'll do anything Tsuchida-sensei wants...
Nanako: What do you want me to do...?
Tsuchida: ...E...
Tsuchida: Emmm...

Tsuchida: U-umm...
Anzu: It's raining a lot outside, let me take shelter here Tsucchi!
Nanako: Wah, you're all wet~~ If we don't dry you soon~~
Nanako: Tsuchida-sensei I'll borrow a towel~~
Anzu: It's Yamamoto-sensei!
Tsuchida: ......Ah...
Anzu: Yamamoto-sensei, were you taking shelter from rain in Tsucchi's house?
Nanako: That's right~~
Tsuchida(thinks): Rain god, you bully!!
Hii's sd: Just sorry...

Nanako: Then, what is your request~~?
Tsuchida: Eh
Tsuchida's sd: Now?
Koume: Request?
Anzu: What? What?
Tsuchida: ...Then...Maybe helping me write the next recital...
Nanako: Ah~~ I wanted to ask you that~~
Nanako's sd: I'm so happy~~
Tsuchida(thinks): So it was that much...
Anzu: Ah, Anzu knows this game! Can we play it?
Nanako: (cd: Wah) Let's play, let's play~~
Anzu: Tsucchi, hurry hurry!
Nanako: I won't lose next time!
Koume: Koume too~~
Hii: Hiiragi too...
Anzu: Yes, Anzu's first!
Nanako: (Ah-----) I lost.

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