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Koisome Momiji 8

At School!?

+ posted by Eru13 as translation on Jun 23, 2012 18:07 | Go to Koisome Momiji

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Reserved for Trinity BAKumA/13th Hour. Don't use without my permission.
Koisome Momiji 8
//sd: side dialog, cd: corner dialog

Text(left to the title):It has a big reaction! Kamakura Love Story
Title: Scene 8 At School!?
Big characters: Monopolizing this two's gazes!!
Sakamoto Tsugirou X Miura Tadahiro

Guy: Shinomiya Sana is really good~~!
Star: Behead!
Guy: Look at this footage! It was her first movie and she acted this confidently!
Guy: That dignified expression! She really gives this actress feeling!
Shouta(thinks): Oh...
Shouta(thinks): Sana-chan is so cool...!
Guy: Hey...what about Nana!? You don't have footage showing Nana!?
Shouta: !

Guy: Uwoooh, Nana-chan's the best right!?
Star: Boing!
Guy: Look at those breasts, that body!! It's too erotic...!!
Yoshi: Nanasato Yui... She used to be our classmate but I never thought she'd grow up like this...!!
Shouta's sd: Gulp...
Shouta(thinks): No, really...Just by knowing Yui-chan from the past it's more...
Guy: Hey! They went outside!
Guy: Really!?

Box: ...Everyone was festive that day,
Box: That was because "Koisome Momiji",
Box: The drama Sana-chan and Yui-chan star in...
Box: started filming in our school...!
Guy: ...
Guy: Haa~~...

Guy: Shinomiya Sana is really cute...
Guy: No no, Nana is also the best...
Guy: I'm glad I'm in this school~~...
Shouta(thinks): Sana-chan is... in my school, even if it's for the filming...!
Shouta: ...
Umine: Shouta? You won't go home??
Shouta: Ah, no...
Shouta: Emm...
Shouta(thinks): Maybe I'll meet Sana-chan before going home~~ as if...
Yui: ...Sana-chan already went home.
Shouta: !

Shouta: Nanasato-san!
Yui: It seems Sana-chan was taken by her manager in a car...
Shouta: Eh...!? I see...
Umine: Yui-chan, good job~~!
Umine: Shall we go home together!
Yui: !
Shouta: Ah...That's right, Nanasato-san!
Shouta: About acting as your boyfriend...
Yui: !

Yui: A car is waiting for me...I've got to go!
Shouta: Eh!? Hey, wait...!
Shouta: I...I couldn't turn her down again...!
Umine: ...Coming and going to school by car~~...That's so like a performer~~
Yoshi: Hmm...?
Shouta: ...
Text Entry
Dear Shinomiya Sana:
Today we were lucky and the spring sun was shining brightly, the drama Shinomiya-san is starring in "Koisome Momiji" also began its filming, we would like to congratulate you.
Shouta: ...Alright.
Shouta: No no no! Say what you like but isn't this too formal!?
Shouta(thinks): But, how should I write it...!?
Shouta(thinks): I've never sent a mail to a girl other than Umine...!
SFX: Turururu...
Shouta: !?

Shouta(thinks): Eh...
Incoming Call
Shinomiya Sana
Shouta(thinks): Sana-chan!?
Shouta(thinks): A call from Sana-chan---!?
Shouta: Wah,
Shouta: Wah!
SFX: Beep
Shouta: Y...Yes!! Hello!?
Sana: Ah...Katsuragi-kun? This is Shinomiya!
Shouta(thinks): ...
Sana: Hey! Hey!! You were surprised right!?
Sana: I was also surprised when I heard this morning~~.
Shouta(thinks): Sana-chan's voice...
Shouta(thinks): Is close to my ear...!
Sana: I never thought Katsuragi-kun would attend the school that was chosen as the location!
Shouta(thinks): To think that Sana-chan was the one to call me...!!
Sana: Ah..And you see, Katsuragi-kun!
Shouta: !
Shouta: What??

Sana: Well...When I waved my hand to Katsuragi-kun on the afternoon...
Sana: It caused some ruckus right?
Shouta: Y...Yeah...
Sana: So...My manager warned me.
Shouta: Eh...!?
Sana: Then
Sana: I told him... About that time when a lot of boys ambushed me in the station and he worried a lot.
Sana: So he will see me off in a car when I go to and from the school...
Shouta: See you off!?
Sana: There will be people guarding me in the school all the time too...
Shouta: Guard!?
Sana: T...TV is really amazing,
Sana: I've never recieved this much attention...
Sana: Ahaha
Shouta: N...No way,
Shouta: Then...!?
Sana: Yes...so
Sana: It'll be difficult to meet...For a while...
Shouta(thinks): N...

Shouta(thinks): No way...!!
Shouta(thinks): Somehow
Shouta(thinks): S...Sana-chan is cool...!

Guys: Uwoh~~!
Guys: Nana-chan, you're the best!!
Shouta(thinks): Yui-chan is the same as ever...
Shouta: ...
Box: Like this, a week passed without me being able to meet Sana-chan.

Umine: Huh...You haven't met after that!?
Shouta: We...Well, I'm just
Shouta: Acting as her boyfriend so that she can get in the role...
SFX: Brrr
SFX: Brrr
Shouta: !
Cellphone:{ //the things between parenthesis are drawings
Recieved Mail 1/24
(clock) 2012/6/6 16:40
From Shinomiya Sana
Sub Still at school?
Are you still at school?
I could sneak away for 15 minutes, can we meet now?

If you can't don't force yourself. (drops)

I'll be on the stairs on the eastern side of the north building.


Reply Options Function (down arrow)Page
Shouta(thinks): .........!!!
Shouta: Sorry...Go back without me!!
Umine?: ? What happened?
Yoshi?: Yeah! I don't quite get it but go!

Shouta(thinks): Sana-chan.
Shouta(thinks): Sana-chan...
Shouta(thinks): Sana-chan!
Shouta(thinks): For the first time in a week...
Shouta(thinks): I can meet Sana-chan!!
Shouta: Ha //pant
Shouta: Haa
Shouta: Haa
Shouta(thinks): Eh...she's not here!?
Shouta(thinks): Maybe she already...
Shouta(thinks): Went back to work...!?

Sana: Ah...Katsuragi-kun!?
Shouta: ...Shinomiya-san!
Sana: Y...You're late, geez~~!
Sana: I have to go back soon...
Sana: !
Sana: Wah...!?
Sana: You're drenched in sweat!!
Shouta: A...Ah, I ran a bit...
Shouta: I was almost at home...
Sana: Eh...I told you that only if you were still at school, right!?
Shouta: Eh, Ah...S-Sorry...!

Shouta: I...Just...
Sana: ...
Sana: ...Geez!
Shouta(thinks): Sana-chan...!
Shouta(thinks): Even though...
Shouta(thinks): I was always near you,
Shouta(thinks): I couldn't meet you...
Shouta(thinks): And could only look at you from far away...!
Sana: Rather...It was my bad, calling you out so suddenly.
Sana: Sorry...Katsuragi-kun.
Shouta(thinks): ...What about Sana-chan?
Shouta: I...It's ok! That much...
Shouta(thinks): What does...Sana-chan think...
Shouta: Leaving that aside...What is it today??
Sana: Hm...? What is it?
Shouta: Well that...
Shouta: I thought you needed me to practice for your role again...
Sana: !

Sana: ...
Shouta: Shinomiya-san?
Sana: ...Sorry,
Sana: It's not like I had some business...with you.
Shouta: Eh...?
Sana: ...
Sana: ...Maybe...I just wanted to see you?
Shouta(thinks): ...Eh!?
Shouta(thinks): That means...!?
//I officially love Sana...

Guy: And then~~~
Guy: Haha, that's a good one.
Sana: !!
Sana: This is bad...someone came!
Sana: Let's hide!
Shouta: !
Guy: Hmm?
Guy: What's up?
Shouta: ...!!
Guy: No...
Guy: I just thought I heard the voices of a man and a woman...
Shouta's sd: nod nod
Koisome Momiji
Scene 8 /End

Guy: Maybe they're hiding and flirting over there!
Guy: That place looks suspicious right?
Guy: And I mean, the voice sounded like Shinomiya Sana~~
Guy: Huh? Really?
Shouta(thinks): Wha...!?
Guy: If it really was Shinomiya Sana it would become a scandal!!
Shouta(thinks): ...!!
Star: Really dangerous!

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