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Translations: Gintama 609 (2) , One Piece 842 by cnet128

Hanamaru Youchien 78

Hanamaru Beach House (part 1)

+ posted by Eru13 as translation on Jun 25, 2012 21:56 | Go to Hanamaru Youchien

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Reserved for CXC. Don't use without my permission.
Hanamaru Youchien 78
//sd: side dialog, cd: corner dialog

Voice: It's a beach house managed by a comedian!
Anzu: Tsucchi's friend is there right!
Voice: Your friend is a comedian? Amazing!!
Ryouta?: I like comedians!
Boy: Wow, wo-w!
Tsuchida: He's called "Haraken" and is shown here.
Ryouta: You know him?
Boy: I dont.
Tsuchida: He showed a lot on TV last year...
Tsuchida's sd: It's fine...
Hii: He's that "Kaboom" performer right...?
Anzu: Anzu wants to meet Tsucchi's friend!
Koume: Koume too~~
Tsuchida: Then let's all go see him.
Anzu?: Ya--y!

Title: Chapter 78 Hanamaru Beach House (part 1)
Sakura?: I guess it's about time to go to the beach house.
Anzu: Ye-s!
Anzu: I wonder what kind of place it is!
Nanako: I can't wait~~
Tsuchida(thinks): It's been a while since I last met him.
Nanako: It seems that's the place~~

Nanako: Wah~~ What a lovely place~~
Anzu: Hello!
All: !
Anzu: It's a mess!
Hii: Maybe a thief got inside...?
Tsuchida: !
Tsuchida: Harada!!
Tsuchida: Hey, what's up!? What happened!?
Harada: ...Uh...

Harada: ...Eh?
Tsuchida: Why were you lying on the floor...
Harada: Tsucchi, you came!! You look as frail as always!!
Tsuchida's sd: Frai...
Tsuchida: It's been a while but you look as stupid as always!
Harada: Glasses!
Tsuchida: Bald!
Harada: Bald isn't valid!
Anzu: Tsucchi's fighting!
Hii: Male friends that talk with their fists...!

Harada: Eh, it's some little girls.
Anzu: I'm Anzu! I plan to become Tsucchi's wife!
Hii: Hello, I'm Hiiragi...
Koume: Ko-Koume~~
Harada: Ah, Tsucchi's girlfriend? Nice to meet you!
Anzu: Girlfriend<3
Harada: Just because you couldn't get a girlfriend, you went for a brat!
Harada's sd: Ahaha
Anzu: Anzu's not a brat!
Sakura: Oh, but she's my child so she's full of hopes for the future.
Harada: I want to drink the water you bathed in.
Sakura: Those pick-up lines are as horrible as ever.

Harada: Eh, have I tried to pick you up before?
Sakura: In highschool, I was already married then though.
Harada's sd: I don't think I'd forget a beauty like you.
Sakura's sd: You understand what will happen if you lay your hands on my friend right?
Sakura's sd: You confessed to other girl just a few days ago right?
Harada: Ah
Harada: Sakura-senpai, it's been a while!
Sakura: How cruel, to think you'd forget your senpai's face!
Harada: Well you've aged a lot compared to when we were in highshool...
Harada: I don't know if senpai's kick hurts or makes me happy.
Sakura: You should study about women a bit more.
Nanako: Emm... Are you alright?

Harada: This is the first time I see an angel without wings.
Harada: This dirty world is unsuitable for you.
Nanako: ?
Harada: So come with me to para...
Tsuchida: You idiot!!!
Tsuchida: So
Tsuchida: What happened here?
Harada: I started this place on my office's recommendation but I can't get clients and I'm out of funds so everyone ran away!
sd: What's this!!
sd: It's only the outside!!
sd: clients don't come so we can't meet the quota
sd: There's no money either
sd: I don't want this anymore!!!
Sakura: How cruel.
Tsuchida: You didn't run away.

Harada: Well, as long as you have food and water it'll work somehow, right?
Harada: And when I was lying because I had nothing to do Tsucchi came!
Tsuchida(thinks): How cruel.
Sakura: That irresponsible personality of yours hasn't changed.
Harada: I'm getting shy!
Tsuchida: She isn't praising you.
Tsuchida: So, what will you do?
Harada: It'll work somehow!
Tsuchida: You...
Anzu: Hey hey!
Anzu: We'll help you get some customers!
Tsuchida: Hey hey...
Anzu: Anzu will do her best and show she's no brat!

Harada: Alright you lot, follow me!!
Tsuchida: Eh!
Tsuchida: ...
Sakura: He's just like a storm!
Nanako: What an energetic person~~
Tsuchida(thinks): Just when I thought he had settled down a bit,
Tsuchida(thinks): He's the same as always!!
Tsuchida: Aah Jeez, like this you can't get clients!
Tsuchida: It's the first time we meet in a while so why has it turn out like this...
Nanako: Tsuchida-sensei looks like he's having fun.
Sakura: You're right! Let's help too!
Nanako: Yes!

Harada: Hey girls, want to have some tea at my beach house? Even if I look like this I'm a comedian!
Girl: Eeh, wow!
Girl: Then do something funny.
Harada: A skyrocket Kaboo---m!!
Harada: Eh? You didn't get it?
Harada: Then, you know this one right?
Harada: To(circle)-su!! //that's the transliteration, I didn't get the reference
Harada: E---h?
Hii: I don't think you can make a conversation by just using one line gags... (cd: And I'm not sure about that pattern...)
Anzu: You see, Anzu can tell riddles!

Anzu: (cd: I'm ready!) What do green peppers and tea have in common?
Anzu: They're both bitter!
Koume's sd: H-Here~~
Girl: You're good!
Girl: How cute! I'll go to that beach house later~~
Harada: Oh! I can't lose to them!
Hii's sd: Fight
Girl's sd: Eek
Girl's sd: Good luck!
Sakura: Tsucchi, when you finish with that line up this!
Tsuchida: Yes!
Sakura: For now it looks decent!
Tsuchida: Ah, this has been bothering me,
Tsuchida: Having curry and yakisoba as main dishes feels a little lonely.
Sakura: I can't feel any motivation there.

Nanako: Emm, if it's something simple I can do it.
Nanako: Like Yakisoba dogs or Omusoba //as in yakisoba wrapped with eggs
Nanako: Or making the curry livelier by adding more toppings.
Nanako: The children curry could have rice in the shape of an animal and that might make them happy.
Sakura: Alright! Then, Yamamoto-sensei, I leave the kitchen to you!
Nanako's sd: Yes~~
Sakura: Tsucchi, hurry and change the menu!
Anzu: I brought a customer!
Sakura: Well done Anzu, welcome!

Harada: Today was a great success!
Harada's sd: Ahaha
Harada: Well done everyone!
Tsuchida: Say thanks.
Harada: Thanks!
Nanako: It was my first time working part time and I had a lot of fun~~
Anzu: Anzu had a lot of fun too!
Harada: I couldn't bring anyone again today but I'll definitely do it tomorrow!
Tsuchida(thinks): He's irresponsible but I bow my head to his positiveness.
Nanako: Do your best tomorrow~~
Harada: Nana-chan's cheers are worth a hundred!
Harada: So let me grab those breasts once...
Harada: Wa-----h!!!
Sakura: Well then, let's go back.
Tsuchida: You're right!

Harada: Eh?
Harada: You're staying here tonight, right?
Harada: Let's lay some futons on the tatami and sleep here!
Harada's sd: That could be my pillow.
Harada: There's fireworks and Yukatas and we could monopolize the sea at night!
Tsuchida: You're completely in the mood to play.
Harada's sd: So hey!
Tsuchida: Even if you tell us that so suddenly, right, everyone...
Sakura: That sounds good! I'll tell Hii-chan and Koume-chan's parents.
Anzu's sd: Ya---y!
Harada: Tsucchi, the night is young!!
Tsuchida: ...
Box: To be continued.

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