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Translations: One Piece 807 by cnet128 , Bleach 652 by cnet128 , Gintama 565 by kewl0210

Hanamaru Youchien 79

Hanamaru Beach House (part 2)

+ posted by Eru13 as translation on Jun 25, 2012 22:02 | Go to Hanamaru Youchien

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Reserved for CXC. Don't use without my permission.
Hanamaru Youchien 79
//sd: side dialog, cd: corner dialog

Box: Anzu-chan and the girls ended up staying in the beach house of Tsuchida's friend, Harada.
Harada: We're alone on the beach, let's play 'til we drop!!!
Harada: Alright, I'll teach you the correct way of playing with fireworks!
Harada: First you point your fireworks towards Tsucchi and set...
Tsuchida: Don't teach that to the kids!!
Title: Chapter 79 Hanamaru Beach House (part 2)

Harada: Swimsuits are good but yukata's are also good!
Tsuchida: You're completely prepared for this kind of things... (cd: Even for the kids)
Harada: (cd: Hey) Tsucchi, there's only women where you work right?
Harada: How nice, I want a girlfriend.
Tsuchida: Eh, you don't have a girlfriend!?
Nanako: Tsuchida-sensei, Harada-san~~
Anzu: Let's play with the fireworks.
Harada: You're right! Let's launch some skyrockets on the futon.
Tsuchida: You're still saying that!!
Harada: In Anzu-chan's case, after about 10 years...
Tsuchida: Don't come here.

Nanako: Emm, what about Harada-san...
Tsuchida: He's dangerous so please don't get near him.
Harada's sd: How cruel
Harada(thinks): Tsucchi needs to be more assertive!
Sakura: We'll clean up and return to the beach house soon!
All: Ye--s!
Tsuchida: Hmm, Where's Harada?
Nanako: Now that you mention it I haven't seen him.
Tsuchida: He didn't even clean up and went somewhere!
Harada: ...It's just like Hii-chan said,
Harada: I can't only use one-liners, I need to continue with some talk after that.
Harada: ...Alright! Let's begin!
Notebook: Joke Material

Harada: Good morning everyone!!
Harada: I leave the beach house to you today again! I'll go get some people!
Tsuchida: We'll wait without expecting much.
Harada: It's ok, it's ok, I have a secret plan today!
Harada: And I prepared this clothes for this time!
Nanako's sd: Wah
Sakura's sd: I'm fine like this
Anzu: Yamamoto-sensei, you look cute!

Sakura: (cd: Hey) Today's sunday, can we three handle the beach house?
Harada: It's ok!
Harada: A powerful support will come soon...
Harada: !
SFX: Step step step
Satsuki: Onii-chan!
Tsuchida: Satsuki!? (cd: Why are you here...)
Harada: Harada-san told me onii-chan was here and invited me to come to play too! (cd: Ehehe)
Tsuchida: You shouldn't readily accept all of Harada's invitations!
Tsuchida's sd: It's dangerous!
Sakura: You shouldn't let your guard down just because he's a childhood friend!

Satsuki: I got it so let's hurry to the sea!
Tsuchida: Sea?
Satsuki: You won't swim?
Harada: This one is for Satsuki-chan!
Box: E: Coverall Apron
Harada: Now help with the beach house!!
Satsuki: You tricked me!!
Tsuchida(thinks): Poor her.
Satsuki: Tricking me was also cruel but what's with this difference!?
Harada: Well if you wore the same clothes you'd be compared...
Satsuki: Leave me alone!
Harada: Just kidding, I thought I'd leave the kitchen to you and Tsucchi! (cd: You're a good cook!) //not really sure about the cd, it was really blurry

Harada: And you said you wanted to become Tsucchi's bride in primary school so I'm helping...
Satsuki: That was in the past!!!
Satsuki: Geez! It can't be helped!
Tsuchida's sd: Sorry...
Harada: Then, I'll leave the beach house to you!
Sakura?: Go get some clients properly!
Harada: Leave it to me!
Anzu: Haraken, what are you doing?
Koume: You won't call out for people~~?
Harada: This is my way of calling people!
Harada: Here, this!

Haraken's comedy live!!
Today 14:00 Come, everyone!
Place: The performer's beach house
Hii: You're doing a comedy live...?
Harada: Yeah!
Harada: I'm a comedian so I'll perform to attract customers!
All: Amazing, Amazing!
Harada's sd: Oh Stop it, you. //couldn't resist doing this... it was a perfect oportunity
Hii: Then we'll help too...!
Anzu: We'll get a lot of customers!
Panel 4 Flags: Live
Panel 5 Flags: Comedy Live
Girl's sd: Cute

Sign: Comedy Stage
Boy's sd: It's here!
Voice: Do you know this comedian?
Voice: I don't.
Voice: I've seen him on a late night show.
Anzu: Good luck Haraken!
Koume: Good luck~~
Harada: Yeah!
Harada: Thanks thanks
Harada: Haraken here!
Harada: I went to a class reunion a while ago,
Harada: And they told me "You're fun as always, why don't you become a comedian?"... KABOO---M!

Sakura: It's noisy outside.
Tsuchida: I'll go check.
Tsuchida: !
Flashback: I have a secret plan today!!
Tsuchida(thinks): So this is what he meant
Tsuchida(thinks): ...But...
Girls' sd: Let's go
Sakura: Tsucchi?
Tsuchida: (cd: Ah) It's nothing! (cd: Go inside please!)

Harada: ---That's all, this was Haraken!
Harada: Thank you very much!
Boy's sd: I didn't quite get it.

SFX: ...clap...
SFX: clap
SFX: clap
SFX: clap
Girl's sd: I became your fan after seeing you on TV...
Girl's sd: I came to take a look.

Sakura: It's about time to go!
Anzu: We want to play more!
Harada: Will you stay here today too?
Nanako's sd: Tsuchida-sensei is different from usual...
Tsuchida: We'll go back!
Harada: I'm joking!
Harada: Here!
Tsuchida(thinks): Our pay!?
Tsuchida: We don't need this.
Harada: It means that I'm counting on you!
Tsuchida: ...Do your best!
Harada: Yeah!
Harada: Tsucchi too, do your best with Nana-chan!
Tsuchida: Shut up...

Harada's sd: Bye bye--!
Satsuki's sd: Bleh
Anzu's sd: Bye bye--
Hii's sd: Haraken
Tsuchida's sd: You'll stay at my home?
Satsuki's sd: Yeah!
Harada's sd: You're late!!
Guy's sd: Sorry~~
Satsuki: Tickets for a comedy live.
Hii: So he wants us to sell them...
Tsuchida(thinks): That rascal!!

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