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Translations: One Piece 901 by cnet128 , Gintama 679 by kewl0210

Hanamaru Youchien 80

Hanamaru Coordinate

+ posted by Eru13 as translation on Jun 26, 2012 15:36 | Go to Hanamaru Youchien

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Reserved for CXC. Don't use without my permission.
Hanamaru Youchien 80
//sd: side dialog, cd: corner dialog

Itsuki: Hinagiku-chan, what a lovely kimono.
Hina: Even though we're only going to buy things for the kindergarten I'm looking forward to it~~
Hina: Your clothes are also lovely Itsuki-kun~~
Itsuki: I don't want to embarrass ladies when I'm walking with them.
Hina: We're going with Tsuchida-sensei and Kusano-sensei so it's like we're having a double date.
Kusano: He--y!

Kusano: You two, I'm counting on you to help today!!
Hina: What is that outfit!?
Hina's mouth: Jersey!?
Title: Chapter 80 Hanamaru Coordinate
Kusano: It's the usual right? It's easy to work with this. (cd: And we're not going far)
Hina's mouth: A jersey!!
Hina: You're walking with a gentleman...with Itsuki-kun!
Hina: (cd: Ah) It can't be... Have you always gone out with gentlemen looking like that?

Kusano: With man---...
Kusano's sd: Yo----
Itsuki: That's so like you, Kusano-sensei.
Kusano's sd: Is that so?
Tsuchida's sd: I pity those guys...
Hina(thinks): I can't believe this!!
Hina: I've decided!!
Hina: I'm going to make Kusano-sensei more feminine!

Kenji: What are you saying out of the blue.
Yuu: Something happened yesterday?
Hina: Yes.
Kenji: She's ok like she is right now.
Yuu: Kusano-sensei is really pretty. //Is it just me or Itsuki and Yuu are big time gentlemen...
Hina: No! If you think of Itsuki-kun's feelings, things can't continue like this!
Hina: Let's change Kusano-sensei!
Kenji: We too!? We're not involved, right.
Hina: ...It might be fine right now but
Hina: If she continues being negligent she won't find her lifelong partner and will start marriage hunting,
Kusano's sd: Hawawawa
Hina: When that time comes she'll try to dress cutely but it'll feel somehow disappointing and she'll regret her young days...
Kusano's sd: This feels wrong...
Hina: Do you want to see Kusano-sensei like that!?
Kenji: I...I don't want to.

Hina: Right! Then let's do our best!
Both: O----h //yeah
Itsuki: ...
Hina: Kusano-sensei!
Kusano: What?
Hina: I have a request for you.
Hina: Why don't you wear this kind of clothes once in a while?
Kusano: Recommend those kind of clothes to Yamamoto-sensei!
Voice: Kusano-sensei, let's play soccer.
Kusano: Ok!

Yuu: She's gone.
Hina: Maybe she doesn't like this kind of clothes...
Kusano's sd: Alright, come here!
Hina: ...
Hina: !
Kusano's sd: Phew----
Kusano: (cd: Hmm) I'm sure I left my apron here...
Hina: It was dirty so I took it to the laundry room.
Hina: Use this apron instead please.
Kusano: Thanks...
Kusano's sd: It's frilly...
Hina(thinks): The plan was a success!
Tsuchida: Kusano-sensei, that's a cute apron you have there.
Kusano: If you like it that much shall we exchange? (cd: Aprons.)

Tsuchida: How cruel!!
Kenji(thinks): Poor him (cd: He blew it)
Kenji: And I thought that was a good plan.
Hina: Now that it's come to this we'll use our last means!
Hina(thinks): We'll get Kusano-sensei's clothes dirty and make her wear some cute clothes!
Hina: Kusano-sensei, hug me~~
SFX: Trip
Hina: Oh~~~
Tsuchida: Are you ok?
Kenji: !

Tsuchida: I was wondering what you were doing but it was like that huh.
Kusano: I'm happy you're doing things for me but
Kusano: That doesn't suit me and I don't need it.
Tsuchida: However, I sometimes think,
Kusano: Eh.
Tsuchida: You don't worry right now but in a few years...Like this, without being able to marry,
Tsuchida: You'll start marriage hunting and try to wear this kind of clothes, then you'll realize it feels somehow disappointing and will begin to regret being idle in the past...
Tsuchida: As if!
Sd: not here
Tsuchida: Hmm?

Sign: Sunflower class
Hina: We failed altogether.
Hina: I won't give up just with this!
Hina: For Itsuki-kun's sake too!
Itsuki: Thanks.
Yuu: If being pushy didn't work, why don't we try drawing back?
Kenji: That sounds good! Conversely that might make her worry!
Hina: I see...Then, let's wait for a while.
Both: ...
Kusano: Hinagiku-chan...No, Hinagiku-sensei! I'll be on your care! //the roles have been inverted O_o
Hina: My, the plan was a success!
Kenji: No, that was too fast right!?
Hina: Then, leave everything to me!

Kusano: Yeah
Kusano: I knew this would happen!

Itsuki: Hinagiku-chan, did you have some business with me?
Hina: Sorry for making you wait!
Hina: How does she look?
Kusano: This is really weird, right.
Itsuki: No, it looks good on you.
Itsuki: However,
Itsuki: The usual Kusano-sensei is more charming.
Kusano: ...
Kusano: Ahaha, thanks Itsuki-kun!
Itsuki's sd: Yes
Kusano: The usual is the best right!

Kenji: Kusano-sensei and Itsuki are doing just fine.
Hina: Where did our effort go...
Yuu: I've got to go, I promised to play with Koume-chan.
Kenji: You're going to Sakura Class? I'm going too!
Hina's sd: Geez!
Hina: You're still children!
Hina: I'll go too.
Kenji's sd: Ok

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