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Sekai de Ichiban Tadashii Kyuuketsuki no Kaikata 1


-> RTS Page for Sekai de Ichiban Tadashii Kyuuketsuki no Kaikata 1

Reserved for Sakugara. Don't use without my permission.
Sekai de Ichiban Tadashii Kyuuketsuki no Kaikata 1
//sd: side dialog, cd: corner dialog

Back cover Left
Sekai de Ichiban Tadashii Kyuuketsuki no Kaikata 1 We'll comment the 4 that appeared on this volume.
"Vampires' 48 Techniques"
1st panel:{
Akari: ...
For beginners. Recommended for couples, while flirting you naturally lead it to sucking blood.
2nd panel:{
The person having its blood sucked needs physical strength. If there's a big difference on your physiques you'll only look like a spoiled child so be careful.
Akari: Won't you wait until I change clothes.
3rd Panel:{
In the middle of a fight you can deal damage to the opponent while sucking its blood, just let the opponent go before it stops moving.

Back cover right
Guru: Ooooooh
An acrobatic move for experts. This won't succeed if you're not in sync. Some people have died by breaking their necks after failing in the past. It's really difficult to suck blood.

Girl: A vampire with a rank SS pedigree.
Title: Chapter 1
Girl: Meeting this big game must be because of my luck as a breeder, right.
Girl: Karlstein's 23rd princess, //Karushutain, it may be Karstein
Girl: Iko-sama.
Girl: You have no options.
Girl: Now, make the PET contract with us.

Box: The vampires that were the subject of human's fear since ancient times
Box: And Abraham, an anti-vampire organization led by humans.
Box: This two forces fought for a long time but---

Narrator: It all shifted to forming contracts between both races
Narrator: to aim for coexistence.
Boy: Right now contracts are limited to rich people but
Boy: In the near future it will spread to normal families too
Boy: ...huh.
Box: The contracts formed between human's and vampires
Boy: Uuuh
Boy: Oooooooooh
Box: Those are---

Boy: I want a vampire too!
Box: PET contracts.

Girl: You
Girl: Can't.
Girl: Vampires aren't cute things!
Boy: Nee-chan!
Boy: ...Welcome home.
Girl: Yes, I'm home.
Girl: Daichi.

Box: My sister, Akari-neechan is--
Box: an obliging person, she has good grades at school,
Box: She's bright, vigorous, and has a lot of friends.
Box: But when you're talking about vampires.
Akari: Vampires only look at humans as food.
Akari: They're good for nothings.
Daichi(thinks): She becomes like this.
Daichi(thinks): But, for our future lives with vampires,
Akari: Ah,
Akari: That's right.
Daichi(thinks): Nee-chan will have to overcome this wall someday!
Daichi(thinks): At least--
Akari: Here Daichi, this.

Akari: You left it on the living room.
Daichi(thinks): Welcome back
Daichi(thinks): My embarrassing treasure magazine.
SFX: Clunk
Daichi: Maybe nee-chan has a grudge or something towards vampires.
Daichi: But we have never met one...
Daichi: It's not like they're just flying over there---
Daichi: Wha!?

SFX: Squeak
Man: Sorry for the intrusion, is this
Man: Yano-sama's home?
Daichi: Gyaaaaaaaah!
Man: Oh my.

Iko: Listen carefully human!
Iko: I'm Karlstein Family's Dreiundzwanzigste Iko! //Ok, the kanji say "23rd Princess" the furigana says "dreiundzwanzig"(23) but in german it should be "dreiundzwanzigste" for it to be "23rd" so I left it like the last one

Iko: Czernobog's blood owner, I came to take your blood!
Iko: Hey Guru, where's the human?
Guru: At Iko-sama's feet,
Guru: He's kneeling.
Box: Everyone, can you believe this?
Box: The vampires I yearned for are now in front of me!
Box: Ah, Really---

Daichi(thinks): I hope this was a dream.
Box: Complete domination.
Daichi(thinks): ...Ah, but---
Daichi(thinks): She's cute.
Guru: Well then Iko-sama, I'll go for Czernobog's blood owner.
Iko: Yeah,
Iko: Please do, Guru.
Daichi: E...Emm
Daichi: What's that czer-something.

Iko: A grim reaper's blood.
Iko: A legend that has been passed in the vampire world since ancient times.
Iko: One human every 300 hundred years possess it.
Iko: Its taste is the best.
Iko: If a vampire drinks even a bit of Czernobog's blood
Iko: It'll get a reaper's power
Iko: And with that endless power it'll destroy everything.
Iko: A devilish blood.

Iko: If I get this blood I can destroy Abraham all at once.
Iko: The world will be ours!
Daichi: No way...
Daichi(thinks): Didn't Abraham and the vampires reach an agreement.
Akari: Gyaaaaaaaaaah!
Daichi: Nee-chan!?
Daichi(thinks): Come to think of it I can't see (guru's face drawing).
Daichi: W...Wait, don't be violent with nee-chan.
Iko: Hmph!
Iko: I couldn't care less about a human's--

Iko: Complaint?
Akari: Hey! Just what is this thing!
Iko: Guru, you.
Guru: My deepest apologies
Guru: I couldn't capture her.

Akari: Why is a collarless vampire in our house?
Daichi: Eh?
Box: {
Teach us! Abraham-chan
How to distinguish vampires.
Abraham: When you meet a vampire check if it has a collar.
Abraham: The vampires that have a collar have a contract with a human and are good vampires -ham. //yeah it ends its phrases with -ham...
Abraham: Collarless vampires don't have a contract with a human and are the brutal and wild---
Daichi: Stray vampire!
Iko: Don't call me stray!
Daichi: Auh!
Box: *Stray vampires are really dangerous.

Akari: What are you doing
Akari: To my brother!
Iko: !!

Iko: I'm a proud vampire!
Guru: Emm...
Guru: Iko-sama, it's my head so could you please be gentle---
Iko: There's no reason to call me
Iko: Stray.
Akari: Illegal trespassing, peeping on the bath, and assault towards Daichi.
Akari: You've only been selfish...This is why---

Akari: I hate vampires!
Iko: Kuh, you---!
Iko: I hate humans too!
Iko: You're only good for talking.
Akari: You lost so what are you saying.
Akari: We can fight for as long as you like then---

Akari: A...
Akari: Choo!
Akari: ...
Iko: For now wear something, it distracts me!
Akari: It's your fault that I'm like this!
Iko: You...when I'm being kind---
Daichi: Nee-hyan, wear somephin!
Iko: Kuh, to think that this girl has Czernobog's blood!
Daichi: Eh!

Box: So Iko-chan was after
Box: Nee-chan's---
All: !!

p22 //Char = Charlotte
Char: I found you, Iko-sama.
Char: So you were in the Far east.
Iko: Tch, she followed me here.
Char: Nice to meet you, I'm Charlotte
Char: A breeder of the anti-vampire organization Abraham.

Char: A breeder's job consists in guiding the vampires
Char: that don't have a contract with humans to the correct path.
Char: For that I'll first take her under my care.
Akari: Hey,
Akari: If you're going to fight do it out---
Both: !!
Iko: Stop joking, you're just a group of vampire hunters.

Iko: Vampires won't yield to humans!
Char: I guess there's no room to negotiate.

Man: !?
Iko: From the beginning I never planned to discuss with
Iko: You!
SFX: click
Char: We humans give them our blood,

Char: They offer us their great powers.
Char: Vampires and humans take each others hands and aim to advance.
Char: Bringing forth the B-PET plan is our mission.
Char: It's regretable that you don't understand,
Char: You rotten stray vampire.

Iko: Don't call me straaaaaay!
Char: I definitely won't let a stray with pedigree escape!
Char: Stop making a fuss
Char: and make the PET contract with us goraaah! //the gora is a random yell, you might change it for some other thing if you want

Box: Abraham is a pacific public organization.
Akari': Don't screw with me---!
Char: Oh?
Iko: Damn it, the blood owner!
Char: Hey, are you trying to escape!?
Akari: Huff.
Akari: Are you ok, Daichi?
Daichi: ...Yeah.

Daichi: Are we safe?
Akari: Luckily we avoided being crushed but...
Daichi: We're completely buried alive.
Akari: ...Daichi, you're hurt---
Akari: !
Iko: Hey! You lot
Iko: Are you---

Iko: You're not only brutal and an exhibitionist,
Iko: you're also a pervert with a brocon that rides her brother in the middle of the dark, this blood owner is just. //I don't need to tell you what a brocon is right?
Akari: Would you stop deciding people's attributes on your own?
Akari: To begin with, what's this owner...
Iko: I won't explain that again.
Iko: It seems I don't have much time.
Akari: !
Iko: Now
Iko: What will you do?

Iko: You powerless humans won't be able
Iko: To escape from here.
Iko: Well, if you insist on asking me
Iko: I can save you.
Iko: If only you
Iko: Let me drink your blood.
Guru: Yes
Guru: We have gotten in contact with the owner safely.
Guru: We had a lot of trouble but
Guru: Iko-sama will definitely---!

Akari: Huh?
Akari: ---Ok.
Daichi: Nee-chan!?
Akari: In exchange, this will be the only time.
Iko: Huh?
Iko: Don't humans know how to ask for things?
Iko: It should be "I beg you Iko-sama
Iko: Could you please suck my blood?" right?

Akari: I beg you,
Akari: Please suck my blood, Iko-sama.
Iko: 70 points.
Iko: You barely passed.
Iko: Now
Iko: Where should I suck it from.
Daichi(thinks): Nee-cha---
Akari: ...
Iko: -----

Akari: Mm!
Char: !?

Iko: I was taken by surprise the other day
Iko: And got defeated but---
Iko: This is the real difference between our powers.
Iko: Don't think you can hunt me with that much ability, you idiots.
Daichi: Vampires can do this much---
Guru: No, no.

Guru: Iko-sama is the only one that can use this much magic.
Voice: Guru!
Guru: As expected from the vampire world's Rowdy Vampire.
Guru: Guru is full of admiration.
Iko: Don't praise me that much.
Daichi(thinks): He's praising her...?
Iko: Now that I've gotten endless power by drinking Czernobog's blood I can use as much power as I want.
Iko: With this I won't need to worry about feeding and will be able to fight Abra---
SFX: Rumblllllllllle
Iko: Eh?
Guru: You see Iko-sama, I was contacted just now
Guru: Czernobog's blood doesn't grant endless power

Guru: It's a vampire killing blood that after you drink it once
Guru: It enslaves you to its flavor and you become unable to drink any other blood.
Iko: Huh?

Iko: What about getting hold of a reaper's endless power?
Guru: You're trapped by the reaper's powers for eternity...
Iko: I didn't become any stronger?
Guru: On the contrary you can't avoid getting weaker.
Iko: Why didn't you tell me that before idiot---
Guru: I only learnt that just now---
Akari: So?
Akari: What will you do?
Iko: ...Well, it can't be helped, until my future is decided
Iko: I can stay here---

Akari: Huh?
Akari: Don't vampires know how to ask for things?
Daichi(thinks): ...It's a boomerang.
Iko: ----

Iko: I deeply apologize, can you please keep me for a while. //as in keeping a pet
Big characters: All Settled.
Akari: ...And the house?
Guru: Yes, if you provide Iko-sama with blood periodically
Guru: We will take care of reparing it.
Daichi: "We give them our blood, they offer us their great powers".
Daichi: This is just like a PET contract.

Box: The vampire I wished for came to my home
Box: and Nee-chan will provide her food.
Guru: Oh dear, Daichi-sama is a mean person.
Daichi: Eh?
Box: I can't wait to see what awaits us.

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#1. by b3nriya ()
Posted on Jun 27, 2012
btw the name could be "Karlstein" since the name seems german to me ... but it's up to you as a TL if you want to change it or not ;)
#2. by Eru13 ()
Posted on Jun 27, 2012
Hmm I thought about that too, but it seems Karstein is also a real surname...
#3. by Eru13 ()
Posted on Jun 27, 2012
But you're right, Karstein is more of a norwegian surname and she says 23 in german, I guess I'll change it, thanks for pointing it out
#4. by b3nriya ()
Posted on Jun 27, 2012
no problem ... you're welcome ;)
#5. by PROzess ()
Posted on Jun 27, 2012
Oh, I read the first volume some time ago.
It's another of this ridiculious long title series, so it caught my eye oO
Definitely worth the read.
Keep it up~
#6. by Eru13 ()
Posted on Jun 27, 2012
From what I've seen we might have similar tastes in manga PROzess XDD
#7. by PROzess ()
Posted on Jun 27, 2012
Great minds think alike^^
#8. by The1 ()
Posted on Jun 30, 2012
Hmm....I thought someone was translating this already...or maybe I just read the raw.

Oh well it was good :D
#9. by The1 ()
Posted on Jul 1, 2012
....and someone released first chapter before the group.

Group luck to Sakugara and you Eru13 in competing with this title xD
#10. by Eru13 ()
Posted on Jul 2, 2012
@The1: until when you first posted no one was doing it, but now there's been some problems and we'll drop it, personally I think it's a bit of a shame but at least someone's doing it, this series will get some love XD

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