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Translations: Gintama 683 by kewl0210 , One Piece 904 by cnet128

Last Ranker −Be The Last One− 3

7 People in the Top

+ posted by Eru13 as translation on Jun 28, 2012 16:31 | Go to Last Ranker −Be The Last One−

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Reserved for Utopia. Don't use without my permission.
Last Ranker -Be The Last One- 3
//sd: side dialog, cd: corner dialog

Man: Hurry!! Hurry!! There's a ranking battle at the comercial district!!
Man: Who are battling!?
Man: "The man whose dream is a harem" Zonma and
Man: The newcomer Zig!!
Man: Zig is this guy who's going up in the rankings with an amazing speed right!?
Man: That's right!! There's no loss in watching it!!
Zig: Haaaaa...
Big characters(left): Aim for the top and fight! The manga version of the PSP games "Last Ranker"!

Zig: Power Edge!!
Big characters(left): One blow that destroys the obstacles that distance him from his dream.
Title: Chapter 3: 7 PEOPLE IN THE TOP
Manga: Ueda Satoshi
Supervision & Collaboration: Capcom
Organization: Shikiyagi Fuuki

Zonma: I...
Zonma: I give up...
Box: Zonma
Voice: The winner is Zig!!
Zig: Fuu
Man: Amazing!! What a power!!
Man: Zonma's steel armor was pulverized!!
Box: Zig
Pod: You did it Zig!
Zig: Pod, everyone.
Pod: You're amazing!! Zig!!
Pod: You're the most succesful of all the guys in the large room!!
Zig: Ren is probably also polishing her skills and getting a higher rank...
I'll catch up with you
And overtake you!!
Zig(thinks): I can't lose here...
Pod: At this pace being one of the "Seven Knights" is not a dream!!
Zig: ...
Zig: Seven Knights...?
Zig: What's...that...?

Men: You don't know the Seven Knights!?
Pod: You're really strong but you don't care about this things right...Zig...
Pod: Listen Zig, the Seven Knights are 7 people who stand in the top of the Combat Association Bazalta---
Pod: In short, they're the 7 highest-ranked people!!
Zig(thinks): The best 7... Those are...
Zig: The seven knights...
Pod: Yeah...And those 7 have the authority to make laws, judgements, and maintain the public order.
Pod: So to speak, they are the top authority in Ghandoar!!
Pod: Well, there are rumors that there are some weird people in the seven knights but...
Pod: Either way they certainly are people who're above the clouds...
Pod: The current members of the Seven Knights are "Hass", "Norma", "Yuri", "Roza", "Sengoku", and "Zebriller"!!
Zig: Hm?
Zig: Isn't one missing, they're the seven knights...
Pod: "Barbaro" from the seven knights is recovering from an illness.
Pod: So, now that one of the seats in the seven knights is open is our chance, or so I'd like to say...

Pod: Ranking battles to become one of the seven knights don't happen a lot...
Zig: ...
Pod: For us it's just a dream
Zig(thinks): The seven knights...huh...
Zig(thinks): If I continue going up on the rankings...
Zig(thinks): The day I battle with the seven knights will come...
Box: Combat Association Bazalta Headquarters
Man: Seven knight Roza-sama...
SFX: step
Roza: Do you know Hass' wherabouts...?
Man: W...We're still searching...
Man: As yet we don't know his whereabouts...

Roza: He's really a troublesome person...
SFX: scribble scribble
Roza: He abandons his work as one of the seven knights and only does selfish things...
Man: Emm...And...
Man: Seven knight Norma-sama...
Roza: What happened with Norma...
Man: "I'm tired of this body"...
Man: He said that and left...
Roza: Fuu... //sigh
Roza: Understood, leave...
Roza: Really,
Roza: That's a depressing story...
Box: {
Seven Knight Roza

Zig(thinks): There's no particularly good trainings today.
Zig(thinks): I'll go back to my room and rest...
SFX: Clap clap clap
Man: Well, that ranking battle was splendid!!
Man: That was some fantastic swordsmanship!!
Zig: Who are you?
Man: Whoops, I'm sorry!!
Makis: My name is Makis!! //makisu
Makis: I'm a person who wants to be useful to you!!

Zig: You want to be useful...?
Zig: What do you mean...!?
Makis: Just what I said, I want to help you become a better ranker,
Makis: Cantalera's Zig-kun!!
Zig: ...
Zig: You know me...?
Makis: Of course!! In fact, ever since you came to this city and registered in Bazalta----
Makis: I've been watching you!!
Makis: And now I'm sure that you'll surely be able to aim for the top!!
Makis: How about it!? Will you let me support you!?
Makis: Of course it'll be for free!!
Zig: ...You said you're Makis...
Zig: From what I can tell you're not a ranker...just what are you?

Makis: Hmm, If I had to say
Makis: I'm a Ranking Director!!
Zig: ...Ranking
Zig: Director...?
Makis: That's it!! I gather useful information and give it to promising rankers!!
Makis: Advicing and guiding you is my work...
Zig: ...
Zig: Sounds fishy...
Makis: That's good!! Being wary brings good luck!!
Makis: I never thought you'd believe in me from the beginning!!

Makis: Let's see...
SFX: Look
SFX: around
Makis: Zig!! That ranker over there
Makis: Do you know something about him!?
Zig: ...No
Makis: His name is the one hand sword user "Manao", it's been 3 years since he became a ranker and his rank is 71569.
Manao's sfx: bite
Makis: His motto is "I won't reject any challenge" and he's the hero type!! He's got some actual strength----!!
Makis: However, he injured his leg in a ranking battle 3 days ago----!!
Makis: He's hiding it but if you aim for that you'll be able to get his rank relatively easily!!
Zig: ...
Makis: That kung fu user over there is good at aiming for "Breaks"*.
Makis: However, he doesn't have much staming so if you aim for a drawn-out battle you'll have the advantage!!
Note: *Break = Making the opponent faint and rendering him unable to fight.
Makis: She is a specialist in projectile weapons.
Woman's sd: Ah
Makis: On a first glance she looks troublesome but when she uses her weapons she has a peculiar habit---

Zig: ...
Makis: How about it!? Why don't you try fighting her? If you do that you'll see my information is correct!!
Makis: If you like I can give you more detailed information
Makis: We can negotiate that!!
Zig: Why...
Zig: Do you tell me this...
Makis: I told you!! Zig!! I want to help you!!
Zig: It's not that...
Zig: I'm asking your purpose in getting close to me!!
Zig: You have them right...conditions...
Makis: ...
Zig(thinks): ...
Zig(thinks): As I thought.
Makis: Alright,
Makis: I'll tell you!!
Makis: ...
Makis: One day,
Makis: When you're standing in the top of the ranks...

Makis: I want you to say "It's all thanks to Makis' advice".
Zig: Huh?
Makis: Ah...No no...
Makis: I don't want you to shout it out to the world...!!
Makis: I want you to tell me that!!

Zig: ...
Makis: Fu...
Makis: You're making a "What is he saying?" face...
Zig: ...
Zig: Maybe.
Makis: You see...
Makis: I was born and raised in this Ghandoar!!
Makis: But I don't have the skills, ability, or talent to become a ranker.
Makis: I understood when I was a kid that standing in the top of the ranks was impossible for me.
Makis: Even so I have to live in this world where strength is everything...
Makis: Then, I thought I'll try to bet my life on a person that I can trust---!!
Makis: ...
Makis: In short, I...
Makis: Want a place where I belong...

Zig: ...
Zig(thinks): Place where I belong...
Zig(thinks): I can't go back to Cantalera anymore...
Zig(thinks): I don't have a place where I belong here...
Makis: ...
Makis: Ahaha...
Makis: Even if I say this you won't understand.
Makis: Sorry,
Makis: I'll try again other day...
Zig: ...
Zig: It's ok.

Makis: Eh?
Zig: I'm telling I'll team up with you,
Zig: Makis.
Makis: Really!?
Zig: Yeah.
Makis: Great!! Our contract is complete---!!!
Makis: Alright!! Your strength and my brains!! If we work together we'll be invicible!! This looks good!!
Makis: Ah...
Makis: I said something rude just now...
Zig: ...Maybe.

Makis: At any rate I'll do my best to support you...
Zig: Yeah, best regards...
Makis: Without delay let me tell you some valuable information...
Box: The next day
Zig: This is?
Makis: This is the Donei Hallway!! //corridor, gallery
Makis: Ruins from long ago!!
Makis: I know a government official and...
Makis: He gives me information about the trainings a bit earlier...
Makis: It seems that this hallway
Makis: Has become an Ivinos nest...
Makis: And they need someone to exterminate them.
Makis: That is the request!!

Makis: If you beat the Ivinos' Boss you'll get a big rank up bonus as reward.
Makis: There's not much people who know about this so Zig, you might be able to hog all the reward!!
Zig: Sh!!
Zig: I feel someone's presence---!!
Ren: Haaaa!!
SFX: step step
SFX: step step step
Zig: Ren!!
Box: {
Salvatore's Ren
Ren: Zig-san!!

Zig: You're also on this training...?
Ren: Yes...Zig-san too!!
Ren: There might be a connection between us!
Makis(thinks): This is weird... no other rankers are supposed to know about this...
Ren: Who's that person there?
Zig: He's my advisor, Makis.
Ren: Advisor?
SFX: Grrrr
Makis: Uwaaa
Makis: Aaah!!
Zig: Looks like we don't have time to talk...
Ren: It seems like that.
Ren: Now that we're here, should we fight together like before...?
Monster: Grrrr
Monster: Grrrr
Monster: Grrrr
Monster: Grrrr
Monster: Grrrr
Zig: Sounds like a plan.

Ren: Be careful Zig-san!!
Ren: The number of enemies here is abnormally big.
Zig: ...
Zig: So it seems!!
Makis: This is bad!!
Makis: They've been surrounded by the enemy!!
SFX: Haa
Zig(thinks): ...They keep coming...
SFX: Haa
SFX: Haa
SFX: Haa
Ren(thinks): To think that they'd all come at the same time.
SFX: Haa
Ren(thinks): With only us two this will be...
Man: Come on, what's up!! Do it!!
Man: Show me your strength!!

Ren: Just who are you!!
Ren: Trainings aren't shows!!
Man: Hmph
Zig: ...
SFX: gulp
Zig(thinks): What's...this intimidation air I feel from that man...

Box: 20 minutes later
Zig: It seems
Zig: We've beaten them all...
Zig: Haa
Zig: haa
Ren: Haa
Ren: Haa
Ren: Yes... We somehow did it...
Man: You two
Man: Are no good.
Ren: Just what is wrong with you!!
Ren: Who are you!?
Makis(thinks): This man,
Makis(thinks): I've seen him somewhere...
Man: I'm...a man who lost hope...
Man: And decided to travel...
Ren: I...In short
Ren: You escaped.
Man: Hmph...

Man: The ones who escaped were the others...
Man: I no longer have opponents to fight with!!
Makis: I remembered, Zig...
Makis: That man is Hass!!
Makis: Hass from the Seven Knights
Ren: !!
Zig: !!
Box: {
Seven Knight Hass
Makis: The man with the highest rank!! //with rank 1

Zig: Ra...
Zig: Rank 1.
Ren: This person is...
Ren: One of the seven knights, Hass...
Zig(thinks): The pressure I felt just now...
Zig(thinks): Was because he's one of the seven knights...
Zig(thinks): This is the aura of someone who stands on the top.
Ren: Wait!!
Hass: Hmm?
Hass: You tell me to leave and then to wait.
Ren: I apologize for being rude just now.
Ren: However... you're one of the seven knights... even if you no longer have opponents to fight with...
Ren: Don't the seven knights have the duty to govern this world!?

Hass: Good grief, now you sermon me?
Hass: Hey you there, I don't know how you can hang out with that kind of woman!!
Ren: ...
Ren: What?
Zig: ...
Hass: You see...
Hass: I wasn't interested in anything other than becoming strong...
Hass: ...However after gaining all that strength
Hass: I can't measure it...
Hass: In other words I became unable to feel happiness...
Hass: For that me things like duty are boorish...
Hass: I'm...
Hass: the unhappiest man in the world...!!

Makis: ...He's gone.
Makis: I never thought we'd meet rank 1, Hass here!!
Makis: We were lucky Zig!
Zig: ...Maybe.
Ren: How are we lucky...
Ren: I'm disappointed!! To think that man is ranked first...
Zig: Honestly...
Zig: I want to stand in that position...
Ren: You're wrong, Zig-san!!
Ren: If you don't have a proper objective you end up like that!!
Ren: Let's say Zig-san becomes rank 1,
Ren: What would you do after that!?
Ren: Will you just stagger like that person!?
Makis: Well well, let's calm down.
Zig: ...

Ren: How unpleasant!!
Ren: Let's quickly beat the boss and go home!!
Ren: Geez.
Ren: !!
Ren: Kyaaaaaah!!
Zig?: What's up!?
Zig: Ren!!
Zig: !!...Uh.

Ren: Guh!!
Zig: Who are you!!
Zig: Let Ren go!!

Makis: Ah...Aah
Makis: Aah.
Makis: Wh...What a day...
Zig: !?
Zig: Makis...?
Makis: She's...
Makis: Norma!!
Makis: She's also
Makis: One of the seven knights!!
Seven Knight Norma
Zig(thinks): A woman knight.
Makis(thinks): Why do the seven knights keep appearing...
Norma: This is weird...
Norma: I told them I wanted her to be the only one to come to this training...
SFX: squeeze

Norma: I never thought she would come with her knight...
Ren: Zi...
Ren: Zig-san...
Makis: Norma!! I don't know what that girl did but can you let her go? She's our friend!!
Norma: I can't do that... I have some business with this girl's body
Norma: I don't remember you boys being able to give me orders, or is it that you want to fight with me to get her back?
Norma: If you want we can fight...
Norma: But that's only if you have the courage to fight with one of the seven knights... Knight-san.
Zig: Just how I wanted it!
Makis?: Zig...!!
Makis(thinks): Zig can't hope to beat one of the seven knights right now...
Makis(thinks): But thinking of it, this is a perfect chance to know the strength of the seven knights...
Makis(thinks): What to do...!?

Makis(thinks): I...Idiot.
Makis(thinks): He just...!!
Zig: Take this!!
Zig: What!?
Zig: Damn!!
Zig(thinks): M...My attacks won't hit her
Zig(thinks): Damn!
Zig(thinks): Even though she's only using one hand...

Norma: I don't hate energetic boys but...
Norma: You're no match for me...
Norma: Fireball!!
Zig: Gwaaaah!!
Makis: Zig!!

Zig: F...Fire came from her staff...
Makis: Norma is a magic user!!
Zig: A magic user...?
Makis: That's right!! She can use a lot of strange techniques!!
Makis: Be careful!!
Zig: Haa
Zig: Haa
Zig(thinks): Even if you tell me to be careful... how should I fight an opponent when my sword won't hit her...
Zig: haa
Zig(thinks): Damn, this is the difference between me and the seven knights...
SFX: Drip
Hass: Hm.
Hass: Rain...
Hass: I'm not lucky.
Hass(thinks): Now that I think of it... I just felt Norma's presence from inside this hallway...
Hass(thinks): What is she planning...
Hass(thinks): Well...
Hass(thinks): Either way that doesn't concern me...
Hass: Now...
Hass: Where should I go.

Ren: Aah
Ren: Aah
Makis: Zi...
Makis: zig...
Norma: It seems
Norma: this is the end!!
Ren: Zig-san!!
Ren: Let me go!!
Ren: Let me go please!!

Norma: Be quiet
Norma: Princess.
Norma: You're to become my new "Vessel".
Ren: !!
Norma: I'll be troubled if you get hurt.
Ren(thinks): Vessel...?
Ren(thinks): Just what is she...
Ren: !!
Norma: Oh...You stood up again...
Norma: You're tougher than expected...
Zig: ...
Zig(thinks): Why...

Zig(thinks): ...Why am I standing up...
Zig: Haa
Zig: Haa
Zig: I won't be able to beat the seven knights now...
Zig(thinks): Even if I stand up...
SFX: drip
SFX: drip
Zig(thinks): I won't be able to resist anymore...
Flashback: I
Flashback: Want a place where I belong...
Zig(thinks): !!
Zig(thinks): That's it...
Zig(thinks): That's it right...
Zig(thinks): I abandoned everything to throw myself in this world where only strength matters...
Zig(thinks): That's why I won't forgive half-hearted things.
Zig(thinks): That's it... for me this is...

Zig(thinks): This is
Zig(thinks): The place where I belong----!!
Norma: I'm sorry boy
Norma: I won't go along with you anymore
Norma: Now!! Go to the other world!!
Norma: Soul Gate!!

Makis: Zig!!
Ren: Zig-san!!
Zig: Fuu...
Norma: What!?

Norma: Y...You are...!!
Big characters: What's the identity of the shadow that saved Zig!?
To be continued in the January issue

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