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Koisome Momiji 9


+ posted by Eru13 as translation on Jun 28, 2012 18:53 | Go to Koisome Momiji

-> RTS Page for Koisome Momiji 9

Reserved for Trinity BAKumA/13th hour. Don't use without my permission.
Koisome Momiji 9
//sd: side dialog, cd: corner dialog

Title: Scene 9 Scandal!!
Big characters(left): Super Popular! Kamakura love story!!
Big characters(right): Good "Preparations" are important!!
Shirt: 2-C Shinomiya
Sakamoto Tsugirou X Miura Tadahiro

Guy: The voices of Shinomiya Sana and a guy...hmm~~~?
Guy: If Shinomiya Sana was really flirting with a guy it'd be a scandal right!?
Star: Found? Trouble! Scandal!!
Shouta(thinks): This is bad...
Shouta(thinks): If Sana-chan gets found...!!
Shouta(thinks): Sana-chan...!
Shouta(thinks): I...I have to do something!!

Shouta(thinks): ...That's it!
Shouta(thinks): I'll go out...And forcefully block their view!
Shouta(thinks): And in that moment Sana-chan has to run away...!
Shouta(thinks): I don't know if this will work but...I have to try!!
Shouta(thinks): If we just keep hiding like this, eventually...!
Shouta(thinks): Alright...Here I go!!
Shouta: !?
Shouta(thinks): Eh...!?

All: !?
Sana: You're right...It's exactly like you said,
Sana: I frantically tried to change...But I couldn't.
Guy: Eh...Shinomiya Sana!?
Guy: For real...!?

Sana: As long as you're doing that I will continue doing this.
Sana: ...I. //This I is said in a manly way
Guy: She's doing both roles...!?
Guy: Acting practice...?
Sana: ...No matter how many times you try, my answer won't change. //back to a girl again
Guy: L-Let's get her autograph...!
Guy: ...Idiot, I don't want to get in her way...Let's go.
Guy: Y...Yeah.

Shouta: !
Shouta: Y...You did it Shinomiya-san!
Shouta: ...Shinomiya-san?
Sana: You don't change...If you're like that I won't give up either. //again like a man
Shouta(thinks): S...She's totally in the role---...!?

Sana: S...Sorry Katsuragi-kun!
Sana: If I don't keep going until it's a good moment to stop I can't feel at rest...
Shouta: No...Rather, thanks...
Shouta: I feel like I got to see something amazing...!
sd: Clap clap clap
Sana: S...Stop it, I'm getting embarrassed!
Sana: But, I'm glad...
Sana's sd: Haa...
Sana: If I made an uproar again...
Sana: My manager would definitely get mad at me...!
Shouta: I wonder if he's a scary person...
sd: ring ring ring
Sana: !
Sana: Yes, hel...
Sana: Y...Yes! I'll go back immediately!
Shouta: !
Sana: S...Sorry Katsuragi-kun! I have to go back...
Sana: Well then!
Shouta: Eh!?
Shouta: Hey...

Shouta(thinks): Sh...
Shouta(thinks): She's a busy person...
Shouta(thinks): ...I should go back too.
Shouta: ...Hm?
Sana: See you!
Shouta: !!
Shouta: Y...Yeah...See ya!
Shouta(thinks): S...
Shouta(thinks): So cute...!

Shouta(thinks): However, a scandal huh...
Shouta(thinks): Actors have it tough.
Shouta(thinks): They never know where someone is looking~~...
Manager: ...Understood? Sana!
Manager: You're about to become a national actress you know!?
Manager: You need to have more self-awareness! Self-awareness!!
Sana: Y...Yes.
Manager: Being late is inexcusable!
Sana: B...But I was barely on time...
Manager: !

Manager: ...What?
Sana's sd: Ah...
Manager: Being 10 minutes early is the standard for working adults, right!?
Manager: That's why I'm saying that you lack self-awareness!!
Manager: How many years have you been a pro!?
Sana: Y...Yes...!
Manager: You can't be a little girl forever!!
Sana: S...Sorry, Kyouko-san...
Kyouko: !!

Kyouko(thinks): Ah...Sana.
Kyouko(thinks): You're so adorable...!
Kyouko(thinks): Even though you shine so radiantly on screen...
Kyouko(thinks): You normally are just a no good girl...!
Kyouko(thinks): Aaah...
Kyouko(thinks): More...
Kyouko(thinks): I want...To tease her more...!
Kyouko's sd: Hohohohohohohoho
Sana's sd: Aahn
Sana: !?
Sana: !?

Kyouko(thinks): Huh...
Kyouko(thinks): No good...Kyouko!!
Kyouko(thinks): I'm a pro!
Kyouko(thinks): I can't lose myself to my desires...!
Kyouko: W...Well, if you're reflecting on it it's fine...
Kyouko: Be careful from now on.
Sana: Yes...
Kyouko: So...What was the reason for your lateness?
Kyouko: You said that you were walking randomly inside the school...
Sana: !
Sana: Th...That is...
Sana: Umm...!
Kyouko(thinks): I feel...
Kyouko(thinks): A man's presence...!?

Kyouko(thinks): No...It can't be, we're talking about her...!
Kyouko(thinks): She wasn't supposed to be interested in love...!
Kyouko(thinks): It can't be...
Flashback: I'll show you I can fall in love!
Kyouko: Recently...It seems like you're worrying about something.
Kyouko: If...There's something troubling you, I can give you advice.
Sana: Eh...
Kyouko: Your mental care is also my job.
Kyouko: If there's something...Please.
Sana: ...!
Sana: E...Emm...That's it!
Sana: A friend at school has some trouble...
Kyouko: Yes yes.
Kyouko(thinks): You say it's a friend but it's about you, right?
Sana: Umm...It seems that she's become friends with a boy recently but...
Kyouko(thinks): As I thought it's about a man...!

Sana: Sh...She didn't have any business with him but
Sana: She said
Sana: ..."I want to see him"...
Sana: What...Do you think?
Kyouko(thinks): ---!!

Kyouko(thinks): It is...There!!
Kyouko(thinks): It seems she hasn't fallen in love yet but...
Sana: I...If she said that it means that...
Sana: She cares about that person...
Sana: Right...?
Kyouko(thinks): There's a man in her heart---...!!
Kyouko's sd: Gulp...
Kyouko: ...I don't
Kyouko: Think that means something special.
Kyouko: You think about wanting to meet...Your friends too, right?
Sana: Y...You're right!

Sana: ...I see...
Kyouko(thinks): Damn it...!!
Kyouko(thinks): Who...!? Who is it!?
Kyouko(thinks): Who's the insolent that wants to lay his hands on my cute Sana-chan...?
Shouta: Phew...
Shouta: Let's go with this...
To Shinomiya Sana
Sorry about today
Do you want to go out to play someday?

Please tell me if there's a day when you can!
Shouta: Simple is best!
Shouta(thinks): ...But,
Shouta(thinks): Isn't this only a bother...?
Shouta(thinks): She was worried about scandals too...
Shouta(thinks): ...
Shouta(thinks): ...No!

Shouta(thinks): At this rate I don't know when we'll meet again...
SFX: beep
Shouta(thinks): Let's give it a try!!
Kyouko: Oh...Nana-chan! Good job today~~
Yui: Thank you...
Kyouko: ...Come to think of it, Nana-chan, you get along with our Sana right?
Kyouko: Do talk about love and such?
Yui: ...
Yui: ...That's a secret.
Kyouko: Eh~~? It's ok, tell me~~
Kyouko(thinks): Kuh...
Kyouko(thinks): The female talents of this age cooperate with each other when it's related to love affairs...
SFX: Knock knock
Kyouko(thinks): As expected she's on guard...!

Sana: Kyouko-san!
Sana: Ah...Nana-chan too!? Good evening~~
Yui: Hi!
Sana: Kyouko-san, emm...
Sana: When can I take my next day off?
Both: !
//the mail is the same from before
Sana: Hm?
Koisome Momiji
Scene 9 / End
Next issue, There's no way nothing's going to happen with this three!! The beginning of a troublesome 3 person date...!!

Shouta: !?
Shouta(thinks): I got an answer!!
Shouta(thinks): Eh?
Sana: So, just as I said in my mail...
Sana: We three are going to have a date today!
Star: Why did it turn like this...!?
Yui?: ...Best regards! //this is Yui right? I mean she has her eyes, but are those extensions?
Shouta(thinks): Eeeeeh!?
Shouta: Moreover, you're on disguise!?

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#1. by PROzess ()
Posted on Jun 28, 2012
Geh, three-way date is just pointless....
Why u no focus on Sana!? _T
#2. by Eru13 ()
Posted on Jun 28, 2012
I think that the manager wanted to stop sana and yui tried to "help" sana go so she offered going with her or something (well that if it's really yui, I can't help wonder why she has long hair).
I'm rooting for Sana though ^^
#3. by PROzess ()
Posted on Jun 28, 2012
Well, duh, yeah. It's obvious why Nana tagged along....

Doesn't change the fact that I don't like it :)
#4. by Eru13 ()
Posted on Jun 28, 2012
lol, well, it wouldn't be a shounen romance if things like this didn't happen, for now my biggest doubt is if this will or won't become a harem.
#5. by PROzess ()
Posted on Jun 29, 2012
It's either a damn harem or a non-progressing status quo (knim)-.-'
#6. by Eru13 ()
Posted on Jun 29, 2012
Well, shounen romances wouldn't be long enough (from the publishers point of view) otherwise...
Though, when Gaoka-kun makes his appearance things might change a bit.

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