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Hanamaru Youchien 82

Hanamaru Feelings (part 1)

+ posted by Eru13 as translation on Jun 28, 2012 21:26 | Go to Hanamaru Youchien

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Reserved for CXC. Don't use without my permission.
Hanamaru Youchien 82
//sd: side dialog, cd: corner dialog

Chapter 82 Hanamaru Feelings (part 1)...3
Chapter 83 Hanamaru Feelings (part 2)...15
Chapter 84 Hanamaru Image Change...27
Chapter 85 Hanamaru Holy Night...41
Chapter 86 Hanamaru New Year...53
Chapter 87 Hanamaru Chocolate...65
Chapter 88 Hanamaru Skate...77
Chapter 89 Hanamaru White Day...89
Chapter 90 Hanamaru Fortune-telling...105
Chapter 91 Hanamaru Sisters (part 1)...119
Chapter 92 Hanamaru Sisters (part 2)...131

Satsuki: I got in a fight with onii-chan again!
Nanako: Why did you fight?
Tsuchida's sd: Yamamoto-sensei was---
Tsuchida's sd: Yamamoto-sensei did---
Tsuchida's sd: And then Yamamoto-sensei---...
...I can't tell her...
Satsuki: At any rate, I don't care about onii-chan anymore!
Koume: You're right! Koume also doesn't care about onii-chan anymore!!
Satsuki: Eh!

Nanako: You're right~~ I don't care about dad anymore either~~!
Satsuki: Even Yamamoto-sensei!?
Koume: I can't forgive him right~~
Nanako: Right~~
Hii: Both are in discord with their families right now...
Koume: Koume won't go home today!
Anzu(thinks): Koume-chan is scary when she gets angry.
Nanako: Then let's all run from home together!
Koume: Let's do it~~!
All: Eeh!
Nanako: I know a place where we can go so it's ok~~
Satsuki?: Eh, emm.
Koume?: Ya--y.

Satsuki(thinks): Why!?
Title: Chapter 82 Hanamaru Feelings (part 1)
Nanako: This inn is managed by a relative of mine~~ (cd: I come here a lot~~)
Satsuki(thinks): What an extravagant runaway from home.
Satsuki(thinks): That must be nice.

Nanako: That felt good~~
Satsuki: Yes!
Satsuki(thinks): What an unsuitable client for an inn.
Anzu: Wah, that's an amazing beard!
Satsuki's sd: Ah
Satsuki: Eh
Satsuki: Eh
Man: Nana-chan, it's been a while!

Nanako: It's been a while! I didn't know you were back~~
Man: When my mom told me that Nana-chan was coming I hurried back home.
Nanako: (cd: Giggle) You have to do your work properly~~
Nanako: (cd: Ah) Sorry, this is my cousin, Daichi-san.
Daichi: Nice to meet you!
SFX: Tug
Satsuki: Ah, yes.
Daichi: These are some cute friends! Nice to meet you!
Anzu: Ni-Nice to...
Anzu: Smelly!
Daichi: Sorry sorry, I just came back from work,
Daichi: I'll go to your room later!
Nanako: Yes!
Anzu's sd: Uh

Tsuchida(thinks): It's this late and she isn't back, where did she go?
Tomo: !
Tomo: Tsuchida-sensei---!!
Tsuchida: Wah
Tomo: Koume escaped from home and won't come back.
Tomo: What should I do if she ran away from home~~
Tsuchida: It's still sunny, calm down...
Tomo: This is a serious affair about Koume, how can I calm down!!!
Tsuchida(thinks): ...
Dad: The young man of that time!!
Tsuchida: Uh
Dad: My daughter...My daugher ran away from home!
Tsuchida: Isn't your daughter an adult...
Dad: It's a serious affair about my daughter, such trivial things aren't relevant!!!
Tsuchida(thinks): Someone...!!

Daichi: Sorry for scaring you just now.
Satsuki: Who are you!? //happens to me a lot
Daichi: Do I look that different.
Anzu: He isn't smelly anymore.
Daichi: I went to take away the animals' smell.
Anzu: Animals?
Nanako: Daichi-san is a veterinarian at the zoo~~
Koume: Wo-w!
Anzu: How nice~~
Koume: Sounds fun~~
Daichi: It's hard but it's fun!

Hii: What kind of job is it...?
Daichi: I do a lot of things, from animal health care to treatment of their injuries and diseases.
Daichi: There was a great panic when I had to vaccinate the monkeys!
Koume: So monkeys hate injections too~~
Hii: So it's not only fun things...
Daichi: Well yeah.
Daichi: Births are hard to deal with.
Hii: Births...?
Daichi: For example, horse births start usually at night but
Daichi: For the baby horse to be born safely we have to support the mother horse all night.
Daichi: I'm always moved when they're born.
Daichi: And we start our normal duties all worn out.
Daichi's sd: Let's do our best today too...
Man's sd: Yeah---...
Hii: Sounds tough...
Daichi: Yeah, it is!

Daichi: But when I see the mother and child horses walking towards each other the fatigue just goes away.
Daichi: And I think "I really love my job".
Nanako: Since he's like this he has no intention of succeeding the inn~~
Nanako: I pity my aunt and uncle~~
Daichi: Aren't you the same Nana-chan?
Daichi: Uncle was grieving because his daughter won't come back home.
Nanako: I can't leave this cute girls alone~~
Daichi: Right!
Both: It was your dream, right.

Koume: ...
Satsuki: (cd: Ah) Koume-chan, what happened?
Nanako: ....It's about time to forgive onii-chan, right.
Koume: ...Yes!
Daichi: You won't stay the night?
Anzu: Anzu wants to stay!
Nanako: My my.
Nanako: Then sensei will ask your papas and mamas~~

Satsuki(thinks): Those two look good together.
Satsuki(thinks): If they start dating will onii-chan give up on Yamamoto-sensei...
Satsuki(thinks): I-It's not like I'm expecting anything.
Satsuki(thinks): It's that Yamamoto-sensei is too good for onii-chan! Only that!

Nanako: Can't sleep?
Satsuki: Ah...
Nanako: Are you thinking of something?
Satsuki: ...Emm,
Satsuki: Yamamoto-sensei, how do you feel about onii-chan?

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