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Translations: One Piece 815 by cnet128 , Bleach 661 by cnet128 , Gintama 574 (2)

Hanamaru Youchien 84

Hanamaru Image Change

+ posted by Eru13 as translation on Jun 30, 2012 19:41 | Go to Hanamaru Youchien

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Reserved for CXC. Don't use without my permission.
Hanamaru Youchien 84
//sd: side dialog, cd: corner dialog

Anzu: Tsucchi, let's play!
Anzu: Tsucchi, Anzu will help!
Anzu: Tsucchi
Anzu: Open wide<3
Anzu: Ehehe, Tsucchi is it yummy?
Hii's sd: You're enthusiastic since noon...!
Tsuchida's sd: Yeah...
Ryouta's sd: Tsuchida's like a baby!
Tsuchida(thinks): It's been a while since Anzu was this assertive.
Title: Chapter 84 Hanamaru Image Change

Anzu: I can change alone so don't worry!
Anzu: Your apron is dirty!
Tsuchida's sd: Thanks...
Anzu: It's clean now!
Tsuchida: What?
Anzu: Anzu loves Tsucchi no matter how he is!!
Anzu's sd: You can play as much games as you like!
Tsuchida(thinks): This much devotion bothers me a bit.
Kusano: Tsuchida-ku--n! The things in the entrance are heavy--
Tsuchida: (cd: Ah) Yes, I'll carry them later.
Tsuchida's sd: What a bother...
Anzu's sd: Oh---
Koume: Can we really carry this~~
Hii: It might be better to leave it to the teachers...
Anzu: We can! Let's help Tsucchi!

All: 1,2--
Koume: It's heavy~~
Anzu: Hmmm...
Anzu: Ah!
Anzu: The teachers use this!
Hii: A push car...Nice one, Anzu-chan! //flatcar
Hii: We'll use the principle of leverage to get this box on the push car...
Koume: Lever?
Koume: Wah~~Wow~~
SFX: tension

Anzu: Oh-------!!
Voice: Anzu-chan!!
Anzu's sd: Ah, this is bad!
Tsuchida: !
Tsuchida: What are...
Tsuchida: Uh!
Tsuchida: ...Playing with the push car is dangerous, understood...?
Anzu: Tsucchi, sorry! But Anzu wasn't playing!
Nanako: Are you two alright?
SFX: runs

Nanako: I'm glad you're not hurt!
Nanako: We'll take care of the push car~~
Tsuchida(thinks): Yamamoto-sensei is so kind~~
Tsuchida(thinks): (cd: Ah,) Anzu will get mad at me again!!
Tsuchida: No emm.
Anzu: ...
Anzu: Anzu knows Tsucchi's feelings...But she'll do her best.
Tsuchida: Eh?
Anzu: Because...Because I pity Tsucchi!
Tsuchida: Anzu, you're a bit weird today!

Tsuchida: Eh!
Tsuchida: Someone confessed to Yamamoto-sensei!?
Hii: They didn't start dating...
Tsuchida: I'm glad...
Anzu: It's not good! He was really good looking!
Anzu: If onii-san couldn't then Tsucchi definitely deeeefinitely can't.
Anzu: But don't cry! Anzu will become a splendid adult and marry Tsucchi!!
Tsuchida(thinks): So it's about that.

Tsuchida: ...Hey, was this person so good looking?
Anzu: He was reaaaaaally kind, fun, and good looking.
Hii: He was a veterinarian so cool that you wouldn't believe why he got rejected...
Anzu: I thought "So this kind of dreamy people really exist~~".
Tsuchida: Eh...
Ryouta: Anzu abandoned Tsuchida!
Tsuchida: Eh!
Ryouta: But I understand it! Tsuchida has no redeeming features and he's irresponsible at work! (cd: Right, Kenji-kun!)
Kenji: If we weren't teacher and student we might have not become fond of you! (cd: Right, master!)
Hii: The time spent together is something hard to replace by anything...!
Kenji: As expected from master, you're so kind!
Tsuchida: (cd: Ahaha) What are you saying!

Kenji's sd: Let's play outside
Ryouta's sd: Yeah!
Tsuchida(thinks): Anzu felt pity for me, I'm really in trouble!
Tsuchida(thinks): I was taking advantage of my position as Yamamoto-sensei's co-worker and ended up doing nothing...
Tsuchida(thinks): I can't stay like this! I have become better!
Ryouta: Tsuchida, let's play a game!
Tsuchida: Game? That's a waste of time!

Tsuchida: Stop playing wasteful things like games! We'll play with all our might outside now!!
Both: Huh?
Tsuchida: Alright, let's get some stamina! Come with me!
Ryouta: Huh!?
Tsuchida: Do your best! You can do it!! Train until you can!!!
Boy: I don't want to do this anymore~~
Girl: Can I leave the carrots?
Tsuchida: Why do you stop there! The carrots are doing their best too!!
Girl: Eeh~~
Tsuchida(thinks): Fufu... I'm shining right now! Are you seeing this Yamamoto-sensei!
Ryouta: Eek, Tsuchida is super annoying~~
Kenichi: I don't quite get it but we have to open Tsuchida's eyes!
Ryouta: Hey Tsuchida!

Ryouta: Ta-dah!
Kenichi?: He blocked his field of vision with his apron!
Ryouta?: It can't be!!
Ryouta: Damn it, then how about this!
Tsuchida: I told you I won't play!
Ryouta: Hmmm! And I thought about giving you a legendary pokémon.
Tsuchida: Those are only pixels!
Ryouta: You say that but you went with your pixel girlfriend from that game you stopped playing to Atami!!
Tsuchida?: That was the sequel!!
Tsuchida(thinks): I'm going to change!!
Kusano: What is this creepy Tsuchida-kun.
Kawashiro: Maybe he scavenged for food.
Kawashiro's sd: Interesting!
Anzu(thinks): He's trying to change for Anzu's sake?
Nanako: ...

Tsuchida(thinks): Today was a productive day!
Nanako: Emm, Tsuchida-sensei.
Tsuchida: Yes!
Tsuchida(thinks): The results of my work came out so soon!?
Nanako: ...Emm.
Nanako: If there's something worrying you please tell me!

Tsuchida: ...Eh?
Nanako: I got the feeling that you were somehow keeping your distance from the children today...
Nanako: Forgetting about your position as a teacher and playing with the children from their point of view...
Nanako: I think that being able to do that is one of Tsuchida-sensei's amazing traits!!
Nanako: So, take this...And return to the usual Tsuchida-sensei quick please!
Tsuchida: I was only doing my job seriously.
Anzu: Anzu fell in love again with Tsucchi<3
Ryouta: What's with that controller?

p13 //age swap
Clothes Exchange Illustration Collection (1)

p14//dr Nanako and nurse Mayumi
Clothes Exchange Illustration Collection (2)

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