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Translations: One Piece 824 by cnet128 , Bleach 671 by cnet128 , Gintama 585 (2)

Hanamaru Youchien 85

Hanamaru Holy Night

+ posted by Eru13 as translation on Jul 2, 2012 03:45 | Go to Hanamaru Youchien

-> RTS Page for Hanamaru Youchien 85

Reserved for CXC. Don't use without my permission.
Hanamaru Youchien 85
//sd: side dialog, cd: corner dialog

p1//no dialog

Title: Chapter 85 Hanamaru Holy Night

Sd: Gladly--
Nishikaze: Four people without plans have gathered again.
Kakogawa: Working adults don't celebrate christmas.
Kawashiro: Right.
Kakogawa: Christmas is only about getting manipulated by media.
Thought: Everyone is loafing around nicely.
Kusano: Well, I like drinking with girls alone but
Kusano: I have a present prepared for you this year.
Both: Eh!

Kawashiro: No way, it can't be, a man!?
Kakogawa: I-It's not like I...
Kakogawa: Rather, say that before!
Kusano: It's christmas, it's nice to have surprises.
Kusano: Ah, here here!
Both: Hey, we're not ready...
Tsuchida: Sorry for being late.
Kakogawa: It's only Tsuchida!!
Kawashiro: Stop joking with us!!
Tsuchida: Eek!
Kakogawa: Another!
Kawashiro: Do something fun!
Kusano(thinks): I'm glad I prepared something to liven up things.

Nishikaze: We'll escort Kakogawa-sensei~~
Kawashiro: Well then, happy new year!
Kusano: Happy new year!
Kusano: To think that I'd end up drinking alone with Tsuchida-kun on christmas.
Kusano: Of all days on christmas.
Tsuchida: You invited me, that's rude.
Tsuchida: Come to think of it this brings me back. (cd: Zodiac sign fortunes)
Kusano: Me too, me too! Let's try it!
Overall fortune:
Your effort until now
a productive day.
Love Fortune:
Your destined person is
close to yo
Tsuchida: What does it say?
SFX: Sta-----re
Tsuchida: ?
Kusano: No, it can't be! Let's go somewhere else!
Tsuchida: I have a feeling you said something rude again...

Kusano: The aura of happiness is amazing... (cd: //it's unreadable)
Tsuchida: It makes me feel empty!
Tsuchida: But we might look like that too.
Kusano: Eh!
Tsuchida: Though that'd be impossible, Kusano-sensei and I...
Kusano: That's rude.
Girl: (cd: Look look) They get along well, we too<3

Kusano(thinks): This is getting me mad...
Kusano: All places are crowded.
Tsuchida: Well, it's christmas.
Man: You can't find a place? We can get you seats immediately!
Kusano: Really? Let's go!
Kusano(thinks): I want to escape from this christmas mood.
Man's sd: Seats for a couple---
Tsuchida: We got treated completely like a couple.
Kusano(thinks): I couldn't stay there.
Kusano's sd: What's with that room...
Kusano: All places are weird so let's drink in my house!
Man: Can we really go to your house?

Woman: It's christmas so only my special person can go in!
Kusano: No, it's not like...
Kusano: Wah!
Tsuchida: Are you alright?

Tsuchida: Kusano-sensei?
Kusano: E-Emm, let's buy some snacks and go to my house!
Girl's sd: It's my first time seeing the illumination!
Girl's sd: How pretty.
Kusano(thinks): I wonder why am I so agitated.
Thought: It's christmas so only my special person can go in!
Kusano(thinks): No no no!
Kusano(thinks): ...But if we drink in my home we'll be alone.
Kusano(thinks): That means...umm...

Tsuchida: It's gotten cold.
Kusano: Eh, ah, is that so!?
Kusano(thinks): I can't even look at Tsuchida-kun's face...
Tsuchida: Your face is all red, you're feeling cold right?
Kusano: ...
Kusano(thinks): ...Tsuchida-kun is by no means my ideal type but
Kusano(thinks): ...He's completely different but...

Kusano(thinks): Maybe he was too close that I didn't notice.
Ryouta: Ah---------! Tsuchida and Kusano-sensei are lovers!!

Kusano: N-no, emm!
Ryouta: As if!
Ryouta: You took pity of Tsuchida who would probably spend christmas alone and went out to play with him right?
Kusano: Eh
Ryouta: It's Tsuchida we're talking about, even on christmas he'd probably go to a convinience store, buy cup ramen and cheap chicken and spend the night idly playing games while watching Akashiya Santa! //it seems it's some christmas comedy show or something there's videos on youku, search 明石家サンタ on google
Ryouta's sd: Nihihi
Sd: What the hell! //this typical kansai tsukkomi "nandeyanen!"
Tsuchida's sd: Ryouta's mom.
Mom's sd: MY--! Tsuchida-sensei, thanks for always taking care of Ryouta!
Kusano: ...
Kusano: You're right.
Kusano(thinks): I wonder why was I getting so excited.
Kusano: I've sobered up so I'll go home.
Tsuchida: Eh!
Mom's sd: And when I was talking with Kenichi-kun's mother we got excited talking about Tsuchida-sensei, Ah, and speaking of sensei
Ryouta's sd: Mom, let's go home!

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